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Chatter May 2009

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.” (Psalm 62:5-6)

VIEWS AND REVIEWS “THE IMPORTANCE OF RECEIVING” It all starts with receiving. In the womb we received nutrients from our mothers. Because of that, our yet-unborn bodies got what was necessary in order to grow and to eventually be able to exist out in the world. But then after we were born we received much more. Food, shelter, and nurture from parents. Education from teachers. Companionship from friends. Encouragement from mentors. The list goes on. Spiritually it all starts with receiving as well. We receive from God, the Great Giver. From God we receive every breath we take, every ability we have, every true value we embrace. From God we receive forgiveness, purpose, promise. We receive hope, joy and love. Everything that matters most deeply and enduringly we have received from God. It is only because of what we have received that we can do anything. “We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). In the church the love of the Lord is conveyed through the warm and accepting fellowship we have with each other. God’s love is expressed in the Good News preached and taught. It is experienced in sharing Communion. The love of God is received in youth group, classes, Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship, children’s church, choir, Kidz Praiz, our food pantry, preschool and more. It all starts with receiving. But we are not just takers. As the scripture declares, “He first loved us.” But because of what God did “we love.” Love is an active thing. It is expressed in giving itself away. So we receive and then give. In fact, it is in giving that what we have received becomes more meaningful and rewarding. What have you received from God at Royal Palm Christian Church? How has your life been touched? What has God done for you through the people and ministries of the Church? The church is not some “institution.” It is a living, loving instrument of God to bless people. The church can continue doing what it has done for

you and others only when receivers turn into givers. People who give their time and abilities are crucial. Equally important is the financial contributions that people give. We are receivers. But that can’t be where it ends. Your generous and gracious response is vitally important. It is your response that makes possible the Christ-centered good that is done by the church. Grace and Peace, Craig

PRESCHOOL NEWS FROM SUZANNE All of our little ones are busy preparing surprise gifts to show Mommy how much they love her. Our two and three year old children presented tunes from the Spring Sing for parents, family and friends. Their performances were incredible and much enjoyed. Thanks Ms. Stacey and teachers for all your hard work. May is a special month at our school. We begin by honoring our wonderful teachers for all they do for children. They will never know the impact they have on the lives of all who pass through their care. Thank you teachers!

When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking When you thought I wasn’t looking, You displayed my first painting, and I wanted to do another. When you thought I wasn’t looking, you fed a duck, and I thought it was good to be kind to animals. When you thought I wasn’t looking, you gave me a sticker, and I knew that little things were special things. When you thought I wasn’t looking, you put your arm around me, and I felt loved. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw tears come from your eyes, and I learned that sometimes things hurt, but that it’s all right to cry. When you thought I wasn’t looking, you smiled, and it made me want to look that happy too. When you thought I wasn’t looking, you cared, and I wanted to be everything I could be. When you thought I wasn’t looking – I looked…and wanted to say thanks for all those things you did when you thought I wasn’t looking.

MAY PRESCHOOL HAPPENINGS 5/3 – 9 Teacher Appreciation Week 5/6 CPR / First Aid Training (6:00 pm) 5/7 - 8 Jump Rope – American Heart Assoc. 5/10 Happy Mother’s Day 5/12 – 13 Children’s Sharing with Pastor Craig 5/13 Teacher of the Year – Michelle Robin Memorial Dinner (6:00 pm) 5/15 Ms. Rita – Dramatic Storyteller 5/18 Preschool Board Meeting (7:00 pm) 5/25 Memorial Day – All Closed 6/3 Pre K Graduation (7:00 pm) 6/4 Last Day of Preschool for Students 6/5 Planning Day / Full Time Care open 6/8 Summer Session Begins

5/2 5/3 5/4 5/7 5/10 5/11 5/14 5/15 5/16 5/17 5/18 5/20 5/22

WELCOME RPCC extends an embracing welcome to NORMA PISACANO & JANICE TILGHMAN who joined the church on Easter Sunday (April 12). Janice is a native of Kentucky and moved from New York to Florida in 2004. She lives with her two sons, ages 26 and 14, and works as Network Specialist for Country Homes. Janice drove by the church for a year before being "guided by the Spirit" to visit the church one Sunday. She said the people at RPCC are "very spiritual with warm hearts." She calls it an "inspirational and uplifting place." "In these hard times, you need positive people around you, and this church is like family to me." Norma, a convert from Judaism, has been attending bible study and worship here for a while. Her daughter, Cheryl Zahn, who is already a member at RPCC, gave her mother a book called "Bible for Blockheads" which was very helpful for her understanding of Jesus. When I asked her what she loves about RPCC, Norma said: "My goodness, where do I begin?" She is touched by the friendliness of the people, especially Pastor Craig who "always made me feel comfortable, a feeling I never experienced in my synagogue." We are happy to have Norma and Janice at RPCC and extend them an embracing welcome.


