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Board of Trustees James W. Meehan, Jr., Chairman William Meehan, Vice Chairman

Dear friend,

Mohsen Noreldin, MD, 2nd Vice Chairman Laurey Kenerson, Clerk

Athol Memorial Hospital is where neighbors take care of neighbors. We have

Rebecca Bialecki

the privilege of taking care of people who live down the block, or who grew up

Pauline Briggs

with our parents, or coach our children. The lives we touch today are those we will meet next week at the grocery store or post office or ballgame. This is what makes us a community hospital. It is heartwarming to read through the patient

Robin Brooks

Steve Penka, FACHE President and CEO

Lawrence Estelle, Jr.

satisfaction surveys and see how grateful our patients are, not just for the clinical

Danilo Funa, MD

services they received, but for the kindness in their caregivers’ eyes or a reassuring hand on their shoulder. We offer a wide range of services and up-to-date medical technologies and are continually looking for ways to better serve your healthcare needs. In recent years we have achieved Critical Access Hospital status and earned designation as a Primary Stroke Service, with state-of-the-art tele-neurology diagnostics. We are working toward even greater improvements with the hoped for addition of our new Emergency Services Department and other hospital renovations. I invite you to take a look through the following pages for a glimpse of who we are and some of the many things we do. We look forward to taking care of you. Sincerely,

• Not-for-profit 25 bed acute care hospital

Please contact Athol Memorial Hospital Community Relations at 978 249-1143 for a comprehensive guide of our services or visit our website at

Robert Knight, MD Janet Kraft Roy Lake

• Critical Access Hospital (achieved in 2005) • Primary Stroke Service (certified in 2006) • Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health • Accredited by the Joint Commission

• Ultrasound and Digital Mammography accredited by the American College of Radiology


thol Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit acute care and outpatient community hospital serving the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. It is designated as a Critical Access Hospital and Primary Stroke Center,

Wayne Miller, MD

licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and accredited by the Joint

Donald Mruk, MD

Commission. Our service area includes the nine towns of Athol, Erving, New Salem,

Curtis Rand

Orange, Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, Warwick, and Wendell. The hospital opened

Timothy Soule-Regine, MD David G. Spackman

• Clinical Laboratory accredited by COLA Steve Penka, FACHE President and CEO

Cheney Castine

its doors on September 10, 1950 through determined efforts by community and business leaders to establish a local hospital facility.

Douglas A. Starrett Yogendra Thaker, MD

The hospital is governed by a local Board of Trustees who generously give their time, energy and expertise to oversee fiscal operations and hospital policy. Leadership is the

Steven Penka, President/CEO, Ex-Officio

responsibility of the Governing Body, the President/Chief Executive Officer, Chief

Dean Fleming, Treasurer/CFO, Ex-Officio

Financial Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, President of the Medical Staff, Chiefs of

Lucille Songer, CNO, Ex-Officio

Services, and Department Directors and Managers.

Athol Memorial Hospital’s mission, as reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees on April 23, 2009, is to participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community; provide healthcare services that contribute to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patient in the community that it serves; provide healthcare services in a fiscally responsible manner that ensures sufficient return for continued operations; collaborate with medical staff to determine long-range strategic goals which increase quality services for the community; provide healthcare in the spirit of equality and serving all regardless of age, color, creed or gender. 3


e are here 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, ready to take care of you and your family in medical emergencies. Our highly qualified staff of nurses and emergency physicians are trained and

certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Neonatal Advanced Life Support. We are designated as a Primary

Many of our patients experience the hospital for the first time through a visit to the Emergency Services Department. Some of our patients, now grandparents or great-grandparents, remember coming here as children. For close to sixty years we have been treating life-threatening emergencies and mending broken bones.

Stroke Center, with around the clock access to neurologists via telemedicine, with the ability to diagnose and treat strokes within the critical window of time for optimum recovery.

Last year we took care of over 11,000 patient visits to the Emergency Room. Most of the patients coming into Emergency Services are treated right here and able to return home within a few hours. Some patients are admitted to the hospital for further care. Then there are times when our most important role is to stabilize the patient, as in cases of severe trauma or cardiac arrest, and transport them to a tertiary care facility. When this happens, the Lifeflight helicopter takes the patient directly from the landing pad, in our backyard and steps away

Our staff consistently receives praises from patients for their kind, compassionate, and professional care.

