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2009/10 P A R A D I S E

Tr avel Documentation: Your passport has to be valid at least 6 months beyond your anticipated return date. A visa is not required for entry into Fiji if you are travelling on an Australian, US or UK passport. Please check visa requirements for all other nationalities. Please note that all health, passport and visa requirements are your responsibility. Time Zone: Fiji is located on the Western side of the International Date line. This means that when guests fly from the US they will cross over it and “lose a day�. Fiji operates on Greenwich mean time plus twelve hours. Weather: Fiji has a mild tropical climate throughout the year with refreshing sea breezes to keep you comfortable. Temperatures range from low 70F to the High 90F (20C-32C) depending on the season. Water temperature in Fiji averages 78F (26C) year round. All accommodation on Royal Davui have ceiling fans as well as air conditioners and a private plunge pool. Water and Electricity: Royal Davui obtains fresh water from a natural spring located on Beqa Island which is piped to the island. Purified water is available for guests throughout the resort. Electrical generators on the island provide 240volt AC with all the power points on the island being 3 prong (the same as Australia and New Zealand). For your convenience, the bathrooms are fitted with 110 volt shaver plugs as well as 240v hair dryers. We recommend bringing adaptors for any electronics that do not fit the outlets in the villas.

What to pack: Royal Davui Fiji is a relaxed casual resort, with dress being informal. Most guests dress a little more formal for even meals (ties or jackets are not required). We recommend you pack shorts, cotton shirts, sundresses, swim suits and a pair of rubber soled shoes or reef walkers if you are want to explore the coral. During our cooler months (Jun – Aug) you may want to pack some warmer clothes as dining is generally outdoors. Fiji’s sun can be strong, therefore we also suggest you bring sun glasses and sun screen. Same day Valet Laundry is available on the island. Pool/Beach Towels are provided on the island. Excess Luggage: Whilst minimal luggage is required for a remote island vacation, we understand that some of our guests are on a multicountry trip. Excess Luggage can be stored at Nadi Airport for a fee. There is a left luggage office near the domestic departure lounge. Alternatively Royal Davui can arrange to have your luggage brought to the island by car/boat for a fee. Luggage Restriction: Seats are booked automatically when your reservation is confirmed, tickets are not required. Due to our remote location there is a strict 20kg (44lb)pp bag weight limit on luggage. Luggage can not exceed 28cm x 70cm x 100cm (11.25” x 29” x 40”) in size or 20kg (44lbs) in weight in order to be stowed for the flight, soft bags are recommended for ease of stowage. Due to civil aviation regulations, liquids in excess of 500ml can not be carried on the aircraft.

Daily Flight/Launch: Royal Davui Operates two daily transfers from Nadi Airport. If you are unsure of the times you are booked please contact Guests are required to check in at the Pacific Sun counter in the domestic terminal no later than 30 mins prior to departure time. MORNING PLANE/LAUNCH SCHEDULE 0930hrs departs Nadi Airport 1100hrs arrives Royal Davui Island

AFTERNOON PLANE/LAUNCH SCHEDULE 1630hrs departs Nadi Airport 1800hrs arrives Royal Davui Island

0930hrs departs Royal Davui Island 1100hrs arrives Nadi Airport BOOKING CODE RD01

1600hrs departs Royal Davui Island 1730hrs arrives Nadi Airport BOOKING CODE RD02

Charter Flight/Launch: In addition to the daily services guests are able to charter a plane in order to tailor their travel plans. Charters are subject to availability. Guests are required to check in at the Air Fiji counter in the domestic terminal no later than 30 mins prior to departure time. Charter Road/Launch: Royal Davui is also accessible via a 3 hour scenic drive along Fiji’s coastline to Pacific Harbour followed by the 30 min boat ride to the island. Guests are met at the International Arrivals Hall. Airport Map: A map of the Nadi Airport is on the back page of this leaflet. We recommend printing it out prior to travel for helping locate the domestic terminal.

Nadi Airport Baggage Claim

Arrivals Hall

Info Desk

International Check In Domestic Check In

Royal Davui Charter Car Meeting Point

Important Numbers. Please have a copy of these numbers somewhere incase you need to contact the resort for assistance with transfers. Please note the reception is open from 730am - 8pm Resort: + 679 3307090

Royal Davui Island Resort, Fiji Transfers  

Royal Davui Island Resort, Fiji ~ Transfers

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