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1979-1980 ~



A ship's Journal or tabulated summary of the performance of the vessel and other dally and special events.


Taken from the INTERNATIONAL MARITIME DICTIONARY (1948), by Rene de Kerchove. Pub.: D. VANNOSTRAND CO. INC., New York.


This year's staff has taken a few minor deviations from previous years in order that this "LOGBOOK" of Royal Roads Military College might more accurately portray some of our experiences here as Cadets.





19 31













First Semester Aug 29 Aug. 30 - Sep 3 Sep 2 Sep 4 Sep 10-14 Sep 26 Sep 28 Oct 12 Nov 2-5 Nov 19-23 Nov 23 Dec 5 Dec 6-17 Dec. 18 Dec 19 Dec 20 Dec 21 - Jan 6

Recruits arrive In Routine 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Cadets return Classes start C.M.C. Fitness Testing Honours Day Recruit Obstacle Race 1 Squadron Mess Dinner Stand Down C.M.C. Fitness Testing 2 Squadron Mess Dinner Classes End Examinations Carol Service Christmas Luncheon Christmas Ball Christmas Leave

Second Semester Jan 7-11 Jan 19 Feb 1 Feb 15-18 Feb 22 Mar 29-30 Apr 4-7 Apr 19-24 Apr 25 - May 3 May 16 May 17 May 18

Military Training Hibbard Trophy Competition 3 Squadron Mess Dinner Stand Down 4 Squadron Mess Dinner Lectures Stand Down Review and Tutorial Period Examinations Convocation and Sunset Ceremonies Graduation Parade and Ball Successful Cadets to Summer Duties






P. F. J. Blais CWTO - D. W. Brown CWSO - D. W. Fredin CWPMC - J. G. P. Leroux CWA - M. A. Laplante CBM - J. M. J. Berkley VCWPMC - M. K. Overton DCWA - H. T. Kenny LOG ED - D. N. Purcell

DCWC - M. A. Kandal CSL # 1 - K. P. Ehrenfellner CSL # 2 - J. M. Reid CSL # 3 - C. R. Savage CSL # 4 - J. Erkelens DCBM - D. S. F. Muir CPM - W. P. Grant Tricorn Ed. - P. M. Jarvis 1 Squadron

CSTO : R. G. D. Walker DCFL Cartier : W. K. Bokovay DCFL Fraser : D. e. Keddy esso: H. F. Weller

CFL Cartier : J. D. B. S. Lowe CFL Fraser : F. J. Wigmore CSA : P. J. McDougall

2 Squadron CSTO : S. B. Paget DCFL Champlain : D. W. Knight DCFL Mackenzie: P. J. Gardner CSSO : S. R. Kerr

CFL Champlain : D. G. Daley CFL Mackenzie: D. F. A. Taylor CSA : J. R. Byatt 3 Squadron CSTO : J. R. J. S. Bernier

DCFL Hudson : S. A. Strauss DCFL Lasalle : R. A. Corradlnl csso: T. M. Elderfleld

CFL Hudson: K. D. Symonds CFL Lasalle : K. J. Whitney CSA : L. E. Aitken 4 Squadron DCSL : R. L. E. Steele





During Recruit Term , the Recruits took part In several sporting competitions. The first of these was the Recruit Cross Country Race which was run over the Admiral Nelles course. The winning Squadron this year was 1 Squadron with 3 Squadron In second and 2 Squadron In third. Special mention must go to C. King who won the Derosenroll Trophy for his first place finish.



" _.III 路 -


The second sports event to be held duro Ing Recruit Term was the Sports Tabloid. This competition saw the Cadets compet路 Ing In many events, Including the long jump, shot put, relay race and football kicking. Winning the overall competition was 3 Squadron followed by 2 Squadron In second place and 1 Squadron in third.

On the 26 of September, the Cadet Wing gathered on the Quarterdeck for the annual Honours Day ceremonies. Ten Cadets received awards for their performance during the previous academic year. OCdt P. Ohrt Mathematics Book Prize OCdt W. Bokovay First Class Honours OCdt P. Brinkhurst First Class Honours OCdt J. Muir Sci/Eng Book Prize and First Class Honours OCdt J. Byatt Humanities and Social Sciences Book Prize and First Class Honours OCdt H. Kenny First Class Honours and Governor-General's Bronze Medal OCdt B. Ternart Chemistry and Chemical and Biological Oceanography Book Prize OCdt J. Reid Mathematics Book Prize OCdt C. Savage Humanities and Social Sciences Book Prize OCdt J. Leroux Tied with OCdt Reid for the Mathematics Book Prize, Winner of the Physics and Physical Oceanography Book Prize, First Class Honours and LieutenantGovernor of British Columbia's Silver Medal.



The Recruit Obstacle Race marked the termination of Recruit Term. Upon completion of this event, the Recruits became full fledged members of the college. Throughout the previous month, the Second Year Term had toiled diligently, preparing the many obstacles to be faced by the partIcipants. The event was spectated by a large crowd of people who wandered along the road near the course, listening to the moans and groans of the runners. Of special Interest this year, was the Fraser Flight "slime Crawl" where people could stand near the roadway and look down upon a muddy maze through which the Recruits were sliding under the direction of the Second Years.

The winning Squadron was 2 Squadron with 3 Squadron in second place and 1 Squadron in third. Special mention goes to P. Zrymiak for scoring the best time.

COMMANDANT'S MESSAGE For all of you the 17th of May, 1980, should have a special significance: It marils the completion of another stage in your professional development. For many of the second year class it represents the end of your studies at Royal Roads and you will soon be proceeding to RMC or CMR. And for a small group, it is the end of your precommissioning training and education: You now take your place as commissioned officers in the Canadian Forces. To those who leave for RMC or CMR, we wish you well. If past experience Is a useful indication of what will happen in the future, you will have no great difficulty. Accept the change as a challenge and make the effort to meet that challenge. 00 not set yourselves apart: Identify with and become part of your new college. You will find the experience rewarding. To the Graduating Class I offer my compliments. You have completed a rigorous and demanding program and you have reached a milestone which at times must have seemed very far away. Be proud of what you have accomplished, but remember that the testing and learning process never ends: If it does, you will fail to meet our expectations. Captain J. M. Grant, RCN, the First Commandant of Royal Roads, said to the First Graduating Class: "Failure to prepare for leadership will be admission of unworthiness to bear the rank of Officer". That observation is as valid today as it was in 1943. On behalf of all the staff of RRMC, congratulations and best wishes for the future. Colonel G. L. Logan

MILITARY STAFF CDR M. F. Morres Vice Commandant

Maj. K. W. Casson SOC & MT

Maj. L. E. Wagar CAdo

Lt. (N) W. J. Konecsnl 1 Sqn Comd

Capt. J. P. Molloy 2 Sqn Comd

Capt. P. J . Kendell 3 Sqn Comd

Capt. W. M. Keener OAth

Capt. T. McCarthy PAdo

Maj. P. M. Lobb Dental Officer


-Capt. C. W. Hemus School L1ason Officer

Capt. D. L. Browne Unlv. L1ason Officer

Capt. E. F. Zdancewlcz Unlv. L1ason Officer

Capt. R. F. Folkmann AlDAth

Maj. G. R. Ives Chaplain (P)

Capt. J. Dabrowski Chaplain (RC)

Lt. P. P. J. Labrosse CALO


Dr. E. S. Graham Director of Studies

Col. A. D. Wallis (Rel'd) Registrar

Mr. C. C. Whitlock Librarian

Miss S. E. Day Assistant Librarian


Maj. J. C. Parker Assistant Registrar


CHEMISTRY Dr. W. C. Horning Head of Dept.

Dr. M. R. Barr

Capt. H. R. Harmer

Dr. H. Montgomery

Dr. K. J. Reimer

Dr. M. G. Roblnlon

Mme. J. VanCampen

Mlle. A. Tetrault


FRENCH Dr. C. Tchaleklan

Mme. Bordeleau • Zenko

M"e. D. Goulet

Mme. D. M. Savoie· Young

Mme. C. Hogan

M. F. Menard

Dr. C. N. Ramkeesoon

M. J . Robichaud

M. A. Robichaud



Dr. G. M. Lancaster

Dr. R. C. Snell

Head of Dept.

Dr. W. W. Wolfe

Dr. P. Smart

Dr. F. Milinazzo


Capt. J. D. R. Coulombe


Dr. M. J . Wllmut

PHYSICS Dr. H. J . Duffus Head of Dept.

Prof. J. K. Kinnear

Dr. D. W. Hone

Dr. W. MacFarlane

Dr. D. P. Krauel

Dr. M. Press

Dr. W. N. English

Dr. J. M. Gilliland



P. J. Schurer

ARTS Dr. W. Rodney Hlst. Head of Dept.

Dr. J. A. Boutilier History

Dr. P. J. Dunnett Economics

Dr. G. Morgan English Head of Dept.

Lt. (N) W. D. John English

Dr. M. Madoff English


Maj. W. G. Fahlman MLM

LCDR D. L. Lang MLM Head of Dept.


Prof. E. R. Chappell Head of Dept.

Dr. J. W. Madill

Dr. J. S. Collins


,, -

• t



Top Row - Left to Right: MWO Weber, Debbie Clark, Greg Richardson , Betty Kilgour, Dan Reynen, Olive Philip, Cecile McDonnell, Del Parsons, Ester Mulholland, Vi Anguish , Allan Snedden, Vera White, M/Cpl. Twaddle, Doreen Doucette, Mike Embry, Elsie Burns, Bob Stanley, Inga Havard , Bernie Magee, Shirley Richardson , Isobel Pears, Sam Fielden , John Sampson , Betty Gray, P2 Rankin . 2nd Row: Terry Cushing, Dorothy Little Proud, Marie Gardner, Moira Murley, Lisa Ng, Valerie Walker, Tracy Ashworth , Ann Gill , Laura Humphries, Mary Knight, Eileen Harrison , Mary Chou , Willie Brister, Doreen Coes. Front Row : Vern Gordon , Cpl. Robertson, Norma Margalikas, Manny Ruiz .




SQUASH TEAM The squash team this year, suffered from a lack of cadet squash players, however, we always found someone to play the #4 spot. It was rumoured that the #4 cadet came along only for the social activities but by the end of the year we had a very well-rounded team. The team experienced a few novel games and road trips. In fact the road trips were so novel that we had to turn willing players down. One trip to Duncan will forever remain in the club's memory. Our road trips were only made better by the open friendliness of our opponents (espeCially for the social activities afterwards). The team had its own small tournament late in the year which was a great success. Many thanks are extended to the helpfulness of the PERI staff and Ray at the Colwood.


- -




L to R: S9\. Bowie (Coach), V. G. Farmer, S. R. Shard , S. J. Newton, P. E. Pelletier.

CURLING TEAM This year's curling team was put together two weeks before the seven-team Totem Conference championship, which was held on February 8th and 9th. Having never played together before, with minimal practice, the team was entered into the competition with few people expecting the success that followed. Roads lost its first game of the round-robin competition to BCIT, 7-6. But after that warm-up game, Roads handily won the next five straight to capture the gold. The competition was tough though. In their second game, Roads beat Malaspina College, 8-0 in four ends. This was the same team which represented B.C. and placed third in the national junior championship the following weekend. As well, in their sixth and final game, Roads downed CNC, the defending champions, 6-4. The "never-say-die" attitude of the team, along with the tremendous support of MWO MacDonald, contributed to making the team Royal Roads first Totem Conference champions. With half the team returning next year, perhaps the team can make it two years in a row with another very possible victory next year!

L to R: P. A. Ritchie, B. G. Bailey, J. C . Randall, B. D. Lewis.



Back Row : S. M. Crail" P. E. Pelletier, J. G . P. Leroux, D. Rich, W. K. Bokovay, D. B. Knight, Dr. P. Smart (Coach). Front Row : R. M. Maclellan, M. J. Beaudette, H. T. Kenny, F. Reid, C. R. King.

This year has been both fast and furious for the Roads Cross Country team. One of the more notable events was the Paarlauf race against NOTC, which we soundly won, (half strategy and half speed). All the runners who participated in the " thin air jog" at USAFA will undoubtedly remember it as one of their more breathtaking experiences. The Nelles race, a casual encounter on our very own cross-country course, revealed to the college the high calibre of racing we compete in. Who will ever forget the grueling Basil Parker "mud-run" . Fording deep rivers and leaping tali mountains is not easily forgotten. Having tied the USAFA team on our hometurf, we tied on yet another one at the Medieval Inn " Social Event" with our American counterparts. Always known to put in a good show the team runs on , confident with the knowledge that although you might not always win - you never lose.


WATERPOLO The waterpolo team had to rebuild this year after being non-existent in the 78-79 season. A combination of very competent swimmers, strong shooters and a few very experienced players did the job. The team visited USAFA in November, had several good games against UVic throughout the year and competed in the Hibbard Cup in January. Unfortunately, the lack of an organized league on the Vancouver Island restricted the amount of games possible. Although the team did not win many games, it could be proud of the fact that it held its own against other teams with much more experience and playing time. The team enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere and is looking forward to an even better season next year with the inflow of new talent and the possibility of more games off the island. All in all , the future looks good and we wish the best to the players of next year.




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This year the team competed in an interbase league consisting of PPCLI, NOTC, and Combines. It was a very successful season with the team only losing one game during league play and winning the championship for the first time in years. Excitement during the season included the fine fighting skills of Dave "Killer" Keddy against the PPCLI team. The team wishes to express thanks to all the loyal supporters (at least a dozen) who witnessed the brutal action of the fastest game going. With a strong core remaining at Roads, next year promises to be highly successful once again and hopefully including a trip, preferably during a training weekend.


RUGBY Rugby! A word that may bring a smile or a smirk, depending on whether or not the person in question plays rugby. To the players at Roads it sometimes brings a grimace, but for most of them a wide grin. As one of the most active teams at the college - both on the field and off - rugby can boast the involvement of over 40 cadets, and a season which spans the academic year. Under the astute leadership of Terhart and Aitken, the first team had its golden moments, highlighted by Abbotsford and the match against RMC ; not to mention the talents of Steve Kerr who added over 150 points to the teams record. On the field our scrum - Rector et al - was a match for most in our league, though our backfield proved to be a weak point. After the games entertainment was provided by Mech and company. The Second Team led by Corradini did not fare as well on the scoreboard, though the team improved immeasurably over the course of the season. As in the past it is the second team which serves as the basis for the first side ; next year will see an almost entirely new squad on the first team level. To our coaches Dr. Lancaster and Lt. (N) John many thanks; your efforts were greatly appreciated.

RUGBY 2nd XV Back Row: U(N) D. John (Coach), D. G. Hirter, D. R. Smith, P. Munro, P. G. Skuriat, C. A. Chiarot, R. W. McBride, R. B. Fawcett, P. F. Blais , Dr. Lancaster (Coach). Front Row: B. C. Thirnbeck, J. D. Kyle , R. A. Corradini, P. A. Zrymiak, M. J. Pearson , C. Roth , K. P. Ehrenfellner.


Back Row : K. D. Symonds. C. S. Ritchie, R. E. Leroux , S. D. Coveney. M. Zeith ammel. Front Row: WO McBride (Coach), H. T. Kenny, D. A. Brown , K. C . Walpole .

This year, Royal Roads' representative volleyball team competed in both the Totem Conference and Victoria 's Senior 'B' league. The season was most characterized by the Allenby-Ford Invitational Tournament in Duncan where Royal Roads won three of four matches and yet managed to place fifth out of six teams ; it was all a matter of beating the wrong teams at the wrong times. Totem competition was very stiff this season and had several notable victories in Vancouver tournaments against BCIT and Selkirk College, Douglas College, and Malaspina College. The volleyball team outside of talent, had spunk, charisma and good looks. The members included such unforgettable personalities as Mike " The Spike" Zeithammel, the RR-MC combo of Kenny and Leroux, Ken Walpole (the fastest elbow in the Colwood), Shane Coveney (The Manitoba Mauler), Mr. Rock and Roll , Ken Symonds , Greg ' honk ' Ritchie (the medieval inn kid), Dwight Brown (Captain Marvelous to his 'buds' at the Ground Round) and a late comer, Willy 'the Hawk' Groten who was a vital asset in the 5-3 victory over USAFA. Those who are staying next year plan to carryon the glorious tradition but one thing will be changed. They won 't ask " Can you play volleyball ", but instead " Can you sing".



Ahhgg!! comes the cry from the bench of the RRMC Basketball team. Another frustrating game has just passed, the last-second shot, the winning points, rolls around the rim three times and then decides not to go in. This type of frustration was common to the team this year and we had to fight hard to keep our heads above 50 percent ball. In the end we didn't quite make 50 percent ball but we came up with some crucial wins when we needed them most, including the game against USAFA, giving Roads the winning edge overall in the competition. Perhaps the most important of all was the teams' personality which developed out of the players and coach, enabling everyone to enjoy the season, the games and the company.



r ..


.- , /


Back Row : J. M. Agostinho, D. J. Masters, T. M. Elderfield, S. J. Cox, J. A. G. Oliphant, J. R. Byatt, T. C. Justice, A. E. Paulus, C. A. Chiarot, T. M. Ross, Maj. Parker (Coach). Front Row : R. J. N. Ross, l. C. Ferguson , S. J. Newton, A. A. Scott, S. R. Maddison , H. F. Weiler, J. A. R. Perron, S. R. Shard.

