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Royal Day Spa Treatment Ă la carte

Treatment Ă la carte My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that Royal present to you their treatment Ă  la carte. Here at Royal, as you would expect, we offer only the highest quality freshly made products within our treatments. All of which are high performance, clean or organic with no unnatural preservatives or petrochemicals whatsoever. Our treatment times are generous to include adequate consultation and relaxation time.

The Royal Password This allows you use of all the facilities at Royal Day Spa for five dreamy long hours including; the salt water swimming pool, Moor Mud infused Jacuzzi, Crystal Mist steam room and sauna, relaxation in the Bedroom area with complimentary tea, fruit platter, cordial, and a variety of lifestyle literature and magazines. £90.00 • 5 hours

The Password Express For those who like to indulge regularly or genuinely just don’t have the time for the full Royal Password, the Express allows you two hours using Royal Day Spa’s facilities - still plenty of time to indulge in a full treatment or why not try a few express treatments? £45.00 • 2 hours

The Plus Size Password For the ultimate in indulgence, this allows you use of all the facilities at Royal Day Spa for eight dreamy long hours, also includes complimentary gown and towel hire, fruit platter and a Royal Drain massage. £150.00 • 8 hours

Day Guest Visiting Times Arrival times start at 9am and continue half hourly thereafter. Please note it is important to arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment with concierge to allow time to be signed in and given the Royal tour. On departure please don’t forget to sign out. Due to Royal Day Spa’s popularity advance booking is essential. Please call our Royal Concierge on 01892 616 191 or visit to arrange your day.

Red Carpet Treatment For the ultimate in spa experiences truly fit for Kings or Queens, we offer the exclusive use of the Spa and therapists. Our private spa evenings are an excellent way to celebrate a special one on one evening or exclusive party, or perhaps corporate entertainment never to be forgotten. Packages can be tailored for your specific requirements, just contact our Concierge to discuss. Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 pm until 1:30 am

Private Spa Evening Example Starting price £2,500. Maximum people attending 30 This includes 2 therapists offering 10 hours of your choice of treatments, 5 bottles of bubbly, complete take over of the sound-system and a member of the Concierge team to make sure your event goes Royally. This works out at only £100 per head based on 25 people sharing.

Royal Face Here at Royal we use our own very special in-house facial style and products, based on Ko Bi Do – a Japanese finger walking and lymph drainage technique. The treatments are bespoke to each guest and include an initial skin diagnosis. Using crystals hand picked for their individual healing qualities, results are dramatic and regular treatments are recommended. All include a tension releasing neck and shoulder massage and the choice of either a scalp or arm and hand massage whilst your mask is on. Our therapists all study Reiki and our products are freshly made, so you will leave feeling as calm as you look.

Ones Calendar Is Sooo Busy

Queen Mother To Princess

Majesties under pressure? Ahhh, never mind, come to Royal and let us soothe your troubled brow. This nourishing and relaxing facial combined with a good sleep in our bedroom and you’ll feel a new monarch. Releasing tension built up in your neck and shoulders letting you drift away and forget your royal duties (until tomorrow at least). This is an excellent mid-month maintenance treatment or add-on to our techno treatments.

Feeling in need of a lift? Plump, cleanse or relax for that matter. This is the crème de la crème of face treatments and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

£66.00 • 40 minutes

Fairy Godmother A renewing, luxurious and relaxing facial using preparations to hydrate, soften and soothe the skin. Calms and nourishes all skin types.You’ll be ready to attend the ball by the end and unlike Cinders, the effects will last way past midnight. £98.00 • 80 minutes

Therapist recommendation: Oxy add-on

The Happy Prince One for the Kings and Prince’s only. This relaxing, toning and deep cleansing treatment is personalized for your particular skin type and needs, giving you an experience you’ll long remember, unlike the football score which you’d rather forget! £98.00 • 80 minutes Therapist recommendation: Microdermabrasion

Starting with a head, neck and shoulder massage along with a preparation cleanse, Collagen gel is applied with a non-surgical face-lift to tighten and lift the skins appearance through stimulation of the facial muscles. A fine layer of cleansing particles are sprayed onto the face, opening pores and breaking down dirt, whilst a second action vacuums away any dead skin and debris. Omega 3 oil is then massaged into the face, neck and shoulders and skin is cleansed with the Ko Bi Do technique. Oxygen is now used to push Hyaluronic Acid deep into the derma layers of the skin with a jet of 98% pure oxygen, encouraging the face to plump and push out wrinkles and fine lines. An energising mask is then applied and while you decide on a foot or hand massage, you are treated to inhaling 98% pure oxygen to really kick start your skin cell regeneration. Each: £200.00 • 3 hours Course of five: £900.00 • 3 hours each The full results of this amazing facial will not be seen until the following day. To start with a course of five treatments within three weeks is advised and maintenance there after every 4-6 weeks.

