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Affirmations are becoming more and more popular. Ten years ago people didn't talk much about them. Today, almost every personal coach, and business coach talks about the need for affirmations. People that are addicted to something and would like to change their lives are also asked to take affirmations. This means they will respond in a positive. For instance, if a young boy who is batting in Little League is told not to strike out; "Don't Strike Out Johnny!" There's a good chance that they will "strike out" because he will focus on the words; strike out. However, if you tell him to hit the ball, and; "send it over the fence," then he will concentrate on the ball, and then concentrate on hitting the ball over the fence. This is why it is important to do things in a positive; thus, an affirmative action rather than the negative. This is why they are called affirmations in the first place. Still, there is more to it and I often recommend to sports teams that they; affirm their destiny. That is to say see themselves winning the championship and as the champions of the entire league. Give themselves an affirmation that winning the championship and going all the way is their destiny and that is what must occur, that is what is supposed to occur, and that is what they will work towards to make sure it happens as affirmed. If you want to win, and it hardly matters what area of the human endeavor you are participating in, you must Affirm-Your-Destiny! Please consider all this.

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==== ==== If you'd like to find out more about your destiny just check this movie out ==== ====

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