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Autobiography My name is Maria Camila, I’m 13 years old. I have one brother and one sister, i’m the oldest. I study at Royal School. I like to listen to music and watch series. I love One Direction, and I’ve meet them 1 time. I like playing GTA. And Fangirl over boybands. I like a lot of series, but my favorite right now is Vampire Daries. I also like Beyonce I think she’s just a queen. I also like going to shopping, if I see something I like, I need to have it. I also like seeing romantic movies. My celebrity crush, after One Direction, is Noah from The Notebook. Sad that his character is not real. I like having fun and going to massive parties. My favorite social networks are twitter, instagram, vine, tumblr and snapchat. I LOOOVEEEE Lohanthony, I have him on snapchat and spam him every single day. My favorite food is pizza. I’m really obsessed with One Direction and I know it sound crazy but I literally know EVERYTHING about them. Like every single thing, I just know it, I’m NOT lying. I hate carrots, one direction fans that seems like they are STUCK in 2011, I thing they are just bad people and they are just wrong, THEY SHOULDN’T EXIST, I mean.. ITS 2014 BABE. And I’m a good student. I also love food. And if I’m in my room with food, my phone, my computer, my tv, and in my favorite pjs’, that means that I’m in complete happiness and you better not bother me. I also like 5 seconds of summer I think they are soo perfect. I like making new friends and going out. I’d like to go to Europe for my 15 birthday, and I already actually have it ALL planned, sincerely I just want it SO bad. I also like going to Tumblr. I have a really weird friend name gabriella. Well yeah that’s pretty much my life. BYE.

Autobiography maria camila  
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