Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

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Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

To conduct Australia’s foremost Eisteddfod, promoting, fostering and encouraging participation and interest in the performing arts.

We are friendly and professional. We are respectful of diversity. We act with honesty and integrity. We are committed to excellence. We provide opportunities for personal growth (experience, self-esteem, participation, and performance).

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Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

I have the pleasure to present the Chairman’s Report for the year ending December 2019. 2018 was our annus horribilis of the modern era and 2019 also proved to be very challenging. Unfortunately due to unexpected delays in the building program, we were not back in Her Majesty’s as we had hoped for all our larger sections, so the Victorian Brass Band Championships and the Festival of Bands and Strings were held at the Founders Hall (Federation University) and we were back in HMT for the Herald Sun Aria, the Dance competitions, and Calisthenics. While challenging, Founders worked well for both and it was great to be back in Her Majesty’s in time for the aria. Much hard work was expended throughout the year in an attempt to rebuild our Dance and Calisthenics numbers, the downturn in which had a very deleterious effect on our income in the previous year when we could not operate in Her Majesty’s. During the year we entered a Strategic Partnership with the City of Ballarat whereby the council is generously supporting us with funding over a four years period in order to promote the comps and generally restore our entry numbers. The council’s recognition of the South Street contribution to our economy and its willingness to assist us, is most gratifying. On a sad note we lost our CEO of the last five years, Brett MacDonald. Unfortunately, Brett found it necessary to resign because of ill health, we wish him a return to good health, and we will always be thankful to Brett for introducing The Arts for All to the competitions. In The Arts for All, South Street became more inclusive in what we do, and under Brett’s guidance this section of competitions for people with disabilities, became a strong and popular discipline. Towards the end of the year Michael Porter stepped down from the board after a fine contribution of seven years, during which he served a term as 3

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

treasurer. Unfortunately, Michael’s new work commitments away from Ballarat necessitated his resignation and we are thankful for the skills he brought to us especially in the field of information and computer technology. We also witnessed the end of an era. After a magnificent contribution of thirty-five years, Dr. Tony Cole stepped down from board duties, but of course, still regularly rolls up the sleeves across all our disciplines. In this nothing has changed. Over the one hundred and forty-one years of the society, few people have worked as tirelessly and affected outcomes as much as Tony. Dance is his great love – he served most of his time on the board as the Chairman of Dance; and South Street is his passion – he served several terms as President and was made a Life Member of the society in 2000. It would be impossible to even imagine the countless hours both Tony and wife Barbara have contributed to the society. Towards the end of the year the board appointed Tony Rowlands as our manager and Julie Wiseman’s position was made permanent. It was another demanding and at times difficult year for the society and our magnificent staff – Tony, Julie, Susan and office staff temps during the comps Louise, Gayle Matt, Kaleb H, Kaleb M and Kris were all simply fantastic. To our large band of energetic volunteers – a great big thank you, without our volunteers and our sponsors the Royal South Street comps could not happen. As we are aware the 2018 year ended in a loss of $189,000 and a special note of thanks must go to the RSSS staff and discipline chairs as through their diligent efforts the loss for this 2019 financial has been paired back to $51,000. While this is still untenable for a not for profit organization, it is certainly a step in the right direction. While this AGM in principle covers the 2019 competition year and the financial year to 30 December 2019, it is usual practice in the modern era, to also report matters affecting an entity post the relevant date. In this regard, we have lost a further three board members in Sheree Chevalier, Ben Brown, and Karen Daniell; and we have also subsequently lost our business manager 4

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Tony Rowlands. Unfortunately, these were mostly due to changing employment circumstances, although fortunately for us, Ben offered to remain on the Risk and Finance committee, an offer that we accepted with alacrity. We thank this quartet for the many years of collective service to the society. In the interim the board has appointed Kallista Kaval, Maree Nolan, and Adam Miller as ex-officio members to the board. The other major occurrence of some significance was the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, which needs no explanation other to say that, like thousands of other events, the South Street Competitions for 2020 were cancelled. Also in relation to the pandemic, which at the time of writing, still has regional Victoria in Stage three lockdown and Melbourne in stage four, we recently went back to the City of Ballarat with a request that might renegotiate the Strategic Partnership funds in order that we could retain the 2020 allocation and re-direct part of that funding, as we were not able in 2020 to comply with the terms of the agreement in the manner that had been originally intended by both parties. In this regard we were successful, and we are indebted to the councillors and staff of the city for their support. Peter Zala Chairman Royal South Street


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

The 2019 ACU Debating Challenge Cup was once again a great success. Australian Catholic University, Aquinas Campus is a wonderful space for the competition, and it provides a very welcoming environment for students and Royal South Street Society volunteers. It was again a profitable year for debating. This could not be achieved without the generous sponsorship and donations that the competition receives. South Street is extremely grateful for the financial support from ACU, Zonta Club of Ballarat, Rotary Club of Ballarat, Rotary Club of Ballarat East, and Central Highlands Water. Once again, there was an increase in entry numbers, which is a very promising sign for the future of debating in Ballarat. The South Street debating committee would like to sincerely thank long time committee members and chairpersons, Eric McLeod, and Gordon Reynolds. Eric and Gordon have been invaluable contributors and the committee will miss their dedication to the discipline and their wise counsel. Chris Rickard joined the Committee as Co-Chair this year. Chris in another life was a Primary School Principal before her tree change to the Ballarat environs. Her attention to detail and incredible enthusiasm for all things debating, has been really appreciated. Welcome Chris. Finally, sincere thanks must go to the South Street volunteers, members of the Debating Committee and South Street office staff for all of their hard work and enthusiasm. The competition would not be possible without these dedicated contributors. Allyson Hankin & Chris Rickard Co-Chairs of Debating


