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Zuri® Premium Decking in Weathered Gray

Zuri® Premium Decking in Pecan

On Cover: Portsmouth™ Hand-Split Shake in Pebble Clay, Royal® Vinyl Trim in Sand


Celect® 7" Cellular Composite Siding in Oceana, Celect® Trim in Frost

You might be looking for ways to renew and refresh your home, getting ready to sell your home in the near future, or just adding long-term resale value. From introducing bold colors and contrasting styles to creating a more seamless indoor-outdoor flow, this guide is full of trends and ideas that will increase presence and happiness in equal amounts.

Get your home exterior from nice to fabulous Remember that these are guidelines, not dictates. The most important style cue is you—and the personal way you choose to feel most at home.


Bold Blue Exteriors


Neutral-colored siding is a perfectly curb appealing way to showcase your home, but more and more homeowners are choosing colors that express their exteriors in bolder hues. And when it comes to color that’s simultaneously attention-grabbing, soothing and serene, homeowners are believing in blue.

It’s an emphatic connection to the natural world and vibrant curb appeal, a color that commands attention without being jarring.

Estate™ D4 in Midnight Surf

Get the best out of blue:

- Royal® Board & Batten in Blue Grey

- Royal® Vinyl Trim in Storm


Use a deep, dark blue in main exterior areas or as an accent to bring some eye-catching drama to neutral colors. Add contemporary depth to Victorian, Cape Cod and Craftsman homes. Create a bracing contrast by pairing with crisp white trim.


Remember the last time you saw shake and board & batten on the same home? Of course you do. That’s because mixing siding styles is a great way to break up repetition and add visual interest. So it’s no surprise that a particularly compelling trend is to incorporate different siding styles, directions and colors on the same exterior.

Cedar Renditions™ Aluminum Siding in Timberline. Atlas Stone™ Composite Stone Panels in Oxford

Celect® Board & Batten Siding in Frost, Celect® Trim in Frost

Switch up and intensify No matter what the home style, incorporating a bold-hued clapboard in the lower section and a neutral-shaded shake in the gables lets each style, texture and color give relief to the other. Think of it as a cure for siding monotony. Conversely, you can use a bolder board & batten to highlight architectural elements in upper exterior sections and pair with a neutral color in lower areas. Or create a compelling style contrast by mixing clapboard with accent siding that delivers impactful dimension like Atlas StoneTM Composite Stone Panels. Add a contemporary change of direction by pairing shake with Royal® Board & Batten.

Royal® Board & Batten in Linen

Atlas Stone™ in Dakota

Royal® Vinyl Trim in White


Attention-Getting Hybrids:

Mixing Siding Styles


Connecting Spaces:

IndoorOutdoor Living ZuriÂŽ Premium Decking in Chestnut and Weathered Gray


Homeowners are expanding their living space and investing in ways to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. You can achieve this with an expansive deck and patio that seamlessly echoes interior flooring styling cues. Screened porches, glass sliders and floor-to-ceiling windows connect interiors to nature in any season.

Zuri® Premium Decking in Chestnut

Zuri® Premium Decking in Walnut

Upgrade the outdoors


Make outdoor features work for you by upgrading them to match the comfort of indoor environments.


Personalize and brighten up your outdoor furniture with multicolored throw pillows and blankets. Extend your time outdoors by adding a pergola and tiki lamps. Lux up your


space with a built-in kitchen and fireplace. And enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces with decking that meets the increasing demand for exotic wood


presence and low maintenance: Zuri® Premium Decking. By thinking about how your interior and exterior spaces

Weathered Gray

relate to each other, you’re giving maximum care and attention to both. Hickory


Making a Statement: Doors and Windows Royal® Board & Batten in Shamrock, Royal® Vinyl Trim in Shamrock


Entry doors and windows serve more than a functional role in a home. With the right bold color and highlighting trim, they also open up big opportunities to make your home a neighborhood standout.

Royal® PVC Trim in White

Royal® Residential D5 in Flagstone, Royal Vinyl Trim in White

Windows and front doors: enter curb appeal Your roof, siding and trim all make up crucial parts of your home exterior’s personality. But don’t overlook two fundamental focal points: your windows and front door.

Windows that wow:

Homeowners are increasingly drawing attention to their windows. There are good reasons for that. By installing larger windows with more glass and less framing, you’ll make your interior feel more expansive. And by combining modern, elegant black window framing with white trim, you’ll create bold contrasts that pull your whole exterior together.

Doors that announce:

While enthusiasm for the bright red door may be waning, we’re seeing a variety of uniquely refreshing colors take center stage. Boldly tasteful statements come in many forms—from deep blues and clean greens to sunny oranges, mustard yellows and bold purples.


Garage doors: storage with style

While garage doors are often a forgotten entry on a homeowner’s remodeling list, they can take up to a third of a home’s facade. Wider driveways are giving garage doors a larger stage to complement a broad selection of home styles. The bigger proportion of your home exterior they take, the more prominent a design element they become.

Garage doors come in many styles, from traditional to glass-paneled to carriage style. But no matter which kind you choose, few things draw the eye like contrasting color.

Think charcoal gray doors with contrasting white trim. Picture white or beige doors breaking up boldly colored siding. Or black-framed doors accenting medium brown shake.

Take your garage door from functional to finished with the right trim. Complete the look and withstand the elements with Royal® Exterior Trim and Garage Door Trim.

Royal® Haven® D6 in Redwood, Royal® S4S Trim in White


RoyalÂŽ S4S Trim in White


Mixing and Enriching:

The Modern Farmhouse Style 13

The Modern Farmhouse emanates effortless warmth and simplicity and feels like home, no matter where you’re from. Embracing mid-century modern and industrial influences, it combines pastoral familiarity with fresh contemporary colors and clean lines. It’s comfortable in its own skin and loosens strict barriers between one style and another. The best part is you don’t need an actual farmhouse to enjoy its aesthetic.

Royal® Shiplap in White

Celect® Board & Batten Siding in Willow, Celect® Trim in Frost

Creating Farmhouse interiors Feel free to infuse the Modern Farmhouse into all kinds of interiors through complementary colors, materials and textures that build richness through their combination: envision a shiplap wall here, a barn door there, rustic wreaths and contrasting greenery, linen throws and burlap pillow covers.

Taking the Farmhouse outside Chic simplicity reveals itself in intermingling rustic and contemporary elements that keep each other fresh. You’ll see this style in white board & batten siding set off by black trim accents or a boldly painted green or blue door. Or crisp white trim accenting board & batten siding and a contemporary style house number and industrial-inspired porch light fixture. The idea is to mix styles and eras with no fear. See how to achieve the Modern Farmhouse style with charismatic Royal® Wall and Wainscoting and low-maintenance Celect® Premium Siding.


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