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drawbacks. There are better cameras out there but I don't see any reason to spend more of my hard I work as a commercial photographer and spend lots earned money changing something I can use. of time photographing many different products. This means I have to know how to set up and use One piece of advice for car photography is ‘cards lots of different photography related equipment. and batteries’ I have five batteries for my camera Photographing cars can be very much like photographing products so it makes sense this additional and lots of high quality SD memory cards. If I am away for a weekend I know I can keep photoequipment can help me. graphing.

My Kit

When I go to photograph a car. I take my Peli protective case. This contains almost everything I may need: Cameras, battery powered flash lights, light modifiers, Gels, lots of memory cards and five batteries. The only other items I need to pack are much larger items: my heavy duty light stands that will withstand a fair bit of wind without blowing over and some larger modifiers if they are needed and, one more item, my ladders. I love those ‘from high’ photos.

I have also two battery powered studio flash units that can be controlled from a trigger fitted to the top of my camera. These allow me to get creative in many situations and weather conditions. Look at the Girls and Cars article and see how these lights and a few modifiers help me achieve some very different looking images.

The choice of camera make or model you use is up to you. A camera is a tool and when you go to buy one you will be confused with all the different makes and models and functions. Just be sure you buy one that’s is right for what you want to use it for.

I have spent the past three and a half years representing a well known camera manufacturer and brand. I have used their equipment to take photos and record video. The camera I use does a reasonable job and it produces reasonable images. It does not work well when panning ( a known problem with cameras that use floating sensor IBIS) which when photographing a moving car will have it’s

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