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Labelling of products Schjerning Farver A/S produces hobby paints, glue and paste intended for use in pedagogical contexts and for private artists and hobby users. Schjerning Farver has a test reporter who documents compliance with EN71-3 as regards the ingredients that are used in the products. In terms of hobby paints, the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC is the only directive that can be relevant in relation to CE-labelling. As a rule, hobby paints are not covered by the Toy Safety Directive, unless they appeal to children under the age of 14. There is no requirement for CE-labelling of the products. If the product cannot be perceived as a toy, the CE-label must not be used. No products are directed at children under 3 years of age, and therefore they should not be marked with a negative age marking of 0-3 years.


Schjerning Farver – the safe choice If the products are perceived as toys or marketed as toys, Schjerning Farver will apply CE-labelling to them. In such cases, the criteria in the Toy Safety Directive will be applied. Assessments are carried out partly as self-assessments and partly as third-party assessments where this is relevant. In terms of CE-labelled products, an EU Declaration of Conformity is available.

Schjerning Farver combines the best raw materials and state-of-the-art technology to produce the most safe colours for the benefit of the environment and health.

Customers who market products made by Schjerning Farver A/S in their own name are responsible for ensuring correct labelling. Schjerning Farver will assist with test information and declarations of conformity to the extent that these are available.

Stringent requirements on the safety The colours are almost all A-labelled, which is a voluntary Danish standard that poses even more stringent requirements on the safety of the contents than those posed by legislation.

Altox A/S, DK 2740 Skovlunde, continually monitor changes in legislation on behalf of Schjerning Farver to ensure continual updating.

We always choose the most safe raw materials and thereby exclude or minimise substances that have undesirable health or environmental effects.

Furthermore, four of our colour series carries the Nordic eco-label, The Swan, which poses requirements on packaging, production and environmental certification in addition to extensive requirements on chemical substances.

We only use European suppliers who are known to protect the environment and provide reliable information about the contents of their products. Independent inspection guarantees that the raw materials comply with the stringent requirements on the safety of the content that posed by legislation. ISO 14001 certified Schjerning Farver has held the ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification since 1998. This documents our high standard and ensures an eco-friendly production. We endeavour to live up to the award and continuously develop new, eco-friendly hobby colours and glue that children and adults can use without hesitation.

Your guarantee

The Nordic Ecolabel The Nordic Ecolabel is the official ecolabel in the Nordic countries. The ecolabel makes it easy for you to choose the most eco-friendly products. The Nordic Ecolabel poses strict environmental requirements on all relevant phases of a product’s lifecycle. This means, among other things, that Nordic Ecolabelled products comply with strict requirements on chemicals – for the benefit of the environment and your health. When you choose a product that carries the Nordic Ecolabel you help reduce the environmental impact. At the same time, you can be sure that it is among the most eco-friendly products – without compromising on quality.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel are powerful tools for ensuring a sustainable future. The official ecolabels actively contribute to accomplishing several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

When you choose a product from Schjerning Farver, you get a product that is safe to use – even for young children. Your guaranatee for a safe product!

They address the global challenges we face, including those related to environmental degradation and the need for stopping climate change before 2030.

Most of our products are A-labeled. The A-label is your guarantee that the product does not contain endocrine disrupters substances, heavy metals or allergenic substances above the concentration limit triggering classification. The products contain neither perfumes nor fragrances.

The ecolabels especially contribute to accomplishing the 12th global goal about ensuring sustainable consumption and production.

Find further information on the A-label and The Joint Council for Creative and Hobby Materials at or

Find further information on The Nordic Ecolabel at:


Nordic Ecolabel Greenspot Art Vintage Series 7900 100 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic jar

Greenspot Akryl Satin Series 3800 100 ml plastic jar

Greenspot Ready MIX Series 3700 500 ml plastic bottle with snap lid

Greenspot Vintage is a high quality paint in vintage cololurs with a matt finish and excellent opacity. Particularly suitable for wooden materials

Silk matt acrylic paint for decoration of most paintable surfaces, e.g. paper, cardboard, wood, clay, gypsum and stone.

An eco-friendly, matt tempera colour with excellent opacity. The colour is particularly suitable for use on paper, but it is also good for all absorbent and lightly absorbent materials, e.g. cardboard and wood. The colour dries fast and is easy to work with for children and adults alike.

Paint and sand old furniture and flea market finds and achieve a beautiful vintage look.

