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This Month Ten cars I have picked and listed these cars and trucks in no particular order. These are some of my personal favourites from those I have photographed over the past few years. They are displayed almost at random. There are many different reasons for selecting these but one common reason is that each one has left a lasting impression on me. A few of these images have even led me towards creating a very different, personal photographic style.

MY Top Ten Listed and featured in no particular order Geoff Wilde’s Belly Tank Colin Chambers 55 Bel Air Paul Grimshaw’s Chevy Truck Dan Clare’s Model T Paul Whittles Ford Pop Ray Hamilton’s Ford Pop Chris Denton’s Dodge truck 1956 Mercury Monterey Tom Parry’s 40 Willys Coupe Jeff Davies Ford coupe Girls and cars I talk about the reasons why we enjoy this genre of pin-up photography just as much as I enjoy my car photography, I try to explain some of the reasons behind my images offering some info on how I create a ’girls and car’ photo,

My kit During the summer months will often only carry my camera when photographing hot rods and cars but on overcast days I will need a little extra kit to help. During the winter months a few additional problems will have to be overcome. Here, I show some of the additional equipment I carry and how it helps me get photos when others cant.

The Project Every magazine needs a project vehicle and as I need a vehicle for my photography, I thought I would have a go at building a taxi based truck. It’s probably not going to happen but I am a tryer

I should add a contents section here I thought I would leave you to just thumb through and discover for yourselves. It’s probably more fun that way. Please leave comments, feedback and Likes on the post that links to the magazine and please share the post so that others can read it. Who knows, if enough people share and see it, I may be able to pay for the software and fund another. I might even think of a name for it.

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