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Fame The Experience

Model: Deion Smith 3

Editor’s Note

PERSISTENCE: is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting DESIRE into its monetary equivalent. Most people are ready to throw their aims and purposes overboard, and give up at the first sign of opposition or misfortune. A few carry on despite all opposition, until they attain their goal. Napoleon Hill

Rodney J. Simpson Editor-in-Chief Twitter: akshuneo Instagram: akshuneo Rodney@fametheexperience. com Fame The Experience Debut Issue November 2013

This latest issue is dedicated to those of you who never give up or give in even if things aren’t going in your favor. The time will soon come that all your hard work will pay off and those NO’s will become yes so don’t GIVE UP stay PERSISTENT and focused on the prize. Creating the second issue was a little easier than the first because we have grown and learned a lot as a unit. Based off the positive response from the first issue we decided to create our own lane and really focus harder on giving you something fresh and new. The pages of this issue are directed by my partner and our brand manager/Art director William Floyd. He takes the reader on a visual ride leading off with photos by NYC resident photographer Jimmy Aponte later taking you through two of Atlanta’s Historical treasures High Art Museum and Oakland Cemetery. The latter being the backdrop for a really creative and artistic shoot the use of COLOR AND LIGHT will amaze you. Also while creating this issue we presented the world with a visual documentary film on creating our first issue it took place at Atlanta’s Mid town Art Center near Piedmont Park the response was SUPER we went with a 20’s themed event images coming soon. Since its march we have a few spring looks sprinkled in this issue from the party bus to give you that warm feeling. Later Music is Global stop’s off in Copenhagen Denmark for a conversation with Super Producer Jimmy Antony about his life and his hit record with Super star ICE CUBE and end this JOY ride with a very interesting man Mr. Enitan O. Bereola 2 who has changed how manners and dress of men and women can be very important to his or her success in life. ART is here enjoy it !


Fame The Experience

KL Allan Creative Director Twitter: perfectpopular Instagram: klperfectpopulation

William M Floyd Art Director Twitter: kingpopdesign Instagram kingpopdesign

Art Issue 6 New in Atlanta 8 Mobile Photography 24 Oakland Cemetery 30 Phoenix 24 F.A.M.E Captured 26 Dream Dance 32 Music is Global 34 BEREOLAESQUE

Dream Dance With model/dancer eliza windle F.a.m.e the experience art issue By Jennifer Yllander



Fame The Experience

New Again in Atlanta By: Han Vance

One of Pablo Picasso’s famous faces overlooks the basement gallery at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, amongst several other noteworthy new acquisitions. On my weekly sojourn to the leading art museum in the Southeastern USA, where I have been an active member for years, I found Picasso perfectly placed near newly acquired works by Willem de Kooning and Radcliffe Bailey. Little known fact because it works so well to encapsulate the surging rush associated with the contemplation of significant art pieces: “High” is actually a personal family name stamped on the Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta art space by the family who once lived there. In 1983, architect Richard Meier built the modern building of the museum, a shock white outer space age open atrium architectural marvel signaling the moneyed cultural arrival of the urban Deep South. Unparalleled greater metro area growth starting in the late 1980s and then the 1996 Centennial Olympic boom saw Atlanta outgrow the museum’s capacity relatively quickly. Deferential architect Renzo Piano undertook a major expansion project completed in 2005, working as a compliment to rather than an outshining of the existing Meier construct, while Meier had bloomed into a so called “Starchitect” with the massive multi-billion dollar Getty Center in Los Angeles, a West Coast favorite of mine for its sprawling physical magnificence and setting more than its extensive collections on display. The Getty is always free to all visitors, by the way. The High Museum exhibits only a small fraction of its owned pieces at any one time and does a nice job of mixing in varied types of traveling and unique site-specific shows, rotating the stored and displayed pieces frequently enough that I see something new every week. Here, in a level far below the crowd crush of current main attractions, three diverse and each in-their-own-right fabled artists shone as brightly as the Southern sun beaming through a nearby window: The great Picasso, a one-word brand, the wellrespected Willem de Kooning and the lesser known yet acclaimed Radcliffe Bailey. Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), the cubist Spanish painter who lived most of his life in France, still probably best known for the war painting Guernica. Willem de Kooning (1904-1997), the Netherlands born hard drinking, heavy stroking “painter’s painter” of the New York School of American abstract expressionism (a post-WWII group which included Jackson Pollock). And a man I know personally, Radcliffe Bailey (born 1968 in New Jersey), the first Atlantan to have a major solo exhibition at the High with his stellar Memory as Medicine show in 2011. Bailey, a graduate of Atlanta College of Art, is a contemporary painter, sculptor and installation artist working in mixed media. He is a product of personal and cultural history, like you.