7901 Natural White

7953 Cappuccino

7970 Dusty Rose

7971 Pastel Rose

7918 Bordeaux Red

7980 Dark Lavender

3801 White

3803 Yellow

3832 3823 Dark blue Blue 7939 Dusty Blue

7938 Ocean Blue

7969 7906 Dark Saffron Turquoise Yellow


7965 Dusty Green

7922 Light Blue

7958 7940 Chocolate Black Brown

7967 7942 Light Petrol Turquoise Blue

3808 3810 Sun yellow Orange

3814 Red

3867 3830 Turquoise Green

3840 Black

3816 Pink

3701 White

3703 3710 Prim.Yellow Orange

3714 Red

3717 Prim.Red

3719 Violet

3720 Blue

3723 3724 Prim.Blue Green

3743 Sand

3732 Brown

3740 Black

Junior Greenspot Colormix Series 2500 500 ml plastic bottle with snap lid 250 ml* – metallic colours only

Praxis School Colour Series 2300 500 ml plastic bottle with snap lid

Shine Series 2000 500 ml plastic bottle with snap lid

Transparent colour for many purposes. The clear colours will remain when painting, because the colours do not mix with each other. On glass and smooth surfaces, the colour can be washed off with water – also after a long time of drying.

Matt tempera colour with excellent opacity for all lightly absorbent materials.

Bright acrylic colour with excellent opacity. Can be used on almost all surfaces, even as acrylic colour on canvas.

Suitable for colour theory.

Water resistant.

2501 White

2503 2510 Prim.Yellow Orange

2514 Red

2517 Prim. Red

2520 Blue

2523 Prim. Blue

2524 Green

2532 Brown

2540 Black

2570 White

2571 Yellow

2572 Orange

2573 Red

2574 Pink

2576 Azure

2577 Green

2578 Blue

2567 Turquoise

2579 Black

2561* Gold

2562* Silver

2563* Copper

2519 Violet

2301 White

2303 Prim. Yellow

2308 Sun Yellow

2310 Orange

2314 Red

2316 Pink

2001 White

2003 2008 2010 Prim. Yellow Sun Yellow Orange

2014 Red

2016 Pink

2317 Prim. Red

2319 Violet

2336 Marine

2320 Blue

2323 Prim. Blue

2325 Turquoise

2017 Prim. Red

2019 Violet

2020 Blue

2023 Prim. Blue

2067 Turquoise

2022 Light Green

2322 2324 Light Green Green

2332 Brown

2340 Black

2343 Sand

2024 Green

2043 Sand

2032 Brown

2040 Black

2086 Gold

2087 Silver

2088 Copper

Pearlescent: 2575 Violet

2361 Gold

2362 Silver



Junior Finger Paints Series 2600 150 ml plastic pot 500 ml plastic pot 500 ml bottle with a practical snap lid For age 3+. Use fingers or a brush to paint on paper, plastic or window glass. The colours are matt, thick and creamy. Can easily be washed off hands with water and soap.

Pop Up line Series 1400 28 ml plastic bottle with painting nozzle

Funny Window Colour Series 3500 and 3600 85 ml plastic bottle with painting nozzle 250 ml plastic refill bottles*

PopUp Line for use on numerous materials.

Draw your motif on plastic foil. Let it dry for 24 hours before you remove it and put it on windows, glass or other smooth surface. Can be removed again and again.

After drying, the colour must be ‘popped up’ in an oven or by using a hair dryer in order to achieve the three-dimensional effect and to harden. Washable at 40 °C.

Comply with DS/EN 71-7.

2601 White

2608 Yellow

2610 Orange

2614 Red

2631 Light Blue

2620 Blue

2624 Green

2640 Black

2641 Rose

1401 White

1408 Yellow

1420 1424 Brillant Blue Green

1410 Orange

1414 Red

1416 Pink

3560* Clear

3501* White

3508* Yellow

3506* 3510 Corn Yellow Orange

3514* Red

1440 Black

1461 Gold

1462 Silver

3515 3516 Christmas Red Pink

3574 Rose

3575 Lilac

3519 Violet

3576 Light Blue

3521* 3526* 3567 Brillant Blue Blue Green Turquoise

3525 Grass Green

3580 3511 Light Green Lime

3543 Sand

3532* Brown

3546 Grey

3540* Black

3561 Gold

3562 Silver

3591 Glitter Gold

3590 3592 Glitter Silver Iris

3601 White

3640* Black

Outlining colours:


Glas Glas Transp Series 4100 30 ml plastic jar

Glas Frost Series 4100 30 ml plastic jar Frost 4195 also available in 250 ml

Glas Ceramic Series 4300 30 ml plastic jar

Glas Metal Series 4300 30 ml plastic jar

Glas Relief Series 4200 28 ml plastic bottle with painting nozzle

Transparent glass colour. For glass and porcelain. Washable by hand after fixing in oven at 160 °C for 30 minutes.