The Ko Bi Do express No time for the full Royal treatment? This deep cleanse can’t be rushed but only takes 20 minutes and can be performed in a seated position to leave one’s bouffant unruffled. Including all the ancient Ko Bi Do techniques of finger-walking and stacking, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation to encourage cell renewal and facial muscle toning. Leave looking ready for your next Royal engagement. £46.00 • 20 minutes

I’m Ready For My Close-up

Haughty Royal

An eyelash tint is applied in the colour of your choice, brown through to blue black. Lasting for up to six weeks, great for holidays or your close-up! Eyebrow tint also available. Patch test required 24 hours before treatment.

Of course to get the full withering effect you need when raising the royal eyebrow you need them to be perfectly shaped, no stragglers allowed. A 20 minute eyebrow session, waxing or tweezing available.

£29.00 • 15 minutes

£29.00 • 15 minutes

Treatment Add-ons Feeling in need of some extra TLC? Then why not customise your facial with one or more of these therapeutic add-ons.


Muscle Stimulation

£46.00 • 20 minutes (face) £66.00 • 40 minutes (body)

£46.00• 20 minutes

Oxygen 2 areas £46.00 • 20 minutes

Hopi Ear Candles £49.50 • 30 minutes

Royal Massage The Crown

Royal Drain

An invigorating yet relaxing face, head, neck and shoulder massage, great for tension, or a stiff neck (that’s draughty castles for you).

This detoxifying massage incorporates lymph drainage techniques which help in the removal of toxins and excess water from the body, making it function more efficiently. This treatment is especially beneficial for those dieting or on a detoxification program.

£49.50 • 30 minutes

Therapist recommendation: Hopi Ear Candles

£84.00 • 60 minutes

Tiara Treat Relax whilst one of Royal’s award winning therapists treat you with a head neck and shoulder massage, that includes pressure points, deep tissue movements and amethyst crystal application. £33.00 • 15 minutes

Overdone The Polo A much firmer type of massage using special ‘deep tissue’ techniques to concentrate on specific problem areas. Highly recommended for sports people or those with chronic muscle tension. £84.00 • 60 minutes

Hippy Royal Reiki is a hands off energy based bodywork that combines intention and focus to encourage wellness. £84.00 • 20-60 minutes Please note, the time for this treatment may vary depending on the clients individual needs

Stoned Royal Comfortably hot basalt stones are placed along the spine to warm the muscles of your back, while your therapist uses a base oil and more hand-held hot stones. A wonderful way to feel full of energy and tension free. £110.00 • 90 minutes

A Chink In Your Armour This treatment is bespoke to your liking, from feather-light to deep-tissue, from head massage to foot or anywhere in between. Crown Jewels excluded. The choice is yours.... £66.00 • 40 minutes

The Queen Mama A complete body massage, using specific prenatal techniques to help relax, increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce excess water retention. £84.00 • 60 minutes

Oily Royal Warmed organic oils are massaged into the skin to moisturise devitalised skin, along with warm compresses and heat applied to encourage deeper penetration. Great for weather beaten and post pregnancy skin. £84.00 • 60 minutes


Ladies In Waiting

The Ayurvedic name for this treatment is ‘Shirodhara‘, warm herbal oils are poured in a steady stream on the forehead followed by a head, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. It relaxes the nervous system helping insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

Need extra special hands on attention? This treatment sees two perfectly synchronized therapists simultaneously stroke away stresses and strains. Ideal for those members of the court who think they have experienced everything. After all, two pairs of hands are better than one.

