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Mini Guidebooks and Digital Advertising Opportunities 2020 Eisteddfod

Royal South Street Society is pleased to announce its 129th year of Australia’s largest and longest Eisteddfod. Located in the heart of Ballarat, the Royal South Street Society Eisteddfoda�racts over 6,000 compe�tors and 11,000audience members to the City of Ballarat every year! This year has brought many challenges, however, we have been overwhelmed by the number of entrants we have received in disciplines such as; *Engerge�ks Dance *Australian Calisthenics Compe��on *Vocal Compe��on * Speech & Drama With entries already over 5,000 and some disciplines s�ll open, we are close to achieving the same number of compe�tors as last year, despite some disciplines being cancelled. Some of the increase in numbers, is due to many new entries form clubs and schools who haven’t previously entered before or who haven’t entered for many years in the above disciplines. 47%of our compe�tors and their families, stay in local accommoda�on for 1-3 nights on average, and an addi�onal 8%, staying five nights or more during the compe��on. All groups listed a daily spend of$300 during their stay, over the three month Eisteddfod according to our 2019 Compe��on Survey results. These people undertook some of the following ac�vi�es during their visit, with80% going to restaurants,55%going shopping and over25%going to other a�rac�ons and movie cinemas, during their stay. 2019 Compe��on Survey also listed, 19%purchasing cosme�cs, pharmacy items and other entertainment during their stay. Royal South Street Societyis excited to be offering another year of compe��on for all our compe�tors, volunteers, staff and our local community during these challenging �mes. Thank you for suppor�ng Royal South Street Societyas a registered charity and not-for profit, we rely on our sponsors, donors and adver�sers like yourself to help fund prize money and help us to financially support our annual Eisteddfods. For all adver�sing and sponsorship enquiries, please contact: aimee@royalsouthstreet.com.au   

Mini Guidebook Advertising This year we will be producing smaller, paper print mini guidebooks, that will be available for instant download from our website or a colour printed version will be available for purchase for $5.00 during the three months of the Eisteddfod. cost Prices include 1/4 page: $320, 1/2 page: $395 a feature across all our Full page: $525 guidebooks

E-Newsletter Advertising Guidebooks, Website & E-Newsletters



Website Advertising Adver�se on our website to reach the thousands of compe�tors and their school/teams who are viewing mul�ple pages on each website visit. Your advert will be hyperlinked to your website and will be live un�l April 2021. cost Results page: $850 (rota�ng, two ads max ) Timetable page: $770 Gallery: $545 Discipline pages: $335


Advertising Artwork Specifications Website

Mini Guidebooks

Banner: 120px H x 200px W 1/4 page: 4.5cm H x 12cm W Tower: 290px H x 480px W 1/2 page: 9cm H x 12cm W Full page: 19cm H x 12cm W Results Desktop: 230px H x 900px W Results Mobile: 230px H x 900px W JPEG or PDF file

Reach out to our 2,500 Pure Performance News e-newsle�er readers! Our newsle�er is sent bi-monthly via email to our compe�tors, volunteers, teachers and coaches. cost $150

All artwork needs to be submi�ed by 15th July please send to: aimee@royalsouthstreet.com.au

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