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What You Love May Not Make Sense! Many people long for more passion in their lives and want to discover what it is that they truly love to do. The problem most of us face is that we want to figure the whole thing out in our head when the appropriate place to figure it out is in our heart! In other words, what you may love to do may not make sense to your head. It may even seem at first to be impractical, implausible and downright scary! The first question you may ask may be: "Yeah, but how can my heart possibly help me discover what I love to do?" Heart 5,000 Times Stronger Than Brain In the past, "coming" from your heart didn't make sense because we have always been taught that the heart was a mechanical pump that's very useful but not too intelligent. New scientific studies show, however, that the heart actually produces an electromagnetic field that is 5,000 times stronger than your brain. This field can be measured by scientific instruments up to 10 feet away from your body! Heart Processes Info For The Brain It's also been discovered that the heart acts like an organ of perception, sensing internal and external events through its electromagnetic field. It's interesting that "60% of the heart is actually composed of neural cells, similar to those in the brain." After the information is processed through the heart it is sent directly to the brain for analysis! Maybe it's safe to say that "following your heart" as well as your head makes good sense! Paying Attention To The Heart Listening to the intelligence of the heart requires that we suspend the mind's analysis, judgment and critical nature long enough so we can "hear" this deeper wisdom without editorializing (i.e. the "yeah-buts.") Many people grow up not paying attention to the wisdom of their heart because they were taught that it wasn't practical. "'s great that you love to do that dear but make sure you've got all your bases covered first!" In other words, after the work is done you can go out and play and do what you love. Giving Yourself Joy! Re-discovering what you love to do in some ways is a commitment to giving yourself joy. For me, it helps to have a list of the "things I love to do" handy so I can remind myself to incorporate them in my life. If I feel down or discouraged there's a good chance that I'm not doing what I love!

What I Love To-Do List You may also want to start creating a list of "what I love to do." If you can't think of anything, use the contrast of what you "don't want to do" to give you ideas of the opposite thing that would give you joy. As you get used to "listening" to your heart you will discover the difference between what gives you joy and what does not. Consciously choosing to include actions that give you joy will automatically change your state of consciousness. They will also bring you closer to doing what you love to do... passionately!

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==== ==== If you'd like to find out more about What is love? or How to love why not check this article out ==== ====

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