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What do a bank teller, a gardener, a bartender and a packer all have in common? Today I'd like to share with you the experiences of four people that I have recently met who have something wonderful in common. They all love what they do. And I mean LOVE it! Sure, I know what you're thinking - how can a bank teller love her job? And, what specifically is a packer? Well that one is easy - this person works in a factory and packs things into boxes that come off a conveyor belt. What isn't to love about that job? We've all heard the adage do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life. This is great if a) you know what you love and b) there is a paying job doing it. This isn't always the case. If you know me personally, you'll know that I'm a realist at heart. I love to dream, and I also know when dreams are realistic or if they'll just stay dreams. I meet a lot of people who are sick and tired of their job and of their life and they want to do something new - something awe inspiring, something purposeful and meaningful. However, most people don't know what that is. And even if they did, they don't know how to go about getting a job like that. Yes, I agree that if you can find work and get paid to do something you love, you should try it out. Even if that means starting your own company to do it. After all, you never know until you give it a go, right? And if that isn't possible - getting paid to do something you love... then just find what you love and get paid for something else. Enter the bank teller, the gardener, the bartender and the packer. Elise is 32. She lives with two room mates and her passion in life is travelling. She has been to 28 different countries and has the opportunity to travel about three months every year. How does she do this? Well - she works as a casual employee at a bank. She has been a teller for twelve years and eight years ago she made a 'deal' with the manager that allowed her to work for nine months in the year and travel for three, and come back to a job each time she went away. She doesn't have to take her work home with her, she gets paid for the work she does, she works with nice people and she has the time to do what she loves. Rob is nearly 50. When he was younger, he always wanted to work with his hands; cars and building are two of his passions. But, he never was good enough to earn enough money to keep himself gainfully employed, and his wife happy. About 15 years ago, after trying to make a living with his hobbies of fixing up cars and building things he became a gardener. Not an architectural

type gardener, but someone who mows lawns, plants and waters flowers and will build the odd windmill every now and then. He didn't love gardening, but working each morning from 6am until noon gave him a great opportunity to get paid for the work he did and spend the rest of the day fixing old cars and building things. Five years ago he had saved enough money from selling a few of his fixed up cars and things that he made, he bought a real fixer-upper house for very cheap. Now he's spending most of his time (when not mowing lawns) fixing up this house. He truly loves what he's doing. Alex is 36 and for his whole life he knew he was meant to write. And write he does. He has completed 7 books as a ghost writer and is working on a few of his own. He doesn't get paid all that well for writing, so needed either a real job or a way to satisfy his income requirements. Since graduating from University he has tried a few 'real jobs' - they paid well and he was working with nice people - but something was always missing. He wasn't able to really put his time and energy into what he loves. So, Alex works as a bartender for 40 hours per week. Most of his other time is dedicated to writing. He has no false dreams that he'll be the next JK Rowling, he doesn't write for the money. He writes because it completes him. He works as a bartender so he can eat and buy ink. And finally, Jeremy has been a packer for five years - but he has worked for the same company for ten years. Before taking a step into packing, Jeremy worked in the office as an HR generalist. He liked working with people, but not the administrative tasks, the meetings and long hours. He had friends that were packers and saw that they worked only their scheduled hours, got paid for the work they did and went home. He took a pay cut to move to the packing department - but he had the great opportunity to add to his life and do what he loved. He changed his shift to 7-3pm and he would then pick up his two children from day-care and be a dad for the rest of the afternoon. They would play at the park, go to the museum, cook dinner together and just hang out. While he had always been a good dad, having more time to be with his kids moved him to official Great Dad status with his kids and wife. The world at large has somehow told us that we must love our job. We must find something we love and get paid for it. And, many people think that if they are not doing this they are doing something wrong. I've met many absolutely miserable people because they are working in a job they don't like and have no idea what they are passionate about. Maybe that is the first step - find out what you are passionate about, what you love, what would get you out of bed easily in the morning if you were to get paid to do it. I do absolutely subscribe to do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life. Sometimes however, what you love and what you get paid for are two different things. Are you doing what you love?

Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD holds her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is one of the Principal NLP Trainers with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP. She runs a private Coaching Practice using the methodology of NLP and is a Counselling/Coaching Clinical Supervisor. Heidi has a passion for educating people to live the best life possible. Join her for an NLP Course in Denver, Sydney, Singapore, Malaysia or London. She is the co-author of 30 Days to NLP and co-developer of You are welcome to email Heidi directly at heidi

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==== ==== If you'd like to find out more about What is love? or How to love why not check this article out ==== ====

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