Well, the 79-80 soccer season is over and what can I say? We learned quite a bit, and we certainly had a good time. We kept up a perfect regular season record in the first semester (including a disappointing and brutal 2-1 exhibition loss to RMC), which we continued into the second semester when we were upset 3-1 by NOTe in the Hibbard Cup tournament. However USAFA had the cheek to ruin our 16 game losing streak, by losing to us by a score of 2-1 (that seems to be our favourite score - we should have beaten them by a lot more except that our forwards couldn't hit the net, right Bear? And a certain unnamed Gypsy missed three easy goals!) Even though we weren't the most successful team in the college, everyone of us certainly picked up a few more soccer skills. Major Parker, along with Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Schurer, put in a lot of time with us, and I hope that the Athletics Dept., also learned alot about how to field a competitive team in a very challenging league. Most of the players displayed a lot of dedication and let's hope that next year the administration matches it! I think that all the players would agree that our three weekend road-trips were the season highlights. On the first trip we flew to Castlegar to play two games against Selkirk College. On that Saturday night/Sunday morning Mark Ross was seen wandering around outside our motel wearing only his underpants! Saturday's game was taped for local television, however we never did get to see it (thank God - it might have been too depressing to live through for a second time).


This season's iron-man was undoubtedly Robert Perron. It seemed that every game he would get hurt, but he'd keep playing. His right foot became so swollen once that he could barely lace on his cleats. He could swear as much as he wanted though, as no one could understand him anyway. Harry Weiler was the team hit man, and he ran up an impressive list of victims including one player who got his leg broken by a scissor tackle in Nanaimo, and another who got his head cracked open in Kamloops. (Harry confused it with a soccerball!). Why referees never called penalties against him is one of life's little mysteries, but I certainly didn't complain! Harry, between assaults, managed to play superbly at halfback. He has incredible range up and down and across the field, and along with Robert he certainly strengthened our midfield. The assistant captain, Mark Elderfield, was an extremely low profile player but only because he couldn't be seen ; he was moving too fast. He patented quite the neat soccer move; kick the ball past the fullbacks and run by at mach 1. His shot was undoubtedly the hardest on our team, as Andy Scott (our well-worn goalie) will testify. And Andy certainly had alot of players to compare his shot with; he faced enough shots during the season! Unfortunately there isn't enough room to mention everyone on the team, but two players who deserve to be singled out for their improvement are Steve Shard and Steve (Fig) Newton. Both these two will be key members of the team next year, provided that they don 't fail out of course. And for those of you who asked, the cute little redhead (Ie petit orange?) was Leland Ferguson. And what about his sister from Pender Island .. ? We may not have won all of our games, but we were an extremely neo-classical bunch of guys. Who was that opened up the cooler for the ice packs only to find Major Parker's bottle of white wine? And on the USAFA weekend (when the Rugby team was doing nothing but drinking beer and getting bored) we had an excellent and laid-back dinner of salmon, crab, french bread, white wine etc., organized of course by Jon Oliphant. After all, Oli is a member of the Boileau Club. A large nucleus will be returning next year including the complete forward line (but that's not saying much; everyone knows that the defense anchored the team), and they should be a bit more successful. Who knows what the new season holds in store? The only guarantee is that they'll have a good time!


..,. . • 7'


Back Row : F. W. Parkinson. D . G . C. Hoyle. N. A. Maclaine. S . Galletti. G. S. Knight. P. J. A. Sugden . Front Row : S. G . Wheller. P. E. Cachia. G. N. Maclean.

This year, the Sailing Team enjoyed another successful season, participating in four regattas, two of which were held in Seattle, one in Oregon and our home regatta. This is the second year the team has been operating as a Rep Team and we have displayed a higher standard in our sailing since we have managed to place well in every regatta attended. Our own RRMC Invitational Regatta was well attended with nine universities from the United States and Canada. The participants were very impressed by the hospitality and food they received while they were here, not to mention the 'Punk ' party held in Peer's Inn. Again this year's results in the regattas were a vast improvement over the last year's and the team next year should provide some fine competition for the other colleges' teams.

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In mid-October, the annual Wing Cross Country Race was held . A great effort was put in by all those who ran the gruelling Admiral Nelles course. Special mention goes to H. T. Kenny who won the race. On the Squadron level, 3 Squadron finished first, followed by 2 Squadron and 1 Squadron respectively.



Once again, RMC came to Roads with the hope of defeating some of our teams on the sports field. The Challenge matches in Soccer and Rugby resulted in a split this year. The scores were as follows: Soccer - RMC : 2 RRMC: 1 Rugby - RMC : 5 RRMC: 9

SECOND SLATE 1 Squadron CSTO : R. G. D. Walker CFL Cartier: J. D. B. S. Lowe DCFL Cartier : S. B. Appleton CFL Fraser: F. J. Wigmore DCFL Fraser: B. J. Campbell CSA : R. E. Hearn CSSO : N. A. MacLaine 2 Squadron CSTO : S. B. Paget CFL Champlain : D. G. Daley DCFL Champlain: C. A. Hadfield CFL Mackenzie: D. F. A. Taylor DCFL Mackenzie: R. A. Malatest CSA: J. G. J. C. Collin CSSO: S. B. Fejes 3 Squadron CSTO: J. R. J. S. Bernier CFL Hudson: K. D. Symonds DCFL Hudson : P. E. Pelletier CFL Lasalle: K. J . Whitney DCFL Lasalle: S. G. Wheller CSA : D. J. Masters CSSO : K. R. W. Mech










The Royal Roads Curling Bonspiel followed on the heels of Christmas Exams. Many Cadets and Staff members attended the event which was an enjoyable break from the tension created by the previous two weeks. The winning team was comprised of: J. Randall, R. Hearn, J. Atkins and P. Ritchie.


CWC - J. M. Reid DCWC - J. G. P. Leroux CSL #1 - P. F. J. Blais CSL #2 - M. A. Kandal CSL #3 - B. A. Terhart CSL #4 - D. Attwell DCBM - T. J. T. Berkeley CPM - P. A. Ritchie Tricorn Ed - B. L. Beavis

CFL Cartier: W. K. Bokovay CFL Fraser: R. G. D. Walker CSA: H. T. Kenny

THIRD SLATE CWIMSO - S. B. Paget CWTO - D. W. Fredin CWSO - D. W. Brown CWPMC - K. P. Ehrenfellner CWA - M. K. Overton CBM - C. R. Savage VCWPMC - K. C. Symonds DCWA - J. R. J. S. Bernier LOG ED - D. N. Purcell 1 Squadron CSTO : H. F. Weiler DCFL Cartier: R. D. Slemko DCFL Fraser: P. A. Conway CSSO: J. C. Randall

2 Squadron CSTO: D. F. A. Taylor DCFL Champlain: T. C. Justice CFL Champlain: D. W. Knight CFL Mackenzie: D. A. Harris DCFL Mackenzie: K. D. Johnston CSA: E. L. Esdale CSSO: P. J. Brinkhurst 3 Squadron CSTO: K. J. Whitney CFL HUDSON: S. A. Strauss DCFL Hudson: L. C. Ferguson CFL Lasalle: J. A. R. Perron DCFL Lasalle: M. C. Hooper CSA: M. H. Mansfield CSSO: W. A. Groten 4 Squadron DCSL: J. R. P. R. Lafromboise




,I I



Back Row: B. l. Beavis, S. C. Sibbald , C. A. Hadfield , I. N. Glenn , J. R. Byatt . Front Row : B. J. Campbell, l. E. Aitken .

RADIO CLUB Sitting : C. A. J. Chorny. Standing : J. P. Muir.

This year has been arguably a very good one for the Royal Roads Debating Club. Members debated at several more tournaments than last year and travelled further afield in search of verbal combattants. Despite local tournaments with UVic, UBC, and Pearson College, the club sent a team to USAFA in the autumn and in what will be remembered for years, a team to McGill University in Montreal. At USAFA, the results were somewhat inconclusive officially, but most will agree it was a win for RRMC . Against competition form some of Canada's and America 's largest universities, the home teams came back with a three wins two losses, and three losses two wins record. The high point of the year took place in March when the club hosted for the first time, the English Speaking Cup tournament. Furthermore, a RRMC team of John Nisbet and Dave Ashbourne took the cup as best team in the competition. In summation, it has been an eventful year for the club and the member hope to do even better in coming years. In parting, we hope that your readers of the LOG are never ever at a loss for words.


Standing : R. J. N. Ross, l. J. Michel, E. l. Esdale, Sgt. E. Koss. Kneeling : l. H. Mack, B. R. Robson , D. J. Masters.


The 79-80 season provided the fencing team with fine competition in several tournaments. During the training season from September to December, the team developed very well under the skilled instruction of Sgt. Coss. With the relatively small size of the team, the coach was able to concentrate extensively on individual skills and techniques. In the spring, the team entered the B.C . Novice tournament in Chilliwack and the B.C. Championships in Vancouver. In both tourneys the Royal Roads team surfaced in the finals and brought back a silver medal for the Junior Sabre in the B.C. Championships. The team wishes to express its utmost thanks to the P.E.R.I. staff for all of their support, and Sgt. Coss who was always there to offer his most expert guidance. Sgt. Coss's return along with the recent purchase of new equipment can bring nothing but a fine season to the team next year.

SCRIBLERUS CLUB The Scriblerus Club put in an exceedingly active year under the presidency of first Bruce Beavis and later Ian Glenn. In the first semester, some of the plays attended were Noel Coward's Private Lives; Codco's WNOBS (White Niggers of Bond Street) and Jesus Christ Superstar. A good number of people turned out to see Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw - giving cadets a great chance to cheer on its lead actor, our very own Royal Roads star, Dr. John Gilliland. Of course, one of the favourites of the year was the all Canadian production, Billy Bishop Goes to War. In an inspiring three hours, all of us came to love this one-time RMC cadet and great Canadian warhero. In all the club successfully provided a viable alternative to the $4.00 movie, not to mention offering a bit of cultural enrichment as well.

Fourth Row : P. J. A. Sugden , P. A. Ritchie, J. A. Atkins, P. E. Pelletier. Third Row : S. J. Jodoin, B. L. Beavis, P. A. Conway, D. J. Masters, L. E. Aitken , M. C. Hooper, J. A. G . Oliphant. Second Row: K. M. Tyler, D. C. Roberts , B . J. Campwell, I. N. Glenn , R. A. Corradini, M. A. Chapman. First Row : J. D. M. S. Lowe , S. A. Strauss, K. R. W. Mech .


The Shooting club began the year by winning the Harry Hodgeson Trophy for the third year in a row. As the year progressed, various cadets earned their cross-rifles and crosspistols, with OCdt. Daly taking the crown in rifle and OCdt. Maly taking the crown in pistol. The year was marked by competitions against Victoria Fish and Game Club, the Canadian Scottish Regiment and finally, CFB Chilliwack. The club also hosted the InterFlight Shoot, which was won by Hudson flight.

Standing : H. A. Davidson, C . A. J. Chorny, J. D. B. S. Lowe, W. l. R. Waddel, J. A. Aitkins. Sitting : B . G . Bailey, S. E. Maly, WO Reiben (Coach), I. N. Glenn, B. l. Beavis.


Back Row: T. P. Gijzen, T. M. Joness, K. W. Tyler, D. G. Walters, P. Munro, M . J. Beaudette, J. R. C. Cross , D. Rich , J. P. Muir, N. A. Maclaine , D . B. Knight, R. A. Corradini , S . J. Jodoin , J. A. R. Perron, M. C. Hooper, L. E. Aitken , T. C. Justice, P. J. A. Sugden . Front Row: D. D. Coulter, L. C. Ferguson, R. J. N. Ross, B. J. MacDonnel, J. A. G . Oliphant, B. J. Campbell, P. J. Gardner, C. A. Hadfield , S. B. Fejes, H. C. Ketellapper, S. A. Strauss, C. A. Wykurz, J. J. VanRoon , S. C . Sibbald, F. W. Parkinson .

This was the most active year the ski club has had for a number of years. We had 100 people originally sign the constitution, and about 60 actively skiing. There were nine different trips, a 50% improvement over last year, despite a budget cut. Three of the trips were to Whistler, while the other six were to the newlyopened Mt. Washington, up-island. All who participated, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Some of the more memorable moments were: - Dave Knights attempted logging operations on Mt. Washington's slopes. - J. P. Muir's inspirational acrobatics. - Steve Strauss' kamikaze downhill flights. - Phil Gardner's desperate attempts to break his legs. - Mr. and Mrs. Pigden's Bar and Grille, Courtenay. - Chris Hadfield's disastrous attempts to move mountains. - Running for H2 0 in S.F.U. cabin. - 25 people in Mike Brown's van.

We had hoped to get into a racing circuit this year, but conflicting busy schedules wouldn't allow this. Several people participated in Molstar races though, occasionally doing well enough to make the local pro sweat. The presence of several qualified instructors at Roads helped several novices off to a good start, with on-hill guidance. Also, having as snow-buried a resort as Mt. Washington on the island this year made day trips worthwhile, and should allow the club to be even more active next year. From freezing rain on Washington to the powder of Whistler Bowl, from the Mexicano in Comox to the apres-ski in Whistler village, it was a great year.




For those not familiar with the outdoors club, let me briefly outline the past year's activities. The early part of the year was marked by several climbs to Mount Finlayson. During this time a couple of groups took the November Stand down to explore Garibaldi Park, in particular Black Tusk and Wedge Mountain. Growing interest in the island's caves led us to call on the Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group. They introduced us to caving so that proper techniques, equipment, planning and cave ethics formed a sound background for our novice cavers. After returning from our Christmas holidays in January, six members spent one week underground at Quatsino Cave, near Gold River. In an exhaustive six day effort we explored every nook and cranny of the Quatsino Master Cave. At the same time, another expedition snowshoed through the Forbidden Plateau region on a very rigorous trek through the mountains. By the end of the year we had sponsored over thirty activities including several caving trips to Cascade Cave, one to Riverbend Cave, more local climbs and a high altitude mountaineering trip. In addition a zodiak trip among the Gulf Islands and two Climbing courses with Lester B. Pearson College rounded off the compliment of fine outings. With the year drawing to a close it is time once more to hang up those dusty old dirt kickers and start planning for next year.

Standing : N. A. Maclaine, J. Cade, S . C. Sibbald, M. Zeithammel, P. J. Chalmers, F. M. Moger, D. J. Masters, W. Groten, E. l. Esdale , H. T. Kenny, J. A. Atkins. Kneeling: B. C. Thirnbeck, D. D. Coulter, P. A. Conway, T. J. T. Berkley, M . J. Traynor.

CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club exists in order to give the opportunity to cadets to develop their skills in photography by providing the necessary materials and equipment. In this respect the club has been successful, for the dozen Cadets who have used our facilities throughout the year have benefited from a well stocked darkroom, and many tips on various photo skills from the more experienced members of the club. The club has also provided ample film to its members in order to help them become more proficient in the art of picture taking. The club has certainly helped the college acquire better photographic coverage of all cadet activities, and this year's Log and Tricorn have also gained from the club's services. By providing a way for the cadets to delve in a fascinating hobby, and by making available a wider scope of pictures, the club has proven that its services may be quite useful to the college. With a continued interest in the Camera Club, it will certainly be a success next year.

Fronl Row: M. J. Traynor. G. M. PraH. L. C. Ferguson . Second Row; G. N. Maclean. D. Rich, K. D. Johnslon, J. M. Agostinho . Back Row : R. W. McBride. D. N. Purcell.

CASI CLUB Back Row : K. M. Tyler, R. E. Wuerth, S. E: Domlnlco, W. L. R. Waddel, J . C. Randall. Front Row : J . M. Agostlnho, M. A. Chapman, C. P. Daley, D. Rich, R. A. Daust, S. A. Strauss.

This year was fairly sucessful for the CASI Club. There was an increase of 14 new members to the club and several informative tours were made. This was an addition over last year in that there were only 5 members last year and the club had very little to show in the way of activities. The club had a guest speaker come in from CAS I headquarters in Ottawa and in the weeks that followed several films were shown and a tour of CFB Comox was made. The usual problems with transport were confronted and the result was having to stuff one of the members into an already loaded compact car. Several sections of the base were visited along with presentations by all the squadrons stationed at Comox; Vu 33, 407, 409, and 442. We were also given several sorties with the CF101 simulator. The year was finished off with a joint trip with the Flying Club to the Seattle Boeing Factory assembly Plant. The trip by small private aircraft was enjoyable and the tour was interesting. As always several interesting things happened coming to and from Seattle such as being asked if we had any fruit and being told to make circles around a tunnel until traffic cleared up over Vancouver Airport. The result of the year was that we not only consumed all of the club funds but had a good time and learned a great deal in the process. We are looking forward to having just a successful year next year.



The Scuba Club for the year 1979-'80 was indeed a new beg inning. The year before there were only about fifteen active members who managed to get out on only four dives. Happily, those days are long gone! The first meeti ng of t he scuba club this year brought out about eighty-five people ; some already qualified, most hoping to be. The club got started with the organ ization of three different scuba courses and then began its series of local dives. Adventure tra ining week after Christmas was to have been a great week, however, the bizarre weather destroyed what would have been an excellent YFP dive fo r about fifteen club members. All was not lost though, because in that same week we did manage to graduate nine new divers with Mr. Stagg. As the year progressed further, we saw eleven new divers come out of the course taught by OCdt Craig, and ten more from a second course taught by Mr. Stagg . That made t hirty brand new divers in one year, swelling the club ranks to sixty divers (about 30% of the college). The only regret we had was that we were not able to train all the other people who were interested. Aside from graduating new divers, twenty-two club dives were held and discount deals were struck with local dive shops. In all, the Scuba club had a memorable year, hopefully the first of many. Special thanks are to be extended to the club staff advisor, Lt. (N) Konecsni, for his direction and asistance which, though often behind the scenes, were invaluable to the club.