£84.00 • 60 minutes

£150.00 • 65 minutes

Luxe Rajah As with the Rajah, the Shirodhara is used. Herbal oils are applied from the base of the neck down the spine and massaged into the back, neck and scalp, finishing with a Shirodhara application to the forehead. The blissful ritual then culminates with a bath. £112.50 • 90 minutes

Smelly Royal Body Our signature treatment. Designed in house combining our tissue relaxing massage with aromatherapy, and our exclusive facial. The massage is gentle in touch to relax the tissue around the muscle allowing any tension held to simply melt away… Whilst the facial employs Ko Bi Do and Reiki with our clean skin care products to make your skin glow, from inside as well as out. A full sensory journey for the mind and body and our most popular treatment by far. £150.00 • 2 hours

The Royal Day Spa Ritual This is a head-to-toe treat to brighten the skin, relax the body and calm the mind. Commencing with a callous removing foot file, cuticle treatment for fingers and toes and a simple shape where needed. Next, the skin is treated to an exfoliating body brush to gently roll away dead skin and invigorate the new. This is followed by a full body deep tissue massage to relax the muscles with therapeutic oils and culminating with our in-house Ko Bi Do facial to complete the lymphatic drainage and leave you glowing inside and out. The full works! £250.00 • 80 minutes

Royal Body Treatments Salty Royal

The Glastonbury

Guerande sea salt is combined with peppermint and sweet almond oils to provide a fantastic exfoliation and skin polishing treatment. Afterwards, a light massage with a nurturing body oil to give you a glowing finish and skin so smooth you’ll slide off the treatment bed.

We can’t supply the festival but we can supply the mud. A gentle, naturally deep cleansing mud face and body pack, with optional hair mask, is applied which purifies and detoxifies whilst easing painful joints and calming the nervous system, you’ll then be cossetted in an activating sheet, followed by a bath and then a light massage with therapeutic body lotion.

£84.00 • 60 minutes

£150.00 • 2 hours

The Emperors New Clothes A light exfoliating body brushing treatment to encourage cell regeneration and promote circulation. Body brushing gently rolls away dry skin and provides new found nutrients to tired bodies. Followed by an application of therapeutic body oil. For best results indulge regularly... £66.00 • 40 minutes

The Hazy Lazy treatment (Also known as Moroccan Mist) In your own time, this self-administered treatment, completely relaxes and rehydrates with a divine aloe body mask infused with the headiest of organic French Lavender. This treatment includes a visit to either the Crystal mist steam room or Swedish sauna, the decision is completely yours on the day. £33.00 • In your own time

The Royal Mint Heads and tails! Reveal a new you to the kingdom with an invigorating sea-salt and peppermint scrub to uncover one’s gleaming new skin. Followed by a body mask infused with zesty essential oils to waken the mind. Then off to the steam room to really start things cooking! Rinse and relax with an aromatherapy massage. Beware of imitations. £150.00 • 2 hours

Royal Wave Shaking hands, waving at the subjects, hiding behind them to avoid paparazzi, your hands are open to scrutiny. You could of course opt for gloves but here at Royal we think the Minx manicure is perfect, but if you are a traditionalist paint is catered for too.

You May Kiss My Hand This luxury manicure starts with filing the nails and tidying the cuticles, your hands will be scrubbed and softened using a mask and warm mitts. You can then sit back and enjoy a relaxing hand and forearm massage before your nails are buffed or Minxed to perfection. £98.00 • 80 minutes

Little Minx

Squeaky Queen

Minx is a revolutionary new way to apply colour to ones nails. Less toxic than paints and enamels without the nasty smell or risk of annoying smudge. A world of designs and finishes are quite literally at your finger tips.

A lovely forearm and hand massage with cuticle removal and a natural buffed shine to the nails to help you show off all your royal jewels beautifully £33.00 • 15 minutes

£66.00 • 40 minutes

Treatment Add-ons Don’t let your hands give away your age, treat your mitts as you would your face with these add-ons:

Microdermabrasion For Hands

Oxygen For Hands

£19.00 • 10 minutes

£22.00 • 10 minutes

Royal Tootsies I Don’t Do Flats...

The Glass Slipper Remedy

But even if you do this deluxe pedicure will be perfect for you, a facial for your feet, they’ll be clipped and filed, buffed, scrubbed, massaged and pummelled, heat treated then either naturally polished or Minxed for colour.

