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Plastic Surger y Myths Exposed

Introduction  There are plenty of myths being tossed around about plastic

surgery, rumors all about the methods, the reasoning, the techniques, and the people behind it.  Many of these are simply not true.  Since knowledge is power, we wanted to take this

opportunity to dispel some of these myths once and for all.

Myth #1: Plastic Surgery Vs. Cosmetic Surgery ď‚— There are certifications in plastic surgery from the American

Board of Plastic Surgery, but the truth is that currently anyone with a medical license can treat patients and offer "cosmetic surgery," a very generic term for any kind of surgery with cosmetic elements to it.

ď‚— If you are considering having something done, you should ask

the surgeon about their credentials and expertise.

ď‚— If they can prove they are certified plastic surgeons, you

know you are in highly qualified hands.

Myth #2: Only Image-Obsessed People Get Plastic Surgery ď‚— People choose plastic surgery for many reasons besides just

enlarging their breasts or reducing their nose size. ď‚— Plastic surgery can correct birth defects, fix work-related

injuries, improve overall health, and remove evidence of other serious surgical procedures.

Myth #3: Plastic Surgery Leaves No Scars ď‚— Any time you undergo surgery, some sort of physical

evidence will remain. ď‚— The scar may be small, and it can be minimized by closing

the scar properly or making incisions only where the body has natural creases anyway, but if you intend to have a lot of plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, you will end up with some scarring every time.

Myth #4: Only Rich People Can Afford Plastic Surgery  Recent technological advances make plastic surgery more

affordable as well as safer.  Many procedures can even be done in an outpatient facility,

which eliminates the need for a hospital stay - one of the biggest expenses of any surgical procedure.  It may still be expensive, so consider carefully whether you

really want the surgery, but it's not nearly as impossible to afford as some people make it out to be.

Myth #5: Only Women Have Plastic Surgery ď‚— Besides the fact that many men need plastic surgery for non-

cosmetic reasons, there are plenty of men who want to fix something on their bodies as well. ď‚— The numbers are rising for men looking to have plastic

surgery done, so if you are considering it as a man, you are not alone!

Myth #6: Plastic Surgery Is A One-Time Deal  Plastic surgeons will certainly want to follow up with you

after the surgery.  That is how they can ensure you are healing normally and

keep an eye out for any complications.  They catch concerns much earlier than you would on your

own, and they can take care of any potential problems before the problems get bigger.

Myths Of Plastic Surgery  
Myths Of Plastic Surgery  

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