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October 2011 “Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope in is you all day long.” (Psalm 25:4-5)

VIEWS AND REVIEWS “…AND EACH MEMBER BELONGS TO ALL THE OTHERS.” “I don’t know how our family would make it without your church’s help.” Those were the words I heard recently when I volunteered as an interviewer at our Gateway food pantry. Doing this gave me an opportunity to hear the stories of a number of people who have come to us in need of groceries. So many of these people have had heartbreaking set-backs and unforeseeable tragedies that have left them vulnerable. I am glad we are able to offer the help they need so much. I which we could do more. Others come to our church, not in need of food that feeds their bodies, but for sustenance for their souls. Some come in the crisis of emotional turmoil. Others come, not in immediate crisis, but with spiritual needs that are just as real. With burdens on their hearts, questions in the minds or conflicts in their spirits, they come looking for support and guidance offered in the name of Jesus Christ. And we respond with love. Still others come to our church to give and receive in worship, fellowship and service. Their participation in church is an important part of their continuing practice of faith. Knowing that Christianity is not a solo affair, they come to be joined with others as voices are blended in praise, hearts are united in joy and efforts are combined to accomplish good things. Through being part of the church, their spiritual health is sustained and strengthened. For the church to continue touching lives the way it does, the help of many is necessary. Certainly the talents and efforts of members are absolutely essential. But no less essential are the generous financial contributions you make. Without the monetary gifts you give we cannot have a building that houses our ministry or staff that helps to advance that ministry. Without your generous donations we will not be able to continue touching lives as we have been doing at Royal Palm Christian Church. The last several years have been financially challenging for our church. We have made some

painful cut-backs. Yet we have continued being used by God. As of our last reconciled statement we are approximately $11,300.00 short in resources to pay for the expenses of ministry so far this year. We are hoping and praying that those needed additional donations will be given before the end of the year. At the same time, we are looking to the needs for the coming year. Your financial help is crucial. God has blessed each one of us. The Lord wants to use us to spread blessings to others. Please prayerfully consider what God is calling you to do to help. Grace and Peace, Craig

We invite you to our 5th Annual

Fall Fiesta October 22nd 4:00 – 8:00 pm

- No Entry Fee – Live Music, Bounce House, Karaoke, Rock Wall, Line Dancing, Face Painting, Cake Walk, Raffles, Silent Auction & Food

Fun for the Whole Family 50/50 Raffle ($10.00 per 50/50 raffle ticket) [You need not be present to win ~ prize must be claimed by 12/31/2011]

PRESCHOOL NEWS FROM MS. SUZANNE Fall has arrived and we are all enjoying cooler temperatures and more outdoor time. Our halls and classrooms are filled with lots of fall activities and decorations created by our children. We have tasted and graphed our favorite apples (red, yellow, green), baked apple crisps, and made apple pancakes. Step into the classrooms and enjoy the magic! FALL FIESTA! (October 22nd from 4:00 – 8:00 pm) is almost upon us, and we are still in need of donations for our raffles and auction. Gift cards, certificates for a service, i.e. dinner, haircut, manicure/pedicure, round of golf, whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. Mark your calendar and come to the Fiesta for some family fun! OCTOBER PRESCHOOL HAPPENINGS 10/4 & 5 Children’s Sharing w/ Pastor Craig 10/ 10 & 12 School wide Student Photos 10/15 Broward Early Childhood Conference 10/18 VPK Fall Harvest 10/22 Fall Fiesta! (4:00 - 8:00 pm) 10/26 Preschool Staff Meeting (6:00 pm) 10/26 & 27 Class Harvest Parties 10/28 Planning Day – Preschool Closed - Full Time Care Open NOVEMBER PRESCHOOL HAPPENINGS 11/1 & 2 Children’s Sharing w/ Pastor Craig 11/6 Book Fair Kick-Off after Worship 11/7 – 9 Scholastic Book Fair 11/11 Holiday – Preschool Closed - Full Time Care Open 11/23 Preschool Closed - Full Time Care Open 11/24 & 25 Thanksgiving – All Closed IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR NOVEMBER: Broward County Schools have changed their calendar and are now closed on 11/21 - 22. We are not following this change. Please note our preschool calendar in your handbook has not changed. We will have preschool and full time care on 11/21 and 11/22. Only full time care will be open on 11/23. We wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

SCRIPTURE FOR 2012 You are encouraged to submit a favorite scripture to the Elders for prayerful consideration as a scripture to be used by our congregation in 2012. Please email scripture suggestions to It is helpful to also include which version of the Bible you are using.

