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The Weekly—Front of House Communication

Thursday, July 11 2019

Museum Updates for the week 07.12.2019—07.18.2019

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Indigenous Summer Arts Studio Program

Indigenous Summer Arts Studio Program


Symphony Splash Volunteer Opportunities


Behind the Scenes: Mammal Matters Update


Discovery Box




Museum Highlights in Pictures


Digital Outreach for Seniors


Upcoming Events and tours 4

The summer arts studio program showcases working Indigenous artists and is a great opportunity for visitors to learn cultural practices from the artists in residence. The program also provides a venue for young and emerging artists to be mentored by established artists. This program will run Wednesdays to Fridays, 10am to 5pm until September 13.

been painting murals since 2010 and worked on phase 2 of the Unity Wall project at Ogden Point. An additional artist will join Jesse Campbell in the art studio and we will announce their name by Tuesday, July 16.

From July 10—12 local carvers Travis Peal and Joselyn Williams will be on site. Their detailed biographies can be found at the information desk and on the notice board outside the volunteer lounge.

Top photo: Travis Peal Left photo: Joselyn Williams

Next week from July 17—19 emerging Metis/Cree visual artist Jesse Campbell will be here. Jesse Campbell has

Symphony Splash Volunteer Opportunities! Want to help out at one of Victoria’s most popular outdoor summer events? Sunday, August 4th is Symphony Splash’s 30th Anniversary and we’re looking for some awesome volunteers to help out at the Royal BC Museum activity tent in

the Family Fun Zone on the Empress Lawn from 1:00pm—4:00pm. Kids will get a chance to stretch their creativity by making a mini diorama of British Columbia or Ancient Maya. All you need to do is help keep the station clean, interact with our visitors, and help

promote the Museum. If you are interested, please email Ashley Vandepol Thank you!

The Weekly—Front of House Communication

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Leak on 4th floor—Behind The Scenes: Mammal Matters Tour Affected We have experienced a leak in the fur vault on the 4 th floor. The issue is currently being dealt with by Conservation, Collection and Facilities staff. Access to the east side of the 4 th floor and interior collection space will be limited as there will be a containment area built and over the next few days Conservation and Collections staff will be dealing with the collections that were in the fur vault.

Butterflies and More tours are not affected. Thank you to Jenny Arnold who discovered the leak while she was with Gavin Hanke trying to solve the Discovery Box fur mystery (see story below!).

Please note that all Behind the Scenes Mammal Matters Tours have been suspended until further notice. The tours will likely resume in early August. Behind the Scenes

“To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

Discovery Box Update The Discovery Box contains some mystery artifacts so Visitor Experience Designer Jenny Arnold did some detective work and was able to solve the puzzle. The mystery jaw bone in the discovery box belongs to a mink. The furs found in the Nature Everywhere activity bags are most likely those of an arctic fox, bobcat, and rabbit. If you haven’t already done so, please check out the Discovery Box

which is located at Coat Check and available for visitors and groups to take out.

IMAX News The IMAX schedule remains unchanged this week. Current 45 minute documentary films are: 

Superpower Dogs 2D and 3D

Aircraft Carrier


Great Bear Rainforest 2D and 3D

The full-length documentary feature (1h 40 min) is: 

The Dawn Wall

The Weekly—Front of House Communication

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Last Week’s Museum Highlights in Pictures Last week was a busy one at the Royal BC Museum. Maya mentor camp wrapped up on Friday, July 5 and camps are now in full swing until September. Saturday, July 6 we hosted the annual BC Heritage Provincial Fair showcase, with over 40 of our brightest young historians showcasing their heritage inquiry projects. And our first ever Night Shift Pride event was a huge success with over 800 attendees.

Photo: 2019 Maya mentor camp participants and leaders

Photo: Provincial Heritage Fair opening ceremonies in Wawadiťła

Photo : Heritage Fair participant.

Photo left: Heritage Fair participant Photo right: Night Shift: Pride

Seniors Digital Outreach Program From the old volunteer lounge and the new distance learning room, our first seniors digital outreach program is on July 31st with Kim Gough and Heidi Gartner: events/2019/07/july-31-2019-410pmest-royal-bc-museum-presentsfathom-the-deep-strange-andwonderful-invertebrates/

This live stream will reach over a hundred senior centers across North America.

Royal British Columbia Museum 675 Bellevilee Street Victoria BC V8W 9W2 Phone: 250-886-0210 E-mail:

This is a weekly communication provided by the Visitor Experience Manager to the Volunteer Services Manager every Thursday. It will be distributed to the Security, Box Office staff, Museum Hosts and volunteers on the Learning Team, Coat Check, Information Desk, Native Plant Garden volunteers, Archives, and Royal Museum Shop Volunteers.

Upcoming Events & Tours

Thank you everyone for all that you do to make the visitor experience at the Royal BC Museum exceptional!

Friday, July 12: Natural History Tour 2:00pm—3:00pm Free with admission or membership

Saturday, July 13: Behind the Scenes: Mammal Matters 11:00am—11:45am Free with admission or membership

Sunday, July 14: Becoming BC Tour 11:00am—12:00pm Free with admission or membership

Sunday, July 14: Salooning and Crooning 2:00pm—2:30pm Free with admission or membership

Sunday, July 14: Carillon Recital 3:00pm—3:45pm Free

Monday, July 15: Becoming BC Tour 11:00am—12:00pm Free with admission or membership

Tuesday, July 16: Salooning and Crooning 2:00pm—2:30pm Free with admission or membership Old Town

Wednesday, July 17: Behind the Scenes—Butterflies and More 12:00pm—12:45pm Free with admission or membership

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The Weekly - Front of House weekly communication  

The Weekly - Front of House weekly communication