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

This being my second year as section chair, I can say that this year was a mixed bag of success and difficulties. A great deal of hard work, careful considerations and overwhelming excitement was being put in place for the 2020 competitions. I was working on a variety of concepts to highlight the importance of piano competition in Ballarat. My goal: to develop the section, whilst meeting specific requirements to promote, enhance and strategically improve equipment for the beneficial of The Royal South Street Society within the next 5 years for the ever-looming future. However, in February 2020, I decided to resign from the chair of Pianoforte and Chopin. I wish the new chair, all the very best for the future. Once again, our 2019 competition was proud to have partnerships with Schimmel Pianos and Bernies Music Land, Ringwood, which again supplied a wonderful Schimmel K219 Koncert Grand Piano for the Chopin competition, and Schimmel C189 Grand for Pianoforte. For the first time, we had a Bernstein “Silent” Upright Piano on offer for those who wanted to practise before competing during the Pianoforte competition. It was wonderful to see many students play the new technology in pianos which is on offer for today’s world. New technology being the feature for our piano competitions this year, with the introduction to myStage which was established from 2018. Overall successful, the technology component was met with great enthusiasm and persistence. Our three-day competition was once again held at the Diocesan Centre in Lydiard Street South. Overall entry numbers were slightly up in both categories this year. Many thanks to our very generous prize donors, a total of 11 aggregate awards as well as encouragement awards were made in addition to individual section prizes. The Darcy Perpetual Shield was won by Felicity Handreck, the three Frank Robinson-Smith Awards was won by (12 years and Under) Vincent Nube, (14 years and Under) Caroline Xie and (16 years and Under) Cooper Harwood. 8

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

The 13th Margaret Schofield Memorial Chopin Award was held once again on Sunday at the lovely Oddie Gallery at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The competition attracted 9 competitors this year with no withdraws, success! Thanks to our generous patron Mr Andrew Cochrane, who covers all costs and prize money for both sections, in the memory of his mother Margaret Schofield. The 16 years and Under Chopin Prize, which was held on the Sunday morning at the Art Gallery and was won by Max Jiang. The overall winner of the 2019 Senior Chopin Award went to Anna Gao, with Hanna Shin taking second prize. Rachel Shindang received third and Greg Skalak received the encouragement award. I am happy to report, that the rubric system which I developed in 2018 worked splendidly for Chopin this year. More work is needed to improve Junior Chopin and much more work needed for Pianoforte sections. Our appreciation to the two wonderful adjudicators, senior adjudicator of Chopin and Pianoforte Mr Hoang Pham, and Assistant Adjudicator for Chopin Dr Calvin Bowman. The four-day competition could not operate without the wonderful help of our hard-working volunteers, adjudicators, venue staff, sponsors, office staff and yes, even the piano tuners. Can I once again thank everyone involved in supporting me over 2019. I look forward to working with you all as a volunteer in 2020. Bradley Saul Chopin & Pianoforte Chair


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

2019 was once again a happy and successful year for Speech and Drama. Unfortunately, we had fewer competitors, though our audiences were just as big as previously. The Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14 age groups continue to draw in many parents, grandparents, and friends. Careful programming meant we were able to give our older competitors the chance to also compete to large audiences in most cases. Our adjudicator, Ms Melissa Webster, from Queensland, brought creativity, imagination, and good humour to the competitions. She demonstrated a great capacity for teaching as well as critiquing. Competitors responded to her with enthusiasm. Competitors embraced the Roald Dahl section in the under 10 age group, the acting in pairs and poem for two sections in all age groups, and the Ballarat National Theatre: Taking Direction section. For each age group from Under 12 and above, there is at least one special award. In 2019 these were won by the following competitors: Sally Vawdrey Award (named in memory of a long-standing teacher in the Ballarat area, and sponsored by Ballarat Grammar School): Marlin Phillips; Leanne McInnis Memorial Scholarship (in memory of a joyful competitor): Matilda McIntyre; The Ballarat National Theatre Award: Ruby McIntyre; The Ivy Keats open age aggregate award (in memory of a teacher in the 1970s- 1990s): Finnley Greet; The Louie Dunn Award for Drama (in memory of a young actor and director from the middle of the twentieth century): Maddie Fogarty; The John Shaw Neilson Award is sponsored by the John Shaw Neilson Society and in 2019 was won by our oldest, and longest standing competitor: James Howard. James has consistently competed since the 1970s. He is a real


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

tradition in Speech and Drama, and we greet him with great pleasure each year. The committee this year worked very efficiently to bring the Speech and Drama discipline to fruition. We were assisted by the staff in the office, a wonderful range of volunteers, and the kindness of the staff at the Diocesan Centre. We ran with myStage as our main platform for information distribution during the competitions. This is a great initiative, and as we get more proficient it will open up many opportunities. The 2019 committee was: Alexandra Meerbach, Penny Powell, Tammy Vandenberg, Mika Wallace, Polly Walters, Kristin Carroll, and Mary-Rose McLaren. Thank you to everyone for making this a competition to be proud of. Mary-Rose McLaren Chair, Speech and Drama


