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the inspiration LifeBook has been a very personal journey for me, My father Jules was almost blind and was nursing my mother in her last days. He was depressed and had little to look forward to. I tried to find time to help and would visit and take him out for lunch. Often he would start telling me a story and I would say, “Dad I have heard that a hundred times!” or, “Oh no not that one again…” and cut him off. Eventually our conversation would dry up and something that should have been a pleasure for both of us became laboured and awkward. One day I realised my error and how I was shutting down my father’s brain. Desperate to find a solution, I came up with the precursor to today’s LifeBook. I structured a blank autobiography in a file (the forerunner to our ‘Memory Book’ ) and sent my PA, Kathy, to interview Dad every week at a set time. She would ask questions based on the ‘chapters’ in the file, and soon found that one question led to another story and a dozen others! Very quickly he was remembering more and more. He eagerly looked forward to his weekly interviews and would spend the intervening days thinking about the chapters of his life story and making notes in his file. Sadly, he passed away just three months later and I only have forty pages. They are forty very precious pages. My only regret is that I did not start it earlier.

Roy Moëd, founder of Lifebook


the idea LifeBook is the experience of telling your story in an autobiography for your family. Through a stimulating and enjoyable journey of rediscovery, your autobiography will bring together a lifetime of memories in an everlasting legacy. It may be something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start. It may also be that you have a special person in mind who would be enlivened by LifeBook as a wonderful gift.

The experience of a lifetime... ...the gift of a lifetime.

the process Once agreed, your personal

Interviewer and Experience Manager Register your interest through our

website - and

Box and Memory Book to help

you record any recollections for

we will then contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

You will receive your Memory

will be assigned to you.

The Experience Manager will oversee

your autobiography.

quality control along the way.

t Over a period of six months, your

At the end of the experience, your personal life story is professionally printed.

You will receive 10 beautifully bound books with your personalised cover design.

Interviewer will meet you on a

Each interview will then be expertly

transcribed by a professional ghostwriter. Every month you will have the

weekly basis for recorded interviews. During this time, your Interviewer will also help you look at and select photographs.

opportunity to read and review your story as it develops.

the experience

A professionally managed autobiography, including 26 interviews with a dedicated personal interviewer, which are written up by a professional ghostwriter.

The production of 10 beautifully presented hardback books (including up to 24 pages of colour photographs).

The ability to select the cover design and layout of the inside pages.

The engagement and stimulation of the mind through the interview process, offering the opportunity for companionship and renewed family interaction.

“ I could not wait for next week’s interview, it was the highlight of my week. ”

the rewards The act of recalling and telling of a life story is of the utmost value, but we also believe that being a part of the LifeBook experience and the therapeutic benefits that it can offer, are key. Through our personal approach with a dedicated face-to face interviewer, not only are lost memories reawakened, but the process itself will become pleasurable, rewarding and extremely stimulating.

“ We have seen a remarkable

improvement in Dad’s mental agility after just a few weeks of interviews

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