Our Emergency Services Department responds to over 2,000 telephone calls a year from Lifeline subscribers in the community, sending help when needed.

from the Emergency Department, to a center for specialty care. Patients who need the support of a Level One Trauma Center can be there in less than fifteen minutes.



Quality Care


thol Memorial Hospital is recognized by our patients, accreditation and licensing agencies as providing high quality care. Responses on hospital-wide surveys consistently reflect more than 90% very satisfied and satisfied ratings. In separate *Hospital Consumer Assessment of

Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) surveys, distributed after inpatient care, our patient satisfaction numbers are higher than state and national averages. The hospital participates in federal and state quality care programs. We were included in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement “100,000 Lives” and “5,000,000 Lives” campaigns. As part of The Joint Commission’s “Speak Up” campaign, we encourage our patients to ask providers questions about their care. We continuously monitor quality and implement National Safety Goals as they are issued.


thol Memorial Hospital’s nursing staff takes care of patients in many areas of the hospital including Emergency Services, Medical/Surgical

Athol Memorial Hospital takes part in “Patients First,” the Massachusetts Hospital Association’s program for nursing related safe and quality care. And we have been specially recognized by **Masspro, the state’s quality improvement agency, for our commitment in the voluntary reporting of our performance data.

Services, the Intensive Care Unit, the Short Stay Unit, and the Oncology Clinic. Nursing Services also extend to care

Athol Memorial Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Health.

and education in the community.

The clinical laboratory is accredited by COLA. The digital mammography and ultrasound programs are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Our nurses are continually learning new skills and treatment modalities to enhance patient care. This competent and dedicated nursing staff, close to 90 in number, enjoys working in our familiar “neighbor caring for neighbor” atmosphere and this underlies our low staff turnover

*These categories include communication with nurses, responsiveness of staff, pain management, communication about medicines, cleanliness of hospital, quietness of hospital, discharge information, overall rating of hospital, and willingness to recommend the hospital. Results are available on the “Hospital Compare” website. ** designated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

How We Rate…

and high patient satisfaction rates. Here at Athol Memorial Hospital our patients experience very favorable nurse to patient ratios and a optimum level

Athol Memorial Hospital Patient response to HCAHPS surveys (4th Quarter ’07 to 3rd quarter ’08)

of “hands on” quality care.

…said room was clean

…said nurses communicated well


…would recommend our hospital

…said pain was controlled …said doctors communicated well

…gave an overall favorable rating 7


thol Memorial Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic

The hospital’s state-of-the-art PACS (Picture Archiving and

services you might not expect to find in a small, community

Communication System) allows us to digitally capture, store, and transmit

hospital. Our Radiology Services Department, one of the

images and reports without the use of film. PACS hastens the retrieval and

hospital’s busiest, provides x-ray, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy exams.

transport of exam results, which can be delivered electronically to a

Other diagnostic technologies include an on-site MRI (Magnetic

physician or downloaded to a CD and given to the patient.

Resonance Imaging) unit, the latest Brightspeed 16 slice spiral CT scanner, bone density scanner, and nuclear medicine imaging.

Athol Memorial Hospital maintains both an on-site laboratory and an offsite draw station. Our laboratory accepts all physicians’ orders and has a

Digital Mammography is our newest diagnostic

walk-in policy for outpatient convenience. Our phlebotomists treat

capability. All routine screening mammograms are

patients with skill and compassion. We have the capability and technology

performed using a “Mammopad,” provided

to perform most analyses on-site and deliver fast results to minimize

individually to each patient, for a softer mammography

waiting time and prevent unnecessary delays in treatment.

experience. Our mammography technicians are specially trained to lessen the anxiety and discomfort some women experience with this exam.





atient comfort is a critical component of

thol Memorial Hospital offers many procedures your physician might order to determine why you have a problem with your heart or your breathing. All of these tests are done right here at the hospital.

The Sleep Center at Athol Memorial Hospital. Here we offer state-of-the-art

diagnostics in a hotel-like environment. The wellappointed rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Our Cardio-Pulmonary Services Department provides EKG’s, Holter monitoring, echocardiograms, stress tests, and nuclear stress tests to assess your cardiac health.

Each room has a private bath and other amenities, to help the patient feel at ease during their study.

Tests for pulmonary and respiratory problems include pulmonary function tests and broncho-provocation tests. We can help evaluate the efficacy of medications you are taking for respiratory conditions or guide you in lifestyle changes that might help you improve.