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

The Victorian Brass Band Championships were staged in the Founder’s Theatre at Federation University over the weekend of 17 and 18 August 2019. A total of twenty-four Brass and Concert Bands competed, comprising five Concert Bands and nineteen Brass Bands in four open grades and one junior grade. The contests were adjudicated by Brian Hurdley, who prior to migrating to Australia enjoyed a distinguished conducting career, which included the famous Fodens Band and William Fairy Band. As a guest conductor, he has worked regularly with leading bands in the UK and Europe including Black Dyke, Grimethorpe, Yorkshire Building Society, Brighouse and Rastrik and Corey Band. He has won almost every major band championship either as a player or conductor, and has adjudicated at all leading British, European and Australian Band Championships. The winner of the Frank Wright medal this year was Doug Morison. The title of Champion A Grade was awarded to Darebin City Brass – Preston Band; and Geelong West Brass Band, Advent Brass, and Whitehorse Brass were successful in B, C and D Grades respectively. Hyde Street Junior Band won Junior C grade, and the Concert Band placings were as follows: - Platinum – Knox Wind Symphony; Gold – Ballarat Memorial Concert Band, and Geelong Senior Concert Band; Silver – Geelong Community Concert Band, and Shepparton Brass and Wind. In closing, I wish to express my thanks to Dr. Kevin Cameron (President of VBL), Brian McInnis, Doug McGregor; our fantastic band of dedicated volunteers for their help and assistance, Fine Music for the provision of percussion and timpani instruments; and to Brett and the South Street staff for their fine efforts in the mammoth task of adapting Founders Theatre once again for the championships this year. Peter Zala Chair Brass and Concert bands


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

The Classical Vocal (Junior & Intermediate) section was held at the Diocesan Centre on Wednesday 28th of August with adjudicator Suzanne Johnston and the accompanist was Linda O’Brien. There were five sections in the under 14 age group; five sections in the 14 to under 18 age group; and one VCE section, which attracted a total of 62 entries. This was down 36% on last year and this was especially disappointing on the back of a 19% drop on the year before. This was the lowest number of entries over the past five years and despite the lower entries, the participation rate which usually runs between 85% and 90% was also substantially down to just 63%. The standard of singing was generally very good and the Marjorie Davies Encouragement Award was won by Sebastian Allen; the Bram Walker Memorial Award in the under 14 group was won by Sebastian Allen; and the same award in the under 18 group was won by Alexander Mulcahy. The adjudicator was Suzanne Johnston and the accompanist was Linda O’Brien. My profound thanks go to Pam Lee for all her assistance and support. After considering the recent decline, and it will be remembered that we were forced to abandon the Senior Vocal section some ten years ago due to a continuing paucity of entries and diminishing appearance rates, it has been decided to combine this classical section with the other vocal sections – modern and contemporary in 2020. It should also be noted that several of the classical entrants also enter the more modern sections as well. While final details are currently being formulated, the classical section will still retain many of its current items with the general conditions and awards carrying over. Peter Zala Chair Classical Vocal


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

2019 marked the 95th anniversary of the first staging of the aria event since its beginning in 1924. This is a remarkable achievement and probably unique as a partnership between a Not for Profit organisation Royal South Street Society, and a major commercial entity the Herald and Weekly Times Limited. The aria was our first event this year back in Her Majesty’s Theatre after its closure for urgent repairs over the past eighteen months or so, and we heartily congratulate the City of Ballarat and A W Nicholson, the builders, for the excellent result following the execution of a very tricky project. Pleasingly, entries remain strong and the finalists this year were Jessica Harper (Newtown NSW); Chloe Harris (Oaklands Junction VIC); Stephen Marsh (Grovedale VIC); Joshua Oxley (Longueville NSW); and Georgia Wilkinson (Surrey Hills VIC). The winner was Georgia Wilkinson ($35,000), Chloe Harris won the Richard Divall Prize ($10,000); and the John Fulford Prize ($10,000) was won by Joshua Oxley. The adjudicators this year were Greg Hocking AM, Dimity Shepherd, and John Bolton-Wood AM; and the accompanist for the heats and semi-final was again Caroline Almonte. The finalists once again were accompanied by the Melbourne Opera Orchestra under the baton of Greg Hocking. Peter Zala Chair Herald Sun Aria


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

The 2019 Choral Contest was held at Founders Theatre, Federation University on 26th and 27th August. There were 89 entrants compared with 91 the previous year. This was made up of 45 entries in the Primary Age groups and 44 in the Secondary Age groups. Unfortunately, there were not enough entrants in the Open Section to be able to run on the Sunday. There were approximately 380 audience members over the two days. Thank you to our adjudicator, Carole McKenzie, who has been a Committee member of ANATS (Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing) since its inception 26 years ago and has been Vice President of the Victorian Chapter. She has adjudicated Singing Competitions in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia and delights in encouraging young singers to develop their ‘art’ and follow their dreams. Once again thankyou to our dedicated volunteers who made this such a wonderful opportunity for all the young singers.

