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Fitness Boxing is one of the hottest fitness trends today thanks to Million Dollar Baby, The Contender, Cinderella Man and most recently, the 6th installment of the Rocky saga Rocky Balboa. Interest in boxing is at its highest level since the days of Muhammad Ali and “Smokin” Joe Frazier. What is Fitness Boxing? Fitness Boxing is a total body workout that helps people achieve their fitness goals. It provides: - Variety - is different, challenging and fun - Strength gain - improves overall body strength and speed - Intensity - challenges both the aerobic and anaerobic systems Burns calories - fat is burned to help increase and maintain lean muscle - Low risk of injury provides intensity without injuring muscles and joints - Outstanding x-training for sports relying on “core strength” and mental toughness Why Fitness Boxing? Participants rave about Fitness Boxing because workouts are always fun, challenging and produce results. The focus is on fitness first and boxing second using sound boxing techniques to get people into their best physical and mental shape learning to “fight without the fight”. The boxing workout improves every type of physical capacity: strength and power, coordination, aerobic and anaerobic fitness and endurance. What are the Benefits of Fitness Boxing? The best aspects of workouts used by the world’s most finely conditioned athletes, boxers, are combined into a fitness program that’s safe for the recreational exerciser. Fitness Boxing: Improves total body fitness - Challenges most of the body’s physiological systems: Central nervous system - Is trained to respond faster and more efficiently through punching combination drills Musculoskeletal system - Becomes stronger through specialized resistance exercises and boxing specific drills Cardiovascular and respiratory systems - Become more efficient via workouts that are more than 60% anaerobic - The training load is distributed across body parts providing a lower risk of injury. - Used as a training alternative, it provides a break in routine and adds variety to the fitness regimen. What is a typical workout like? A session lasts about 60 minues and is divided into components to ensure a complete body workout. Warm-up - The workout usually begins with 5 to 10 minutes of jump rope to warm up the muscles and tendons for the rest of the session. Conditioning - The workout transitions from the warm-up into a few boxing specific strength and conditioning resistance exercises. The exercises emphasize muscular strength and endurance, speed, tone and anaerobic conditioning. About 10 minutes.

Technique - One or two new techniques are introduced in each session. The objective is to build from the basics, such as footwork or fundamental punches, to more complex combinations and defensive maneuvers. About 5 minutes. Punching Drills - This is the heart of the workout and, usually, the most enjoyable part. A series of offensive and defensive routines are worked through utilizing a circuit training format employing focus mitts, heavy bags and more. This part is highly anaerobic, involving three minute rounds (work units) punctuated by one minute active recovery periods (rest units). Each round, one or two new things are added to the routine to be worked on. The first round might be using the jab, the second round, the right hand and some combinations of these. The variety of Punch Drill training is almost limitless. After 5 to 7 rounds, the participant should be de-stressed, refreshingly exhausted and invigorated. About 30 minutes. Cool Down - This time is used to bring the heart rate down and stretch to improve flexibility. It can also be used as question / answer time with the trainer. About 10 minutes. Stay tuned for part II… Fitness Boxing is fun - try it! click here []

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==== ==== If you'd like to find out more about a revolutionary 12 week fitness challenge ==== ====

Find out more about a revolutionary 12 week fitness challenge  

A revolutionary 12 week fitness challenge to iomprove your general fitness and get you om the right track for overall fitness.

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