Fourth Row : D. Rich. P. J. Chalmers. J. P. Muir. R. A . Daust. Third Row : F. G . Bigelow, C. A. Wykurz, M. J. Traynor, D. J. Robinson , R. B. Maclennan , C. O. H. VanHam , G. B. Maclean , S. M. Craig . Second Row: T. P. Gijzen , C. P. Daley, P. J. McDougall, R. P. Neville , H. F. Weiler, J. A. G. Oliphant, T. M. Elderfield , R. A. Corradini, T. J. T. Berkley, S. B. Fejes, B. J. Campbell , R. E. Wuerth , S. J. Cox, J. D. B. S. Lowe, G . M. Poulin . First Row: D. W. Knight, C . J. Kolmel , J. P. Nisbet, S. A. Strauss, L. E. Aitken, I. N. Glenn, L. C. Ferguson, P. A. Ritchie .

L to R: P. J. A. Sugden , R. J. Clark, J. D. B. S. Lowe, B. L. Beavis , S. E. Maly, W. K. Bokovay, S. C. Sibbald , K. S. Yamashita, R. W. J. Atwood .




Fourth Row: J. M. Agostinho, G . S. Knight, D. Rich , C. A. Hadfield , J. P. Muir, R. A. Daust, R. B. Maclennan, P. J. A. Sugden . Third Row : G . C. Gushue, G . M. Pratt, J. R. J. S. Bernier, M. H. Mansfield , J. D. Randall, R. F. Coppicus, R. J. Clark, D. J. Masters, D. J. Robinson. Second Row : J. S. Carr, F. W. Parkinson , F. G. Bigelow, E. L. Esdale, R. E. Wuerth , K. M. Tyler, C. A. J. Chorny, S. R. Shard, R. W. McBride, I. N. Glenn, K. R. W. Mech, L. H. Mack. Front Row: D. R. Smith , M. A. Chapman , S. A. Strauss.

This year the flying got off to a good start in October with the checking out of ten of its pilot members. Once this formality was out of the way the club was able to get underway with some interesting and exciting trips which could include the non-pilot members as well. The first organized flyout was the trip to CFB Comox. Four aircraft departed in early November for the trip up the inside passage to be met at Comox by military personnel and treated to a tour of the base and its operations. Throughout the winter various local flights were made providing valuable familiarization for prospective pilot candidates. Arrangements were made with the Boeing Aircraft Company for a tour of their facility located north of Seattle. Originally the trip was to take place during February stand down but had to be postponed to the April holiday due to adverse weather conditions. In the end two aircraft made the trip and were given a tour of the largest building in the world. Doubtless few will forget the sight of eight 747's under one roof. The flying club provided a good outlet for these pilots within to remain current and let the non-pilot cadets become acquainted with the joys of light aircraft operations.


WARGAMES CLUB L to R: C. B. Wattie, L. J. Michel , S. R. Maddison, B. T. R. Anderson, J. P. D. Himmelman , R. J. N. Ross, D. L. Masters, D. C. Roberts, S. E. Dominico, M. S. Adamson , R. F. Coppicus. Rear: W. L. R. Waddel, B. G. Bailey, E. A. Giraldeau .

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Despite the fact that September's favorite question within the wing was, "Should there be a wargames club at all?" precipitated by the immortal words of our illustrious president, "Well ___ we play with ourselves a lot ___ " the response was a resounding "yes" as over 20 active members and numerous interested "warriors" clashed wits and weapons over imaginery battlefields_ Invincible overlords slew mighty wizards. Brave knights, pitted against formidable opponents, survive, only to succumb to the poisonous kiss of an attractive wench. An Imperium Star Freighter's shields finally yield to the lethal energy unleashed by the pirate's laser batteries. Each game and every moment provides an opportunity for keen foresight and strategy. The games al-

lowed an intriguing outlet for active imaginations and strategic thought. During the year several tournaments were attempted within the wing but various factors conspired against the organizers. A Dungeons and Dragons tournament was held in Victoria in which three RRMC teams partiCipated and proved their worth. Out of 12 teams entered RRMC placed 4th, 8th, and 9th. It is hoped that next year's club draws similar enthusiasm from the wing and continues to provide a forum for relaxation and imagination. The club's president, Byron Anderson, secretary, Dallen Masters and treasurer, Larry Michel, would like to thank all those who actively participated in playing any of the games provided and who helped make the club run.

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Rear: K. M. Tyler, C. A. J. Chorny, P. A. Conway, M. J. Beaudette, B. J. Campbell , E. A. Giraldeau , M. S: Adamson . Middle : C. R. Gagnon, P. M. Jarvis, B. L. Beavis, K. R. W. Mech. Front: L. H. Mack, C. B. Wattie .

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WING TUG OF WAR During the month of February, a Tug-of-War competition was held on the upper sports field. Each Flight organized , trained and entered one team. This year, Cartier Flight won the event, with second place going to Champlain Flight and third to Fraser Flight.




In February, the Royal Roads Swim Meet was held with all three Squadrons very well represented . This year, first place went to 1 Squadron . Finishing second and third were 3 Squadron and 2 Squadron respectively.

WRESTLING MEET In late March, the very popular and physically demanding Wing Wrestling Meet was held. Squadron wrestle-offs were held during the few weeks prior to the event in order to determine the Squadron Champions in each weight class who would be the representatives in the final meet. First place, this year, went to 3 Squadron with 2 Squadron and 1 Squadron following. The Michael Phillips Trophy, awarded to the most outstanding competitor, went to L. White of 4 Squadron.


Back in February the RRMC delegation of Officer cadets Batkiewicz, Cumyn, Daly, Grant (UTPM), Gushue, Overton, and Wuerth and Captain Keener took part in a cultural exchange visit with Ecole de I' Air, the French Air Force academy in Salon de Provence, France. Situated near Marseilles on the French Riviera Ecole de l'Air boasts over 200 Aspirants (cadets) engaging in a three-year academic and military program quite similar to ours at RRMC. Their facilities are extensive and very modern, and flight training is offered at all stages from ground school right up to fighter jets and aerobatics. The high pOint of the visit was a one-hour ride in a fouga-Magister, a fighter jet trainer, in which we all experienced the thrill of high performance aircraft. We also took time out to visit such places as Avignon, Marseilles, Toulon, Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo, as well as other historic and scenic regions of southern France. After five glorious days on the Riviera we returned to Victoria, and brought with us seven Aspirants and one French officer so that they could experience Canadian hospitality at Royal Roads, and see our beautiful country as well. by Ross Wuerth




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- :.-- "'.- -~---




CFL Cartier: W. K. Bokovay CFL Fraser: R. G. D. Walker CSA: D. C. Keddy

1 Squadron CSTO: H. F. Weiler DCFL Cartier: J. A. Atkins DCFL Fraser: P. MacDougall CSSO: S. B. Appleton

2 Squadron CSTO: D. F. A. Taylor CFL Champlain: D. W. Knight DCFL Champlain: R. J. N. Ross DCFL Mackenzie: H. C. Ketellapper CFL Mackenzie: D. A. Harris CSA: G. C. Gushue CSSO: M. J. Heuser





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CFL Hudson: S. A. Strauss CFL Lasalle: J. A. R. Perron CSA: R. E. Wuerth

3 Squadron CSTO: K. J. Whitney DCFL Hudson: G. M. Pratt DCFL Lasalle: P. M. Jarvis CSSO: M. Zeithammel

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USAFA VISIT Once again this year, representatives from U.S.A.F.A. travelled to Royal Roads from Colorado to compete in various sporting events. This event is always enjoyed by both Cadets and Staff, no matter who wins. Roads came out on top overall this year, with the breakdown of events as follows: Cross country Tie Rugby USAFA Volleyball RRMC Soccer RRMC Basketball RRMC


WEISNER CUP The second round of the Weisner Cup Drill Competition took place a few weeks before final exams. This contest resulted in a win for 1 Squadron with 2 Squadron taking second place and 3 Squadron in third. An overall victory in the competition for 1 Squadron was a consequence of this win.

TRACK AND FIELD During the final weekend before exam routine began, the sports field was the scene of the Wing Track and Field Meet. Each Squadron was responsible for the selection, training and entrance of Squadron representatives in each event. Results of the competition were as follows: 4 x 110 Relay - 3 Sqn (Elderfield, Aitken, Hirter, Whitney) - 47.9 sec. - 3 Sqn (Whitney) - 40 ft. 6 in. Triple Jump 120 yd Hurdle - 2 Sqn (Anderson) - 19.2 sec. - 3 Sqn (Elderfield) - 23.85 sec. 220 yd Dash - 1 Sqn (VanRoon) - 33 ft. 7 in. Shot Put Long Jump - 3 Sqn (Harris) - 18 ft. 8 in. - 1 Sqn (Cumyn) - 2 min. 12.8 sec. 880 yd - 2 Sqn (VanRoon) - 103 ft . 4 in. Discus - 1 Sqn (Knight, D. B.) - 1 min. 440 Hurdles 5.5 sec. High Jump - 2 Sqn (MacDonell) - 5 ft. 7 in. - 3 Sqn (Elderfield) - 10.7 sec. 100 yd. Dash 1 Mile Run - 2 Sqn (Leroux, J. G. P.) - 9 min. 52 sec. 440 Dash - 2 Sqn (Kerr) - 55.3 sec. 3 Mile Run - 1 Sqn (Kenny) - 16 min. 3.5 sec. 4 x 440 Relay - 2 sqn (Esdale, Pearson, King, Knight, D. B.) - 3 min. 51.4 sec. Javelin - 3 Sqn (Zeithammel) - 129 ft. 9 in. The overall champion was 2 Squadron, followed by 3 Squadron in second and 1 Squadron in third.


HONOURS SLATE CWC - J. M. Reid DCWC - J. G. P. Leroux CSL #1 - P. F. J. Blais CSL #2 - M. A. Kandal CSL #3 - B. A. Terhart CSL#4 - D. Attwe" DCBM - D. S. F. Muir CPM - H. T. Kenny Tricorn Ed - B. L. Beavis Colours Ensign - C. Chairot CFL Cartier: W. K. Bokovay CFL Fraser: H. F. Weiler CSA: D. C. Keddy

CWIMSO - S. B. Paget CWTO - D. W. Brown CWSO - D. W. Fredin CWPMC - K. P. Ehrenfe"ner CWA - M. K. Overton CBM - C. R. Savage VCWPMC - K. D. Symonds DCWA - D. W. Knight LOG/Ed - D. N. Puree" DCBM - W. L. Esdale

CSTO: S. B. Appleton DCFL Cartier: R. D. Slemko DCFL Fraser: P. J. McDouga" CSSO: R. E. Hearn

CSTO: M. A. Laplante DCFL Champlain: P. J. Brinkhurst CFL Champlain: C. A. Hadfield CFL Mackenzie: D. F. A. Taylor DCFL Mackenzie: J. R. Byatt CSSO: S. R. Kerr CSA: J. G. J. C. Collin CFL Hudson: S. A. Strauss CFL Lasa"e: J. A. R. Perron CSA: J. R. J. S. Bernier

CSTO: K. J. Whitney DCFL Hudson: P. E. Pelletier DCFL Lasa"e: M. C. Hooper CSSO: L. E. Aitken DCSL: L. D. White





Blais, P. F. Joe 12643 PILOT Weiland, Ontario P&PO Pierre is a constant source of amazement to those people who work and live around him. Firstly. he confounds you by being a Frenchman, not from Quebec, but from Southern Ontario. That isn't all, one wonders how a guy can be a first slate CWC, second slate CSL, get first class honours, have crossed clubs, crossed swords with crown, be a licenced pilot, and yet appear to be so clued out! Joe (DND) decided in first semester that there was still (incredibly) more he could do to represent the college, so he joined the Rep Rugby Team and played for the Second XV. This seemed to be working out just fine 'til Pierre found himself as the Teams' last defence against a charging member of the opposing side. Pierre closed his eyes, said a little prayer, and woke up with broken collar bone! Through all of the pain and a bout with the flu (many felt he wouldn 't make it!) Joe's habit of "meeting people" had to be curtailed . He solved most of his miseries by buying himself a brand new car, after much deliberation. Pierre has many interests, largely unmentionable, which include flying, photography, traveling, and Peanut's characters, particularly Charlie Brown . Although Pierre is kidded a lot and some things in life to him are "just a sport", we know that he will succeed in the rest of his career, if not by hard work, clear thinking, and perseverence then by sheer luck!

12646 Brown, 0, W. MARS P&PO New Westminster, B.C, Four years ago, it would have seemed impossible that one who could zunt as well as Doug could attain the most hated position of CWTO, but miracles never cease to occur around here. One of Doug's greatest feats is that he is totally responsible for having had juniors run over 1000 circles. However, these are not all his accomplishments; Doug is the founder and president of the Rep Pit Team, (he still believes that P&PO stands for Procrastinating and Pitting Out), the sole member of the Cider Sisters, and the fourth year design and model for new and exciting sports fashions, specializing in touques and socks. Doug's academic interests (or lack of) led him to switch to the P&PO General program before Xmas in an attempt to earn second class honours. When he takes time off from pitting, Doug can often be seen either swimming or diving and generally partiCipating in hobbies which will be very useful to him in his career as a MARS officer (Boat Driver), Doug is looking forward to returning to Victoria and NOTC next fall, following a summer of "Voulez-vous's" in St. Jean.


12659 Ehrenfellner, K. P. Pilot Surrey, B.C. P&PO After spending a great deal of time socializing and womanizing in various cities across Canada, Klaus retumed to Royal Roads to begin his final year of Military College as the CSL of 1 Squadron. Within no time , Erf, being of Kraut origin , had his first years goose stepping about the hallways and in no time at all , the 1 Squadron Rooks led the wing in corrections . Meanwhile, Klaus was busy boozing his life away in any sleazy bar he could find , preferably one with a little entertainment. Although he was the fourth year terms' confirmed degenerate long before Christmas, it wasn 't until after the winter holidays that Klaus really came into his own as CWPMC, a perfect position for a drunkard like himself. By second semester, Klaus' luck took a turn for the better. He brilliantly manipulated two girls from the mainland simultaneously, as well as at least one other from Victoria, all in an effort to establish himself as the truly decent guy he is. Klaus was very popular among the officers as well, frequently dropping in on them whenever he was either thirsty or hungry. He is also known to his closer friends as Dr. Ehrenfellner, a well versed intellect specializing in a variety of academic fields, other than P&PO of course. After brushing up on his French a little at St. Jean this coming summer, Erf is off to Moose jaw for pilot training . Obviously, his four years at RRMC have enabled him to develop all of those essential qualities which will no doubt make him a popular, well respected international playboy of the sky.

CELE 12664 Fredin, D. W. Swan Hill, Alta. P&PO Wayne , a staunch member of the "OW" club, came from the booming town of Dana, Sask. He was not impressed by what he saw in the way of sports and decided to change things. Fortunately the college has not only put up with his antics, but has actually made some progress. Strapper returned for his fourth year with his brand new 'machine'. He claims he needed the optional 352 ci turbo路charged v路a engine, as a regular engine would not stand up to the strain of carrying over 200 pounds up Recruit Hill on one of his many forays to the Colwood. As first slate CWSO, Strap was not merely content to shoot some hoop. He set out on his evangelical mission with total dedication. He monopolized the gym to such an extent, that even the OAth was only allowed to use it on Tuesdays, Thursdays and away weekends! Being a pseudo路grunt at heart, Strap will be spending his next year at Kingston , learning how to dial wrong numbers in true Cele fashion. Best of luck, Wayne , the college and the Forge will miss you!

12676 Kandall, M. A. Pilot Abbotsford, B.C. When writing of 'Markovonovich's' CMC career, one should include his lusting after busty wenches, an insatiable appetite for beer, his office as the 'Holy Friar', a keen interest in divorcees and his ability as an interior decorator in motel rooms. There are, however, other more important facets to Mark Kandal. He has been a steadying, if not guiding, influence on his more degenerate collegues in fourth year. His 'righteous act' , though somewhat suspect, overlays a very level路headed and mature approach to everything he may undertake. His prowess as an athlete is undeniable. He was the mainstay of the Basketball team and is capable of playing on any representative team here at Roads. His modesty does not permit him to admit this but any of the P.T. staff will readily attest. As a K-det, Mark is, thankfully, a complete failure. Having had bars as DCWC and CSL #2 , he has demonstrated his ability to work under less than favourable conditions . (i.e. Wing HQ and #2 Squadron) Mark can only be a Pilot and is well on his way to becoming an international playboy of the skies. His diligence and tenaCity will all but ensure success and will certainly stand him in good stead, enabling him to withstand the rigors of Moose Jaw and Pilot training . All things said and done, the CMC's must have done something right to keep a man of Mark's calibre. Good luck in all your future travels , searches and explOits! (And by the way, I still think you are too cruel!)


12440 Leroux, J. G. P. ARMD Victoria, B.C. P&PO The Leroux household has produced many strange animals, but none more so than Paul. In fact , of all the dissidents who have come to Roads from CMR , Paul has had the most profound, if not detrimental , effect. He was ar.cepted at RRMC as a future MARS officer but his covert plan soon came to light when he reclassified to become the first Combat Arms officer to graduate from the college. His subversive activities didn 't stop there . Attempts to destroy third year oceanography labs were poorly covered by winning the Bottle 21 Award , and when this didn't work he tried to discredit all of his term mates by actually doing academics before exam routine . Such actions were carried on into fourth year, when after a banner slate as PMC he sabotaged the Christmas Ball. Paul's love include Lynn , running , studying, and inflicting starvation diets upon himself (not necessarily in that order). Pastimes which will no doubt give him something to do during those many days is Gagetown that lie ahead.

12702 Paget, S. B. MARS Victoria, B.C. P&PO Steve came to Royal Roads in 1976, and three years later his Trans Am arrived . Ever since then life has not been the same for him . Gone were the days of meer practical transportation . Now one could travel in style and comfort on the way to the golf course or hockey arena. After all , cruising around in a green Hornet is no way to get oneself engaged. However, Steve has many more claims to fame besides his car and Leslie. He was the first in the term to elect a General degree, which he did at the first possible moment. As well , Steve was the College's first CWIMSO, which is probably the last job that anybody would want. Steve is a fine musician in his own right, and if one looks at all the instruments he plays, he would probably be the only one in his own band. From trombone to eight路track, nothing is too difficult to master. As a MARS officer Steve has two ambitions in life. One is to become a Vice路Commandant at a CMC, the other is to follow in his father's footsteps and retire to become the janitor in Mackenzie Flight.