On behalf of Janice Shelmerdine Chair Choral Contest


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

The Instrumental part of the Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod was again conducted at Founders Theatre, commencing with the String Section. The String Orchestra sections had capacity entries and the new Intermediate section attracted seven entries. There was only one cancellation for the whole string section. Again, solos sections were full, and our adjudicators were very busy. Amberley Bremner proved an excellent choice, working double shifts as Ben Castle became extremely ill. The standard of music throughout the section was of a very high standard. Junior and Intermediate Concert Bands went to plan with very few changes to the program. Stage Bands just seem to increase in numbers and again were very entertaining. Brass solos sections were not as well supported as we were led to believe with support only from the Ballarat Brass players. Adjudicators of other sections other than strings: Percussion Ben van den Akker; Solos Peter Hannah; Orchestras Joanne Heaton, Ross lrwin, James LeFevre and Ken Waterworth. It is great to still have the continued support of Freemasons who are vital to our success. Helpers to conduct the sessions mainly stage area re MC, timers, and registration, marshals are so important in having sections flow. My thanks to the volunteers and office staff for their continued support. Brian McInnis Chair Bands & Strings


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Contemporary Vocal ran for a full six days at the Minerva Space at Ballarat Mechanics Institute in late August. This is the first year we have used the Minerva Space and we are now hoping to make it our new ‘home’. There are always challenges working out the logistics of using a new venue, however it ran very smoothly, the central location was great, there were loads of good eateries nearby, and moving around the stage, auditorium and back of house was very easy to manage for the volunteers, competitors and audience. For the first time, we encouraged our entrants to preload their backing tracks onto myStage prior to the competition, and I would say approximately 70% of people did just that. Everyone found this very easy to navigate and the registration process was incredibly quick and smooth for our volunteers and sound technicians. I hope that moving forward, we can aim towards 100% of our competitors embracing this system. I thank the students of David Santamaria, David himself, Jess and Rex Hardware who all contributed many hours on the sound desk during the running of our competition. Once we worked out the best system, everything ran very smoothly, and the students were able to gain valuable industry experience and hours to assist with their ongoing training. Also, they were all a pleasure to work with! Our adjudicators for 2019 were Sally Bourne and Melissa Langdon who not only came with a huge amount of experience and knowledge, but also with warmth, humour, and encouragement. Sally ran the VCE masterclass at the conclusion of our VCE section and it was such a shame more people weren’t there to enjoy and learn from it. We again partnered with the School Broadcasting Network Inc, and our performers were offered the chance to be on SBN’s award winning show Music Matters. Competitors could choose to enter and if they were one of the top 10, they were invited to perform live on radio during the Royal South Street Hour. This added another layer of excitement for the competitors.


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Sadly, one of our very long-term sponsors, Redwood Studios, had to withdraw their sponsorship this year due to ill health. Unfortunately, we did not realise this until after the awards were made and left our prize winners without their promised recording session. Thanks, must go to Shobana Sebastian and Ballarat Grammar who offered to step in and honour the recording session at the Ballarat Grammar sound studio. We also extend our gratitude to our ongoing sponsors, the Sutton family, the Gardner family, and the family trust of William Morrell. As a result of the survey we initiated last year, we added some extra sections, including Gospel/RnB/Soul and Rap. We also made sure that no competitors were split over three days of competing which was a very intricate juggle for our 11 to Under 14 Years age group where there were 60 entrants! Thank you to Peter Zala, Brenda Ludbrook, the South Street office staff, and Sam at the Minerva Space for their support of Contemporary Vocal. Most of all, thank you to the volunteers, competitors and parents who keep our section alive and thriving.

Carolyn Bennett Contemporary Vocal Section Chair


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound was an outstanding success this year. We operated out of The Hop Temple from Wednesday September 11th to Friday September 13th. The Hop Temple is a popular family venue in central Ballarat who pride themselves on providing a relaxed atmosphere whilst being enthusiastic about good beer, wine, food and entertainment. The Hop Temple is an appropriate music industry venue for Mi Sound and the staff was amazing to work with. This year we had 32 performances who were each allocated a minimum of 20 minutes performance time. There was a mix of soloists and groups, resulting in us having a full programme. All performances were videoed, and students were emailed links to access their individual performance. A number of Mi Sound performers were approached by Hop Temple staff to be involved in their entertainment program during the 2019/20 summer program. This generated much excitement amongst performers, teachers and parents. Performers received written feedback from our Music Industry expert, Chelsea Donoghue. Chelsea is a previous South Street competitor and had been touring the world with ARIA Award winning artist Ruel, as his vocal coach and backing singer. Chelsea operates her own vocal studio in Melbourne, has completed her Music degree and has launched two singles under the name Chevalier. VCE VET Music Industry Sound Technology students operated the sound under David Santamaria’s direction. They also set up and packed up all equipment as part of their assessment requirements and collaborative agreement with the venue. For example, on Thursday afternoon they moved all equipment to allow Hop Temple to run their Music Trivia night and by Friday morning they had reset the stage to be performance ready. As for general public attendance, Wednesday night was the best time when the general public were able to experience the performances of the students. Otherwise, most of the audience were either the performers themselves or their parents/family. Meals and drinks were readily available.