WEDNESDAY EVENING ADULT GROUP: BEING A FAMILY WITH FAITH Being a family can be wonderful, but it isn’t always easy. There is no shortage of challenges. And even though each family is different, many of the struggles are the same. How does faith make a difference in how we deal with both the blessings and the burdens of being family? You are invited to join this discussion and support group. We get together every Wednesday at 7:00 pm - perfect if you have a child or youth involved in our mid-week activities.

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS 1st 3rd 6th 7th 8th 10th 11th 16th 17th 21st 23rd 24th 26th 30th 31st

Kelli Pruner Briana Euler Kevin McGee Paul Veliyathil Judy Borchardt Christine Dunhill Lydia Genno Brandon Ehlebracht Tami Ehlebracht Sharon Jennings Kristen Ramos Lori Beach Coral Wiedman Paul Shuster Mike Burke Angela Edwards Jeff Snyder Jonathan Watts


Coral & Ken Wiedman Rick & Julia Angle

[We apologize if your name is not on the list. Please call the office to update your information!]

CHRISTIAN MEN’S & WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIPS THOUGHT WE’D GIVE YOU A HEADS UP… At noon on Sunday, November 6th, the CMF (Christian Men’s Fellowship) will be dishing up good eats at their Pig Roast, and they welcome everyone to come and “pig out” with them. ~ and ~ The CWF (Christian Women’s Fellowship) is pleased to announce that they will be having a Sweets & Treats Open House again this year on Saturday, November 19th. You’ll be able to sample some of the goodies – including your favorite casseroles – on Sunday, November 13th, during Coffee Fellowship.

REGIONAL NEWS The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Florida is pleased to announce that on August 20, 2011 the Regional Board called the Rev. Dr. Juan Rodriguez to be the next Regional Minister of Florida. Rev. Rodriguez most recently served as the organizing pastor of Iglesia del Pueblo-Hope Center in Hammond, Indiana. He has been married for 37 years to Sonia Colon, a powerful life-long Disciple leader. He will officially begin his ministry on January 8, 2012. Please pray for our regional church as we continue through this time of transition, as well as for our Transitional Regional Minister, Rev. Rebecca L. Hale and our newly called Regional Minister, Rev. Dr. Juan Rodriguez.


BLESSINGS God is always at work! Do you have a blessing to share with your RPCC family? Please email your blessing to the church office at Many of us got to be witnesses to the beautiful dedications that took place on Sunday, September 25th. Prayers of support go out to: Devar & Krystle Davis and their daughter, Kalea; and Pastor & Mrs. Dorval Darlier and their son, Darlio.

SMALL GROUPS We have compiled the information that was submitted about the days and times people are available for small groups. It was an added bonus to find that quite a few people are willing to open their homes and host a group…possibly even to facilitate a group. One small group has already started, and Craig started a new format for his Wednesday night class. We also have small groups going on Sunday morning for children and adults. If you haven’t heard from anyone yet, don’t get discouraged. You will hear soon!

STEWARDSHIP UNITY, STRENGTH, AND OPPORTUNITY Once again, Royal Palm Christian Church has demonstrated its unity and strength in responding to our Coins for Christ effort – and may God bless all of you who responded! Since we placed the small church in the narthex, Coins for Christ has gathered over $200.00 in pocket change for our church, and to my knowledge, nobody has missed the jingling in pockets and purses. To the contrary, folks have told me that they were happy to have a place to put their pocket change so that it would do some good. Another demonstration of our strength and unity is the fact that some of you have come up with other suggestions and ideas on how to help our church overcome our financial difficulties. I have compiled these suggestions here in order to share some ideas on how to help. Let me also say that I prefer to see them as opportunities to participate in stewardship by “thinking outside the box.” Here are some opportunities to consider: 1. If you are making a purchase at a store that offers a rewards program, consider calling the church office to see if they have a rewards card for that store. You will buy what you intended to buy anyway, and RPCC will benefit from the reward points. 2. With the holiday season coming up, some of us receive cash cards and cash gifts as presents. Consider giving a tithe portion of the gift to our church. The negative impact to you is minimal, but the combined positive impact to our church could be significant. 3. With the tax season not far behind the holiday season, some of us are lucky enough to receive a refund. Consider giving a tithe portion to the church. Once again, the negative impact to you is minimal, but the combined positive impact to our church by our congregation could be significant. 4. For those of you who play the Lotto and similar games, consider buying one or more tickets for the church and giving any winnings to our church above and beyond any cost to you. This way, you lose nothing and the potential gain could be significant. Of course, if you happen to “hit the big one”, negotiation only makes sense. (smile) 5. Finally, again in relation to the tax season, tax-deductible gifts to our church before submitting your tax return are always justified – and welcomed. As you can see, we all have an opportunity to further demonstrate our strength and unity. But, clearly, we must all prayerfully decide what we will and will not do in stewardship to our church. God be with you, Bill Vasquez

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Church newsletter for October 2011

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