Photographed by 8 Jimmy Fame TheAponte Experience

Camera Phone Shots Born and raised in New York, Jimmy captures an abstract point of view of the city. A leader in design, development, and the distribution of still Photographs, Mr Aponte’s road to photography wasn’t straight forward. With a zig zag trip across the arts; he has expressed his raw talent of creating over all. Shortly after attending BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) Jimmy started his 1st company, Laugh Fiend Productions; writing & producing shows in and around the New York City area. Jimmy has provided production management services for more than five years through Laughfiend. Hosting and organizing comedy stand up tours at colleges and universities as well as nonprofit organizations. In 2004 while working for a production, Jimmy was given a camera to document behind the scenes; which is when the photo bug bit him. Shortly after he fell in love with photography. A Fine Arts Photographer who documents various city topics, Jimmy holds a substantial high reputation in the New York City Art industry and now expanding.


NEW YORK CITY!!! Photographed by Jimmy Aponte

featured event

10 Fame The Experience

“Solemn City” Jessica Wiley

Photographed by Jimmy Aponte


Photographed by 12Jimmy Fame TheAponte Experience

Photographed by Jimmy Aponte


14 Fame The Experience

Model: Krista Gibson Photographer: Travis Christian Hair: Rawsuga, Leonitia Moore MUA Visage By Naomi : Naomi Millin-Shepherd, Alexandra Shay Monae Wardrobe: Kl Allen


Model: Krista Gibson Ashleigh Yllander Photographer: Travis Christian Hair: Rawsuga, Leonitia Moore MUA Visage By Naomi : Naomi Millin-Shepherd, Alexandra Shay Monae Wardrobe: Kl Allen

16 Fame The Experience

Model: C. Johnson Martinez Photographer: Travis Christian Hair: Rawsuga Hair: Leonitia Moore MUA Visage By Naomi : Naomi Millin-Shepherd, Alexandra Shay Monae Wardrobe: Kl Allen


“Solemn City� Dede the Model

Model: Naomi Moriah Nicole Photographer: Westhaven model management MUA: Dustin Lazenby Wardrobe: Jennifer Yllander stylist and coordinator

18 Fame The Experience

Atlanta’s Historical Graveyard

Oakland Cemetery


Model: Tyler Simone Photographer: Westhaven model management MUA: Mallory Thompson Wardrobe: Jennifer Yllander stylist and coordinator

20 Fame The Experience

Model: Krista Gibson Photographer: Westhaven model management MUA: Stephanie Liguez Wardrobe: Jennifer Yllander stylist and coordinator


Model: Radical Phoenixx Photographer: JR Jones (JR Jones Photography) Art Director /MUA: Radical Phoenixx Andrea Clair-Fisher for XCL Productions Hair Stylist: Camille Heath for Serene’s Beauty Suite Prop/Set Design: Tarik Morgan / Radical Phoenixx for XCL Productions Set Manager/ Creative Stylist : Andrea Clair-Fisher for XCL Productions

22 Fame The Experience


24 Fame The Experience

Model: June Key, C. Johnson Martinez J Jelisa Williams Photographer: Travis Christian Hair: Rawsuga Hair: Leonitia Moore MUA Visage By Naomi : Naomi Millin-Shepherd, Alexandra Shay Monae Wardrobe: Kl Allen


Dream Dance Photographed by Derek Hightower

26 Fame The Experience

Model: Eliza Windle Creative Director: William M Floyd Photographer: Derek Hightower Hair and MUA; Mallory Thompson Wardrobe: Jennifer Yllander