The morning of Saturday, May 9, is set aside for SPRING CLEANING of the inside of RPCC. We are fortunate to be hosting the Southern District Assembly on Saturday, May 30th, and need to do a little cleaning as you would do for your own home. If you are able to help, please contact Karyn @ 954-340-6616.

5/23 5/25 5/29 5/30 5/31

Jennie Balducci Jorge Conde Susie Ramos Billie Abell Faith Herman Brittney Herman Carolyn Johnson Richard Walker June Derby Nicholas Angle Dawn Boentgen Michael Zahn Jeanie Brock Romeo Espiritu Rob Worst Jamie Zorabedian Felice Davis Dan Krolczyk Sharon Matiska Ken Wiedman Wade Matiska Janice Tilghman Ethan Coe Mattie Brown


Fernando & Betsy Medina Dan & Sharon Williams David & Jennifer Bramley

[We apologize if your name is not on the list. the office to update your information!]

Please call

Southern District Assembly “ONE” This year the assembly is going to be held here at RPCC on Saturday, May 30th, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pray about how you can help share our embracing hospitality with our Brothers and Sisters in the Southern District.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS? Southern District Assembly is the annual gathering of the Disciples of Christ churches in South Florida (Vero Beach to Homestead). Over 40 DOC churches and missions have the opportunity to share fellowship, church happenings and worship. As hosts, we’ll provide: a gathering place; registration / greeters; food and drink; child care (nursery – elementary); and deacons for offering and communion – not to mention our embracing hospitality! Contact the church office (954-753-2383 or if you will participate.



Karyn and Kevin O'Shea are the proud grandparents of twin girls, Sydney and Emily, born April 11th.

You’ve seen and prayed for those listed in our bulletins each Sunday. Did you know that we also have a group of people who are contacted throughout the week as prayer needs and requests are made known? Prayer requests are routinely sent out via email to the pastor, elders and prayer group. If the request is confidential, it goes to the pastor and elders only. If you have a prayer need, please let us know. If you would like to participate in the prayer group, call or email Alice in the church office (954-753-2383 or It is an honor to pray for those who request prayer.

Sean Lucas celebrated Easter in a marvelous way – he was baptized during our 8:30 Worship Service. James, Emily & Lilyann Gunter send greetings from Illinois. They are enjoying being closer to family, and they are expecting a new “bundle of joy.” “..may God continue to bless the whole Royal Palm family. You all touched us during our time in Coral Springs and we continue to pray for you all.” Royal Palm Christian Church and Preschool enjoy many blessings sprinkled throughout the creatively wonderful staff of teachers who share their time and talents with the children who walk through our doors. Take time to give them hugs and say thank you for jobs well done!

“BREAKTHROUGH” The camp directors are gearing up for summer’s camp adventures! The dates for the various camps are listed below, and camp registration forms are available on the youth room door (or you can download them at Adults…there are camp counselor positions available also. If you haven’t ever been to camp, find time to speak to Coral, Libby, Ingrid or Cheryl…they have first hand experience! Camp Genesis Camp CYF Conference 3rd Grade Camp Junior Camp Chi Rho Camp

Grades 5th – 7th 9th – 12th 3rd th 4 - 5th 6th - 8th

Dates 6/7 – 12 6/14 – 20 6/21 – 25 6/28 – 7/2 7/19 – 24

Cost $300 $310 $260 $260 $295

ATTENTION GRADUATING SENIORS We would like to recognize and celebrate all graduating seniors during our Worship Services on Sunday, May 31st. So…if you fall into that category, please let us know – and then join us for worship.

STEWARDSHIP & FINANCE WORKSHOP The Southern District has invited Pastor Manuel Collazo to lead a Stewardship & Finance Workshop at Parkway Christian Church on Saturday, May 16th, beginning at 9:30 am. Pastor Collazo’s program gives important insights from both the church and personal perspectives. He has shared this with many churches already, and we know that you will be blessed with good information. If you would like to attend, please call our office (954-7532383) by Tuesday, May 12th.

JUNE 7TH – 11TH Dinner is available 5:30 p.m. Program starts at 6:30 p.m. If you’d like to volunteer for Vacation Bible School, call Mr. Mike (954-972-2299). Watch for registration information!

May 2009 Chatter  

P RESCHOOL N EWS FROM S UZANNE V IEWS AND R EVIEWS “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my s...

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