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March 2009 “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.” (Psalm 62:5-6)

VIEWS AND REVIEWS “SHOW UP” Someone told me about seeing a woman with a necklace upon which hung two words: SHOW UP. Those words are simple but powerful. Someone once said that 90% of success is simply showing up. There is a lot of truth in that claim. Nothing much is possible if you aren’t present. But if you do show up, there’s no telling what might be possible. Showing up is fundamental. It is the base live of commitment. It is the minimal – but important – evidence of investment in any important venture. A student may not get all A’s but if he or she consistently shows up and pays attention in class that counts for a lot. Showing up provides that opportunity for education. Showing up displays an intention to learn. Just being there makes a good statement. Showing up is indispensable for Christian growth. Those who drift in and out of church are not likely to grow. They miss the opportunity. Growth in physical fitness is not going to happen for someone who goes to the gym only when the mood hits him or her. It happens by showing up consistently and doing some exercise, even if not a great deal, whether in the mood or not. To exercise just when the mood hits increases the chance of getting a pulled muscle and causing pain without gain. I’ve known some people who have claimed that the single most important indication of spiritual health is faithful attendance in church. Perhaps that view is a bit excessive. We can easily think of people who have been in church every time the doors are open yet they are mean, insensitive and morally unscrupulous. Still for Christian spirituality, showing up in worship is crucial both as evidence of spiritual seriousness and as a means of spiritual growth. Christian spirituality is not something that develops primarily in our private life. It is something that develops in a faith community. As we pray, sing, learn and serve with others, our Lord is present among us. “Where two or

three are gathered in my name, I am with them,” taught Jesus. Commitment to him and commitment to a particular body of people are two parts of one spiritual reality. Showing up before the Lord is not always something best done alone. This is because God has chosen to use other people to convey God’s grace, truth and love to us. And God uses us as a means of blessing for others, often in subtle ways of which we are not aware. When we don’t show up we miss out on the working of God for us through others and through us for others. My spiritual life is not just all about me. Your spiritual life is not just all about you. It’s about us. We come together in church to get and to give, to gain and to contribute, to receive from others and to offer to others. Your presence matters both for you and for others. And, so, as the woman’s necklace put it, SHOW UP for your self and for others. Grace and Peace, Craig

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on Saturday night.

BLUE JEAN SUNDAY BARBECUE Join in some fun and fellowship as we celebrate “Blue Jean Sunday” with a barbecue in the picnic area on Sunday, March 15th after the 10:45 Worship Service. We’ll provide: bbq chicken & ribs, potato salad and drinks. You can bring your favorite dessert or side to share. Invite a friend and come enjoy the day with us. For more information, talk to Ingrid or Lynn or call the church office.

PRESCHOOL NEWS FROM SUZANNE Mark your calendars. Registration for VPK and Preschool classes begins on Monday, March 9th for currently enrolled families and church members. Registration opens to all on March 16th. Children born 9/2/04 – 9/1/05 are eligible to enroll in the state funded VPK program. Registration for summer classes opens on March 23rd. Stop by the office beginning March 2nd to pick up paperwork, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. Many thanks to Ms. Reggie and her crew for all of their extra effort to provide us with a fun filled Bingo for Books event. Every child in attendance won a beautiful book of their choice. The pizza and brownies were yummy, but the fun we shared together makes for great memories. MARCH HAPPENINGS 3/6 Farm Breakfast Celebration 3/9 In House Registration begins 3/10 & 11 Children’s Sharing with Pastor Craig 3/16 Open Registration begins 3/19 & 20 Trike-A-Thon (for St. Jude’s) 3/25 Preschool Staff Meeting 3/27 Planning Day – Preschool closed Full Time Care open

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Some regional scholarships are available for camp. Scholarship forms are on the youth room door. However, they must be in the church office by Sunday, March 8th, so we can process them prior to the region’s deadline. Grades Dates Cost 5th – 7th 6/7 – 12 $285 9th – 12th 6/14 – 20 $295 rd 3 6/21 – 25 $245 4th - 5th 6/28 – 7/2 $245 6th - 8th 7/19 – 24 $280

GLOBAL MINISTRIES NEWS At the February Christian Women’s Fellowship dinner we enjoyed an informative visit with Scott Couper, a missioner serving in South Africa and affiliated with Global Ministries. We were also delighted to have a few of our Brothers in Christ present. We’ll post monthly missionary stories on the bulletin board, and we ask that you keep these missioners in your prayers. For more information, visit

COMMUNITY YARD SALE Saturday, March 21st 8 a.m. – Noon Come shop in the RPCC Parking Lot! Interested vendors - reserve your space by calling Karyn at 954-303-6320. Advanced Rental is $10 per space for RPCC & RPCCP participants.

Craig & Cindi Watts Rob & Bev Worst

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Have you been considering becoming a member of Royal Palm Christian Church? Do you have questions that you’ve been wondering about? Come to the Inquirer’s Class led by our minister, Craig Watts. It will be after church on April 5th and will last approximately two hours – lunch will be provided. Basic information about the church will be offered. Questions will be welcomed. Whether you are checking out the church casually or seriously planning on becoming a member, please feel free to come.

[Cost based on early registration – must be in church office by Sunday, May 3rd for processing.]

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March 2009 Chatter  

Join in some fun and fellowship as we celebrate “Blue Jean Sunday” with a barbecue in the picnic area on Sunday, March 15 th after the 10:45...