The Sleep Center conducts testing for sleep apnea, snoring, narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome, and other sleep disorders. Most health insurances will cover the cost of the

Respiratory therapists from this department staff the hospital 24 hours a day to assist our inpatients and Emergency patients who are having trouble breathing. These therapists are certified to administering medication or ventilators at the

study and referrals from local and out of the area physician are accepted. Studies are available Monday through Friday.

bedside, as prescribed by the physician, to help the patient breathe easier. The Sleep Center is run under the direction of a Pulmonary Medicine Specialty physician with advanced training in the field of Sleep Medicine.




his spirit of community is inherent in Athol Memorial Hospital’s

Athol Memorial Hospital engages local students through a variety

mission and “participating in creating healthier lives in the

of workforce development initiatives. The hospital provides a job

community” provides the framework for our outreach activities. In

shadow and internship experiences for individuals exploring

FY 2008 alone Athol Memorial Hospital contributed almost 6,500 hours of

healthcare careers and actively supports those already pursuing

time, beyond our direct scope of services, to efforts in and for the community.

education in a clinical healthcare field. The Healthcare Scholarship Program awards scholarships to qualifying residents

Athol Memorial Hospital

of our nine-town service area, who are enrolled in healthcare degree

serves the community throughout the year, in ways large and small, to fulfill this

programs. Since the program began in 2006 the hospital has awarded

mission. Health and wellness education is a major component of our Community

a total $39,750.00 in scholarships.

Support Groups are free and open to the public: • ACOA AlAnon

Benefits activities. This includes “Brown Bag” medication check-ups, educational

• AlAnon

programs in schools, workshops at community centers, and CPR trainings. We

Emergency Preparedness

helped sponsor the “Healthy Smiles” Dental Fair, to assist area residents in

is another community-

• ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

accessing needed care,

focused effort. Athol

• Bereavement

and again partnered

Memorial Hospital holds

• Cancer

with other local agencies on the annual Food-a-thon. Every year the

quarterly meetings with

hospital holds a series of flu and blood pressure clinics and assists with

representatives from

numerous health and safety events. Additionally, this past year the hospital

regional towns. The

launched two new wellness programs; the “Women’s Health and Wellness

group, which includes

Forum” in October and “Safe and Health Living” in April.

• Diabetes • Multiple Sclerosis • SMART Recovery

town administrators, health agents, police and fire department officials,

• Smoking Cessation

paramedics, and hospital staff, began meeting in 2004 to develop a cohesive

• Wellness Wednesdays

strategy for responding to disasters in the community. Training exercises focusing on alternate care sites, mass decontamination, pandemic flu, and

Call 978 249-1143 for more information.

other emergencies are held regularly. 12



thol Memorial Hospital’s Hematology/Oncology Clinic opened in 1985 so patients


thol Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services Department assists those who are recovering from an injury or surgery. We also help those impaired by stroke

dealing with cancer or blood disorders

reclaim function and those coping with chronic pain or illness

would have a local treatment option. We

improve mobility. These services are available to persons all ages and

provide total care for patients as well as

generally provided on an outpatient basis. The staff also evaluates

coordinate with out-of-area physicians to

inpatients, upon the physician’s request, to determine if and what

fulfill treatment regimens. All of our

type of therapy would be beneficial.

patients will find great support in addition to highly specialized care as our multi-

Physical Therapy helps the patient gain strength, balance and endurance. It is also used to improve gross motor skills and

disciplinary team takes a “whole person”

coordination, condition muscles, and increase range of motion. Benefits of physical therapy include reduced muscle spasms,

approach to caring for the patient.

decreased pain, and lessened edema (swelling).

Our staff physician is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology. Nurses are certified in the administration of

Occupational Therapy teaches adaptive techniques for self-care and the activities of daily living to patients recovering from a

chemotherapy and knowledgeable about dealing with side effects. The Dietitian guides patients with nutrition choices and our Social

stroke or injury. Patients learn the skills to help them compensate for a condition or illness that affects their quality of life.

Worker helps address the concerns of coping with treatment. Our Pharmacy Department works in tandem with the physician to deliver the most current drug therapies, while our volunteers provide assistance and emotional support. The administrative secretary

Speech Therapy is used for the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders. The therapist can assess structural as

arranges follow up appointments on behalf of the patient for office visits, further procedures or referrals to outside services.

well as functional impairment, including swallowing problems and then works with the patient to overcome these difficulties. Speech therapy also provides cognitive training or retraining in the treatment of some disorders.