12711 Reid, J. M. PILOT Hamilton, Ontario P&PO Young Jimmy Reid came to Royal Roads from that brawling , beer guzzling metropolis of Hamilton. From the outset he showed that the system was a snap for a person with such obvious talents as himself. After three extremely successful years "Reido" returned to Roads as the CSL of #2 Squadron. With his imposing stature and iron will he molded his squadron into the first rate military machine it is. In recognition of this noteworthy feat Jim was made CWC and assumed his position as 'top soldier' with natural ease. In addition to his outstanding cadet oriented qualities Jim has a number of others which should stand him in good stead in his future career as a pilot. First and foremost is Jim's ability to drag his friends to the depths of degeneration and remain seemingly saintly himself. Though he drinks himself into oblivion on a regular basis he has yet to succomb to the temptation of two-timing his girl friend Lori! Though he has had numerous chances with countless buxum young lasses James has remained steadfast in this . Unfortunately this is about the only moral standard Jim has kept with any great regularity. Known Victoria-wide for his rousing social graces Jim will never turn down the opportunity to develop his ample beer Schleb! Even on nights before exams, Jim can be found drinking and taking in the delights of the local strip joint surrounded by his amoral cronies . Even so you would be hard pressed to find a better friend , though he would desert you in a pinch and slander you if there was something to gain . He can always be counted on to pay for his share of the beer, a quality hard to find these days. With his disarming smile , amiable manner, and lust for the forbidden fruits of life, Jim should be amply armed to succeed in the foremost of careers , that of a boisterous playboy of the skies. Good Luck, Jimbo, you Knave!!!


12714 Savage, C. R. (Doc) MARS Winnipeg, Manitoba P&PO Doc has lent new meaning to the motto of P&PO, Procrastination and Pitting-out. In fact , if they didn't order him to participate he 'd probably delay graduation for a while . He said he'd write out a list of things he had to do, but he waited too long and forgot. From his humble beginnings on the Prairies in Manitoba he sensed his lifelong goal, that of becoming a Vice-Commandant of a CMC. To this end he has floundered through phases II and III of Mars training . Doc can even be seen standing the midnight watch in his room , probably becatJse he slept the day away. His various hobbies include photography, reading , and diving . As a matter of fact he once flooded his room to practice diving over Christmas . Academically, Doc is an Artsman at heart. He even managed to win the book prize for Humanities in Third Year. In Fourth Year, Doc finally developed good study habits, but he put off getting around to it and then forgot how! Doc has been described as an outstandingly average sportsman, great for substitutions and fetching the water. He is even noted for his uncanny ability to boast even the most mediocre squash players' ego. He took up running in Fourth Year, a bit anyway, to get away from what , we don 't know. Doc has a car ... As CBM this year he's managed to increase the band 's intellectual strength, they now play "Mickey Mouse" and "The Friendly Giant ". He thinks he earned CBM but we all know the truth ; nobody wanted to hear him play the clarinet anymore. Good luck in the Navy, Doc, and remember the age old prayer: "Help me Lord , remember through the night, Port is left, and Starboard's right."

12726 Symonds, K. D. PILOT Tsawwassen, B.C. P&PO Since Long-Haired Rock-Star isn 't a classification in the Forces, Ken decided to do the next best thing and become a pilot, believing that this would allow him to keep his hair and still pursue fast cars and fast women . To Ken a fast car can be anything from a '68 Mustang which the body shop dare not touch to a sleek 280Z, but as for women , nothing less than a good eight and a half will do. These high standards made him a popular source of female companionship for many a friend . It is difficult to think of Ken Symonds without thinking of music. Whether he was playing Funeral for a Friend at Halloween, an Elton John favorite on the piano, or strumming "Sooner or Later I'll go General " on his guitar, Ken could always be counted on to entertain. Not that this was his only pastime, as Ken 's sports interests included Representative Volleyball , tennis, and racing to catch the Tsawwassen ferry. After Grad Ken will be leaving for the blue skies of Moose Jaw with his car, guitar, and coffee maker, where after four years of mere academics he can get down to some serious flying .

LORE 12730 Terhart, B. A. P&PO Estevan, Sask. Berty arrived at Royal Roads four years ago from the thriving boomtown of Estevan and has made his presence felt ever since. It took little time for Bert to adjust to life in the "big city" and was often heard to comment that the only differences between Estevan and Victoria were that Victoria had running water, electricity, and indoor bathrooms. Bert, or Bert-aholic as he is sometimes called for who knows what reason , achieves in many areas. Not only does he attain a first class honours standing but he also makes his presence felt on any sports field . Bert's competitiveness and aggressiveness makes him a formidable opponent on the Rugby pitch as many Rugby players or unfortunate referees can tell you . When asked to comment on a certain referee , Bert replied , "He makes me so mad I could spit. " Bert has always been fascinated with nursing residences and indeed his name has become a household name in a few of them in years past. However, after being literally thrown out of one of the Victoria residences on his ear, Bert turned his attention to the Vancouver nursing scene where he met Marg . Bert has since settled down and carries on his life as a bag of mush . Indeed Marg has often been heard to hum the song "Under My Thumb" when talking about her relationship with Bert. Berty is off to Borden in the Fall to finish off his Lore Training . He will undoubtably continue to tell his sick jokes or comments at which only he will be laughing. Oh well , I guess there is nothing wrong with a sick mind as long as it is happy at the same time.






CONVOCATION AWARDS Military Awards Royal Military College Club of Canada Award - OCdt M. C. Hooper Vancouver Branch of the Military Engineers of Canada Award - OCdt S. B. Appleton The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association Award - OCdt W. K. Bokovay Royal Canadian Air Force Association Award - OCdt S. A. Strauss Naval Officers Association of Vancouver Island Award - OCdt D. W. Brown Navy League of Canada Award - OCdt D. W. Knight The Royal United Services Institute of Vancouver Island Award - OCdt A. A. Scott The H. E. Sellers Memorial Award - OCdt W. K. Bokovay The Lieutenant-Colonel F. J. Picking Memorial Award - OCdt M. K. Overton The Claus Gorgichuck Memorial Award - OCdt M. A. Kandal Academic Awards Humanities and Social Sciences and Special French Book Prize - OCdt G. A. Grant Mathematics and Computer Science Book Prize - OCdt S. C. Sibbald Science Book Prize - OCdt A. A. Scott Physics and Physical Oceanography Book Prize - OCdt M. A. Laplante Humanities and Social Science Book Prize - OCdt J . A. R. Perron Chemistry and Chemical and Biological Oceanography Book Prize - OCdt D. F. A. Taylor Humanities and Social Sciences Book Prize - OCdt T. P. Gijzen Mathematics Book Prize - OCdt P. J . Brinkhurst Science and Engineering Book Prizes - OCdt J. P. Muir Book Prizes in Mathematics and Chemistry, Physics, Physical Oceanography, Humanities and Social Sciences - OCdt J . G. P. Leroux The Clarence C. Cook Award - OCdt J. G. P. Leroux The French Government Medal - OCdt J . R. Byatt Governor-General 's Bronze Medal - OCdt M. D. O. Stark Governor-General 's Silver Medal - OCdt J. P. Muir Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia Silver Medal - OCdt D. Taylor Governor-General's Gold Medal - OCdt J. G. P. Leroux



, I



' J


11 II

.L to R: D. Taylor, R. Walker, M. Overton , K. Whitney, J. Lowe, M. Laplante, J. Perron, C . Chairot, D. Daly, D. Harris .


Rear: R. Steele . R. Ayer, J. Laframboise, G. Cormier, D. Graves, H. Slark, J. Erkelens, G. Grant. Front: M. Brown, W. Vachon , D. Attwell, Maj . K. Casson (Sqn Com d), l. White, M. Michaud, M. Poliquin , A. Bouvier. Absent: M. Rozak .



Appleton, S. B. MILE Red Deer, Alberta ENG. Big App is one of the few prairie boys in his term to make it this far at Royal Roads . The initial shock of rook term enabled Steve to win the 1 SON O.T.R. award in first year but after growing accustomed to the system he has excelled. App was Cartier's 2nd slate DCFL and he also played Rep volleyball. In between getting his car fixed and getting himself fixed up (with dates), Steve finds plenty of time to devote to his academics. As well , he is an active member of the Royal Roads Body Building/Hair Combing club . Steve is really looking forward to football at R.M.C. and is enthusiastic about getting on with his Civ. Eng. degree in Kingston . Steve says that he won 't stay at R.M .C. unless he can sit in the front row in all his classes but we are sure that he will adjust to the "Eastern " way of life. SMOKE 'EM APP!


Atkins, J. A. ARMD Ottawa, Onto ENG. After a rather indulgent summer Jim returned to Roads to assume the role of a cadet wing hermit. Unlike the "social zits", however, Jim's strategy for isolation was to stay out of his room . His annonymity was so well guarded that many rooks did not know who Mr. Atkins was when he became fourth slate Cartier DCFL. Jim was outstanding in several fields . He was one of the main pillars of the Cartier Flight outdoors club having participated in all major club activities and a crack marksman on the Shooting Team earning the crossed rifles and crossed pistols awards. His true loyalty however was to the Rep T. V. Team and through dedicated effort he coached the team all the way to the Totem Conference championship. As a piper Jim generally managed to live through the hostility directed at that exclusive group of musicmakers. Also, as one of the last of the Cartier taverners Jim's patronage was much appreciated at local establishments. We all expect Jim will continue his low-profile slide through CMC life at Kingston , where , if lucky he will be overlooked completely and can go about fishing , shooting, admiring female anatomy and playing bagpipes at his own leisurely pace.


St. Thomas, Ontario

Beavis, B. L.


ADMIN Bruce left his mother's knee to join the pointy end of the Army (the Armoured Corps) and to learn to make millions in Business Administration . Furthermore, he is something of a curiosity in Cartier flight since he is the only surviving Second Year Artsman . He has often been heard to say "This is so fascinating that it is a shame I have to write an essay about it." Royal Roads could not survive without Bruce. He is Tricorn Editor, Debating Club president, band-rat, leading light in the Scriblerus Club , Mess Secretary, crack shot, Cassanova, all rolled into one sinewy ball of fighting flesh . A well-known member of the under-400 club , he is also a terror in 1M golf and curling . Imfamous for his debating swan to Montreal , Bruce 's clipped British accent has evoked terror in the hearts of debators in the far corners of North America. Despite the many warnings to "the getters and spenders" the Beavis curse will be going to CMR next year from where he hopes to graduate into the "real world ". Good luck to you Bruce, and to the enemy . .. beware.

13711 Berkley, T. J. T. MARE Ottawa, Ontario ELEC ENG OCdt Berkley, better known as T-shirt Terry or just Big Chin, is Cartier Flight's Casanova. Lucky guy that he is he spends all his spare time with women . Except, of course, when he is in the pool. Waterpolo is not just staying alive in the water for Terry. He is an excellent fish and a good shot too. Unfortunately, Terry is a "band-rat" . In fact he is almost "king Band-rat" (DCBM). Leading the band he says is like blowing the clarinet, ... you have to really work at it. Terry will not be following in the footsteps of his brother. Instead he will graduate from RMC with an Electrical Engineering degree. From there he is on his way to show the Navy what it is to be MARE officer. As the old song says .. . All the nice girls love a sailor.

13713 INF Bokovay, W. K. Edmonton, Alberta MECH ENG 'Bok' burst onto the RRMC scene two years ago in form true to his prairie and ground-pounding upbringing . In his first year Boker made his presence felt , finding time to excel in the mattress races, rugby, wrestling , and finally academics, achieving first class honours, a performance which explains his receding hair line. In second year, after spending a summer of entering marathon races, travelling, and oh yes learning French, the Bok returned to RRMC in his new car as a first slate DCFL for Cartier and in no time had "his' men tuned to the renown 'Keen Machine'. After a brief rest, Bok returned after Christmas, a few pounds heavier but nonetheless CFL for Cartier, to say the least his men were overjoyed. Sportswise, the always aggressive leader of the blue jerseys joined the rep. cross country team , hockey team, and went to the finals in wrestling . He has his clubs, crossed swords, and a little lady back home to round out his entourage. To a man who is going places fast (Olds , Alberta?) best of luck.

13722 Coulter, D. D. MARS Kingston, Ont. MECH ENG Dave's shining career at Royal Roads has provided both inspiration and encouragement to one and all . This is demonstrated most notably in his fierce dedication to the Band and enthusiasm application of his zero overkill policy. During his incarceration at this most noble of institutions, Dave appointed himself President (for life) of the RETP Benevolent Fund (a profit organization established for the enrichment of the lives of aI/second year RETP cadets in Cartier Flight). In this capacity he was personally responsible forthe appropriation , retention and dissemination of all donations and monies received otherwise made to this fund. Dave spent most his free time developing his many varied talents and interests. These include mountain climbing , music, rappeling , sailing , zodiac trips , snowshoeing expeditions, skiing, scuba diving, and harkening to the "Call of the Col-wood ". How he managed to fit all this into life at the CMC's can only be answered by look at his academic average. Nevertheless we expect Dave to do well at RMC and wish him the best of luck in the future .

MARE 13739 Hearn, R. E. ELEC ENG Ottawa 'Dicky' is probably the smallest member of the wing , with the exception of a few, right Slem? In his first year, Rick avoided his C.F.L. so much that he made it without being charged . Along came S.L.T. and this time Rick decided that home was the best place to spend the summer and he therefore spent many of his weekends there . Upon his return to good 01' R.R. , he co-ordinated the Duke of Edinborough award program, while also attacking the difficult art of the 'agony bag ', a skill which he has learned to a respectable degree. He has also managed to become a certified diver, enabling him to go on organized dives, to search for the ever elusive mermaid? He has also had the distinction of being 1 Sqn. C.SA during the second slate. Next year, Rick plans to be at R.M.C. studying the electrifying program of Electrical Eng. We all wish Rick the best and know he'll be back to visit R.R. during his phase training .


13752 Kenny, H. T. INF Scotch Bush, Ont. ENG PHYS It all started one late Militia night in the fall of '76 when Harold said to me. "You know Brute, the pair of us should go to military college." And so it was ordained . From the sleepy hollows of Scotch Bush in the Ottawa Valley, H.T. has come a long way on the road to fame and fortune . First slate DCWA, Harold put in encore as CSA 1 third slate. Despite this , his academics have not suffered much. He won the Gold Star and Crown for first year engineering and is in fierce competition with J.P. for the second year title. Actually, Harold is one of the College 's triple crown winners holding at one single time crossed clubs and crown , crossed swords and crown , and the Academic star and crown. Athleticly, his runners have put a good many miles behind them in service to the R.R. Cross Country team , that is whenever he is not busy singing as captain of the rep. volleyball squad . In his 'spare' time he also manages to get out with the Outdoors club (member of the famed Quatsino Cave expedition), the Flying and Scuba clubs, not to mention the 'strangle that cat! ' club . Fortunately, all this talent will not be going to waste - Infantry is his calling. We have just one last request of our man Harold , please never ask your platoon to hitchhike across the continent in the dead of winter.

13757 MacLaine, N. A. INF Ottawa, Onto ENG After a summer of brown-bagging on the bank of the Richelieu Canal and sampling French culture at the Hotel Champlain, Neil returned to RR hoping that by some miracle Roads had turned into a civilian university. Never having been the type of person to let reality get in his way, Neil went about pretending it was one regardless. Neil is involved in numerous college activities, all relating to the outdoors. As a member of the Sailing Team he earned the only first place finish in the team's history. He is also an excellent swimmer, with two college records in the breast-stroke. Numerous mountaineering and camping expeditions have cut into Neil's ski time , which may result in the loss of the Squadron Ski-Bum title which he earned in first year. All these endeavors earned him second slate CSSO bars. When unable to get outside Neil can usually be found at Rep TV Team practise or drawing maps. Indeed one of the greatest mysteries of the cadet wing is how he manages to pass when he never seems to study. We all hope next year finds Neil at RMC taking Civilian Engineering, whether or not he knuckles down and works .

PILOT 13785 Randall, J. C. Ottawa, Ont. ENG OCdt. Randall , better known to cadets as Pope John started his college career in an unassuming fashion but soon distinguished himself in sports, winning the "Most Improved Athlete" award in first year. In second year John continued in this tradition as the Rep Hockey Team 's Guy Lafleur and a member of the Totem Conference champion curling team . As just reward for his efforts, John was awarded third slate CSSO bars. When he is not preoccupied with sports, the "Pope" can usually be found at his favourite hobby, compiling lists of places he'd rather be than at RRMC . Of course when the burden becomes too heavy for John to bear alone, he simply takes out his bagpipe chanter and lets the whole flight share in his misery. Cartier halls will be alot quieter next year without John's regular cries of frustration but we are sure he will enjoy himself more at RMC , where pipers wear kilts and phone calls to Vatican City cost half as much.

13796 Slemko, R. AERE Victoria, B.C. ENG PHYSICS Ron came to Royal Roads from deepest darkest Saanich to become an engineer. When he found out he wasn 't the guy who pulls the train whistle he was a bit disappointed but Ron figures he 'll stay for Engineering Physics anyway next year. Much to Ron 's chagrin , Royal Roads doesn 't sport a regular badminton team , but Ron proceeded to beat the pants of just about everybody anyhow. Ron excells in just about all sports, his P.T. score is 448. Better luck next time! When Ron 's not playing badminton he 's working on his car or borrowing money to pay for it. Ron 's also been known to drag around a gun with the rest of the rabble even as DCFL. TOO bad he doesn't have the inherent skill to join the elite troupe of Royal Roads musicians. We'll miss Ron next year (and his mother's cooking) when he rides off to RMC to show them how to play badminton . Ron hopes to graduate from there and join his AERE classification to teach them a thing or two . Keep on sluggin ' Slemmer!