They do have a tendency to pinch, whip them off and have your tired aching feet and legs revitalised with a blissful soothing massage using aromatic oils. £74.00 • 45 minutes

£98.00 • 80 minutes

Royal Basic Please remember that this treatment is a Royal Basic, and not a basic basic, perish the idea that we would offer anything basic. Your toenails will be filed, cuticles cleaned and an application of Minx in your choice of colour or design applied. Your toes are now Côte d’Azur ready. £66.00 • 40 minutes

Tired Tootsies Relief A foot massage starting with a deodorizing cleanse then dreamy foot specific oils massaged into your toes to relive them from those pinching glass slippers £33.00 • 15 minutes

Royal Waxing Obviously waxing is a necessary evil, however here at Royal we try to make it as pain free as we can using Tea Tree wax or Hot Wax for bikini and more sensitive areas.

Half Leg

Full Leg

£29.00 • 20 minutes

£50.00 • 40 minutes


Extended Bikini

£29.00 • 20 minutes

£50.00 • 40 minutes



£29.00 • 20 minutes

£50.00 • 40 minutes

Lip and Chin


£29.00 • 20 minutes

£50.00 • 40 minutes

Waxing should be avoided if you are using Retin-A, Accutane or any Keratolytic medications, nor should sunburned or recently laser peeled skin be waxed.

Picnic Time at Royal For lunch or afternoon tea choose from a selection of picnics designed exclusively for Royal Day Spa that are locally sourced, seasonal and organic wherever possible. When booking please inform the concierge of any special dietary requirements. This is a sample menu. Menus change dependant on the season and to keep things interesting for our regular Royal Subjects.



oyal Breakfast

For the early bird, try our yummy Royal Breakfast. This includes a fresh smoothie, delicious pastries, and a healthy yoghurt, fruit and granola crunch. Coffee and a selection of teas are also available.

£14.00 per person

Picnic Lunch


andwich Picnic

A selection of delicious finger sandwiches. Fresh Greek salad: tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives & feta cheese, with a citrus dressing. Pimms cake. (A sweet taste of summer). Handmade lemon shortbread. £14.00 per person


oyal Picnic

A choice of chargrilled chicken breast, marinated in lemon, sage & thyme. Plus black forest ham OR Roast salmon fillet, with Garlic & herb king prawns OR Summer vegetable & parmesan frittata. Greek salad: tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives & feta cheese, with a citrus dressing. New potato salad with saffron mayonnaise. French bean & Broad bean salad with a fresh rocket pesto. Fresh spiced Hummus. Handmade rosemary & garlic focaccia. Summer berry Eaton Mess, with rose cream.

£20.00 per person


haring Picnic

Chargrilled chicken breast, marinated in lemon, sage & thyme. Plus Black forest ham. Roast salmon fillet, with garlic & herb king prawns. Summer vegetable & parmesan frittata. Fresh Greek Salad: tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives, & feta cheese, with a citrus dressing. French bean & Broad bean salad, with a fresh rocket pesto. Aubergine caviar. Handmade rosemary & garlic focaccia. Summer berry Eaton Mess, with rose cream. Handmade lemon short bread. £60.00 for two

Afternoon Tea


igh Tea For Me

Selection of delicious finger sandwiches. Earl grey scented vanilla cake. Handmade lemon shortbread. Chocolate lavender cake. Salted caramel & nut petit fours.

£14.00 per person

ea For Two

Selection of delicious finger sandwiches. Earl grey scented vanilla cake. Handmade lemon shortbread. Chocolate lavender cake. Salted caramel & nut petit fours. Strawberry conserve, clotted cream & hand baked brown sugar mascarpone scones. £20.00 per person


ot To Be Scoffed At

Selection of delicious finger sandwiches. Earl grey scented vanilla cake. Handmade lemon shortbread. Chocolate lavender cake. Salted caramel & nut petit fours. Strawberry conserve, clotted cream & Hand baked brown sugar mascarpone scones. Handmade sausage rolls. Hand baked vintage cheddar cheese twists. Half or full bottle of Vintage Cava.