Athol Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services Department offers a wide range of additional services including, but not limited to, aquatic therapy, continence exercises, custom bracing and splinting, hand therapy, kineseotaping, vestibular rehabilitation, wheelchair clinics, and massage therapy. 14



thol Memorial Hospital offers highly individual care by board certified surgeons to treat a variety of medical

Our orthopedic surgeons commonly perform shoulder and

conditions. The hospital has a Short Stay unit for day surgery and an inpatient unit for overnight post-operative

knee surgery and total hip and knee replacements. We also

care. We provide many types of major and minor, general and specialty, routine and emergency procedures in a

replace pacemakers, do cataract surgery, vascular procedures,

community hospital setting.

urology and gynecology surgery and foot surgery. All of our surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other surgical staff are

Here you will find state-of-the-art technology combined with skillful and attentive care. We do minimally invasive

committed to providing the highest quality care.

laparoscopic appendectomies and gall bladder surgery and arthroscopic shoulder and knee procedures. We use non-invasive laser treatment for taking care of kidney stones. Our high definition endoscopy procedures provide the most accurate imaging possible for this type of exam.

Here you will find state-of-the-art technology combined with skillful and attentive care.



Comments From Our Patients a good hospital experience

outstanding very caring and compassionate

kind & efficient

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“great outpatient care”

“gentle and patient”

“proud you are my hospital”

Auxiliary & Volunteers


he Athol Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, whose mission is to provide care and comfort equipment for our patients, was established in 1955. Each year they hold numerous fundraisers, such as the River Rat Pancake Breakfast, Plant Sale

and Fair, and Lotto Calendar, for this purpose. Contributions from the Auxiliary, just during the past five years, amount to more that $175,000. This includes items such as wheelchairs, infusion pumps, and surgical equipment. Although it is not possible to include a list of all their donations, the Auxiliary’s generosity has touched the lives of many patients and every clinical department within the hospital.

Athol Memorial Hospital is fortunate to have a very dedicated group of Auxiliary members and other volunteers. Our volunteers are found throughout the hospital. They work in the Auxiliary’s Glass Shelf Gift Shop and help up on the floor in the Oncology Clinic to keep things running smoothly. They give of their time and energy and heart only for the satisfaction of assisting our staff or to put a smile on a patient’s face.

this community is fortunate 18

exceptionally professional

cheerful and comforting

Please contact Athol Memorial Hospital’s Auxiliary Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator at 978 249-1145 about the Auxiliary or other volunteer opportunities.


Specialty Services



• Anesthesiology • Orthopedic Surgery

FY 2008


Patient admissions



Patient discharges



• Dermatology

Patient days



• Podiatry

Total major and minor OR procedures



• Emergency Medicine

Day surgery and Short Stay procedures



• Psychiatry

Outpatient visits



X-ray exams



Mammography exams



Ultrasound exams



CT scans





Respiratory therapy tests and treatments



• Neurology

Emergency visits



• Rheumatology

Sleep Studies





• Cardiology • Otolaryngology

• Hematology/Oncology Statement of Operations Years Ended September 30, 2008 and 2007 2008 Unrestricted revenue, gains, and other support Net patient service revenue Other operating revenue Donations Net assetsreleased from restrictions Total revenue, gains, and other support Expenses Salaries and benefits Supplies and expenses Depreciation and amortization Interest Provision for bad debts Total Expenses

