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By the time, wireless speakers are growing increasingly more widening and dominating on the audio market place. Customers who like music, are saying them a lot with a great deals of commences and applauses such as 'they are cordless', 'they are fashionable', 'they have numerous awesome apps like bluetooth wireless speakers or android speaker', or they are so beautifully form', so on and so on. Yes, it is clear that those advantages of wireless audio speakers are massive and bright faces of them are so obvious than other customary speakers. Nonetheless, as ordinary audiences, can you comprehend dark aspects or in other words, drawback or faults of playfi wireless speakers. Let me deliver you some illustrations about bad things of them. The initial thing I wish to say is about the signal of wireless speakers. Since these devices of wireless speakers function through the radio waves that let them to send sounds, it is factual that radio waves can reach everywhere. For that reason, wireless speakers are constrained in such a distance that the frequency waves can reach out. For example, a sound with the spectrum of 340 MHz can't reach to a speaker with sound spectrum of 350 MHz. But if it could, the sound premium is sure to be negative. The second things is that the impacts of bad weather condition. As I have said, these wireless speakers equipments are running by radio signals, for these reasons, in regards to technical features, they run like a radio. And presume that when you are listening to your radio in a bad weather of thunderstorms, heavy shower, your radio will be influenced. In the similar instance, because wireless speakers are the same as radios, they will be changed during the bad weathers. And the final thing I want to mention is the price. In the troublesome time of world-wide finances with massive numbers of young people are unemployed, buying a wireless speaker should be think of. The costs of wireless speakers in compared with other sort of basic speakers are much more pricey, ranging from 50 to thousands of US dollars. As a result, in my point of view, this factor also contributes to the disadvantages of wireless speakers. Having claimed those things above about shortcomings or faults of wireless speakers, I myself don't imply that wireless speakers are bad in overall. But those things are simply easy and small errors of these kind of speakers. It means that positive aspects are still exceeding negative aspects. So why don't why buy one and enjoy music.

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