28 Fame The Experience

Elegance Photographed by Derek Hightower



30 Fame The Experience



Music Is Global Jimmy Antony Danish producer Jimmy Antony is a man of few words. He is also a man deeply motivated to create authentic music for the generations on an international scale. Antony shares his past, present and future plans on the horizon. He was born into a musical world his father was the creator of the Danish soccer-national anthem but his entertainment life had humble beginnings which to this day keeps him grounded and focused on honing his craft and building on his success. His tenacity for making beats from scratch has created fans outside of his home city of Copenhagen. After working hard and building relationships with some key industry players he is finally going international with his brand. Not so long ago he received a phone call that would change his life. This is his story: 1. Being that your father created the Danish national soccer-anthem; what kind of perks and privileges came from that. ( I.E. Did you receive a lifetime field pass to all the soccer games)

32 Fame The Experience

None what so ever! Ironically, I never been a fan of soccer but my father was, and would drag me to a lot of the games. But overall, we remained the same citizens of

Copenhagen as my family expected. We received no special treatment and we were not considered celebrities at all. At a point, if someone did mention it, I found it kind of embarrassing. 2. Your mixing technique and skill was developed organic and authentically due to the fact, technology wasn’t as advanced back in the 90’s. What criticism do you have on today’s generation of mixers, beat makers, Producers or Dj’s? I have no criticism honestly; technology has developed in a way that you can create anything you want from the comfort of your own home. Young producers today have a different technique when it comes to mixing; most of them don’t need the background for learning the techniques that I had to learn to be successful. I used to record on tape- which could take all night. If something went wrong, you would have to rewind the tape and redo it all over again. Today you can record a chorus and copy it from A to B. But nevertheless everything overtime especially technology changes so rapidly that even musical veterans have to adapt to stay successful. 3. YOU begin to lose interest in the music business during your career; what was the cause of this? Things began to move extremely fast around the early 2000s. Due to the fact that people could record and create music without a professional studio or engineer; the market became flooded. For example, YouTube gave everyone an opportunity to be an artist or a producer without being signed or having a record deal. It seemed to create a forged race of competition in music. That troubled me tremendously, and at that point in time I couldn’t predict where the music business was actually heading. 4. Describe how you got your big break. What sort of events led you into this specific moment of success? My big break was when I got word that Ice Cube was going to use one of my tracks for the Oakland Raiders NFL season of 2012. My manager, Willer of Solid Productions used to work with Ice Cube during the NWA era. Being Danish as well, he kept close ties with Danish producers like myself. Eventually it gave me the opportunity to become connected


BEREOLAESQUE Enitan Bereola II has taken the boring concept of manners and made it beautiful, again! He penned “BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate,” and in a short moment, has garnered the interest of celebrities and pop-culture alike.

34 Fame The Experience

As an award-winning, two-time bestselling author, celebrity ghostwriter, speaker, etiquette impresario, producer, Beverly Hill’s relationship advice columnist, Soul Train columnist and Essence Magazine relationship advice contributor, his voice reaches generations. Bereola has worked on projects with Hill Harper, Meagan Good, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Michelle Williams, Bryan-Michael Cox & more. He’s exercised his etiquette on FOX News and dished dating advice to NBC Niteside, BET and MTV-u. His writing has been discussed on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show and he’s been featured on the covers of Equanimity, American Dreaming Magazine and Detroit’s Front Page. The author was selected as one of BLACK ENTERPRISE Magazine’s Young & Bold Business Leaders and has been deemed a History Maker by the HistoryMakers’ national organization. He recently paired up with Beats By Dre’s “Show Your Color” campaign to spread his gentleman message as well as Jay-Z

and Steve Stoute’s Translation, LLC advertising & marketing company. Most importantly, Mr. Bereola believes in giving back. He has partnered with the Alice E. Foster Scholarship Program through the San Jose Links, Inc. who sponsors scholarships for high school graduates exiting the foster care system. He is also partnered with Autism Speaks through American Dreaming Magazine who donates 100% of profits from POP displays at retailers. The author has adopted his former high school – Piedmont Hills, to contribute 20% of his Barnes & Noble book sales to help fund student programs. Bereola has been a keynote speaker and panelist at over 50 colleges & universities. He’s been invited to speak at Harvard, Stanford and Tufts. The book is a required part of Bermuda College and Kansas State University’s curriculum. Enitan is currently touring the U.S. & abroad teaching men how to become contemporary gentlemen and women how to become gentlewomen. He’s set to release part II of his Bereolaesque Series entitled, “GENTLEWOMAN.”


36 Fame The Experience

Art Issue  

The Art Issue takes the reader on a visual ride leading off with photos by NYC resident photographer Jimmy Aponte later taking you through t...

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