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"Doing what you love to do is a process of self-discovery" is what Dr. Robert Anthony says in his best-selling book doing what you love, loving what you do. That process can be a short one or it can be a very long one. I think the length of time the process takes will depend a lot on your desire to find the answer. And it can be awfully scary seeking our own answers to what will make us happy. Way too often we seek the advice and direction from other people. This is almost always a bad idea when trying to discover what you would love doing. As loving as other people around us may be they have their own motives, desires and ideas about how we should live our lives. And just because they think the sun rises in the east and sets in the west doesn't mean that you can't look at it as the earth turning to the east and therefore the sun simply coming into view. Trying to explain to someone else what you would love to be doing from their perspective is often difficult. No one else will have the same perspective on life, and the meaning of it, as you do. And if those people, especially your loved ones, never had the opportunity, or were discouraged from pursuing what they love for "practical reasons" they'll have no ability or knowledge about how to support you in doing what you love. They're only reaction might be to call you a dreamer, if so, dream on. But the dreams I'm writing about are the ones that well up from deep inside you. They're not a process of our thinking they are product of our living. Ironically doing what you love will be a processing of your living through a product of your thinking. The dreams you had as a child, the dreams you still think about as an adult, are good clues about what you would love to be doing. Think about all those ideas, all those dreams. Get a piece of paper or two and start to write. Write them all down. Don't stop to analyze them or pre-judge them, just write them down. This first step isn't about trying to decide, or figure out, what might work and what won't. The second step is about prioritizing your list. This is about doing what you love so is isn't about financial priorities, it's about life priorities. Assuming you'll make more money settling for 'this' dream rather than 'that' one, that really turns your crank, is a big mistake. If you're going to do that you might as well stay working where and for who are. This list and the prioritizing is about your life not your living. Doing what you love to do, not doing what you think you can make the most money at. Dr. Robert Anthony says to "Think about the person you REALLY want to be..." Prioritizing your list isn't about what you would love to be doing first and then second and third and so on. It's about narrowing your list of dreams to that one that will get you going and growing in to the person you want to be, the person you already are, somewhere down inside you. How do you begin 'doing what you love'? I think the best choice is to write it down as a goal. Look at it every day for at least a week and think about it. Then sit down and write out a step by step plan to create that life. Small easy steps that anyone can do, even you, regardless of how much time it may take. But rest

assured, being HONESTLY committed to doing what you love in life, and for life, will get you there faster than you could hope for.

I am Danny L Churchill and I host an article/blog site called: exploring many of the ways and means available to improve my life, my thinking, my happiness, my world and my success. There are many resources available to us: books, tapes, CDs, videos, personal communication, all with something to teach us and I have a life time to learn all I can. Many areas of our lives could use some improvement. This article focuses on Life in general and how our living is reflected in our thinking:

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==== ==== If you'd like to find out more about What is love? or How to love why not check this article out ==== ====

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