Transparent glass colour with frosty effect. For glass and porcelain. Washable by hand after fixing in oven at 160 °C for 30 minutes.

Covering glass, porcelain and ceramic colour. Washable by hand after fixing in oven at 160 °C for 45 minutes.

Covering glass, porcelain and ceramic colour with metallic effect. Washable by hand after fixing in oven at 160 °C for 30 minutes.

For use as outline colour. Washable by hand after fixing in oven at 160 °C for 30 minutes.

4101 White

4103 4106 Lemon Yellow Gold.Yellow

4110 Orange

4180 4181 4182 Frost White Frost Yellow Frost Red

4301 White

4303 4306 4310 Lemon Yellow Golden Yellow Orange

4382 4383 4384 4385 Metal Red Metal Blue Metal Green Metal Lilac

4240 Black

4114 Red

4115 Carmine

4116 Pink

4119 Violet

4184 4185 Frost Green Frost Violet

4315 Carmine

4316 Pink

4319 Violet

4320 Brill. Blue

4120 Brill.Blue

4123 Azure

4126 Brill.Green

4127 Green

4326 Brill. Green

4327 Green

4368 Turq. Green

4364 Lavender

4132 Brown

4138 Navy

4164 Lavender

4168 Turquoise

4340 Black

4361 Gold

4362 Silver

4161 Gold

4162 Silver

4140 Black

4195 Frost

4183 Frost Blue

4261 Gold

4262 Silver

4386 4387 Metal Gold Metal Silver


Vintage Art Vintage Series 7500 100 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic jar

Art Metal Vintage Series 5000 30 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic jar

Outdoor Vintage Series 7400 250 ml plastic jar

Textil Vintage Series 1600 100 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic jar

High-quality chalk paint with a matt finish and excellent opacity. Particularly suitable for wooden materials.

Art Vintage is available in 4 metallic colours.

Satin colour for outdoor decoration of wood, terracotta, zinc etc. Paint the object indoors and leave it to set for at least 24 hours before using outdoors.

Firm and creamy textile colour for light textiles. Washable at 40 °C after fixing.

Paint and sand old furniture and finds from flea markets, and achieve a beautiful vintage look.

The colours can be used with Vintage Crackle.

Art Vintage: 7504 Vanilla

Vintage Crackle 7597 100 ml plastic jar Vintage Crackle is used with Art Vintage (series 7500) or Outdoor Vintage (series 7400) for a crackle effect.

7505 7507 7571 Warm Cream Rustic Yellow Pastel Rose

7570 7573 Dusty Rose Nougat

7572 Mauve

7522 Sky Blue

7539 7566 Dusty Blue Sea Green

7565 7542 Dusty Green Petrol Blue

7553 7552 Cappuccino Taupe

7546 7558 Dusty Grey Chocolate

7404 Vanilla

7540 Black

1688 1691 1658 1656 Cappuccino Pastel Rose Dusky Rose Mauve

7405 7407 7471 Warm Cream Rustic Yellow Pastel Rose

Art Metal Vintage:

7470 7473 Dusty Rose Nougat

7472 Mauve

7422 Sky Blue

1656 Mauve

1663 1657 1630 1663 1657 Sky blue Sky blueIndigo blue Indigo Blue Aqua Blue

1665 Sea Green

1630 1665 1659 Aqua blue Sea green Dusty green

5097 5096 Green Pearl Red Pearl

5011 5031 Golden Pearl Blue Pearl

7439 7466 Dusty Blue Sea Green

7465 7442 Dusty Green Petrol Blue

Textil Vintage

Textil Vintage er en flot, cremet stoffarve. Farv dekoration af lyse tekstiler, både bomuld, kun

1688 1691 1658 Cappuccino Pastel rose Dusky rose

1659 Dusty Green

Farverne er trykte og derfor kun vejledende.