Operating income Interest Income Increase in unrestricted net assets 20

• Pulmonology 2007

• Nephrology

Type of service

Laboratory tests $ 22,048,811 468,402 49,665 38,303

$ 20,108,762 466,629 37,775 99,881



12,845,513 7,853,140 530,666 61,458 1,109,516

11,427,643 7,442,394 537,399 48,849 1,038,309









• Radiology

Oncology clinic visits

• Obstetrics/Gynecology • Surgery • Ophthalmology • Urology 21

Medical Staff

Looking to the Future

Osama Al-Masri, MD • Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery

Mohsen Noreldin, MD, MPH • Internal Medicine/Pulmonology

Robert Austin, MD • Ophthalmology

Paul O Braonain, MD • Family Medicine/Obstetrics

Robert Averill, MD • Dermatology

Robert Perry, MD • Family Medicine

Michael Azzoni, MD • Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery

Faith Monique Pinkerton, MD • Emergency Medicine

Fadi Baladi, MD • Internal Medicine

Susan Quinty, DO • Emergency Medicine

Bruce Bertrand, MD • Radiology

Manganallur Radhakrishnan, MD • Anesthesiology

Jeffrey Blake, MD • Obstetrics/Gynecology

Ellen M. Ray, MD • Emergency Medicine

Services Department and renovations to the existing building to

Paul J. Block, MD • Cardiology

Michael Reeves, MD • Family Medicine/Obstetrics

improve access, patient flow, and privacy. Our existing Emergency

John R. Bogdasarian, MD • Otolaryngology

Michael A. Reynolds, MD • Emergency Medicine

Peter Brassard, MD • Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery

Paul Sabel, MD • Radiology

Andrea Damour, MD • Obstetrics/Gynecology

Lalit Savla, MD • Neurology/Psychiatry

Gene Del Rosario, MD • Internal Medicine

Jordan E. Scott, MD • Allergy/Immunology

Bradley Denker, MD • Nephrology

Robert B. Shepherd, DO • Emergency Medicine

will provide the necessary space to meet contemporary Emergency

David Doyle, MD • Emergency Medicine

Michael Shih, MD • Nephrology

Services Department building standards. It will include ample space

Daniel Ervin, DO • Otolaryngology

Jang B. Singh, MD • Cardiology

for triage, registration, and comfortable waiting areas.

David Fabian, MD • Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery

Birendra K. Sinha, MD • Emergency Medicine

Adekunle G. Fajana, MD • Emergency Medicine

John Skrzypczak, MD • Emergency Medicine

Renovations to the existing hospital building will consist

Lourdes Flaminiano, MD • Internal Medicine/Pulmonology

Karl Sorenson, MD • Surgery

of a handicapped accessible front entrance with drive through portico

Danilo Funa, MD • Internal Medicine

Timothy Soule-Regine, MD • Family Medicine/Obstetrics

Fotios Ganias, MD • Ophthalmology

Robert L. Spangler, MD • Emergency Medicine/Infectious Disease

Richard Genovese, DPM • Podiatry

Robert Sprague, MD • Anesthesiology

Fayaiz Hakim, MD • Emergency Medicine

Michael S. Stauder, MD • Cardiology

John E. Harrington, MD • Family Medicine

David S. Tarr, DPM • Podiatry

David N. Havlin, MD • Family Medicine

Robert Terlato, MD • Cardiology

and central registration area, laboratory

Stefan Karos, MD • Urology

Yogendra K. Thaker, MD • Pediatrics

blood draw station, and medical records

Saleem Khanani, MD • Hematology/Oncology

Thomas Ukena, MD • Pathology

office, all accessible through a dedicated

George Krasowski, MD • Surgery

Kirana Malin Weeratne, MD • Emergency Medicine

outpatient entrance.

Noreen Lasalle-Green, MD • Radiology

Anne-Katrin Weischedel, MD • Family Medicine/Obstetrics

Shipen Li, MD • Nephrology

Peter Wilson, MD • Cardiology

C. Joseph Mathew, MD • Family Medicine/Pediatrics

Gary Wolf, MD • Rheumatology

Felicidad Melquiades, MD • Internal Medicine

Mark P. Wu, MD • Surgery

Jeffrey Moser, DPM • Podiatry

Francis Zambetti, MD • Nephrology

David Mount, MD • Nephrology Donald Mruk, MD • Family Medicine



thol Memorial Hospital is planning for the future of the facility and the community. Included in these plans is a building expansion to accommodate a new Emergency

Services Department offers highly competent staff and state-of-the-art technology, housed in an outdated and undersized environment. The new addition, located adjacent to the northeast corner of the hospital,

and weatherproof vestibule. Outpatient services will be relocated and centralized for optimum convenience and privacy for our patients. The improvements will include a new lobby

Please contact Community Relations at 978 249-1143 for information about any of our services. Athol Memorial Hospital 2033 Main Street Athol, MA 01331 Main number - 978 249-3511

Athol Memorial Hospital

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Permit No.183 Greenfield, MA

Athol Memorial Hospital 2033 Main Street Athol, Massachusetts 01331

978 249-3511

Athol Memorial Hospital Community Report  

Our community hospital in North Central Massachusetts reports on its service to the community during 2009

Athol Memorial Hospital Community Report  

Our community hospital in North Central Massachusetts reports on its service to the community during 2009