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The most important qualities in a baby stroller are comfort, safety, functionality, and ease of transport. There are wide varieties of strollers that suit your individual lifestyle and baby transportation needs Standard A standard stroller is the most common type. It has four wheels and a sturdy frame. Most standard strollers have reclining seats that allow using the same unit for your child from infant to toddler. Strollers that convert to car seats are convenient for traveling. The stroller should have quality suspension to keep your baby's ride comfortable and smooth. Lightweight An important feature for active or urban lifestyles is a lightweight stroller. The Inglesina and Silver cross baby stroller offer high quality lightweight strollers that are both functional and stylish. The Silver Cross Micro V.2 and the Inglesina Zippy fold easily with one action, requiring only one hand. Both fold into compact sizes for carrying on stairs or public transportation. Baby Jogging Baby Jogging strollers are ideal for active parents. It allows you to take your child with you during your daily jog or power walk. This is a three-wheeled stroller with large inflatable tires. The long handles provide ample clearance for your legs while jogging. Baby jogging strollers are equipped with a front hand brakes and wrist strap for optimal control. They are designed to be durable and sturdy with all terrain suspension to prevent your baby from jostling while you run. Baby joggers are not designed for children under 6 months old. Twin Baby For twins or two children, you will need a twin baby stroller. If your children are different ages, select a stroller that is adjustable to accommodate different sizes and weights. There are twin strollers available in most types of strollers Eco-friendly The Stokke is an environmentally friendly stroller with innovative designs Stokke strollers have a unique design that positions your baby higher off the ground. This keeps your baby closer to you for better bonding, visual contact, and interaction between you and your baby. Stokke are made with eco-friendly materials that protect your baby from harmful chemicals. All materials are

biodegradable and they use energy efficient methods during production and shipping. Another high quality eco-friendly stroller is the Orbit baby stroller. All of the stroller material is biodegradable with the health of both your baby and the environment in mind. Both the orbit and Stokke baby strollers are available in many types, including jogging, lightweight, and standard baby strollers. A stroller is used every day and should be convenient and suit your lifestyle. The variety of high quality discount strollers available enables you to make the best choice within your budget. Selecting the right baby stroller for you and your baby will make enhance the enjoyment of your time together.

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==== ==== You can find out more about Baby Strollers here. ==== ====

Baby STroller Reviews - What to look out for before buying a Baby Stroller  

What to look out for when selecting a baby stroller.

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