Textil Vintage er rigtig god til mange teknikke eksempel pensel, tryk og stencilering.

Lav dine egne stencils med selvklæbende folie dem til at dekorere tøj, puder og andre tekstil

Når farven er tør, skal den fikseres i 5 minutter Herefter kan du vaske stoffet ved 40°C.

Art Vintage er en kvalitetsfarve produceret i D Vælg mellem 9 afstemte nuancer. Fås i 100 ml og 250 ml bøtter.

For more Art Metal colours – see page 16 7453 7452 Cappuccino Taupe

7446 Dusty Grey

Vintage Crackle 7597 ISO 14001:2015

For more textile colours – see page 12-13.


Schjerning Fa DK-8400 Ebe www.schjern

Hobby Rustical Series 6700 250 ml plastic jar

Interiør Series 7300 250 ml plastic jar

Outdoor Series 2200 250 ml plastic jar

Rustical is a matt paint for indoor decoration of wooden furniture, walls, doors, terracotta and other easy-absorbing materials.

Acrylic semi-gloss paint for indoor use, e.g. for chairs, tables, chests of drawers and cupboard doors. Creates a beautiful and durable surface.

Silk matt all-round outdoor colour with excellent opacity.

Dust-free drying time is 4 hours. Hardens in two days. Spreading capacity is 6-8 m² per litre.

Use on clean and dry surfaces. Sand glossy surfaces with sand paper before painting.

Paint the object indoors and leave it to set for at least 24 hours before using outdoors.

Can be painted again after 5 hours. Fully hardened after 48 hours.

Chose between shades matched nature’s colours or contrast shades to nature’s colours. Can be mixed with each other.

6702 Cream

6704 6706 6743 Yolk Yellow Golden Rod Sand

6734 Grey Blue

6735 Lake Blue

6736 Marine

6701 White

6746 Dark Grey

6740 Black

6712 NEW 6711 NEW 6755 NEW Orange Copper Tan Burnt Ochre Chiffon

6744 6745 Dusty Coral Merlot

6722 6723 6724 Smoke Green Hedge Green Dark Green

6726 6727 Light Mint Mint

7301 White

7304 Mellow Yellow

7317 7325 Purple Haze Poseidon

7305 Alabaster

7340 Black

7309 7312 Mock Orange Jaffa Orange

For decoration on zinc, wood, terracotta etc.

2201 White

2202 2208 Antiq. White Yellow

2257 2255 2217 Rustic Red Antiq. Red Pink

2210 Orange

2214 Red

2216 Carmine

2241 Fuchsia

2232 Blue

2238 Azure

2267 Turquoise

2224 Green

2230 2227 2252 2248 Dark Green Olive Green Olive Brown Caramel

2258 Brown

2253 Tobacco

2246 Grey

2261 Gold

2262 Silver

2263 Copper

2254 Black




Blackboard Series 6100 250 ml plastic jar

Linocut Series 6400 250 ml plastic jar

Colour Line Series 2800 30 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic bottle

The colour is used as blackboard colour on wood, cardboard, canvas and other lightly absorbent materials. Paint 2-3 layers with a brush or roll. Let the colour dry between each layer. The colour is water resistant after 48 hours.

Water-based printing colours for linocut. The colour has a high pigment content and good light resistance.

Liquid watercolour in very bright and brilliant shades. Suitable for all sorts of paper and cardboard. Apply with pen, brush or airbrush.

6101 White

6401 White

6403 Yellow

6408 6415 Sun Yellow Red

6416 Pink

6435 Marine

6427 Turquoise

6426 Green

6440 Black

6461 Gold

6462 Silver

6463 Copper

6108 Yellow

6110 Orange

6115 Red

6119 Lilac

6127 Green

6124 Brill.Green

6141 Fuchsia

6116 Pink

6167 Turquoise

6158 Brown

6146 Grey

6140 Black

6132 Blue

6111 Lime

It is easy to work with this colour due to its viscous body and matching drying time.

6432 Brown

6420 Blue

2803 2808 2814 Lemon Yellow YellowOrange Red

2815 Carmine

2816 Pink

2818 Red Violet

2824 Turquoise

2825 2826 Blue Green Brill. Green

2827 Green

2838 Navy

2832 Brown

2820 Royal Blue

2840 Black

2817 Cyclamen



Art Ink Series 2900 30 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic bottle 1 litre plastic bottle (black only)

Acryl Satin Series 2100 50 ml plastic jar* 250 ml plastic bottle

Uniq Pearl Series 1700 50 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic bottle

Highly pigmented and fast-drying water-based ink. Water resistant when dry.

