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Are you feeling inspired to get fit and healthy? After watching the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics I am. The years of training, the focus on one goal, the clarity of their dreams, that is inspiring. Lately everyone I have spoken to has been inspired to feel great about themselves, to be fit and healthy, and after watching the Olympians they want to start now. But, how do you translate that inspiration into personal success? It is not easy, when there are so many demands on our time and so many ways we can sabotage our own success. After talking to many people this week about their health and fitness aspirations. I have heard the same thing, "how do I fit my goals into my life?" Especially with a family and a career? How do I fit my goals into my day. It seems to overwhelming and unattainable. I can tell you it is not. I have helped many busy, successful men and women change their health, get fit and attain amazing personal goals and here are my top 5 suggestions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 1. Be consistent. Want to lose weight, run a 10 KM or decrease your blood pressure? Small changes will lead to big results if you do a little everyday. Break it down into manageable chunks and take one step everyday in the right direction. Olympic athletes train for over 10 years just to be able to train for the Olympics. 2. Do it for yourself. Trying to make a change, even a positive one, for someone else never works out. There will be times when you don't want to go out in the rain to go for a run and doing it for someone else makes it less likely you are going to push yourself out the door. 3. Get some support. It is more fun to work together for a common goal. Even better having a buddy means you have someone to share your best and worst days. It is even more likely you will succeed when you have a friend to share in your success. 4. Have a plan. I have seen too many injuries, unfulfilled goals and disappointments from people who jumped on all the latest fads and trends only to find themselves as unfit, overweight and as unhealthy as when they started. Having a road map to your goal is a great way to see your improvements, stay motivated and be successful for life. 5. Have fun. This is the most important one of all. If you are not having any fun you won't be consistent or want to continue once you have achieved your goals. Try lots of activities, take some lessons, but remember to have fun. If you aren't having fun it isn't worth all the effort. Be inspired by others' fitness challenges and success stories. Build your success on knowing that others have struggled and overcome their personal challenges. Find the motivation to stay on

track with the inspiration that you don't have the world watching and can simply enjoy the process of getting fit.

Shayla Roberts, Peak Performance Coach. I help my clients get motivated and stay healthy to achieve their best. Get your spark back and achieve your best. Peak Performance Coaching programs put all the aspects of health together for you to get the support, information and motivation that you need to reach your peak potential.

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==== ==== If you'd like to find out more about a revolutionary 12 week fitness challenge ==== ====

Find out more about a revolutionary 12 week fitness challenge  

A revolutionary 12 week fitness challenge to iomprove your general fitness and get you om the right track for overall fitness.

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