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From Wide Spread Deserts to Tea Gardens in India Traveling to the place where you can explore many place will provide more conscious towards the health and more interestingly to gain a highly new experience. This article gives the location around India which is to be surely visited.

Splendid Tea estate of Coonoor This is a small and beautiful town in the hill station of the Nilgiris, located in the state of Tamilnadu is Coonoor. This town consists of many hills peaks that give a splendid overall view to the distant cities. This is also one of the best trekking ranges that go through the Nilgiris mountain ranges. Another highlight of this place is the wide spread tea estates. Looking at these beautiful long lasting tea plantation spread all around the mountains regions. Most of the tea gardens that are found here are present from the British reign. The oldest wooden furniture sets and the other things that are available for the viewing in the gallery are a treat to watch. Altogether it will be wonderful traveling and touring experience.

Majesty waterfalls- Hogenakkal Originating from the river of Kaveri in Tamilnadu is the Hogenakkal Falls. This is the one of the beautiful falls that is also called as the Niagara Falls of India. The atmost beauty of the falls can be witnessed from all the nearby locations. The sheer magnificence of this sight can mesmerize the whole scene. This is located very near to the city of Bangalore, and also the best picnic spot that many people love to go. The other recreational activities such as boating can be enjoyed during the season time.

Skeleton Lake The region of Roopkund is located in the state of Uttarakhand, which is famously known as the skeleton lake. This is one of the major attraction that for all the people all over the country. This is considered very special location for the tourist. The ire feeling of this lake is that hundreds of Skeletons are found near the edge of the lake. The altitude of the lake is about 16500 feet. This location is also considered as the strangest location in India. Many beliefs say several stories about the mystery of this lake, but experts later on by 2004 after analyzing the skeletons found that those people were hit by hailstones which are in the size of cricket ball. Today this region of Roopkund is one of the best trekking paths.

The golden city of Rajasthan This spot in Rajasthan is considered as the hot spot due to many reasons. The major reasons seem to be a desert town overall the beautiful Havelis that is spread gives a view like a golden bay of sand. The most

attractive and best feel that is available for the golden city is the Amar Sagar and Nathmalji-ki-Haveli where the beauty of the wide spread sands can be experienced. Also the famous ornate Jain temple is worth visiting. The Thar Desert can be visited and the national park nearby is one of the best entertainment. Variety of fine jewelry and hand craft works can be purchased. If you want to know more about the packages then though the online portal. 6, Geejgarh Vihar, Hawa Sarak Jaipur-302019 (Raj) INDIA. Email:

From wide spread deserts to tea gardens in india  

Traveling to the place where you can explore many place will provide more conscious towards the health and more interestingly to gain a high...