Silk matt all-round hobby paint with excellent opacity.

Apply with a paintbrush or pen. For all sorts of paper and cardboard.

Applicable on most surfaces that can be painted, such as paper, cardboard, wood, clay, polystyrene, gypsum and stone. All shades are intermixable and are easy to work with. Water resistant once dry.

Uniq Pearl has excellent opacity and leaves a lustrous metallic / mother-of-pearl effect. Can be used on almost all materials.

2901 White

2940 Black

2903 Yellow

2917 Red

2923 Blue

2926 Green

2932 Brown

Textiles with Uniq Pearl is washable at 40 °C after fixing.

2101 White

2102 2103 2108 Antiq. White Prim.Yellow Yellow

2110 Orange

2115 Red

2116 Carmine

1760 White

1708 Yellow

1710 Orange

1714 Red

1716 Pink

1717 Cyclamen

2117 Prim. Red

2181 Old Rose

2184* Bordeaux

2142 Pink

2141* Fuchsia

2140* Violet

2180 Lavender

1719 Violet

1720 Blue

1726 Brill. Green

1727 Green

1732 Brown

1739 Grey

2136 Navy

2132 Blue

2123 Prim. Blue

2131 2134* 2138 Light blue Pigeon Blue Azure

2167 Turquoise

1761 Gold

1762 Silver

1763 Copper

1767 Turquoise

1765 Lava red

2166* 2120 2122 Sea Green Light Green Kiwi

2111* Lime

2124 Green

2130 2127* Olive Green Dark Green

2145 Beige

2143 Sand

2153* Tobacco

2158 Brown

2144 2155 Antique Red Ochre

2154 Black

2161 Gold

2162 Silver

2146 Grey

*) only 50 ml-bottle


Textil Textil Color Series 1600 50 ml plastic jar 500 ml plastic bottle

Textil Solid Series 1500 50 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic bottle

Textil Spray Series 8600 100 ml plastic spray bottle

Smooth and soft textile colour for light textiles. Washable at 40 °C after fixing.

Covering textile colour especially for dark textiles. Washable at 40° C after fixing.

TEXTIL SPRAY Suitable for light cotton-based fabrics.

With Textil Spray, you can easily create interesting effects on e.g. T-shirts, cushions and tablecloths. Fold or wring the fabric before you spray it, or use templates with patterns or letters. Washable at 40 °C 24 hours after fixing.

1601 White

1603 1608 Prim.Yellow Yellow

1610 Orange

1614 Red

1616 Pink

1617 Prim. Red

1618 1620 Red Violet Brill.Blue

1623 Prim. Blue

1667 Turquoise

1625 Grass Green

1638 Navy

1626 1627 Brill. Green Green

1628 1634 1622 Olive Green Pigeon Blue Kiwi

1666 Sea Green

1680 Lavender

1606 Mustard

1652 1655 Olive Brown Terracotta

1639 Grey

1640 Black

1682 1643 Aubergine Sand

1660 Base

Pastel 1683 Peach

1684 Rose

1685 Violet

1686 Blue

Opnå og mø krølle

1632 Brown

1501 White

1508 Yellow

1514 Red

1510 Orange

1516 Pink

1518 1522 Red Violet Kiwi

1520 Brill.Blue

Brug skabeloner eller foam-stickers til at lave 1526 1540 flotteBlack mønstre. Brill.Green

8601 White

8606 Yellow

8610 Orange

8615 Red

8616 Pink

8619 Violet

1541 Fuchsia

8620 Blue

8638 Navy

8624 Turquoise

8622 Kiwi

8626 Green

8633 Brown

1567 Turquoise

1687 Green 8639 Graphite

Neon 1673

Neon Yellow


Neon Orange


Neon Pink


Neon Green


Neon Violet

Textil Spray For Textil Vintage colours – see page 8 12

Velegnet til lyse bomuldsbase 8606 Gul

8610 Orange

8615 Rød

Med Textil Spray kan du nemt effekter på fx T-shirts, puder o eller vrid stoffet inden spray, e



Textil Silk Series 8800 50 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic bottle

Tie dye is a special technique in which patterns are created by twisting and binding fabrics with elastic bands or clamps. Talens Art Creation Textile Silk is ideal for tie dyeing light coloured clothing, scarves, etc. The dye can be applied directly. Fixing ensures the preservation of your colours, just as with other Textile products.

