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From The President

• From The President

Here it is, December already and Christmas is just around the corner. Have you got all your Christmas shopping done? Got all of those Christmas cards out to all of your past and present clients? With this current economy I am always looking for an affordable way to provide something of value to my customers; the “beans and ham hocks” approach to real estate marketing. I have found a lot of valuable information on our National Association of REALTORS® website and wanted to share one of the links that would make a great card stuffer to send in your Christmas card or Christmas email message. The link is located on the NAR website and can be accessed at . Your client can become a member of the web site and enter particular details about their home. The site will help them evaluate different home improvement projects by giving them valuable resources in the form of tips and articles with content covering home improvement, maintenance, taxes, finance, insurance, and even ways they can get involved in and enrich the community. The website can help your customer increase and protect the value of their home by helping them make confident decisions. Check it out… perhaps it can be of use to you. On behalf of the Royal Gorge Association of Realtors, Board of Directors and staff I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

David Madone President RGAR

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  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! We’re doing great here at the Board

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Office, although we’d love to see some more MLS Participants! It’s hard to believe I’ve been here a year! I love my job so it has flown by and the RGAR members are the best! Education information will be coming out soon since the Education Committee has met and planned a few classes for the membership benefit. We’re looking forward to a great 2011!

Pam Gaunt Association Executive

National Assoc. of REALTORS


Colorado Assoc. of REALTORS

RGAR Committee News

Colorado Real Estate Division

Contact Us: Pam Ava Phone: 719­275­6560 Fax: 719­269­9342 831 Royal Gorge Blvd.  Suite 423 Canon City, CO 81212

Public Relations November was a very busy month for the Publicity Committee gals. We had about 1400 people at our 9th Annual Pumpkin Patch which resulted in lots of canned items for the 22 Holiday Baskets for those families in need. Five baskets were distributed by the Westcliffe Realtors. I'd say that was a real successful project. We had our Annual Christmas Luncheon Auction on December 1 at the Abbey Center and all of the proceeds from the Auction go to the community and publicity projects that the PR Committee works on over the year. It is a festive and fun day with lots of good food and good shopping. Thanks to everyone who participated proceeds were $2,432 for 2011!! We have lost a couple members so if you have an interest in working on the PR Committee please call Diann Tomar at Frontier West Realty. We'd love to have you as a member! We wish all of you a Happy Holiday.

Diann Tomar PR Committee Chairman

MLS Committee ListHub should be available in January for those that want to participate. If you use Top Producer the Snapshot will be available as well. The companies are working now to set up feeds and to use data that will be useful in our market. Watch for some other changes with mandatory fields, we’ll keep you updated.

CARHOF Residents of Colorado gave over $8 million in a 24 hour period during the first Colorado Gives Day (December 8th). Many feel it is sure to rank as one of the largest cumulative fundraising events in the State of Colorado. CARHOF's participation in the online giving netted its housing foundation $715 for the day.

Government Affairs Committee December 7th, there was a reading of the changes to the site plan that the ad hoc committee and the planning commission have been working on. We would have liked to see more REALTORS® in attendance to show support of the committee. We now wait for final approval.

Political Survival Fund Committee Only $25 to invest in YOUR future – invest in PSF! Donations gladly accepted at the Board Office!

Upcoming Local Education Opportunities

2011 New Contracts Class Janene Bettin We are looking for 25 or more students to hold another class on Wednesday, January 5th. This covers the contract changes required January 1, 2011. The last class was well attended and students say it was very beneficial. Contact the Board Office by December 20th if you are interested in attending. If we get 25 students it will be a go! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CREC Update Class February 17, 2011 Aaron Diem Two Sessions – 8 a.m. to Noon & 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Abbey Abbots Room Choose which time fits your schedule. This will be the ONLY Mandatory Update Class RGAR will host. Registrations will be available January 5th.

