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How to be famous tHis New Year We all want to be famous and grasp people’s attention. However, achieving that is not easy as it seems like! You require talent and many other things that are associated with the glamour world. This New Year, if you have promised yourself that you will try everything to make yourself recognized by all, then follow these few suggestions (discussed below) to become famous, just like any other star!

Tips and Guidelines – Participate in reality shows – Literally to say, this is the quickest way that you can make people to recognize you. But participating is not all that enough, it is important that you perform and entertain

audience, so that only, you can give yourself a chance to make people remember you. It is advisable that you should focus on your appeal at the same time. To make yourself stand out, you can choose some really funky design clothes and wear Gold Grillz to pretend like a rock star.

Make relationship with famous personalities – The other way you can be famous, if you are able to make relationship with those who are already famed. By making a good relationship and by being seen with them all the time can give you a chance to be noticed and eventually to be published in magazines, which then will make you famous just like any other star! P.O. BOX # 191 BROWNSBURG IN 46112 317-989-4561

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