£60.00 for two with a half bottle of bubbly £100.00 for four with a full bottle of bubbly


dd-on bubbly

A glass of Royal Bubbles - £6.00

Membership Packages Local? Even if you’re not, Royal Day Spa has a membership to suit you. All memberships are excellent value for money and make a lovely gift for a loved one or go on, why not treat yourself‌

Full membership includes A Royal welcome

Five treatment rooms Use of The Bedroom area

With towels and flip flops

The Ballroom

Complimentary Sunday brunch

With complimentary tisanes, cordial and organic fruit

The Coastal Room

Luxury changing rooms

Swim in our slate salt water pool and try our salt and moor mud jacuzzi

Including complimentary use of Balance Me and Aromatherapy Associates product ranges

Hamam Suite

Lifestyle presentations, bespoke events and Sunday brunch

With Limestone and Crystal steam room and sauna

Exclusive access to our online

You are welcome to bring a guest to these events

Members Area including:

Notice board

Exclusive discounts


For more information on membership please ask our concierge for a membership application form. Membership packages are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Daily updates and news from Royal including any class changes, maintenance announcements or last minute appointments that might be available.

Access an archive of our newsletters.

Including 25% off Tempur mattresses and a 10% discount at Kitch clothing amongst many more. (Terms and conditions apply)

Spa Etiquette Strict Arrival Times

Bedroom area

When booking with us your appointment starts with a booked arrival time. Please arrive promptly. Failure to do so means you may lose your whole booking. And we don’t want that now do we!

The Bedroom area is for relaxation and serious sleepers. Please be quiet at all times in this area. Tea and cordial provided in this area are complimentary.

Departure Times

Terms & Conditions

You are allocated 2, 5 or 8 hours within the spa from the time of booked arrival. Please check-out on or within this time. A £90 charge is payable for over-runners.

Vouchers and spa treatments are non refundable or transferable.

Credit card details

Vouchers must be honoured by third party prior to booked in date.

Details of a credit card will be taken on arrival, per party as security for all gowns, towels, locker keys, flip-flops etc. Charges are: £20 per item not checked back in. Please return all items when checking out.

Footwear Outdoor shoes are not permitted within the Spa.You are welcome to bring your own indoor flip-flops, or borrow a pair from Royal for use throughout your day with us. Flip-flops must be worn at all times in wet areas. Indoor only trainers must be used in fitness areas.

Sauna, Steam room and Swimming pool Male and female swimwear must be worn at all times in these areas.

Towels and Gowns One towel and gown are hired out at £5 per guest for the duration of your stay unless otherwise stated within your day package.

Swimwear You may wish to bring more than one swimming costume if you are receiving treatments.

No cash alternative or refund is offered. Vouchers will not be extended.

Vouchers expire and must be booked before 3 months after purchase date.You will be able to redeem your day at RDS up to 8 months after purchase date as long as booking has taken place within the 3 month term. Booking must be made within three months after the purchase date, after this point the voucher is expired and not bookable. Royal will accept bookings made within voucher expiry date to be booked into diary up to 6 months from purchase date. Expect to book at least 12 weeks in advance. All bookings are strictly subject to availability. limited spaces are available per day. Cancelations within 72 hours will be charged at full price. Members are allowed to frequent Royal Day Spa between any of their opening hours. Doors will be closed 1 hour prior to spa close. All members and day guests need to be within the spa prior to this time, and will be given a 20 minute notice from Royal staff to enable them to change before closing. All Day Guests, whether spa day or member’s guest must have a Royal Password that is within date.

Getting To Us Our Address Royal Day Spa, 12 Vale Road, Post Office Square, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. For Sat Navs our postcode is TN11BP. For those of us still using maps please note we are Vale Road Tunbridge Wells, not Southborough.

By Car

By Train

The closest car park is situated on Vale Avenue (Torrington car park), just off the A26 (London Road). Please ensure that you have change for the car park.

Tunbridge Wells Train Station is easily accessed from London (Charing Cross, Waterloo, London Bridge) and Hastings.

Car Park Prices are currently: 4 hours - £3.00. full day - £9.00 Turn right from the pedestrian exit onto Vale Road, we are on the right.

From Tunbridge Wells Train Station, if exiting from Platform 1 turn left out of the station then right onto Vale Road. From Platform 2, exit onto Mount Pleasant Road, turn right and follow the road round to the right.

We look forward to welcoming you

Church Road




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Car Park

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Royal Day Spa

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Grov e Hill




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Clarence Road



Mount Pleasant Road

You will find us on Vale Road, behind the big red doors next to the zebra crossing. For entry, please dial 100 and press the bell symbol.




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Royal Day Spa, 12 Vale Road, Post Office Square, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN11BP 01892 616 191 - - RDS-pricelist_2010_A5_1-v14-WEB


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