NAR News

NAR has asked REALTORS® via e-mail to contact their members of Congress in the U.S. Senate by phone to warn them about the dangers to the housing market and the economy of reducing or eliminating the mortgage interest deduction and making other tax changes that could hurt home owners. The Call for Action has been prompted by the proposal released last week by President Obama’s bipartisan deficit reduction commission, which called for significant reductions to the MID. The commission’s recommendations were not presented to Congress, because it received only 11 of the 14 votes needed to pass them along. However, commission co-chairs Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles hailed the result, and predicted that parts of the plan would be adopted in future legislation. More information on NAR’s efforts to protect home ownership and to preserve MID and other federal programs that reflect the country’s historical commitment to home ownership is available at’s Home Ownership Matters page.

Upcoming CAR Events

   Sponsored by:   Each year over 200 Colorado REALTORS® meet at the state  capitol to learn and discuss the important policy issues  affecting the real estate industry. REALTOR® Day at the  Capitol is a great opportunity for you to: 

• • • • •

See our state legislature in action  Get up to date on the important issues impacting  your business and your industry  Network with legislators  Hear from key leaders in the House and Senate  Advocate for your industry!

Pre­register by Thursday, February 3, 2011 for only  $50*  You can pre­register online today by selecting the "Register  On­Line NOW" tab to your left.  Register after February 3rd for $60 (onsite registration for  luncheon will be subject to availability). Space is limited so it’s  best to pre­register! *Includes lunch and program materials 

Upcoming RGAR Events December 14th – Pitch and Tour, Canon City December 17th – Pitch and Tour, Florence Board Office Closed at Noon on December 23rd & 30th. Board Office Closed December 24th & 31st. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! January 6th – MLS Committee Meeting January 7th – Pitch and Tour, Penrose For more details: Click here to go to NAVICA 

Membership Updates Transferring REALTOR® Member: 11/2 Charles Brown Home Place Real Estate to Keller Williams Hope Realty Recent Secondary Member Drops: 11/4 Stewart Realty Marilyn Stewart, Colorado Springs Recent Membership Drops: 11/12 Jack Sawyer Century 21 Canon Land Recent Appraiser MLS Participant Drops: 11/4 J D Appraisals Roger Miller, Nathrop Recent Affiliate Drops: 11/4 Canon City Mortgage 11/4 Great Western Bank 11/4 Southern Colorado Chapter of ASHI Recent MLS Drops: 11/1 Marlene Sehestedt, ERA Herman Group (retain membership) 11/23 Allen Haynes, ERA Herman Group


3 Bill Christensen Re/Max Royal Gorge 3 Warren Knight Keller Williams Hope Realty 3 Doug Stine Westcliffe Land & Inv. 4 Karen Sweeney Home Place Real Estate Company 5 Nancy Kattnig Century 21 Canon Land 6 James Characky Steers Real Estate 7 Roger Oberhelman Century 21 Canon Land 8 Dave Strom Coldwell Banker Fremont Realty, LLC 9 Sandra Jeter Reeves Real Estate, LLC 17 Larry Merlino Century 21 Canon Land 20 Angela Parker ERA Herman Group Real Estate 25 Brian Housman Coldwell Banker Partners 29 Michelle Jarosz ERA Herman Group Real Estate 31 Susan Steers Steers Real Estate If we have missed your birthday in this list, please contact the Board Office so we can update our spreadsheet!

It’s an Ethics Thing OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE IF THE BUYER/SELLER HAS ENTERED INTO A PRIOR EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT Article 16 of the Code of Ethics tells us in three places that we have an obligation to determine if our prospect has entered into an exclusive agreement with another REALTOR®. Standards of Practice 16-9, 16-13, & 16-14 all relate to this obligation. SOP 16-9 states, “REALTORS® prior to entering into a representation agreement, have an affirmative obligation to make reasonable efforts to determine whether the prospect is subject to a current, valid exclusive agreement to provide the same type of real estate service. SOP 16-13 states “Before providing substantive services (such as writing a purchase offer or presenting a CMA) to prospects, REALTORS® shall ask prospects whether they are a party to an exclusive representation agreement, REALTORS shall not knowingly provide substantive services concerning a prospective transaction to prospects who are parties to exclusive representation agreements, except with the consent of the prospects’ exclusive representatives or at the direction of prospects.” SOP 16-14 states, “REALTORS® are free to enter into contractual relationships or to negotiate with sellers/landlords, buyers/tenants or others who are not subject to an exclusive agreement but shall not knowingly obligate them to pay more than one commission except with their informed consent” You may have noticed that SOP 16-13 states we can write an offer (provide substantive services) for/with a prospect who is subject to an exclusive agreement with another broker AT THE DIRECTION OF THE PROSPECT. If this should ever happen to you the first thing I would suggest you do is to encourage the prospect to contact their broker. If the prospect says no to that suggestion and still wants your assistance, I suggest there are at least three things you will want to obtain in writing signed by the prospect. First that the prospect understands they may be financially obligated to the other broker; second, who you represent (or don’t represent); and third that the prospect initiated your writing of the offer. As I have stated in previous columns, I think we should ask prospects “Are you working with another broker” rather than “have you signed an exclusive agreement?” By asking if the prospect is working with anyone else I think you are saying you will RESPECT THE RELATIONSHIP the other broker has created regardless of whether it is Agency or T.B. But remember this paragraph consists of my thoughts and not necessarily those of the code. Article submitted by Steve Stazel Ethics Instructor for CAR since 1979