Silk Royal Series 8900 50 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic bottle

ES Liquid Batik Series 200 100 ml plastic bottle

Gives a very brilliant and soft effect after steam fixing. The highly concentrated colours can be mixed together.

Fixing agent 200 g in plastic bag

Gutta Series 1900 28 ml bottle with painting nozzle 250 ml bottle* – clear and black only

Water-based liquid batik colour.

For creating outlines for silk colours. Must be fixed by ironing.

8801 White

8803 8806 8808 8810 Lem. Yellow Gold.Yellow Yellow Orange Orange

8814 Red

8901 White

8815 Carmine

8816 Pink

8817 Cyclamen

8820 8821 8838 Brillant Blue Royal Blue Navy

Brilliant and very easy to use. For dyeing cotton, silk and linen. The colours are UV-resistant and washable.

8903 8906 Lemon Yellow Corn Yellow

8908 8909 Yellow Orange Orange

8914 Red

8938 8921 Marine Blue c

8884 Bordeaux

8819 Violet

8864 Lavender Blue

8980 8982 8917 Persian Rose Aubergine Cyclamen

8918 8920 Red Violet Royal Blue

8824 Turquoise

8868 Turq. Green

8826 Brillant Green

8924 Turquoise

8927 Green

8926 Brill.Green

8930 8952 8928 Moss Green Olive Green Light Brown

8852 Cognac

8844 Ochre

8953 Tobacco

8954 Kit

8939 Grey

8940 Black

1954* Black

1944 Gold

1962 Silver

8827 Green

8871 Jade

8828 8831 Moss Green Sienna

8833 Brown

8839 Grey

8841 Deep Black

8916 Pink

203 210 206 Lemon Yellow Corn Yellow Orange

221 Brill. Blue

238 Navy Blue

227 Green

214 Red

232 Brown

216 Pink

218 Lilac

240 Black

8934 Sienna

Gutta: 1980* Clear


Effect Pouring Colour Series 1100 100 ml plastic bottle

Blob Paint Series 9800 85 ml plastic bottle with nozzle

Beton Colour Series 7600 250 ml plastic jar

Decorate stones, canvasses etc. with great pattern effects. Mix light and dark colours to get the best result. Use a drop of silicone oil to make cells.

Create 3D effects with Blob Paint.

Beton Colour is a covering concrete colour that creates a raw concrete look on e.g. wood, cardboard, glass, stone, styropor and natural materials.

Hold the nozzle vertically over the object to be decorated. Squeeze paint from the bottle until you have the desired blob size. A new layer can be applied after 24 hours.


1101 White

1170 Rose Tan

1141 Very Berry

1184 Barberry

1122 Sky Blue

1138 Corsair

1142 1129 1168 Legion Blue Antiq. Green Mint

1132 Brown

1128 1127 1126 1102 Duck Green Loden Green Laurel Green Ivory Cream

1140 Black

1110 Orange

1161 Gold

1162 Silver

1143 1184 Amber Light Bordeaux

1163 Copper

9801 White

1112 Copper Tan

9875 9808 Neon yellow Yellow

9877 9867 Neon green Turquoise

9831 Light blue

9810 Orange

9815 Red

9832 Blue

9840 Black

9881 Pink

Apply using a paintbrush, sponge or putty knife, depending on whether you want a smooth or a rough surface. The colour is also suitable for use with stencils. Drying time 30-60 min.

7647 Light grey

7646 Dark grey

7658 7645 Dark Brown Merlot

7648 7652 Light slate Taupe

7606 7624 Golden Rod Dark Green

7639 Slate

Effect Effekt Sne Item no. 5694 100 ml plastic bottle* 250 ml plastic jar

Effekt Liner Series 1300 28 ml plastic bottle* 100 ml plastic bottle*

*) with painting nozzle

*) with painting nozzle

Add a beautiful, threedimensional snow-look to your boxes, vases and mugs.

Make your own cards or use it for scrapbooking. Design your own clothes with funny patterns and colours.

Produce beautiful patterns in the wet snow by using the end of a brush or a fork.

Basic Basic covering colours.

Effekt Metal is easily applicable on most surfaces such as wood, terracotta, metal, glass and canvas.

