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The Books You Need to Read During the Fall Season



"Reading has always brought me the most joy. When you pair that with my favorite season, the fall, I am truly at my best.

Fall has always been my favorite season. It brings me a great amount of joy, in so many ways and for so many reasons. It reminds me of so many things: back to school season, the best parts of college, a chance for a fresh start.

I've also always loved reading. Reading is one of my greatest joys in life. It is my hobby, my passion, it means everything to me and has ever since I was in third grade. My teacher at the time, Miss. Phillips started reading to us. She read us a little bit of Junie B. Jones and The Magic Tree House series daily. She instilled that love

I love the beginning that fall symbolizes.

of stories in me and it has lasted with me until now, at the tender age of 28.

There is so much hope, so much happiness... it just makes me feel whole. It makes me feel like myself. Plus, I hate the heat and love the cold so I physically feel so much better. It also helps that my birthday is at the end of November so I always prefer this time of

When I was a teenager, I used to ask my book-loving aunt for baskets of books for my birthday and Christmas every year. We used to go and spend hours in the book store, just roaming the aisles together. It was one of my favorite activities.

year! Books just mean the world to me. PAGE TWO | FALL READING GUIDE


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Cozy Fall Reads


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My love of the fall season and books take physical (or digital form) in this guide. I've been doing book reviews on my blog, Royally Pink since I started it in 2012. Now, almost 10 years later, it makes my heart scream with joy that there is such a thing as Bookstagram and BookTok to share my love of books. Seeing all of the recommendations, reviews, and guides centered around people's favorite fallcentric books inspired me to do my own.

I chase the feeling of fall, Halloween, and coziness in books, and even though some of these books don't take place in the fall season, they give me that fresh, warm feeling that the season brings.

For the purpose of full transparency, I'm only recommending books that I've read because why would I discuss a book that I haven't yet read?

Let's get into it! BRIANA LUCA


01 CLASSIC FALL READS The books that we have probably all read once (or twenty) times that scream fall... even though some don't technically take place during the fall months.


it's a bold choice to put Twilight as the first book recommendation in this guide but hear me out. Twilight was what really made me fall in love with reading and the entire book community. I read it just before Breaking Dawn was published and it consumed my life. It made me love reading as a teenager and that transitioned into my adult life. You can argue this choice any which way but I love Twilight and you won't change my mind. This book gives me a warm feeling. The weather in Seattle, the school setting, and of course, vampires and werewolves. Sure, the Cullens and Jacob & Co. aren't scary but I love that wicked, fantasy feeling that comes along with Forks, Bella, and the whole gang.

I'd argue that any of the Twilight books are perfect fall reading but definitely Twilight & New Moon! New Moon is my least favorite but I never skip it... there's too much importance within those pages. To me, Fall is the best time to re-read Twilight... including Midnight Sun which I thoroughly enjoyed, probably more than Twilight. Fun fact: I've re-read Twilight more than 30 times. The cover on mine is super worn out and I had to cover it with contact paper. I love it and won't apologize for this recommendation


HARRY POTTER If Twilight was first, you knew Harry Potter was going to be second. Let's get this out of the way... I don't support J.K Rowling and her horrific beliefs but Harry Potter means to much to me and to so many others...this is the one time I choose to separate the art and the artists. I read Harry Potter for the first time in the summer going into my freshmen year of college. I watched all the movies and then read all the books straight through. I've gone on to re-read the books a few times, listen to them on Audible, and I watch the movies at least once a week -definitely my comfort movie series.

The books scream fall. The magic, the beginning of the school year, the mystery; there are few things that make me happier than reading Harry Potter on a crisp fall day. Just as I did with Twilight, I think Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets are the most falllike books... I'd even throw Order of the Phoenix in there. Either way, you can't go wrong with a re-read once September 1st comes along. It'll bring you back to happier times and make you feel so warm inside.


02 MAGICAL FALL READS These are the books to read as soon as the clock strikes midnight on October 1st.


PRACTICAL MAGIC It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually read The Practical Magical series by Alice Hoffman. I started when "The Rules of Magic" was released in 2017. I started with that and was enthralled by the Owen women and the world that Hoffman created. I went on to read Practical Magic, then gobbled up "Magic Lessons" when it was released in late 2020. Now, as I write this, we are days away from the completion of the series with "The Book of Magic" which will follow the death of one of the aunt's, Jet.

"Practical Magic" obviously follows the story that the movie does while "The Rules of Magic" follows Gillian and Sally's aunts, Frannie & Jet along with their brother, Vincent. You get a great look at how the aunts ended up where they did and also how Sally and Gillian end up with them. Probably my favorite of the bunch so far was "Magic Lessons" where we get the origin story of Maria Owens, how the women got their magic and how the curse came to be. This is the ideal series to read (and re-read) during the fall season. It has everything you want: magic, history, family, love, and an overlay of coziness and warmth. PAGE NINE | FALL READING GUIDE




03 HORRORS & THRILLERS The scariest and spookiest books to read to put you in the Halloween spirit



Thrillers and horror novels are my favorite genres. I read too many 'true crime' books to count and I fully blame 'Gone Girl' for the obsession. I can't even pinpoint how many domestic, psychological, detective, etc thrillers I've read over the years..., definitely too many to count. However, there are some books that give me that spooky feeling that I can only get during the fall season.

Detective novels are ones you can read any time of year, some psychological and domestic thrillers are year-round reads but these books, there's something about them that screams fall & Halloween. Maybe it's the nature of the books... there's a little bit of paranormal, a ton of mystery, and just spookiness all around. There are too many books to speak about them all individually but you can find reviews of almost all of these books on my blog, Move forward at your own risk...




04 COZY, FEEL-GOOD NOVELS This series will give you the same feeling that the first season of Gilmore Girls does.


THE DOVE POND SERIES I don't think I have ever read books quite like The Dove Pond series by Karen Hawkins. I've described it as Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls) with a touch of magic. Each book (there are only two now) focuses on a different Dove sister... all of whom have some sort of light magical powers that relate to the well-being of their town, Dove Pond. The people who live in Dove Pond respect the Dove sisters and are quirky, eccentric characters themselves. The town is a close-knit community that comes together in the darkest (and happiest) of times to offer a helping hand.

These books are cozy, warm, and truly bring such a smile to my face. There are beautiful messages hidden throughout and it makes you feel better about almost anything in your life. It fills you with the utmost job and makes you wish that Dove Pond was a real place, with these characters come to life. These stories and these characters are what I think fall would be if the season were a real person


Life starts all over when it gets crisp in the fall


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING I appreciate you taking the time to read my first e-book and first reading guide! I'll be back in mid November with a winter/holiday guide!


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