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Overall, the vibe this year at Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound was fun, relaxing and highly organised thanks to the efforts of David Santamaria and his team of Music Industry professionals. Sheree Chevalier Co-Chair Mi Sound


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

A tour of Her Majesty’s Theatre to see the changes made in Stage One Restorations Works for Committee and Teachers occurred on Tuesday, 27th August. The surface on which we dance, is the most important thing and when we saw the new stage floor, we had a dilemma. The screenshots indicate why.

Win TV film 30/8/2019 with half centimetre gaps between the panels

iPhone photo 4/9/2019 still large gaps

It was clear to all present that with our Energetiks Dance Competition just 3 weeks away, the half centimetre gaps between all the panels, deemed that the 2019 Energetiks Dance Competitors most certainly did NOT have a safe surface on which to perform. The large gaps would prove lethal to entrants in bare feet, pointe shoes and other dance footwear, and this was also confirmed by the Calisthenics discipline chair. The dilemma was solved by the purchase of a purpose-built dancefloor called a Tarkett. Thank you to the local dance schools and dedicated dance volunteers for making this happen. All ballet schools at the current time use Tarkett’s in their studios. Dance was well prepared before our commencement date of Friday 20th September, at 9.30 am. Despite some hiccups bumping in, we were ready for our first young competitor to dance. The Tarkett was a great success and a wonderful asset for South Street to own. For years, we have had a large number of incident reports. There was


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

not ONE incident report, using the Tarkett as it is designed to cushion the dancers’ hip, knee and ankle joints. We had very happy teachers and very happy competitors. The Energetiks Dance Competition still leads in its field and our 3 Adjudicators were very impressed. They took flyers from our supplier to pass on to their various Competition Committees, showing the benefits of owning a Tarkett floor for the safety of competitors.

Happy children with smiles and working hard as they took part in our Junior Masterclass in 2019, on the Ivy League “Insignia” Vinyl Tarkett Floor on the HMT stage 2019 saw: •

the introduction of Troupes and Groups over a weekend;

the introduction of a new section, being 10-U12 Contemporary Solos. There were enough entrants for two divisions;

Volunteers were more comfortable using myStage;

The Australian Ballet School Ballet Mistress, Joanne Michel attended our last Saturday evening to present a competitor of her choice in The Courier Classical Ballet Championship, a 5-day scholarship to the Australian Ballet’s 2020 Summer School;

Our second year of Junior and Senior Masterclasses were even more successful than 2018 with the proceeds again being donated to the Meningococcal charity “4 EK”;

Energetiks, our major sponsor, was so impressed with our first “Dance for Life” event in 2018, that we repeated it again in 2019. We thank 23

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Energetiks for their continued support and especially for their generosity for this event alone; • Energetiks has committed to being our sponsor for another five years; We welcomed 3 Adjudicators: Kerry-Lynne Hauber from South Australia, Kristy Ellis and Jan Millard, from Queensland. All three ladies got on well and were great to work with. Teachers were happy with their critiques and competitors had plenty written, to take away to make improvements. Ms. Hauber had been with us before but was very impressed at improvements since her last visit. Ms. Ellis and Ms. Millard were full of praise at the professionalism in which all concerned ran such a large comp. They were also impressed by the standard of training of our young dancers here in Victoria, particularly in classical ballet Our Energetiks Dance Competition ran for 16 full days. The down side was that our inaugural Troupe and Group weekend could have been more financially successful, had it not clashed with the Ballarat Council scheduling of the 2019 White Night, after our theatre booking. Entries were up by 361 to 1,996, compared to 1,635 in 2018. There was a loss of revenue of $29,669.00. This is the ongoing effects of losing big Melbourne Schools in 2018, after the closure of HMT. Thank you to each and every volunteer for Dance, whether you did one or many shifts. Your generosity front of house and backstage is as welcome as your happy smiles that come in each day, all willing to do what is asked. We desperately need more volunteers. Those of us who have been giving our time for many years are all getting on in years, love it, still as we do Our thanks to the South Street office staff in a difficult year being back in HMT. They were certainly all challenged by the theatre and staff changes. To my great committee with many more skills after 2019 than they thought they possessed, my heartfelt thanks. Tony Cole, Ray Pezzutti, Vivienne Edlund, Barbara Lowe (new music player, YAY ), Allison Boucher and Sharon Richardson – you are all wonderful human beings and there is much friendship between us at meetings and when the Comp is live. 24

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Onwards and upwards for 2020. We cannot be back in Her Majesty’s this year, hopefully the HMT issues will be ironed out prior to the 2021 competition. As a new office marketing person is commencing very soon, we may see the Dance discipline receive some much-needed marketing strategies to cover losses. Our aim is to keep those beautiful students dancing, their clever teachers in work, our volunteers smiling and everyone being kind to one another kindness costs nothing! Live, love, dance ‌ Kerryn Gledhill Energetiks Dance Chair