Pearlescent Bright colours with a mother-of-pearl look.

Easy to work with using a sponge or paintbrush. An attractive look can be achieved by placing several layers on top of each other without covering completely.

Glitter Bright metallic colours with strong glitter effect.

Especially suited for drawing lines.

Drying time 1-2 hours dependent on thickness of layer.

Basic: 5694 Sne

Effekt Metal Series 6500 100 ml plastic jar

Effect Liner is also available with special effects.


1301 White

1303 Yellow

1310 Orange

1315 Red

1316 Pink

1323 Blue

1322 Kiwi

1324 Green

1367 Turquoise

1340 Black

1319 Lilac

1361 Gold

1362 Silver

1363 Copper

1370 Ivory

1376 Light Blue

1380 1372 Light Green Orange

1379 Black

1374 Pink

1375 Lilac

6567 Turkis

6545 Rav

6540 Grafit

6561 Guld

Glitter: 1391 1392 1393 1394 1395 Glitter Gold Glitter Silver Glitter Copper Glitter Yellow Glitter Red

1397 1399 Glitter Green Diamond

1384 Glitter Pink

1385 Glitter Lilac

1396 Glitter Blue

1389 Glitter Black


Effect Pearl Pen Series 1000 28 ml plastic bottle with painting nozzle

Night light 85 ml plastic bottle with painting nozzle 250 ml plastic bottle

Create funny and beautiful patterns on most surfaces e.g. glass, cardboard, wood, plastic, painter’s canvases and textile When applying Pearl Pen to the material it looks like little pearls, creating a great 3D effect.


1060 White

1008 Yellow

1002 Eggshell

1004 Ivory

1010 Orange

1015 Red

1017 Dark Red

1016 Rose

1019 Violet

1020 Blue

1067 Turquoise

1038 Ice Blue

1090 Sky

1024 Green

1022 1092 Light Green Khaki

1093 Mint

1027 Dark Green

1053 Taupe

1032 Caramel

1056 Brown

1040 Black

1061 Gold

1062 Silver

1091 Bronze

1039 Grey

For luminous effect. For almost all lightly absorbent materials, including fabric. Washable at 40 °C.

6171 Night Light

Reflex 50 ml plastic jar

Schjerning Reflex is an exciting paint that reflects light in the dark. The paint is grey in ordinary daylight. Choose between Reflex and Reflex Textil.

Reflex can be used on almost any paintable surface, e.g. wood, painted surfaces and stone. It is waterproof once it has dried for about 30 minutes and does not need fixing. Textil Reflex can be painted directly on the fabric; apply 2-3 coats to achieve the best effect. Leave the paint to dry for about 30 minutes, and then fix it using an iron (use greaseproof paper) for five minutes at cotton temperature. The fabric can then be washed by hand at 30 degrees (turned inside out).

2169 Reflex

6173 Textil Reflex

Art Line Art Metal Series 5100 30 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic jar

The structure pastes are available in various degrees of fineness and are used for building up layers.

Art Acrylic Series 5300 75 ml plastic tube 250 ml plastic jar 500 ml plastic jar

Water-based metallic colour with very glossy surface. Can be used on almost all materials – even styropor.

The water-based lacquers are of a very high quality. They provide high protection to the lacquered objects and leave no brushstrokes. (100 and 500 ml).

Heavy body high-quality acrylic colour with high lightfastness and excellent painting consistency.

Gesso Acryl Polymer Dispersion is used for priming canvases. Lightfast and water resistant. Drying time approx. one hour. Flexible and suitable for both acrylic and oil painting.

Perfect for the amateur as well as for the professional artist who demands quality at a reasonable price.

*** o

5101 Lemon Gold

5102 Light Gold

5104 Med. Gold

5110 Silver

5103 5105 White Gold Lead

*** o

*** t

*** o


5107 Pewter

5111 5199 Champagne Mother of Pearl






Cad. Orange

Cad. Red

Cad.Red Dark

Primary Red

Intense Dark Red Magenta





Titanium White Buff Titanium Vanila


Prim. Yellow

*** s

*** o

5167 Cosmic Turquoise


Violet Dark *** s

Art Metal Vintage:


