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Michelle Francis

I am therefore honored to be a part of the Royale Computers & Accessories team that is strategically making a difference and improving the lives of Jamaicans. Whether it is through our philanthropic efforts to those in need or simply delighting our customers by going above and beyond to satisfy their expectations, our dynamic team will make it happen. We have always been and will continue to be committed to excellence with a zealous passion for growth.

Today, we are proud to say we have grown significantly over the past 20 years offering Retail Store Manager & Customer Relations Officer the widest range of technology-driven Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without products island wide, catering to all your continual growth and progress, such technology needs through our three (3) words as improvement, achievement retail locations and meeting the needs of the business community through our new and success have no meaning”. Business Solutions Division. able to achieve our goals. They have given us the opportunity to venture into all aspects of the computer and gaming world as we seek to satisfy their needs. As you continue to shop with us, we would like to say how much we appreciate you and pray that you also will grow from strength to strength and achieve your goals. To our hardworking staff; thank you for staying the journey. I really appreciate the rapport and comradeship we Store Manager - Long Service Employee share daily, without you working It is indeed a pleasure and privilege alongside me the present result would to share in the 20th Anniversary not have been possible. Ecclesiastes c e l e b r a t i o n o f t h i s v e r y n o b l e 9:11, “the race is not for the swift Enterprise; Royale Computers & nor the battle for the strong, but for those who can endure”, endure as Accessories. a good soldier and you will reap the I recall being a part of the start- benefits as you continue this journey. up team in November 2001 with a staff compliment of approximately 8 To o u r d e d i c a t e d D i r e c t o r s , persons. At that time, the focus was congratulations on a job well done! on CD’s, DVD’s, Computers, parts Thank you for taking me on this and accessories, game consoles and wonderful journey. My CEO once accessories and a technical area. In said to me, “you are too young to later years we gained momentum retire” and I responded “I will be and grew by adding more products, here as long as I’m able”. That’s a brands, services, retail locations and promise I plan to keep. a corporate office. I am happy that over the years, I can

Pauline Long

We could not have done any of this without our valued customers who have played an important part in this journey. Without them we would not be

call Royale Computers & Accessories my family away from home. Thank you very much and God bless you all.


Throughout the years, our company has become more robust and efficient than ever before. I am pleased to say that there have been major changes in the way we do business, such as, a wider variety of products and services, increased selection of brands and improved customer relations. As we continue to grow from strength to strength, we look forward to consistently exceeding expectations and making Royale Computers & Accessories the number 1 household name for technology. As we all take time to express gratitude to our customers and team members and to celebrate the past 20 years, we look to the years that lie ahead with great hope and enthusiasm.