13716 Campbell, B. J. MARS Bancroft ARTS Barry is better known to his friends as 'Mr. Grumble' because of that amazing quality of his voice to rise above any noise and still be unintelligible. He will best be remembered for his immortal car, the workhouse of the Ski and Scuba Clubs, which has carried adventurous cadets the length and breadth of the island. Throughout his first and second years at RR Barry has been actively involved in all facets of college life. His active participation as vice路president of the Scuba club has been a key factor in its success and Barry may one day rival Jacques Cousteau if his interest keeps up. Besides diving , Barry is an avid skier and has done a lot of work for the Tricorn . Thought not one to 'bag the books', Barry has always maintained a solid second class honours standing with seemingly little effort. Barry held the position of DCFL of the famed Fraser flight in second slate and did such a good job that after Christmas he was given a pair of the cherished white gaitors (for one of those infamous 'car crimes ;), which started a fashion craze among second years because soon everyone was wearing them. Barry is a Navy man and he can 't wait to get out into the wild blue (water) yonder. Until graduation however, he will be biding his time in the Administration course at CMR with minor electives in drinking and driving . All kidding aside, Barry can and will be a success at whatever he choses to do and we wish him all the luck in the world . 13719 Conway, P. A. J. PLT Barrie, Ontario CIVIL ENG Paul has enjoyed being at Royal Roads for the first two years of his stay at Military College even though he may not admit it. He frequently participates in Outdoor Club expeditions and places a large emphasis on spelunking , which he enjoys to the utmost. As if to aid in caving , Paul has had his crossed clubs since the first test of his first year. Doing a great job as Third Slate DCFL Fraser he held the raiding and plundering to a minimum . As a frustrated Artsman , this pseudo-engineer has done well academically since being initiated to the rigours of RRMC and gaining second class honours. Other interests include a flair for organization much appreciated by the Tricorn , solitary studies of the permutations of the Rector Vector applied to various in animate objects based in the three dimensions and continuing his musical bint by playing the piano and organ during some of his spare time and some of his not-so-spare time . In the future , Paul will go to RMC to continue his acadamic binge and other subjects of interest (L.L. take note) and try something a little more plausible: Build a home. During the summer months we should be able to find Paul either flying or loafing (almost synonymous). True love is rare . True friendship even rarer. La Fontaine 13751 Keddy, D. C. ARMD Moose Jaw, Sask. ARTS/ADMIN Hailing from Moose jaw (a.k.a. the hub of the universe), Dave arrived at Chilliwack, long hair and all, ready to make his impression on the Canadian Armed Forces. Before he became CDS, though, Dave decided to head out to Royal Roads for a time. After arriving at RR Dave knew that the CMC system was designed for a guy just like him . For that reason he decided to be a full -supporter of the system and never to question it. All this got him was a few days S(2)! In the past two years Dave played on the rep hockey team and was a major component on the Fraser flight 1M teams . Known for his gentlemanly play at all times , "Kedder" couldn 't understand the inordinately large periods of time he spent on a special bench , usually alone, sometimes with a couple other guys from both teams . A real military "keener", Dave was made 1st slate DCFL and , to the rooks , became "the little porter with the big mouth ". He also was awarded Crossed Swords and in 4th slate was made CSAobviously because of his ability to handle the Squadron fund so well . Next year Dave is off to "Gorf-Iand", as he calls it. for a degree in administration. Before tha.t, however, he will be bombing around in Cougars and Grizzlys at 'Nam. Good luck for the future "Kid ".

13764 Ottawa, Onto

McDougall, P. J.


Better known as "Doog" to the rest of his flight buds Pete has not let the CMC system affect his civic attitude. He arrived at Roads and soon got right into the swing of things . He did this despite dally calls from his father who hazed him about going to just the Prep School instead of the real Mil. Col. Pete excelled in academics and was always near the top of his class . This however was not the case on PT tests as all he managed to achieve was an honourary member of the 275 Club. "Brace-FAce" deked out of SLT and had a "Face Job" care of NDMC instead. It was a new man with a "Kirk Douglas chin" and "Sans Braces" who greeted the rooks as First Slate CSA. Hip did so well at this job that he received 4th Slate DCFl. Pete has been in many aspects of the schools extra curricular activities. A member of the "Colwood-After-Exams" Club Pete demonstrated his acclaimed drinking prowess . As an active member of the Scuba Club Pete will soon be in competition for Jacques Couteau's job. Pete is off to the real Mil Col, RMC, for a Degree in Economics and Commerce. He will be making a stop over at Gage-Nam where can be seen "Tall路in-the-Saddle" of a grizzly on Phase 2 Armour. At RMC Pete will only be a short distance from the girls and Discos of Ottawa, so watch out!

Michel, l. J.

13767 Murdochville, Quebec


Larry (or larog as he is affectionately (?) called) came to RRMC knowing nothing of rook term, ID's, etc. He did so well in his first year that he came back to fill the vital position of Cadet Wing Perma Second year. He was at one time a charter member of the illustrious 275 club , but unfortunately he had to give up his membership for the lesser prestigious 350 range. He is a member of the Fencing Club. He was also a treasurer for the War Games Club and a fanatical D & D player. Being an avid computer programmer before coming to RRMC , he wrangled an account out of Dr. Snell, and immediately logged a total of 150 hrs. at the cost of good grades. Being an ex路sea cadet he was immediately attracted to the Navy, he plans to be a combat systems engineer in the MARE branch. Having seen RRMC and lived in Victoria for two years, he has seen the light and has decided to go

P&PO. 13n9 Niagara Falls, Onto

Pigden, W. A.


Bill, known as 'Piggy' to most, aced off BOTC and arrived at RR ready to throw himself wholeheartedly into military college life. His first priority was , of course, academics which, as we all know, he got under control right away. His social life was another story altogether- he just couldn't seem to find any girls in Victoria. Oh sure, he tried the 'Old Forge ' but Bill just could not score in four's . What 's that, you say Bill was known as the CWMP in first year? I'm sure that MP stands for Military Police. After all , Bill has a clean slate as far as charges are concerned . Anyway, as a result of his sexual frustrations Bill turned to rugby, a sport that entitled him to membership in the Monday to Friday light duties club . Second year saw a marked change in Bill. It seems that, while we were all 'au Qu ebec avec Angus' , Bill latched onto a real cutie . From that point on Pig was a mere ghost around Roads . This enabled him to remain 'bar-free' all year and to concentrate on more important things (like Donna). Pig's 'boat' was just in for refit and it looks like he'll be sailing east to RMC , by way of Gage-Nam, to complete a degree in Arts . Bon chance, mon ami! by Peter McDougall

13274 Victoria, B.C.

Ross, T. M.


Dear Marko is the archetype of the basic civvie second year; quiet, unflappable (no, not even failing grades seem to bother him) and yet he must have a real sense of purpose. After all , he did return to MilCol life after taking a one-year 'sabbatical'! Who knows , maybe he 's just glutton for punishment? Mark's interests, apart from his fiancee of course, are nurses, dancing , Nursing college, finding spare time to spend with his fiancee (i.e . not studying), and visiting his fiancee . He did, however, find time to be a key link in the rep soccer team 's solid defence, as well as a constant source of amusement on road trips (who was that almost nude man outside that motel, anyway?). He did go to extremes in order to relax, though , including faking a broken leg in a soccer game just to sheepishly return from hospital sporting a mere bruise. Royal Roads has twice narrowly missed being inflicted with Mark's dreaded leadership skills ; the first time he politely declined first slate CSC for Fraser flight , because he felt that he needed a rest after first year. This year a few profs made the decision for him after Christmas exams , and he was denied the opportunity to become third slate CSA for One Squadron. Being one of the founding members of the Boileau Club (whose motto is .. Ie style c'est I'homme") Marko has constantly strived to keep up his stylish public image, even if he does tend to be a little on the 'Disco' side. Mark will definitely keep up his lifestyle next year in pursuit of an admin degree at CMR , heading towards a lonely life of "getting and spending ". Maybe he will be able to add a touch more class to that institution . You 'll miss the Queen 's parties , Marko, but you 'll make a million before you 're 35.


13808 Weller, H. F. Mill Toronto, Onto ENG Having won the crossed clubs and crown during first years , Harry was a shoe-in for first slate CSSO. He found this great task somewhat exhausting as often times during study hours he was in the "rack"; however he managed to survive. After recuperating, his second slate objective was to hide in the shadows. He fought with great vigor to become a "slack and idle second year". But this struggle resulted in the agony of defeat as he was made Mr. CSTO Weiler during the second half of the year. Besides the habitual CMC chargrin , the only real dampening effects on Harry's spirit were "Piggy Physics" and the popular "Smart test" . Nonetheless, this cadet's academic poise is sure to pull him through . Although Harry was sometimes absent from the latter portions of the team's basketball games, he made a notable contribution to the 1M aspirations of the flight as a whole. His rep team committment lied with the soccer team . Though the team's deeds were limited, Harry managed to whittle an article for the Tricorn out of it humility. All in all, this "wizard of the English language" is a well-adjusted Cadet. His ability to "do it behind closed doors" has portrayed an amiable attitude. His motivation and confidence are sure to assist him during his future endeavours.

13714 Brlnkhurst, P. J. MARE Sidney, B.C. P&PO Finding Paul can be a demanding task . However if one persevers he can be found slaving over a pile of books. Sooner or later he will stop reading novels in class. At 6'5" Brinky is the only person on the basketball team who can manage a slamdunk, and periodically he can be seen wobbling down to the gym on tape encased ankles to begin another performance as first string "high post". 2 Squadrons third slate CSSO's interest in sports does not stop at basketball by any means. With amazing regularity the flight baby can be seen tearing off in his green Spitfire to cavorte with his "older woman ". Paul intends to become an Oceanographer and as such as condemned himself to another 2 years at Royal Roads , and eventually hopes to become a Naval Officer in the finest tradition of Jack The Bear.

13717 Chapman, M. E. OCTPILOT Trenton, Onto "Ie MECH ENG Mark grew up as a base brat, and thus had no major problems with first year, being normally either at Victoria International or dreaming he was there . Well known in the wing as the Friday-night movie projectionist, Mark also gained fame for running up a large enough computer bill to make it worthwhile for the college to buy its own computer. Mark has always had a love for flying and thus was president of CASI , and treasurer of the flying club. Although nobody is quite sure how he keeps passing medicals, Mark is one of the most experienced pilots at roads, and is sure to succeed at Portage. All the best, Mark, may you forever have CAVU skies and a tailwind behind you .


13718 Collin, J. G. J. C. ARMD Montreal, P.O. P&PO John came to Champlain Flight from the big city of Montreal. Being a 'frog' it was only appropriate that he joined the rep. waterpolo team, and earn his "feuille d'erable d'or'. He also missed the easy summer at SI. Jean, preferring to slog out phase 2 armoured at "Gagenam ". John never had a problem academically, and spent most of his study hours horizontal , or polishing the band mace. He amazed many with his drum-major talents and terrorized anyone who walked behind him on parade ! After earning his crossed路swords, his seniors noted that the band was too easy for him , so he worked (for once) as a second slate CSA. As well as having the longest name in the college, 'J.C.' had the largest 45 record collection , and could be found many a time down at 'decks' slinging discs with a passion , for dances and parties. The lure of the beautiful west coast took its toll on John this past year, as he is planning to yawn his way through P&PO. We wish him all the best, and John ;" Disco is passe! "

13727 Esdale, E, L PILOT Vancouver, B.C. SCI Eric is from Vancouver, which resulted in him bringing home many lonely cadets on weekends , (and returning with hoards of cookies). Being a talented musician, and a member of all the various bands at Roads resulted in him being awarded DCBM for 1V2 slates. He was then given CSA in the third slate so that he could finally do some real work as a barman. As captain of the rep fencing team, Eric did a great deal to improve the quality of the team. When not attacking someone with his sabre, or the dreaded "ribbies", Eric was working out his frustrations while climbing a mountain with the Outdoors Club. He has worked hard during his two years with Champlain Flight and has merited his crossed swords, clubs , and blue maple leaf. It took him four attempts to make the 450 Club, probably due to his height or maybe he had been adopting the prone position too often . Since he announced his plans to continue his education at CMR, he has received many a blank stare; maybe its the girls? Best of luck Eric, whether you are punching holes in clouds or 'flying a desk'.

13728 Fejes, S. B, PILOT Toronto, Ont, ENG "Seal-Man" returned to Roads hoping to experience as much of college life as possible. He started the year by winning his crossed-clubs , and then became active in rugby, scuba and I.M.'s for the Champ Flight power house. Being such a 'jock ', the Castle just couldn 't over look "Fej", and he became CSSO in October. After squeaking by at Christmas, Steve returned to concentrate on his social life. Unfortunately, while in Mack Flight halls he was mislead into serving off a session of 'S路2" for casual 'civies'. In February Steve returned to Champ's glorious halls to serve off his remaining time at Roads , in cramped misery. "Fej" is off to Portage this summer for a couple of weeks of flight school , since he already has his private licence. Steve hopes to end up flying CF-5's (for the Army Air Force路10 TAG). Steve is looking forward to R.M .C. and his girl back in T.O. We all wish him well in his future endeavours.

France, S, L MARS 13731 ARTS Richmond, B.C, When Steve France started off his second year at our college, he soon had everyone remembering his nick-name from the year before. Some guys called him "Military", some just called him "gun ". But his flight buds said it best when they called him the "Champ Flight Keener". His military, rugby, and academic skills are on record , no one can dispute them. I know whenever I was feeling baggo, or wanted to pit out, I always went to him for inspiration. He never did want recognition for his work , just the satisfaction of a job well done. It brings to mind our motto ... "TRUTH , DUTY, VALOUR! " If I have to sum Flapper's time at Royal Roads , I'll just say "CARRY ON MISTER FRANCE! " and Bravo Zulu fella.


Grant, W. P. ARMD Belleville, Ont. P&PO "Grunt" spent most of the first semester in plaster (it seems he likes the stuff), after a 'mild ' rugby injury during a non-hitting practice. He thought he may get recoursed again, but lucky for the juniors in Champ flight he didn't. Pat didn 't do very much (then again , he never could), but he did frequent decks and Colwood several times a week. Having been CPM for first slate, he showed that one can actually get some sound out of a dying cat! Some think overdid it, conducting practices during study hours in Grant Block and at the Colwood. It was pleasant for the Champs that he lived upstairs, so he gave Hudson juniors a hard time instead. Pat has decided to stay at Roads (a five year plan man already) to obtain a degree in P&PO for the times he'd have to drive his tank through the ocean . Hey, Pat, you know they're not driven over, but transported! He claims his hearing will be gone in a couple of years, but who cares when you're having fun, eh? Anyway, we wish Pat the best of luck in his future years (if he ever gets through this one). May your hatch never be glued or frozen shut, and keep your marks above 50%.



PILOT Hadfield, C. A. Milton, Ontario MECH ENG Chris arrived at Roads as a country hick, staring in awe at the big city. His farm boy brains and brawn enabled him to survive first year unscathed. During his second year, Chris kept busy. His hard work earned him two bars and second class honours. When not pursuing his insatiable appetite for knowledge , Chris could be found racing up and against the mountains with the 500 club , or racing down them with the ski club. In his spare time, Chris survived drowning as a member of the RRMC waterpolo team. Next year Chris plans to go to RMC in Kingston . There he will major in Mechanical Engineering and anatomy. Helen(e) is quite pleased with his choice of courses. Before Kingston , Chris will attend Portage where he hopes to be a fighter pilot while there are still planes to fly. Best of luck to you Chris and remember the ejector button .


Justice, T. C. INF. Oakville, Onto ARTS Tim came to 'Roads as a former base brat, and thus had no difficulty surviving first year. (If one excludes drowning the wrong stereo, and the Oktoberfest dance). He survived well enough , in fact, that he was Champ DCFL this year, maintaining a second class honours average. Although he originally intended to be Artillery, Tim ended up as a fox-hole digger. Preparing for the rigours of summer training , he has been active in several sports. He was on the rep. soccer team , and also the water-polo team just long enough to get to USAFA. He also found that the task of juggling numerous girlfriends kept his wits sharp, despite the sleepless nights. As business editor of the Log , Tim has been a familiar sight in Victoria , sixes and staff car, strong-arming small businessmen . Tim is off to RMC next year, seeking a business degree. All the best Tim, don't take rides from maniacal van drivers, and keep your head low.

Kerr, S. R. MARE Hamilton, Onto MECH ENG When Steve Kerr came to RR he seemed to have things a little easier than the rest. This could have been due to his previous militaryly geared life (football playing dope addict) . .. Na! Some of us knew it was really his little guardian angel. Right away in second year this devious little guy was given power: CSSO. Even midgets can be good at sports. But later in the year he eased out of the picture and met his true love. We thought it was Toad and Porky forever when he started living off college . He also seemed to forget that classes started at 0800. Sports always played a big part in Toad 's life. First he tried the soccer team but later turned to rugby when he started kicking more than just the ball. Since he was short and too fast for most to see , he managed to lead the league in scoring. Academics were never a major problem to Toad. He managed to get away with the least amount of work and got fairly good results. He plans to continue his free and easy lifestyle at RMC, where like most of us will be back near home ground .



