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IF YOU LOVE GOOD MUSIC, THEN THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU, as BARRY STEELE presents his all live spectacular Multi Media Tribute to The Big O, featuring classic Orbison hits from the 60’s right through to the late 80’s when Roy joined a band of men who called themselves The Traveling Wilbury’s. Using both original and film footage from the era, and backed by his fabulous 5 piece band, Barry Steele will bring the life and character of Roy Orbison back to the centre stage, where it truly belongs, as he puts the rock back into The Big O, with his trademark dark rimmed glasses, soaring vocals and Orbison style. Add to the mix the sounds of The Shadows, Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis and our special star guest tributes to Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, and you have yourself a spectacular fusion of good old “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and contemporary musical genius all on one stage.

Book yourself a ticket to ride this incredible musical Journey, “It’s not The Big O’ but you simply won’t believe it! “True Identikit Brilliance” - THE STAGE “Roy Orbison and Friends – this is one heck of a show; Barry Steele is the closest I have seen to the real thing! I should know, I’ve mixed sound for Roy Orbison!” - Charlie North Lewis, Tivoli Theatre Manager. “Proud to be the only person authorised by the late Barbara Orbison and Orbison Enterprises to sell official Merchandise.”

For further information contact LMS Worldwide Ltd on 0121 602 32 4669 or

ENCORE | December ‘12 / January ‘13

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20/11/12 22:39:25

Roy Orbison and Friends  

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