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Starting creating photo mugs at home can actually be done totally for free, in just a few simple steps. Here is what you are going to need to do: 1) Choose or take some high quality photographs 2) "Create" your mugs 3) Promote your products to people around the world What is interesting about this list is that it excludes tasks such as buying stock, accepting payments and posting out the items. Do the job the way that I describe and you can forget all about these steps, which are where the financial risks are! You just sit back and wait for the profits. Read on! High quality photographs Sorry, but you cannot just head down to a stock photograph library here and use their work. You need to have photographs from your chosen theme (or drawings) that you have created yourself or had created for you. Maybe you have taken quality photographs of a range of dogs and cats, or vintage cars or whatever. Tidy them up in photoshop and prepare them for the mugs so that they look neat and tidy. Create the mugs As I said before, this step is not as difficult as it sounds. There are a variety sites on the internet which will help you through this step, such as CafePress. Just sign up for a free account, upload your chosen photographs to the system and tell them that you are wanting to create mugs with your artwork. They will then mock-up what the finished article looks like and you can set your prices, or accept their default prices. The site will also deal with all incoming orders, creating the mugs to order and distributing the completed items for you. You just sit back and wait for your share of the profits to come you way. It only leaves one thing for you to do and that is to generate orders! Promoting your products This is, I suppose, the hardest part of the process. You need to find people that are interested in the photo mugs that you have created and send them over to your mug website. You might want to do this by creating your own simple website that you can optimise, which I recommend. Then think of where your potential audience are going to be and hit them hard. Are they reading forums, browsing blogs or mostly off line? It is worth while spending some time in thinking through where your potential audience are likely to be and how to persuade them over to your website and seeing if you can then sell to them. This

step is as critical as, if not more important than, choosing and preparing the proper quality images. Without traffic you are wasting your time.

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==== ==== If you'd like to find out more aboutphoto mugs why not check this article out ==== ====

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