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

What a thrill it was to be the new disciplinary chair for this wonderful section – RACV Goldfields Resort The Arts for All (TAFA) competition. We are now in our third year of competition and I must firstly thank Brett Macdonald for his vision in establishing this wonderful event. I only hope that this section continues to grow bigger and brighter each year. This year our adjudicator was Kat Mortiz. She has extensive experience in adjudicating for people with special needs. From the feedback we received, her critiques were professional and helpful to our competitors. The dates we held our competition in 2019 were once again held at the beginning of September. These dates proved a little difficult for the Ballarat Specialist School as their first production of Grease was held around the same time, however they were still able to put in many entries. We were able to expand our entries by targeting a larger number of audience and competitors through the use of social media as well as emails to all the Victorian special schools. Our entry numbers for 2019 were 85 this was an improvement from 2018 when we had 68. Our competition was once again held at the RACV Goldfields Resort. We would like to thank the staff, especially Martin Zumstein for their support in the event. It is a great experience that our competitors have each year to perform in this wonderful space. This year our working group introduced new encouragement awards for our competitors. These were awarded by our adjudicator with a critique at her discretion. One award was given to each section. The prize was a Certificate and they become the ambassador for each section for 2020. 2019 saw a first for South Street, when we had our first competitor submit his entry via video link. His performance was amazing to watch, and it was lovely that his mum was in the audience to watch it too. It was great to watch this amazing young man play with so much passion. This performance truly


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

showed the inclusiveness and diversity that our competition provides for our competitors. I would like to thank the members of our working group - Phil Cutts, Michael Porter, Rebecca Garlick, Tim Harris, Francis Riggs, Cherie Jeffrey’s for your insight and support. Thank you to South Street staff and board members and Phil Cutts (Ballarat City Rural Access) for organising the Marvelloo for our event. I would also like to thank the Ballarat Specialist School for supplying the instruments and amps for our two-day competition. Planning has already begun for the 2020 competition. Let’s make this year’s competition of The Arts for All the best yet. Julie Wiseman The RACV Goldfields Resort The Arts for All Chair.


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Without a major discipline sponsor, our 2019 competition was renamed to reflect our intention to see it become more of a national club competition. It was disappointing, therefore, to find out that despite a return to our beloved Her Majesty’s Theatre, the Championship teams chose not to enter and seem unlikely to return to Royal South Street now that their State Titles are held at the Palais Theatre. Many of these coaches are working with large team numbers and with choreography to fit the large Palais stage, they are not prepared to rearrange their items for Ballarat. The Senior Championship weekend, with the two solo competitions, has always been our biggest drawcard, with the largest audiences, and we will need to work hard to maintain our competition’s reputation and financial viability without the full complement of teams.

Days Competitors Items Teams Interstate Teams

2019 22 3637 1822 224 13

2018 23 3520 1860 223 29

2017 27 4517 2313 263 30

Audience numbers were lower than expected for the Peace and Quiet Graceful Girl and the Ballaarat Calisthenic Solo, no doubt due to the lack of Championship teams in town for the weekend. Congratulations go to Angeline Cray who won both these prestigious competitions. We were thrilled to be back at HMT, though the building delays and the resulting time constraints put on theatre staff resulted in several challenges. Gaps in the stage surface were rectified by the theatre techs to an acceptable standard for calisthenics (much appreciated, thank you). Many of the other issues (communication between side stage, office, and adjudicators; lack of TV upstage, lack of MC box, heating/cooling problems, etc) were inconvenient but can undoubtedly be rectified for 2020. 28

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Thanks to the valiant efforts from the office staff, we overcame the usual problems with volunteer numbers and managed to fill the 8-14 positions required for each session. Royal South Street has always been revered in calisthenics circles as the pinnacle of the competition season, for its historical factor, our beautiful theatre, and the chance for teams to spend some social time together away from home, and while many teams still feel this way, our kudos is in danger of being eroded to some extent by not being the best we possibly can. 2019 saw many challenges presented to us, some we hurdle over, some we did not, but we learned a lot and will push on to 2020 with gusto. We still have five age groups across eight divisions to work with, and the opportunity to include others may also arise, so we need to make it the best competition of the year for everyone who attends. I would especially like to thank Pam McKee for her endless hours of hard work as Chair of this committee for the past four years. Pam resigned in December 2019, but she has steered us through rough seas with determination and has certainly left some big shoes for me to fill. Thanks also to Annette, Jo and Kristen who made up the rest of our committee for all the work you did throughout the year. Thank you also to every volunteer who helped, the RSS staff, and the theatre techs who stepped up when needed. You are all greatly appreciated, and I look forward to working with you in future. Andrea Brown Chair Calisthenics (2020)


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Thanks to team archive members Lynda Grant, Tarja Ralston, Silvia Wetzel, David Evans, Michael Pederson, Jennie Thomas and Jenny Jeffree for all your outstanding work throughout 2019. The work you all do to preserve the history of The Royal South Street Society is nothing short of amazing, should probably be a task for a team of paid employees, but this is not the case. This team of dedicated volunteers is working through all our material, entering performance results from 129 years of competitions to the website, photographing the old volumes, translating handwritten minutes into readable text and many other tasks. The office we work from is next to the main South Street office and is manned Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 3pm. Pop in & say Hi - the team would appreciate it. Each year, South Street office receives many requests from the public for information, usually from relatives who were past competitors, which they pass onto our team to research and notify on the results. We also receive donations of items and material relevant to the archives. A particular thank you to the office staff for their support in our work. David Cullinan Team Archive


