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Festivals that are celebrated in Mumbai Festivals are celebrated to link and relate the traditional values, cultures and customs to people and society. These festivals depict the nature of human relationships and popular beliefs. This article gives a brief detail on several kinds of festivals that are celebrated in Mumbai. Elephanta Festival

One of the famous festivals that is vastly recognized in Mumbai is the Elephanta festival. This festival gives the visitors and the people in this locality a new platform to expose their talent in the art of dance. This is mainly made to improve and promote the tourism and the travel to other state and countries by the department of Maharashtra Tourism Corporation. The main motto is to make the tourism of Mumbai to be widely known. This is one of the most prominently celebrated festivals in Mumbai. This beautiful festival of dance and culture will be held on the Elephanta Island located just ten km from the city of Mumbai. This is the famous Island location that is present very close to the Elephanta Cave, which is regarded as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Banganga Festival The Banganga festival is a festival of music. This will be celebrated for two days with more of music. Usually held in the month of January this Banganga festival will be usually held in Malabar Hills near, Mumbai. This will be conducted jointly by MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) and Indian Heritage Society Mumbai. This society takes steps to protect the cultural heritage of the country. The festival has a rare name to it and holds vast history on it. The name id got because of a holy tank called Banganga tank, is located near the complex of Walkeshwar temple near the Malabar hills.

Ganesh Chaturthi The most devotedly and traditionally celebrated festival in Mumbai is the Ganesh Chaturthi. This festival is celebrated as the birth day Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is considered as the Hindu god who is very powerful to reduce all the troubles and obstacles in life. This festival will be mostly during the months of August / September. With more enthusiasm this festivals will be celebrated by the people of Mumbai. Lord Ganesh in Maharashtra is regarded as a patron saint. Every year over 6000 idols are commissioned here.

Kala Ghoda Festival this is one of the prominently celebrated festival in Mumbai in the recent past. This festival has been a great event that is been organized by the most respected organizations called as the Kala Ghoda Association. This has been a renowned cultural event that is held in Mumbai every year with more people and several NGO’s coming forward to support this mega event. The festival of the Kala Ghoda will include the events like cultural feast of art, music, dance, theatre, workshops, seminars etc. will be held during the festival.

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Elephanta festivals that are celebrated in mumbai  

Festivals are celebrated to link and relate the traditional values, cultures and customs to people and society. These festivals depict the n...

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