13755 Knight, D. W. MARS Winnipeg, Man. ARTS Darren, or simply D.W. to his friends (Mr. Knight to Steve) excelled at Chilliwack while on his BOTC. But he didn 't stop there! His superior leadership and keeness was soon marvelled at by his peers when they noticed that not only did he press his kit everynight but also his hair! Excelling at sports, he became a member of the 400 club , the rep rugby team , and the President of the Scuba club . In his second year, he returned to whip his rooks into shape as Champlain flight's first slate DCFl. It was with a sigh of relief that he managed to give up his bars after first slate and devote all his att"mtion to the Scuba club. But his rest was short-lived as he was appointed CFl forthe second half of the year. As one of the literary geniuses of Roads , this proud Artsmen hopes to continue his studies at RMC next year in Political Sciences. After graduation, he expects to be sailing the seven seas as a proud component of the Navy. If his past performance is any indication of his future performance, good old Nelson and the Navy had best look out! Here's to smooth sailing and a good tot of grog from all of us!

13758 Maclean, G. B. AERE Scarborough', Ont. MECH ENG Brian "George" came to Royal Roads from the dragstrips and lovely beaches of Toronto to try and form his own Beach Boys' Fan Club. However his plans were brought to a temporary halt as first year got in his way. His major problem in first year was choosing a classification to match his lay back way of life. Second year brought George "Brian " more freedom , two cars, and Stupid. He also became one of the original members of the Mr. Bruce Fan Club. After Christmas George realized that something must leave his busy life, so Stupid was forced to 'frappe la rue'. Brian spent the majority of his civilian year living isolated from the rest of his Champ Flight "BUDS ", but was able to give some good lunch-time concerts from his vantage point. Thanks to his fine military mind, Brian was moved back into Champ Flight for last slate and could be found running the gantlet with the other civy-U members. Brian now leaves for RMC and the good life in two years.

13771 Muir, J. P. LORE St. Catharines, Onto ENG PHYS John arrived last year from the popular St. Catharines area with a never-ending smile on his face. The rigorous workload had no effect on him and his academic average was high enough to render him among the leaders in the wing in Engineering. During his stay he was an active member in 1M sports and the ski, Casi and Scuba clubs . When John found the time to part from his studies he was known to become a 'ski-bum ' on the slopes of Whistler Mountain . In his second year he let the pressures get to him and took occasional trips to the Colwood , much to the dismay of his 'buds'. John's distinctive command voice has given him a natural passion for drill unsurpassed by any other cadet. John plans on taking Engineering Physics at RMC next year. Judging from his past experience he should do very well. Best of luck at RMC John and say hello to Gavin for me.

13788 Reid, F. MILE Nipawin, Sask, CIVI ENG When I moved in with 'The Flatlander', I thought he was a thin , insignificant lad . But ney, ney! He soon showed he was an insatiable brute. Despite his farm boy attitude, Frank aided us all with his indepth knowledge of drill, and the military ways of life. Whenever Frank would speak, heads would turn and voices would echo, "There goes Frank Reid , he has a Racing Car . " But seriously, Frank made an extra buck or two during the year with "Frank and Steve's Travelling Massage Parlor" (862-5397, and ladies of Fine Bearing only). Known to gash a mean kye bucket in any fraust-free sortie, wing may carry off. Bud radar on full alert, Frank, and smooth pavement all the way.


13792 Ross, R. J. N. CELE Digby, N.S. ELEC ENG Reg is one of the more conservative members of Champlain flight. However if one is quiet and waits outside his room he can sometimes be seen limping back from fencing and collapsing in his world of 0 and D. Traveller. an classical art. Apart from being 4th slate DCFL. Reg is also an active member of both the entertainments and decorations committees . On the Royal Roads soccer team Reg embodies the "kamikaze principle ". If he can't get the ball with his foot . he gets the man with his body! One of Reg 's greatest claims to fame is being the cookie monster on the 2 squadron mess dinner menu . (even if he did need a haircut). Reg goes to RMC next year where he plans to take electrical engineering. Good luck in the future Reg. and if things ever get too tough just remember the stickleback!!

13806 VanRoon , J. J. PILOT Grimsby, Ontario ADMINISTRATION Jim left the backwater of Grimsby to come to Royal Roads . Unable to play football here. Jim settled for rugby. Since then Jim has played on the first fifteen of the rugby team and even spent an eventful week in England during 1st year. courtesy of the rugby team . The fates have been kind to Jim. since with the exception of a broken nose. he has escaped injury playing rugby. Nor does Jim spend all his spare time on the rugby field . He can also be found skiing. Because he had so much free time at CMR last summer he took a scuba course and is now an avid diver. Nor does Jim neglect his social duties. When not getting drunk at Peer's Inn after a rugby game or at Colwood with the boys. Jim can often be found chasing the lasses at the Old Forge. Victoria has seen less of Jim this year as he devotes more time to the academics. Jim maintains a second class standing despite his variety of activities. Because he grew to like CMR so much last summer. Jim plans to take up permanent residence this fall as he takes Administration . We wish him good luck at CMR and on his pilot phase training. Give em hell Jim .

Byatt, J. R. INFANTRY 13715 Toronto, Onto ARTS .. J.R. ... after having shown us his own style of "savoir vivre". has proven that there still can be found a touch of class at Royal Roads . This very cool guy and known womanizer. who is no less than a co路founding member of the Boileau Club. could be seen sporting the latest fashion on one of his many adventures in town . In spite of his unfortunate speech impediment (not pronouncing 'water' properly). he managed to be a member of the debating team and the scriblerus club. This keen military leader of men achieved first slate CSA and also earned crossed swords for military proficiency. His non路conformity to pronouncing 'w' properly (dub) is just another proof of Jeremy's uniqueness. J.R.'s academic standing is commendable. He held first class honours the first half of the year but lost it sometime during his five day holiday during Xmas exam routine (bad luck old chap!) His strong leadership skills were seen numerous times on the soccer field as the captain of our illustrious team . Next year Jeremy will head off for RMC and follow a degree in Poli Sci and Economics. The best of luck. Jeremy. it is about time RMC experienced un homme. tres distingue!


13723 Coveney,S. D. AERE Crandall, Man. ENG Shane, "Cubber"', Coveney, among other things , was the Mack U farmer. Born and raised on a farm (hohum) he made it his business to inform us all of the virtues of the good, honest country life. Shane spent most of his time tearing up the volleyball court with the rep team . When not playing volleyball , he made attempts at skiing or just "bagged the books" at which he had great success. Coming from a conservative background , Cubber had led a relatively quiet life before coming to RR (except for jumping cows , of course). He certainly lived up to his reputation , and therefore was nominated to be flight "mushroom'". However everyone firmly believes this to be but a facade , and rumours have been leaking out about certain volleyball road-trips! He has a demanding (cough-cough) summer ahead of him, of AERE training , especially since he is not an accomplished golfer! Anyway, he'll be well tuned up for third year electrical engineering at RMC , where he is sure to succeed .

13734 Gardner, P. J. MILE Peterborough, Onto ENG Phil gave up a life on the water ski circuit in order to come to RR. Yet, despite his folly he tried to make the best of life. But fate seemed against him, as a sprained ankle and a few kit musters were all that awaited him at RR. Not only this , but everyone seemed to want to call him BOZ. However things went better that summer at CMR, even if he was on the three most wanted listfor a while (Phil seems bent on testing the forces of justice at every conceivable opportunity). Phil returned the next year as DCFL and began forming Mack Flight into the elite unit it is known as throughout the wing . But he had other responsibilities as well; the ski club , of which he was president, had to be run well; as it is one of RR's major links with the real world . Also important, reece's to California had to be planned and carried through. Meanwhile the court case weighed heavily on his mind; after all it was not his fault that the rented Camaro he was driving would not corner at speeds over 90 mph. But even if Phil cannot drive he still is an excellent rugby player, water skier, downhill skier and a great all-round athlete. More important, Phil is one of the Mack Flight boys, that elite group of cadets whom the rest of the wing both fear and revere. As you can see Phil has only started his climb up the ladder of success , always with his moto in mind ; torque it! Gljzen, T. P. MARS 13734 Regina, sask. ARTS Tim Gijzen (pronounced Guy-Zen ; as in Fawkes and Buddhism) has had his fair share of misfortune this year (Le. 22 x S2 2nd year total) but he hasn't let it depress him. After all, "life is a tragedy for those who feel , but a comedy for those who think". Maybe that's his problem, though. They' feelthat perhaps Tim should be more serious. Perhaps his name is prophetic; he is one of our deeper thinkers , yet he seems destined to be burnt at the stake. He is one of two second year philosophers, and this interest combined with his growing fascination with English and History propelled him into second place in 2nd year ARTS. Who knows, he might end up as a philosopher-king! In search of things profound , Tim has taken up scuba diving this year, and he is also an active member of the Boileau ClUb. In keeping with this mellow lifestyle (despite the fact that he doesn 't own a TR4 or a jacuzzi) he is into the Blues, as well as neo-romantic era music (Le. Stones, Hendrix, Joplin). After all, one can't be a sure rationalist without any feeling usut ask David Hume). This summer he will be heading off to sea , and who knows, with his artistic bent he may return as another Joseph Conrad. His love of flying may be changed into a love of the sea. Next year he's off to RMC to take honours history and there's no doubt that he will do well; provided of course that he learns how to spell!

13737 Gushue, G. C. AIR NAV North Bay, Ont. ENG Gordon Cohn Gushue, fresh from the backwoods of North Bay, joined the Armed Forces only to greatly muddle up his life. He was aiming to be a fighter pilot (it was either that or a rock star), but he seems destined to an Air Nav, on a Sea King . His sojourn in Quebec almost led him into becoming a Hindu (remember the sacred cow?). Gordie is a man who enjoys the easy life. In first year he discovered that cymbals were lighter than a rifle ; therefore he joined the band . The real reason that he is an Air Nav. is because Phase II is so short that it gives him 9 weeks of holidays - all the better for his love life. He will finally be able to spend a lot of time with his fiancee , Pam. Next year he will be off to the wilds of Quebec again to study Administration at C.M.R. We don't know what attracts him there ; it can 't be the French-Canadian women , because he is a married man. But no matter where he goes he will do well , as was demonstrated his breezing through the CSA pOSition . Bon Chance, Gord .


13741 Heuser, M. J. PILOT Melaval, Sask. ENG Mac Heuser - what else is there to say? Aahhh - what was the question? Mac certainly gives the first impression of being a dyed in the wool Saskatchewan farm boy, but as you get to know him you will realize that your first impressions were entirely correct. However, Mac seems to be breaking out of his shell and developing a more cosmopolitan character. Ever since taking guitar lessons Mac seems destined to become the next Eric Clapton . Mac's musical career though seems doomed to take a back seat to his career as a pilot. Mac takes great pride in his interior decorating abilities. While rooming with Jeremy Byatt he boasted the cosiest room in Mack Flight. However, after his appointment to CSSO he pulled rank and evicted his hapless room-mate. Mac, being a Roads hockey star had no problems with his CSSOjob. Mac's philosophy of women is love 'em and leave 'em, Mom wouldn 't like her anyway. Mac was the winning driver of the Mack Flight Car/Pub Rally. However, his nav was thrown through a window at the Colwood afterwards. Good luck this summer in Portage Mac - see you next year at RMC if you take the right turn at Tucson. By the way Mac, don't forget - you have to tell them what they want to hear. 13749 Johnston, K. D. PILOT Norwood, Ont. SCI Kid , being a high-living high school quarterback was used to the life of wine, women , and song before he came to Royal Roads . He kept up his lifestyle during his first year and a half here (right Betty?), not even letting academics slow him down. However, this Christmas a few signs showed Kid the true way, and all that remained of his former life was his guitar. He returned to Roads a changed man, and avidly took up the challenge of being the Mack U DCFL. After a harrowing slate Kid has (finally) returned to the bottle, and it is even rumoured that he has looked at a girl! Right after Grad K.D. will "get back to Tucson , Arizona ," leading a Saskatchewan farmboy astray. After all , he has to get warmed up lor the playboy life of a budding young throttle-jockey! We're sure that Kid will get his way ; through Portage, Apple Sci, and on. Good luck Kid , the sky's the limit! AIR OPS Ketellapper, H.C. 13754 P&PO Richmond, B.C. Haico Christopher better kown for his in depth studies on dreaming and sleep learning , decided to continue his studies at Royal Roads . As 4th slate DCFL of Mackenzie Flight, Haico was tasked with many minor problems; such as first years knocking on his door during sleeping hours. A long time glider pilot. Haico was determined to become a fighter pilot, however thanks to the classic , "I was misinformed when they recruited me, " syndrome, has just recently switched to air ops and hopes to do well at aircrew selection in Toronto right after he finishes BOTC 1 this summer. Haico is attempting to get another paid three month vacation this summer and to do his BOTC 1 course following his graduation from 4th year. One problem though, 'Hike', you can get social diseases by accident only so often. When Chris isn 't sleeping, one will usually see him running the spit, smoking or drinking (his two latest hobbies), or making posters and advertisements for activities occurring at the college . We all wish Chris the best of luck in pursuing a career as a pilot but warn him , "Don't forget your pillow, you may have a long wait for those new fighters. 13759 Malatest, R. A. MILE Niagara Falls, Ont. ENG R.A. at the time of writing , was unavailable for comment , however we think that we have found out the truth about him. He does go to Royal Roads Military College, and he does have a room in Mack Flight halls. Many rumours were flying (like Drill chits to 2 Sqn) that he had dropped out atter first year and had transferred to UVic. However he was seen writing a test in Rm 331 last week , and he was also spotted on parade (who was that long long-haired man , anyway?). Other rumours had Rob working an 8 to 4 shift at Roads , in Food Services Dept. After all , his feared white (grey?) Duster is parked in their parking area for those hours! Some people seem to think that Rob's sole funciton at RR is to act as Mack U's social coordinator, however he also was a key player on the rep rugby team . He consistently performs well in 1M's, and in academics, but opinions are mixed regarding his military performance. He received his crossed swords, as well as numerous chits from our favourite drill instructor. He recently changed classifications and is now in MILE. The fact that his phase training will now be in B.C. (the home province of Colleen A.) was completely irrelevant to his decision . Next year he will be studying engineering at RMC (wife permitting - if not it'll be P&PO). But no matter what Rob does he will certainly be a success. He's the type that can do any1hing, provided of course that he puts his mind to it.


13249 Maly, S. E. ARMD P&PO Belleville, Onto 197911980 saw the return of Steve Maly, Mack Fit. keen machine, to Royal Roads . He liked it so much the first time that he just had to come back and do it all over again. Back in Mack Fit. halls, he engaged in his usual tactics of raising the Wing standard. In fact, he was so keen that he even quit Ooc's Opera Company for the joys of extra drill. An active member of MCF and IVCF, Steve spent a good deal of his time arguing with his existentialist room路mate on the nature of life, death and match ammunition . The year saw Steve continue his dominance in pistol shooting at the college. Crowned with glory, rumor has it that he has set the national team in his sights. '84 in LA is his aim . A seemingly reserved person, the revelation of his secret nocternal social life sent ripples of shock and disbelief throughout the Wing . That he was shooting targets in the senior stadium in the early hours of the morning no longer seems credible . Whoever she is, she must be someone unique, for Steve plans to stay at Royal Roads for P&PO. When questioned on this topic, his final words were "it's for the free ammunition , if you know what I mean."


Ohrt, P. A. LORE Ridgeway, Ont. ENG Paul, or Mr. Hort (a leftover from BOTC 1), has been one of the more academically minded cadets in his two years here, maintaining first class honours from day one. His talent for marks must come naturally because he sure doesn 't work at it. It was always easy to tell the night before a test in Mack flight by traffic around his room as people came to and from "Ohrt tuts" . Paul will be spending his next few summers dazedly wandering around the sand dunes and swamps of Borden as he gains the required knowledge of a LORE officer. Paul ;s sportstime and pastimes are spent fencing on the rep team , on Mack flight 1M's, listening to his stereo, reading and travelling. This summer he's back down to Utah to see Lonnie again and later on over to Britain for three weeks of hiking . Paul intends to pursue an electrical engineering degree at RMC and afterwards to get his Masters. Best of luck with RMC and life Paul.

13783 Price, J. P. MARS Toronto, Ontario ARTS Juan, affectionately known as "Cocobean", has spent the last two years on the staff of Mackenzie University as resident philosopher and specialist of Economics. He has been known to go shooting on occasion with "Maly's Maniacs" , and was , at one time a member of the college cross country team before his infamous ankle injury which kept him from participating in sports and drill this last year. Next year will see Juan at CMR taking his degree in Business Administration. He shall be best remembered for failing exams which he studied for, which is probably the reason he doesn't study any more. As a confirmed artsman he does not yet understand why he is being forced to take Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. To him the cosmic significance of life cannot be integrated. His fraternity at Mac-U will best remember him for his imaginative social life - so imaginative as to be abstract in form. When questioned on this topic, his closing words were "Do you have a couple of bucks I can borrow? I'm going out tonight. "

13805 Van Ham, C. O. H. AERE Victoria, B.C. ENG It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Claude Van Ham on an RIC motorbike! C.O.H., the Mack U Easy Rider, has been known to terrorize little old ladies but not with his dreaded Suzuki. Low flying R slash C airplanes on strafing runs have sent many of Victoria's geriatrics scurrying for cover. He is an avid scuba diver, but the fact that he has ditched a few RIC planes in the Pacific may have something to do with this. One of his more notable achievements at RR (apart from his one-time rugby prowess and drinking on duty in rook term) was to unanimously win the Mack U Buddy Holly look alike contest. Too bad he sings like a bull elephant in heat. His big ambition is to emulate Buck Rogers, except that he comes across like Clark Kent. Claude is the flight mild-mannered squash star, and when not on the road, at home, or hitting the books, he will be found sweating it out on the courts . He's heading off to RMC to take electrical engineering ; a field where his natural talents will come to the fore .


13706 Peterborough, Ont.

Aitken, L. E.


