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Short Sale Arizona - Looking for answers to Short Sale Arizona? I’m sure you’ve been searching all over about what it means to Short Sale Arizona. I don’t want to be a name with a website, I want you feel like you know me by the time we meet! I am constantly adding videos about foreclosures, Short Sale Arizona, market updates, etc and much that relates to being an Arizona Short Sale Realtor! I hope these videos show my dedication to my profession and my commitment to helping you find solutions. If you’re facing foreclosure in Arizona, you don’t want to use just anyone to help you walk through the pre-foreclosure process. You want to know the person who is on your side is experienced, knowledgeable, and well-versed in the pitfalls of short sales, foreclosures, and all that go with that.

What’s in it for YOU? I have built my entire career around helping Arizona homeowners that are facing foreclosure, which includes being a licensed and qualified Arizona Short Sale Realtor. What does this mean for YOU? It means you have options, which may include: - Walking away with NO tax consequences and NO deficiency - Deed in lieu of foreclosure - Selling your house to a cash buyer - Doing an Arizona Short Sale - Letting someone take over the payments − and more… Not sure which option is right for you? Everyone’s situation is different, and speaking with legal and tax advisers is highly encouraged. Remember, you can get a FREE Legal Consult just by filling out the email form on above. However, most Agents only know how to help you do one thing, list your home (and pray it sells) either as a Short Sale or Regular Sale. When your notice of Trustee’s Sale is posted, you may have less than 90 days from start to finish to get your home sold. In that case, it’s no longer about getting top dollar, it’s about racing the clock, and resolving your challenge with a favorable outcome. If an short sale is NOT right for you, I can provide other options. Keep in mind, if you do an Arizona Short Sale, YOUR BANK pays all the commissions! Use the best Arizona Short Sale Realtor your bank can afford!

Plus, in most cases, your bank will PAY YOU to Short Sale! For a FREE LEGAL consult and a FREE Home Valuation, contact me today at 602-741-1602.

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