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

5,550 Entries, 28,000 feet on stage and over 12,000 audience attendees through the doors! As I sit here producing this report in early April 2020, it’s hard to imagine how much the world has changed since we closed the doors to Royal South Street Society‘s 126th eisteddfod on 2nd November 2019. The 2019 Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod, on reflection was a year of change. We had changes of venues, changes of staff, changes of training days, changes of stage floor, changes of volunteers, and even a last-minute change to the end of year break up venue! South Street commenced the year’s eisteddfod with the ACU Debating Challenge Cup on 29 July at 9:30 am. We then moved through 8 venues over the next 96 days, culminating with the Australian Calisthenics Competition at Her Majesty’s Theatre, which concluded on November 2nd at 6:00 pm. While we had hoped to be back in “Her Maj” for Victorian Band Championships, we had a change forced on us by circumstances resulting in the Choral Contest, Freemasons Festival of Bands and Strings, and Victorian State Band Championships being moved to Founders Theatre. Thank you to Nigel Watene at Federation University and the SLC team for the technical support. There were many other challenges in getting Her Majesty’s Theatre back up and running in 2019, and it is appropriate that we thank Daniel Henderson and his team for the magnificent efforts in enabling us to once again host our eisteddfod in such a beautiful venue. There were a number of staffing changes in 2019. Fiona left early in 2019 after several fantastic years as Volunteer Coordinator and her replacement Nell left at the end of June. Thank-you to Fiona and Nell for all your contributions to South Street. Brett Macdonald also resigned as Chief Executive Officer at the end of the eisteddfod in 2019, after being unwell for some time. Brett left behind a fantastic legacy, having led the organisation as Executive Officer for five and half years. Highlights during Brett’s time include, the development of a robust relationship with the City of Ballarat, 33

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

taking big steps forward with the use of technology and financial accountability, and creating a more inclusive South Street by establishing competitions for people living with disabilities – The Arts for All. We wish him well with his future endeavours and thank him for all his dedication and commitment to I joined the staff in May of 2019, and I feel privileged to have been offered the role as Business Manager for 2020. Our Competitions Officer, Julie Wiseman and our Finance Manager, Susan Hughes, undertook a mammoth task of covering for a newbie on the block and for the losses of previous key staff members. They did so in a cheerful and dedicated manner, without which, the 2019 eisteddfod would not have been the success that it was. Thank-you to Julie and Susan for all your support and hard work during this time. At the end of 2019, Julie was appointed into a new combined role of Competitions and Volunteer Officer in a full-time capacity for 2020. Our volunteers covered over 2,000 shifts with a total of more than 7,500 hours. In 2019, there were 193 (up from 188) volunteers who participated with at least one shift. Others of course, did more, including an impressive achievement of 74 shifts undertaken by one volunteer. THANK-YOU to all the volunteers who helped to run the eisteddfod in 2019. We also had 17 new volunteers in 2019 who undertook 151 shifts for a total of 580 hours. In addition to those who volunteer during the eisteddfod, I would like to thank those other volunteers who work throughout the year. Archives, Discipline Chairs and their committees, the Board, and sub-committees, and those who help in the office. Thanks also to our two wonderful volunteer sponsors: Wilsons Fruit & Vegetables and Showbiz Cinemas. The members of board continues its outstanding work. Dr Anthony Cole stood down at the 2018 AGM after 35 years of fantastic service. Michael Porter resigned from the Board at the end of 2019. It is appropriate to mention our corporate supporters, who make holding our eisteddfod possible: Ballarat City Council, Freemasons Foundation, Energetiks, Creative Victoria, Australian Catholic University, Stems Flower Market, McDonalds 34

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report

Ballarat, Bernie’s Music Land, and RACV Goldfields Resort. Together with the donors and sponsors listed elsewhere in the Annual Report, these organisations provide the financial and corporate support that allows us to hold such a magnificent eisteddfod. In recognition of the impact our eisteddfod has on the community and commercial sector of Ballarat, South Street entered into a Strategic Partnership with the Ballarat City Council. This significant partnership aims to assist South Street to market and develop our eisteddfod over the 4 years of the agreement, it ensures the continued success of the eisteddfod and through it, the flow on benefits to the wider community of Ballarat. We had 5500 entries in 2019. This was 300 entries down from 2018, which in turn was down on the 7190 in 2017. This reduction in entries has resulted in a downturn in our financial outcomes, with successive years of financial loss for the last 2 years. Even with the Ballarat City Strategic Partnership, this is not a model that can be sustained. Changes are needed to the way that the organisation operates, and 2020 will be a year where the board, staff and volunteers will need to work together to create a new sustainable organisation, so that can continue to run Australia’s foremost eisteddfod for many years to come. The Royal South Street Society’s Grand National Eisteddfod of Australasia is such a wonderful event. It is YOUR Royal South Street Society’s eisteddfod. So once again thank you to all of you for a wonderful 2019 season. Tony Rowlands


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report The Royal South Street Society thanks the following businesses, organisations and individuals for their generous support. We also acknowledge the individuals who prefer to remain anonymous and the businesses/individuals who assist us in so many ways. Without you all we would not be able hold our annual Eisteddfod.