Ballad By An Artsman And here is the story of Larry, Yet the event which topped them all, One quite out of the ordinary. Was one in which he had a ball! On Black Tusk was this nefarious deed done, He was an extremely busy boy, With the Outdoors Club did he have all his fun. Who just love to deke on any ploy. Although First slate CSA gave him a big thrill , Rugby was his finest game Next slate DCWA was oh. such a bitter pill. Helped him remain somewhat sane. Once again in his element as third slate bagThe Vice-Captainship there he won, go, Which kept him in the midst of the scrum. Yet extra study time for boozing did he forego. Judo and wrestling on the mat, And finally an original Hud-Stud of green, He loved spelunking with the bats . The Director of Naughties was seldom to be Scuba dives busied him on the sides, With debating done when he felt snide. seen. Yet abuse by max-min has taken its grave toll , For now to RMC will he be forced to roll.

13729 Ferguson, L. C. MARS Pender Island, B.C. ARTS Fergy, or perhaps better known as "Ia petite Orange", hails from a green, tranquille microcosm christened Pender Islad. a mere stone's throw from Roads . His stay at Royal Roads has been an active one, inlcuding participation with several teams, clubs , and activities. He enjoyed the coveted position of Chief Editor in the Executive of Hud Stud Enterprises , as well as third slate DCFL. He was a two year member of the rep. soccer team and spent his last semester playing on the second rugby team . His participation in intra-mural sports was quite varied , enjoying hockey, tennis, squash, and broomball the most. An avid skier and scuba diver, his interests also touched on spelunking , photography, and cycling . Much to the annoyance of his "buds", he could sometimes be heard killing tunes on the piano with his aid-de-camp, "Bear" Elderfield. He was also a member of the "Fearsome Threesome ", terrorizing Victoria with such other notables as Mr. Knight and Barry Campbell. He looks forward to phase training this summer and will continue his exploits at RMC next year, while pursuing a degree in Political Science.

PILOT 13736 Groten, W. A. Nobleford, Alta . ENG If people were paid according to their love of sports, then Willy would surely have the largest bank account of anyone at Roads . Basketball is his first love and indeed an obsession with him. In keeping with this interest, Will was given the chance to act as CSSO in three squadron where he performed his duties with a very sportsmanlike attitude. To his great achievements in sports, Will earned first class honours in the engineering program in his second year. Will is an extremely good tempered human being . He has come a long way from the farm near Nobleford . Good in sports, excellent academically and developing new interests along the way. Bill is a backpacker, and a mountain man ; he spent one week exploring Quatsino cave on the island and climbing rock , ice, and snow on the mainland . He is even artistic, producing leather carvings in his spare time. The pilot classification should count itself lucky to have Will.


13762 Masters, D. J. AERE St. Lambert, Que. ELEC ENG Dallen arrived at Royal Roads in a state of confusion and consequently spent the better part of first year trying to piece things back together. French language training , however, straightened out his priorities (women) and Dallen returned to Roads determined to make his mark. ChOOSing the foil as his weapon , Dallen left a bloody wake as he slashed and gouged his way into the top ten for B.C. Junior Foil. His prowess on the soccer field proved an asset to the team and a welcome distraction from academics. For some unknown reason , Dallen has successfuylly passed all his courses despite the fact that his study hours habitually degenerate into "musical interludes" or philosophical discussions over kye . Through a fanatical devotion to paperwork, duty rosters and shafts, Dallen maintained a semblance of law and order amongst the rabble of 3 Squadron as second slate CSA. Yet when Dallen isn 't pursuing the illusive goals of military proficiency or academic survival, he enjoys the mind-expanding fantasy games in which his vivid imagination continues to find expression as the All-Being ; master of time, space and dimension. Being a ramblin' guy, Dallen plans to ramble off to RMC next year; closer to home and closer to the heart. Electrical Engineering seems to have attracted his attention so, assuming he survives the rigors of cooed OJT, Dallen will continue to sweat it out academically in Third Year. "Pleasure may come of illusions, but, Happiness can only come of reality. " Chamfort ARTY 13766 Mech, K. R. W. Brampton, Ontario MECH ENG It will be a sad and quiet day when this creature they call Mech marches off the parade square for the last time. He has left his work on many places, often leaving people amazed but highly amused. Whether it be on the R.A. U.K. Rugby Tour playing a savage game after a night of industrial strength abuse, or racked over a drafting board at R.R., Konrad always can come up with that grin of one who was in total control. Due to his rigid nature, he could withstand the most severe and punishing conditions jokingly, leaving most others behind, gripless and idle. Konrad has ability not only as a wicked Rugby machine but as a leader on the sports field . His morale sparked up #3 Sqn into high gear during his tour as #3 CSSO. Some of his personal interests include skiing, Band, and the Fine Arts. He was a most distinguished member of the Maxi Min Wine Club and patron of the Nag's Head tavern . Now he will go on to RMC to study Mech Engineering, and upon graduation as an RETP cadet Konrad will head for the job market. With his keen military background, finely tuned analytic rnind, and with his mastery of amusement there is no doubt that he will be going to the Executive Class.


Muir, D. S. F. LORE MECH ENG Toronto, Onto With strong ambitions of becoming a LORE Officer and Mechanical Engineer, Muirski ventured from the small town of Toronto to seek fame and fortune in the Wild West. He was ready for Roads ; but, was Roads ready for him? Nothing would stop Bag-Dog from maintaining a healthy second class academic standing. He even drove his motorcycle to Southern California before Finals in first year to make use of the warm sunshine and pleasant scenery to assist his studying. Due to his fine musical talents, Dave assumed the elite position of Cadet Bandmaster. This Power-God soon proved his worth as the driving force of both the marching and stage band, guiding both to precision and keenness. When not blowing his own horn or hitting the books Dave would often be found donning leathers and helmet, preparing to terrorize the streets of Victoria as only he or Evel Knievel could do. An experienced wrestler, D.S.F. took on any opponent, even his girlfriend; she usually won . Royal Roads may never recover from the loss of such a superb trumpeter but Victoria will certainly breathe easier when David troops off the parade square for the last time .


Pelletier, P. E. PILOT Ottawa, Ont. FAME After an immoderate night on the town, Paul managed to prop himself upright, peeled his tongue from the roof of his mouth , swung his blood-shot eyes my way, and asked ; "How can one man take so much abuse?" In truth , I know not. The punishment that this military keener inflicts on his body and mind would kill 10 ordinary civs . I've seen him go running at lunch, play soccer in P.T. , rep. squash that evening, host the other players over a few (10) beers, then crawl in at 2355 saying ''I'm sooo bagged. We've got mid-terms and Wisener practice tomorrow." He always made the right decision ... he racked. Ever willing to enfore the motto "Truth , Duty, Valour" the rooks dreaded the approach of 2nd slate DCFL Pelletier, since he meted out harsh, authoritarian administrative corrections forthe most minor infractions of college decorum. He is an avid member of the Max Voltage per Min Cost Wine Guzzling Club. Swan-Dog also dekes in the Band and plugs in rep. Hockey, and belongs to such macho enclaves as Scriblerus Club. He has earned his crossed clubs every time. This Playboy of the Skies is entering Fuel and Material Engineering at RMC . Where-ever he goes, whatever he does, he'll do well.


13782 Pratt, G. M. MILE Sydney, N.S. ENG A true Cape Bretoner, Madman left the old coal mines of Sydney for a somewhat more rigorous environment of Rook Term 78 at RRMC . Having a coon's age of experience in air cadets, this place was no surprise for him. After having played every Monty Python and Beatie record known to exist, Gerry found his Nirvana in the dark room, as President of the Camera Club, and also did some time with the Cadet Choir and Rep Soccer team . Prattski grabbed a gold maple leaf, spent the summer in beautiful downtown Cold Lake, and returned as a second year with a woman strapped to his arm , the only Hudstud known to go out with the same girl all the time. Maintaining second class honours, Gerald was awarded fourth slate DCFL of Hudson flight, and destined to spend all his summers in Chilliwack as a MILE , he is now looking forward to going to RMC for Civil Engineering. by Ross Wuerth

13268 Rector, D. W. MARE Burlington, Ontario FAME Let's get the record straight. David is not an ordinary cadet - he is a renegade cadet. First, he is on afternoons only, drill being optional. Second, he is in Second Year. Again . If you think he is idle, you are wrong . Mr. Rector exemplifies the College Motto "Truth , Duty, Valour". Squid takes a fatherly attitude to first years, and often gathers them in his room , where , with the lights low and the sound-track from "Jaws" , he unravels tales of bravery and derring-do at sea: the dangers of nicklers, 2nd Dogwatch, and ''Away, Mars II seaboats" at 3 a.m. This old salt is looking forward to the smell of the sea and the sting of salt water on his face. Sports occupy a large spot in David 's heart - so do referees . Sometimes David will helpfully correct them if they forget the rules . Rugby makes a lot of demands on him. Although he lost time due to injuries, he never lost his good humour, good manners and sportsmanship. David is entering Fuel and Materials Engineering at RMC next year and is sure of chiseling himself a niche in society. Canada can be proud that this man is on our side.

13801 Strauss, S. A. PILOT Kitchener, Ont. ENG Steve started his stay here as a quiet, disciplined rook. But by the end of his second year, he had metamorphosed into a rowdy, rugby-playing , partying, bicycle-riding, skiing, scuba diver. While gracing this institute with his presence, Steve involved himself as President of the Flying Club and took numerous jaunts to Seattle and Van . For those who think Steve is a book-worming academic over-achiever, ask about his demented time in England with the Rugby Team , or a particularly savage game at home where someone rearranged his face with a boot. This is not to belittle his scholastic ability - he maintains exacting grade standards, despite DCFL and (gads!) CFL stints, guiding Hudson to its elite position in the Wing . The rooks learned to fear, yet respect this man, who, like Von Bismarck, says, "(Matters) are not decided by words , but by blood and iron." Steve has a softer hand for women, and devotes much time to wining and dining them, when he isn't running over their lawns with cars. His one complaint is that he "Looks too much like a cop", but this seems to be a trifling problem as this Disco God always manages to escort good lookers every time. Steve is packing his bags and memories to say farewell to RR and pursue Electrical Engineering at RMC . Carry on as if you were normal, Steve.

13803 Traynor, M. J. INF Ottawa, Onto ARTS The Gorian Slave Master of RRMC , Mad Mountain Mike, came to RR with a love for the infantry, the outdoors and for peanuts. His second love, the outdoors, has been the focal point of his activities here. Drawing on his vast experiences in the northern Ontario wilderness , he was a perfect candidate for the job of vice-president of the outdoors club in his first year, and as the top dog this year. His enthusiasm for the outdoors spread throughout the college and resulted in various types of expeditions, ranging from mountain climbing to cave exploring or spelunking , almost every free weekend . Under his guidance the Outdoors Club has more than tripled in members and activities. Coupled with this , Mike is an excellent photographer and is an experienced diver, having explored the exotic seas off the shores of the West Indies for years before entering the military. The trouble is, no one knows how much time was spent diving and how much time was spent exploring the beaches.


13811 Wuerth, R. E. PILOT Port Elgin, Onto ENG Whether it is Ross, Roscoe , or simply Woodstock , everybody knows that we are talking about a fun路loving guy and everyone's friend . Ross's interests in sports vary widely. He is a member of the college soccer team , and as a fullfledged lifeguard he naturally loves waterpolo . His greatest aHinity is with curling though , as he helped Hudson flight win the Black I award in that category in the intramural league. Ross managed to greatly improve his command of the French language last summer in St. Jean , and as a result was able to obtain the silver maple leaf. To his delight, he was later awarded a trip to France in February. In France Ross had his first chance to try his skill at flying a fighter. This opportunity was all he needed to assure himself that being pilot is where it is really at. After Christmas Ross finally received his long awaited first-class honours star. Along with it came the Hudson flight proctor's insignia, and before long , the job as fourth slate CSA. Ross's aspirations are leading him to fuels and materials engineering at RMC , where he is sure to carry his academic star with him. Best of luck Ross!

PILOT 13705 Agostinho, J. M. Kelowna, B.C. P&PO Jose, fully realizing the mentality of a 'herbie', put away his love for drill and became a band rat. Besides being an invaluable member of the stage band , he could often be found practising, rain or shine, either at 0740 or 2300 hours. Must have been dedication! During SLT, he and Chipmunk managed to obtain some high flying souvenirs from a small US town while on a "diplomatic mission ". Categorized as RR 's imigrant, Jose was actually one of our leading emigrants. Hardly a study (7) weekend went by without "Tiger" answering the call of the wild from his girl-friend . With no halfhome weekends next year, we're sure Jose will be our top emigrant! This year he spent a successful season on the rep soccer team , while in first year he was able to release his tiger instincts by joining the rep wrestling team . Academically, Jose managed to get through first year with only one supp. Not to be deterred , he battled with two more last Xmas , but alas, Jose is determined to pass. Eager to be one of RR's elite third year term we know he will be back next year. We wish you all the best and good hunting Tiger! 13712 Bernier, J. J. - R. S. INFANTRY Sarnia, Ont. ARTS Jean-Robert considers himself an oHicer and a gentleman, but his friends know better. Yes , initial impression can be misleading ; he was militarily outstanding (the senior barman for the whole year) and academically outstanding (no less than #1 in the Arts class). However, beneath this mild mannered exterior lies the heart of a true partier, a punk rocker extraordinaire (3 muskateer branch), and a friend to all Uust ask Reuben). Jean-Robert and the other stooges have diligently attempted to upgrade the cultural shortcomings of the unfortunate engineers and the party spirit of the College at large. Charming with the ladies but faithful to one (whom we all wish he would share), Bern spends the majority of his waking hours (which are few as he suHers from BAGGEDNUS CONSTANTUS) planning schemes to get leave in order to see her. Sylvio shows his conscientiousness toward the Juniors' intellectual development by supplementing their curriculum with monthly readings from Faustus. Asa future Van Doo, Bern has kept himself in top shape, consistently winning clubs . As well, J.R. has held leadership appointments during the entire year as CSTO and DCWA. Without a doubt, Jean-Robert will grace RMC as well as he has Roads - BONNE CHANCE NOTRE AMI! 113

13721 Corradlnl, R. A. MARS Toronto, Onto P&PO Rick Corradini (alias Italian Stallion) plunged into the exalted halls of Lasalle flight with serious intentions of getting the show on the road in to becoming a Mars officer. Coping with his new environment- constantly protecting himself from the devious 'Biffing Three', he managed quite skillfully, to maintain his sanity. Pleased with what he experienced in his first year, Rick decided to take P&PO at Roads , where hecould continue to watch the shipsgo to sea from his store windowDelie's Delicatessen. After meanly partying at St. Jean, swivel-hips Corradine returned to assume first slate bars as DCFL of Lasalle flight. Maintaining his image as a Lasalle Animal , Rick was a member of the Rugby team. The team greatly profited from the Stalion 's 'ballistic chest' . Lasalle flight could always expect a fine performance from Rick on the sports field . Whether in stressing competition on the field , or confusing classroom , Rick could always liven up a dull moment. When not driving fast sports cars and picking up fast women , Rick could be found with the dudes of the 'Three Muskateers' clan at Peers Inn . Here one could observe his expertise in dancing to lively music and testing a potent punch - he is no amateur! One can be sure that this is only the beginning for Rick , and that in the future he will become the center' piece of the college . Good luck in your future endeavors. 13726 Elderfleld, T. M. MARS Selkirk, Manitoba P&PO Bear came to Roads from Selkirk, Manitoba and aside from complaining about the rain (and a long time ago rook term) he hasn 't looked back since. Mark kept a pretty low profile in first year, except for occasionally showing us his great athletic ability, both on the soccer field , and on the track where he set a new college record in the 200 yard sprint. Towards the end of the year Mark met another of his "J's and one night while in a blissful reverie returning from a midnight rendezvous , he ran down a herd of buffalo in his red racing machine. Mark returned in second year to the job of CSSO where he proceeded to take his rooks sprinting every day while leaving the cross-country for a better man . Mark had a much healthier attitude towards life in second year when he did more partying and less work . He was also very busy around as a star on the soccer team , squid in the Scuba Club, and of course as a full member of the Boileau Club "Le style c'estl'homme ". The Bear is staying at Roads for more abuse, and P&PO next year. The best of luck to you in the future, Mark, and keep burning up that track . 13735 Glenn, I. N. ARMD Beachburg, Onto ENG Despite the fact that Ian "the brute " Glenn hails from the dreaded Ottawa Valley, he has managed to camouflage himself in a thin veneer of couth since arriving at Royal Roads. This is quite an accomplishment for an ex- L&R militiaman with aspirations to be a "young cavalry officer riding into glorious battle". Ian is especially proud of his achievements in the area of sports. He has developed into a formidable defenceman and has been of increasing benefit to his fellow "animals" in waterpolo . Brute feels that a little moral grit will go a long way and he foresees the day when he will enter the illustrious 400 club . This "all-Canadian " lad has made best use of the B.C. climate and scenery. Plunging to the ocean depths with the scuba club he has discovered a new form of philosophical reality. Climbing and spelunking with the Alpine/Outdoors club he has discovered the thrill of danger and the virtue of prayer. With the Flying Club he has been known to soar to unconceivable heights and perform death defying stunts in the circuit ; final approach is his best. Back in class , Ian is certainly one of the "Big Three Pitt Artists" and is the leading authority on hyperspace re-entry burns. lan 's academic and military achievements this year were rewarded as he won both his red maple leaf and his cross-pistols . This 5'11 ", 170 Ib president of the Scriblerus Club spends his overwhelming amounts of free time planning the great debate with an armoured bud called Boavis (or Beavis) and all we can say is, "GageNam look out, BRUTUS is one the loose". 13744 Hooper, M. C. MARS Sydney River, Nova Scotia ARTS Hoopie has been mainly preoccupied with carrying out his duties as a punk rocker (3 Musketeer branch). Murray's varied interests include exotic "sweats", and the prefection of a Sgt. Major impersonation. But duty was not all ; partying took up the other 90% of his time . A mean shaker on the dance floor, Hoop was also a master of gas warfare and other amusements. Being one of the stooges was very demanding, and Carson was consequently quite bagged (a victim of Baggednus Constantus). Even though most of his physical training was done in the rack , Murray always got his clubs and made it into the exclusive 450 club . His agility as a basketball player was paralleled by his proficiency as Parade Marshall for the exclusive "hot-sa-mata" parades. One of the original gaitor kids in his 1st year, Hoopie excelled as DCFL in 2nd year. As a maritimer, Hoop has that seawater in his blood , and intends to pursue a career at sea. Once torn between CMR and RMC , Hoop could not avoid the attraction of Reuben . See you in Kingston Hoopie!