5011 5031 Golden Pearl Blue Pearl

*** o

Cobalt Blue


Preussian Blue

Phthalo Turquoise Sap Green

*** t



*** t

*** t

5337 x

*** o



Emerald Green

Perm. Green

Olive Green

*** t

*** o

*** s

*** o



Raw Sienna

Burnt Sienna Raw Umber





Burnt Umber Terracotta

x) not A-labeled (5320 Cobalt blue and 5337 Ultramarine) a) 75 ml & 250 ml (metal and flourescent colours)


*** t

Primary Blue Ultramarine

*** o

*** o


*** t

*** t

*** o

5320 x

*** o

5097 5096 Green Pearl Red Pearl

*** o

5108 5109 Antique Gold Copper

*** s

5136 5112 Galaxy Blue Lava Red

*** o

5106 Dark Gold

*** t


*** s

5338 Perm. Blue

*** o

5309 Cad.Yell.Dark


Turquoise *** o


Oxide Green Dark Ochre *** o

*** o



5361 a Gold

Base (500 ml)

**** s

5362 a


**** s

**** s

5363 a

5381 a


Dark Gold



Varnish Mat

VarnishSemi Gloss Varnish Gloss




*** s


*** o


**** s

*** t



Metal Colours

5340 Black

Opacity: t transparent s semi transparent o opaque

Fluorescent Colours **t


Gesso White Gesso Black




5372 a

5373 a

5374 a

Fluor.t Yellow Fluor.Orange Fluor. Red **t


5375 a

5377 a

Fluor. Violet

Fluor. Pink




Structure Paste Smooth

Structure Paste Rough

Structure Paste Fine


Lightfastness: **** permanent *** normally permanent ** moderately * fugitive

*) 100 ml & 500 ml


Lacquer Decoupage Lacquer 35 ml plastic jar (Glas) 50 ml plastic jar (Tex - Matt - Gloss) 250 ml plastic bottle (Tex - Matt - Gloss - Glas) 500 ml plastic bottle (Tex - Matt - Gloss) 1 litre plastic bottle (Matt - Gloss)

Effekt Crackle Series 2100 50 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic bottle

Acryl Lak Series 2100 50 ml plastic jar 100 ml plastic spray bottle* (Gloss only) 250 ml bottle

For creating an “antique crackle look” on many materials.

Clear water-based lacquer. Dries to give a transparent and water-resistant surface.

High-quality lacquer. Suitable for napkin decoupage on wood, cardboard etc. Can also be used as glue or as a simple lacquer.

Effect Crackle is applicable on most surfaces, on which you can paint, such as flowerpots, frames, furniture, boxes, paper, cardboard, clay, wood, stones and styropor.

Decoupage Tex is washable at 40°C after fixing.

Paint a layer of Schjerning Acryl Satin, Outdoor or Art Vintage. Add a coat of Effect Crackle. After drying add a coat of Schjerning Acryl Satin (not gold or silver) and you will achieve the crackle-effect.

Decoupage Glas is washable by hand after fixing.

For more information – see step-by-step-guide on

2194 Mat


2198 Gloss

1698 Tex

4198 Glas

2197 Colour Crackle

2188 Mat

2189 2190 Semi Gloss Gloss

2187* Gloss (spray)

Lacquer Sten Lak (Stone Lacquer) 100 ml plastic jar

Water-based shiny stone lacquer. Also for decorating e.g. with tissue paper. Drying time: one hour. Lacquered stones can be placed outdoors after 24 hours.

Glue Art Medium 100 ml plastic jar 250 ml plastic jar 500 ml plastic bottle 1 liter plastic bottle 5 litre plastic can

Multifix 85 ml plastic bottle * 250 ml plastic bottle ** 500 ml plastic bottle **

Art Medium is a very strong adhesive glue/lacquer with a large variety of applications. Art Medium is brilliant and water resistant after drying.

All-round glue. Multifix is a special water-based all-round glue.

Mix Art Medium can be mixed with school colours, e.g. Praxis, and the colour will then appear more brilliant.

Mulitfix is for use on paper, cardboard, wood and other lightly absorbent materials.

Use Art Medium as glue for papier mâchÊ, for collages and decoupage (no napkins). It is also ideal as glue for small objects such as shells, pearls and other effects, e.g. on canvas.

*) with pointing nozzle **) with special trapezium nozzle

The glue is transparent once dry.

Furthermore, Art Medium can be used to transfer coloured paper photos or black and white photos from ordinary copier to different objects such as canvas, wooden blocks, stones etc.


2398 Art Medium


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