3BA/Power FM Radio Australian Catholic University The Courier Bernie’s Music Land City of Ballarat Cochrane, Andrew AM Cole, Dr Anthony Creative Victoria DMS Music Industry Training Energetiks Freemasons Foundation Herald Sun Isobella Foundation Lady Primrose Potter Nicholson, P & R RACV Goldfield Resort RIX Cars Ballarat Stevens, P & H WIN TV Future Music Rotary Club of Ballarat South Stems Flower Market UFS Dispensaries Ballaarat Solo Competitions Central Highlands Water City of Ballarat Rural Access Clamp, Petera Memorial Fund Coltman, Craig & Vicki D’Addario Federation University of Australia Fine Music Australia Hop Temple McDonalds Norma Clark Memorial

PPT Professional Pty Ltd Redwood Recording Studios Rotary Club of Ballarat Rotary Club of Ballarat East Showbiz Cinemas Victorian College of the Arts Young, Amy OAM & Dr W H Keith MBE Addison, Juliana MP Australian Ballet School Bradford, Marilyn Cash’s Awards and Promotions Craig’s Royal Hotel Fichera Family Frank Robertson-Smith Trust Fund Mailworks Mason-Brown IT McCulloch, Janet Mercure Hotel and Convention Centre Mount Clear Secondary College Nerrina Progress Association Norma Clark Memorial Fund Page, Alex Paine, Michael Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel Quest Apartments Revolution Print Rotary Club of Wendouree Sarah, Doug Saul, Bradley

SLC Sound & Light Concepts Trend Logic W S Hooper Trust Fund

Ballarat Trophies & Gifts Balletic Beechey, Paul BLOC Music Theatre Inc. Brown, Andrea & Justin Mars Confectionary Small Dog Sovereign Hill


T E Byrne Memorial Fund Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Fund ANATS Victorian Chapter Anglican Diocese of Ballarat Ballarat Ballet Guild Ballarat Coffee to Go Ballarat Hoo Hoo Club Ballarat Jazz Club Ballarat National Theatre Carwen Calisthenics Clifton Old Collegians Club Badge C’wealth Society of Teachers Dancing Conaughton, John & Orla CWA Webconna Branch D’Cruz-Duncan, FenellaAnne Dale, Peter & Janet Doig, Julia Edlund, Maurie & Viv Elsie Morison Memorial Fund Gardner, Chris Gay, Tim & Liz Goillon, Denis Guastella, Debra Harrington, Ron & Dawn Ivy Keats Memorial Fund John Shaw Neilson Society Jones, Karen Knight, Lauris Leanne McInnis Memorial Fund Lemke, Connie Lewis Gay Memorial Fund Lloyd, Bronwyn Lock, Jeff & Gail Marjery James Trust Metcalfe, Donald & Lorraine Monica Morgan Trust Otzen, Alex Pas De Deux Regent Collegians

Ryans IGA Supermarkets Sally Vawdry Memorial Award St Johns Lodge of Freemasons Sozanski, B & M Stapp, Anita Sutton, Pam Tooradin Calisthenics Unsworth, Elsie J Whelan, M & North Balwyn Calisthenic Club William Morrell Memorial Fund Wiseman, Julie & Garlick, Bec Zonta Club of Ballarat Ballarat Books

Ballarat Connected Communities Barclay, Meredith Batten, Mary Branch, Lorayn Burnside Academy Chalmers, Lorna Coad, Tom and Val Coombs, Ric Fernleigh Calisthenics Green, Brenda Harris, Norm Just & Ciotti, Rhonda & Gayle Kaval, Loretta & Family Lillian Monk Trust Fund Manchester Unity IOOF Ballarat Lodge Manchester Unity IOOF Sebastopol Lodge Matthews, Robert Northern District Calisthenics O’Hehir, Virginia Soroptimist International Ballarat Tunstall Square Calisthenics

Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report


2018 $

Income Admissions Entry Fees Other Income

275,970 175,590 340,074

247,862 167,342 268,275

Total Income



Expenses Adjudicators & Writers Prize Money Salaries & Superannuation Other Expenses

75,950 90,730 280,294 395,664

79,505 68,073 291,560 433,343

Total Expenses



Net Operating Profit from Ordinary Activities



Other Comprehensive Income Net Unrealised Gain on Revaluation of Financial Assets Total Comprehensive Income

(38,124) (12,880)

(13,679) (202,681)

These abridged financial statements are a summary of the audited financial statements, which can be obtained upon request.


Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report ROYAL SOUTH STREET SOCIETY ABN 33 764 110 838 ABRIDGED BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2019 2019 $

2018 $

Current Assets Cash Receivables

117,010 28,879

219,122 42,229

Total Current Assets



Non Current Assets Trust Fund Prize Investments Investments - RSSS Fixed Assets Right-of-Use Assets

277,295 350,809 156,934 105,477

277,377 354,786 171,702 -

Total Non Current Assets





Total Assets Current Liabilities Employee Provisions Payables Lease Liabilities

5,949 50,239 19,875

17,715 152,716

Total Current Liabilities



Non-Current Liabilities Employee Provisions Lease Liabilities

734 86,946

Total Non-Current Liabilities

Total Liabilities Net Assets

Total Members' Funds


9,244 -






Members' Funds Piano Revaluation Reserve Trust Fund Reserve Financial Asset Reserve Retained Earnings



111,766 277,295 26,183 457,417

111,766 277,377 (11,941) 508,339



Royal South Street Society 2019 Annual Report