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Keywords - Central air conditioners Title - Frequent Maintenance of Central Air Conditioners Description - There are a few important maintenance operation that should be adopted in order to ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently to provide a complete relief from high temperatures. Regular maintenance of central air conditioners is very important for maintaining the energy efficiency and overall life of central air conditioning system. Many people do not realize the importance of regular central air conditioning maintenance because according o them,. The expenditure involved is wasteful. If you own a central air conditioner and if you do not maintain it properly, the air conditioning unit may stop working because of major problems. You may have to spend huge amount on carrying out the repairs. Therefore, it is always beneficial to spend smaller amounts and take the periodical maintenance steps. It will help your unit to carry on with its function smoothly, and even if there are problem they can will minor and can be rectified easily. With an air conditioner that is not regularly maintained, your energy bills will be quite high. Further, your unit will be struggling to produce the desired results. This extra strain may result in major break down. Here are a few things that should be checked during maintenance of air conditioner: Check the condenser unit - It involves removing debris from inside and outside of an central air conditioning unit. The cooling fins are cleaned. The fins that are bent are straightened. The fan motor is also lubricated so that it continues to run smoothly and quietly. Check the evaporator drain- The evaporator coil for most central air conditioning units are sealed, and can be accessed only by a licensed technician. The evaporator drain caries moisture away from evaporator coils, then it's possible that that the drain pipe is likely clogged and should be cleared and cleaned. Changing the air filter – This is easier and should be done by home owner at least once a month when AC is used heavily. Know that sometime the filter may be located on the condenser, other times it may found around the evaporator. In order to change the filter, you must remove any kind of grilles and housing and ensure that unit is dirt free, then replace the filter with another of the exact same filter. You can even find the filter part number and dimensions mentioned on the old filter. Air duct inspection and cleaning - Checking for your duct work is very essential, as it can reveal energy loss and potential entryway for contaminants. Dust , pollen and other contaminants in your air ducts may cause potential health effects and symptoms associated with health issues like allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory complaints. Cleaning the duct work removes contaminants and helps increase the air flow efficiency of your duct work. Also, if you suspect freon or coolant problem call a professional to recharge the system immediately. Most of the health risks associated with poor home air quality can be drastically eliminated with proper maintenance system. 1

Frequent Maintenance of Central Air Conditioners  

There are a few important maintenance operation that should be adopted in order to ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently to prov...

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