Christmas Trivia –Be the first to email me the correct answers and win a Christmas Ornament!! Answers must be email ONLY and all 10 must be correct BY December 15th at 4 p.m.

1. Which of these companies was the first to use Santa Clause in an advertisement?  Pepsi  Coca-Cola  7-Up  Fanta 2. Which president was the first to decorate the White House Christmas tree?  Franklin Pierce  Benjamin Franklin  George Washington  Abraham Lincoln 3. Which country did the gingerbread house come from?  Austria  Switzerland  Germany  United States 4. What kind of Christmas does Elvis Presley sing about?  White  Red  Blue  Snowy 5. In what year was "A Christmas Carol", by Charles Dickens, published?  1765  1843  1860  1906 6. What is the name of the Grinch's dog in the movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"?  Pete  Sam  Ruth  Max 7. Where was "A Christmas Carol" written?  Australia  United States  Germany  United Kingdom 8. Which reindeer helps Rudolph fly at the reindeer games?  Donner  Clarice  Dancer  Blitzen 9. Which reindeer is Rudolph's dad?  Dancer  Dixon  Donner  Blitzen 10. Which Christmas movie has been played more than any other?  A Christmas Story

  

Home Alone Frosty the Snowman It's a Wonderful Life

Who turned the lights on?!! Cool, Strange, Interesting and Useless Facts Fact 1. There is a Hamburger hall of fame in Seymour, Wisconsin. Fact 2. There is a Harley-Davidson that was designed as an exact replica of a hamburger. Fact 3. There is a large brass statue of Winnie-the-Pooh in Lima, Peru. Fact 4. There is a law in the state of Idaho that does not permit one citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that is heavier than 50 pounds. Fact 5. There is a muppet named Kami that appears on the South African version of the T.V. show “Sesame Street” that is HIV-positive. Fact 6. There is a place called Hell, Michigan. It is about 50 miles from Detroit, Michigan. Fact 7. There is a restaurant in Stockholm that only offers all-garlic products. They even have a garlic cheesecake. Fact 8. There is a species of bird, Antpitta avis canis Ridgley, that barks like a dog. Fact 9. There is a substance in the skin of the African clawed frog that helps in fighting infection.

Fact 10. There is a town in Norway called “Hell”. Fact 11. There is a town in Texas called Ding Dong. In 1990, the population was only twenty-two people. Fact 12. There is a town named Dildo in the province of Newfoundland, Canada. Fact 13. There is a type of coffin made that can be used as a wine rack or picnic table before its final use. Fact 14. There is an area located off the south-eastern Atlantic coast of the United States called the “Bermuda Triangle.” It is known for a high rate of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft, which has led some people to believe that this triangle has supernatural powers. Fact 15. There is an automobile model called Stutz Bearcat.

The newsletter of the Royal Gorge Association of REALTORS® is published monthly by the Association office. Any articles, news items, letters to the editor, comments and other contributions from Association members are welcome and should be submitted by the 25th of each month. These additions will be printed on a space available basis. The Royal Gorge Association of REALTORS® makes no warranties and assumes no responsibilities for the accuracy of the information contained herein. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Royal Gorge Association of REALTORS®. Pam Gaunt , Editor

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