13746 Ottawa, Onto

Jarvis, P.


Ballad of an Artsman Oh Peter the CompaSSionate, how your Rooks Of a man seldom to be seen , will recall ; He IS though , In a word - keen , You 're long tirades , them handcuffed to the walls , Not soft·spoken , often heard, Far worse than circles they knew they would re o Pierre is seldom without words . celve, An artsman , he IS , bold and debonaire , If frau st, lint or dirt were found on their sleeve ! Our Trlc. Editor, Pleere Ie Falre , Oh quick with Wit, how profound In thought, Pedro don Juan, how the girls will say your name, Oh bourgeoisie Plrre , you are a snot ! When coupled with Konrad , you were both thought insane! Oh hail Peter Jarvis, a token reserve , You 're quick wit, your thoughts , they were all im· Some claim the whip, others laurels he deserves, pressed , Oh poor Ottawa, how can you cope without thiS But your Jokes, alas! they have learned to detest! lad? We'd rather you than us put up with this cad! Oh Pierre Ie Sage, off to RMC you shall go, Pierre Ie Poisson , oh Chicken of the Sea! In arts and Commerce , you'll succeed , we know; Your swim in the lagoon, I'll never believe ; Wherever you go, we'll be able to tell, Water Polo and Sailing , in both you 're well Your fish tank and you will always be well! schooled, Pierre , your gills are showing, qUick, into the pool ! 13748 Jodoin, S. J. ARMD Cornwall, Ont. CIV ENG Steve, or "Dwink", as he is more affectionately known , is leaving Roads after no less than two brilliant academic years. A staunch member of the 4th class honours club, Steve can attribute his success to the many hours of painstaking attendance at Bern·Hoop & Bue's amusement centre. Here, however, he mastered Advanced Amusement 201 and Anti·Gas Warfare 202, with flying colors . On a much more serious note, Steve has come a long way from his horrific experience of ROOK TERM with Mr. Organization himself, Bueno Manfield, more familiar to the wing as Sp·u·u-unky. After finishing first in his class at the wing paper airplane competition (burning fuselage class), during finals , Steve settled down to his French swan at CMR . This part time job suited Steve fine and Cornwall has never seemed closer. Upon return to Roads, Steve brought with him a motorcycle to fulfill his death wish . When not red lining in 2nd gear, chasing the female gender, Steve could be found torquing it out in quest of a Drill Scholarship: his specialty, non other than double·time! Steve was a member of the Championship rep· hockey team and swam his way onto the rep-water-polo team as well , wh ich visited U.S,A,F.A. After a summer of mud and dirt in New Brunswick, Steve will finally be returning to his stomping grounds and a degree in Civil Engineering at RMC (when not partying at Queen 's Pub). What more could a Cornwallite ask for, Best of luck in the future , DWINK !! 13760 Mansfield, M. H. PILOT Fonthill, Ont. ARTS Without a doubt, Hamilton has been one of the most orderly and organized cadets in his squadron (except on weekdays). Bue has come a long way since rook term at Royal Roads , Since he relieved himself on a Senior's car, Bue has converted two room-mates to the sins of party life, and like the true sponge he is, he spends much of his time soaking up or drying out. This one time CSA (once was enough), sadly suffers from an inherited disease (BAGGEDNUS CONSTANTUS). A finely tuned jock (400 club and Rep Waterpolo team member), Mark maintains his fitness in part , by rockin ' & shakin ' on tables . A formidable partier and one of the punk rockers (3 Musketeer branCh), Bue can turn any vegetable stew gathering into a wild animal show. Mark is quite a womanizer, going through cheap women like he does booze . He prefers honest relationships (to the point) and cares a great deal about a young woman 's "EDUCATION ", especially French women . Bue has attained 2nd class honours and is famous for his writing talent and infamous for his verbosity. Air travellers beware! Hamilton will be behind the wheel of a flyin ' machine this summer and will be joining the other two stooges at RMC in September to begin the reformation of that institution. Reuben 's waiting for you Bue! 13775 Oliphant, J. A . G. MARE North Vancouver, B.C. P&PO Oli was not in the best of spirits upon arrival at Roads , after being told at Chilliwack that he would not be receiving his education at beautiful U.B,C " with Marty as previously planned , However, being the quiet, understanding and militarily enthusiastic cadet that he is, Jon took this all in stride and began his first year at R.R.M .C. Jon did very well academically in his first year, maintaining a high second class honours throughout. He was also a potentially dangerous member of the Rep. soccer team , if only he could hit the net! After an eventful summer at C .M.R. and a little frolic in England , Jon returned to begin his second year at Roads . Throughout the year, when not in deep concentration trying to fit academics into his heavy schedule of social activities , Jon spent his time eating crab and sipping wine with fellow members of the Boileau Club , playing Rep. soccer and as an active member of the scuba club. Jon intends on staying at Roads in third and fourth year taking the honours P&PO degree program , From all of us heading off to R.M ,C " we wish Jon the best of luck in his future endeavours.

13784 Purcell, D. N. MARS Blockhouse, N.S. FUELS AND MATS "Doc" or "Klller"', as his friends know him, hails from the booming metropolis of Blockhouse, Nova Scotia. Being one of the elite Nova Scotian clan here at R.R .M.C., Derek takes a belligerent pride in defending his native land. "Doc" is famed throughout the Wing for his infamous quips. "I.E. " and "come ashore" are two fine examples, By the way "Killer", how's your mother? "Doc" came to us as the Editor of his High School Yearbook and has spent Second Year mastering this gem you are holding in your hands, Having a keen interest in photography, "Doc" has put a lot into this publication , even though it has placed the Photo Club in financial difficulties, He "shafted " his way through this 1979-80 edition while at the same time trying to cover up the 1978-79 fiasco, On the academic side here at R.R.M ,C., "Doc" has been a solid Third Class Honours man, but we're sure this will change for the better after "LOG " is off to the press, Well "Killer", we are looking forward to receiving this Yearbook (some time before our commission). Good luck next year at Kingston and we hope you manage to deke any "REVIEW" shafts,

13790 Ritchie, P. A. AERE Stratfort, Onto ENG. After recuperating from Vacation Resort Chilliwack, Never-Never Land Rook Term , and Paradise Island St. Jean, eleve-officier Ritchie wanted to be a "somebody", He wanted to make RRMC a nice place to live, He knocked drill, STATUS QUO, ruling classes , CMCs, artsmen , and all that was VERBOTTEN. Paul Andrew was a true LaSalle ANIMAUX, One that took initiative in his own hands (and it backfired), He defied truth-duty-valour and got caught. Paul was forced to loose his fancy, to start conforming and to become only an imaginery being, He entered the world of SQRT (-1), Instead of drinking , defying STATUS QUO and SORTIRing, PAR, began to burn creases into his clothes , pull pieces of cloth (10x4cm) through his cannon , and put blackening on his shoes, He was observed practicing for Weisener during his Personal Initiative Training (sleepin) sessions. Officer Cadet Ritchie hated being called "2nd year", thus he became a rnonsieur, II a devenu Ie chef des elite (the agony bag blowers), He became one of the ruling class in Ie quartier general (HQ) des el-of, II a eu son voyage , II en a eu assez, II va s'en aller, L'an prochain cet eleve-officier pourra etre n'importe-ou , sauf RRMC . Bon voyage et bonne chance , Paul!!!! MARE 13293 Wheller, S. G. Toronto, Ont. MECH ENG Steve, after enjoying his first year here at Roads opted for the five year plan, He found first year of great interest so decided to repeat it again, A man of many talents Wheels (Steve) is one of the Biffing Three, a group of dudes who dedicate their tirne to the dreaded Shnofoloficus, cobra , and other gems which the three keep in their Bag of Trixs , When ask, "Have you ever been to sea Steveie" one can expect a salty tale that would "shiver the timber" of any scurvy dog , Not only a fine sailor but a tough competitor on the sports field , "Wheels" consistantly bats 400 + on the fitness tests, Steve was a second slate D,D.E,L, this year who optimized in keeness but minimized in sleep, He alone supported Jerry the Barber with income for six months of the year, Between keeping with the traditions of fast cars and fast women , both of which are consistently breaking down on him, Steve spends his free time searching for a happy medium twixt the two, Wheels has also shown himself as an avid "Partier" and lives by the immortal words of Will Rogers, "I never met a party I didn 't like," Although Steve has called the West Coast home for the past three years , he will be travelling East to attend Third year Engineering at R.M ,C, Best of luck and "smooth sailing ",

13812 Zelthammel, M. CELE Etoblcoke (Toronto) Onto ENG PHYS Mike started adult life as a beachbum/volleyball player, but one day he got sunstroke, fainted , and woke up in Chilliwack, Lacking anything better to do, he decided to stay and take in the scenery, Besides, they fed him and gave him classy green clothes , He was sent to a vacation resort on the Pacific, which he mistook for Disneyland , What a shock! The bellhops wouldn 't even take his baggage and they nagged him to make his bed, Omega made a name for himself in first year, learning to love the College for all that it stood for : Truth , Duty, Valour and above all , not getting caught , which he excels in , Second year found mike as a shining example for the rest of the College : standing in the forefrontfor the revolutionist cause, But the life of a 20th century Marx is not very profitable, He found himself in need of a job, and after many tries he landed one as a squadron jock. Mike leaves Disneyland for RMC , if he should make it, unscarred through this year, Bonne chance a RMC , ELOF Zeithammel Si tout Ie monde etait comme vous, nous n'aurions pas besion des Fores Armees,


UTPM Attwell, D. A. AIR NAV Stratford, Ont. Economics & Commerce Dave arrived at Royal Roads in August of 1978 after having spent eight years on numerous Halifax based ships, and five years flying on Argus aircraft from 405 Squadron in Greenwood. After completing his degree in Economics and Commerce , Dave hopes to return to flying as an Air Nav on the new LRPA. During his two years at Royal Roads he has attained second class honours and has served as Four Squadron CSL for the second semester of this year. When Dave isn 't studying he is usually engaged in his favourite past-time, that of playing with his two children Michael and Kimberly. Four Squadron wish Dave, his wife Judith and their children a safe trip to Kingston and good luck in the future.

UTPM AERE Ayer, R. A. Dartmouth, N.S. SCI Richard joined the Fleet Air Arm (RCN) in 1967 as an Ordinary Seaman Aviation Technician at HMCS Shearwater. Since that time he has served on a number of Her Majesty's Canadian Ships such as the Bonaventure, Ottawa, St. Laurent, and the Protector. During this time he became very proficient with the Sea King and Tracker aircraft. In 1978 Richard joined the UTPM ranks , and during his first year at Royal Roads he discovered that the service was not so enjoyable. However, he found the second year much more to his liking . Richard is married to the lovely Reby Jean from Truro, N.S. and they have two children, Jane and Richard Jr. Richard enjoyed playing hockey and broomball , especially when he was given the opportunity to "play with " the ROTP's. He plans to return to Shearwater after attending RMC where he hopes to take High School courses in order to understand what this program was all about.

UTPM Erkelens, J. AERE Sarnia, Onto P&PO John was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario. He joined the service in 1972 as an Aero Engine technician . He was posted to Cold Lake in April of 1973, and worked with 417 Squadron (CF-104). In January 1975, John went to Chilliwack as an OCTP Cadet. Upon completion of BOTC, he returned to Cold Lake and reverted back to his former rank because of classification disagreements. At Cold Lake , he was employed with 1 CFFTS which later became 419 Squadron. In January, 1976, John was posted back to 417 Squadron, Cold Lake. There he was employed in the CF-104 engine test cell until he came to RRMC in August 1978.


Laframboise, J. A. P.-A. AERE Montreal, P.Q. ENG Before joining the U.T.P.M . program two years ago, Paul-Robert was a paratrooper and, yes , before you ask, he did jump out of perfectly serviceable aircrafts. Paul joined the CAF. in 1973 and served with the "Van Doos" in Valcartier. and then Iier Commando, Canadian Airborne Regiment . in Edmonton and Petawawa. Now a "chairborne" commando. he finds a briefcase much easier to carry around than his old rucksack . and thinks a pencil is a weapon just as powerful as a rifle in its own way. Paul and his wife Nicole still wonder why they had to travel all across the country from Petawawa ("Kingston must have been too close". he says), but they are glad things just happened that way, giving them a chance to enjoy the West Coast and its lack of sub-zero weather. Paul's only complaint about Royal Roads is that all those training week-ends take too much of his fishing time . He joined the AERE classification , but still asks his fellow airmen if it was a wise decision to make, since he never played golf before. Good luck in Kingston , Paul. always keep some of that airborne spirit alive, and never lose that delightful french accent completely.

UTPM Lamothe, J. J. L. R. CELE Acton Vale, Que. APPL SCI Bob came to Royal Roads in 1978 from Lahr, Germany, after serving a tour of five years with 4 SVCBN and I RCHA as a radiotechnician . During his first year at Royal Roads, Bob made the rep. hockey team . and was soon known to the cadets as "Boom-boom". Even though he likes the winter sports. Bob is not crazy about the snow. He also enjoys fishing trips around the Victoria area. Also in Bob's life are his wife , Jocelyne, his 3 year old son Eric and his baby girl Sonia who was born during the drafting exam. Bob plans to move to CMR where he would like to major in Physics and specialize in microprocessing .

Steele, R. L. E. LOG AIR UTPM Crystal Springs, Alberta ARTS Bob 's military career began with the RCAF in 1965 at Edmonton, Alberta. Following his boot camp training at SI. Jean , P.O., he studied airborne electronics at Clinton and Borden, Onto and was posted to Cold Lake , Alberta in 1967. The resident pilots there kindled his ambition to complete his matriculation and join the Officer Corps via the UTPM program. The matriculation came quickly but it was not until 1978, at Winnipeg , that his second UTPM application was accepted . The captain he then worked for. Graham Keene , (an ex-Royal Roads student) told Bob that life at a CMC was a "snap". However. Bob maintains that since winning his "Roads Scholarship", CMC life has proven to be everything but a "snap". In his first year. "Mathematics" induced a transfer from Engineering to Arts where Bob hopes to obtain a commerce degree with which to enhance his career in Logistic. This transfer prompted a great improvement, and since serving the first semester of his second year as Deputy Cadet Squadron Leader. Bob has proven that his subtle approach to leadership works as well as any; he is now an "honorary" ROTP. Good luck in the future Bob. We all hope to see you in the field .

619-080-799 Vachon, W. F. MARE Meadow Lake, Sask. P&PO Rogie joined the Navy on the 30th May 1969 in Saskatoon, Sask. as a Firecontrolman. After completing a challenging thirteen weeks of Basic Training at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, he was sent to Esquimalt on an introductory seamanship course ; held on H.M.C.S. Triquois , which at that time was decommissioned . On 1 Sept. 1969 he was posted to H.M.C.S. Chaudiere, aSSigned to the 4th Squadron , involved with the training of Officer Cadets of the Mars and Mare classifications . H.M.C.S. Ou 'Appelle. Kootenay and Gatineau were the ships to follow until Feb. 1975, when he was posted ashore to H.M.C.S. Naden where he attended night school in order to complete Grade 12. During Dec. 1975 he left for Halifax to attend a 1Y2 year electronics course in order to qualify as a Firecontrol Technician . On 19 May 1978 he was appointed to Officer Cadet under U.T.P.M. program destined for a place called R.R.M .C. Rogie is recently married with no children , living in Esquimalt. His interests lie in golf, jogging , hockey. squash. skiing, and baseball.



White, L. D. Larry hails from London, Ontario, and after growing up so far from the ocean , he decided to join the navy in 1970 to find out what salt water looked like. He soon found it was difficult to tell with his head always in a bucket. After three years on the Provider as a signalman , with many trips to Hawaii and Mexico, as well as an Australian trip thrown in, he decided to find out what Canada was like again. In 1974 he remustered to the Clearance Diving Branch and was posted to the Fleet Diving Unit in Esquimalt. In 1977 he was posted to the Diving Unit in Shearwater, N.S., and after one eastem winter he had to find a way back west. The following year he was accepted into the UTPM program. Larry will be staying on at Royal Roads for P&PO and then it's back to sea for him as a MARS officer, with the hope of returning to diving . Best of Luck.



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Rear Row: M. Sharon, D. Robinson , P. Aubin , K. Walpole, B. Thirnbeck, J. Agostinho, D. Hoyle, K. Yamashita, D. Rich , S. Sibbald, J. Oliphant, C. Hadfield , M. Batkiewicz . Middle Row : P. Chalmers, P. Ritchie, H. Kenny, S. Craig , R. Hearn, H. Davidson , A. Wu, D. Coulter, G. MarinoH, D. Smith , C. Chorny, C. Chairot, J. Atkins , J. Randall. Front Row : D. Smith , K. Mech , P. Pelletier, L. Aitken , M. Heuser, E. Esdale, WO Bruner, Capt Molloy, C. Savage, D. Muir, B . Beavis , T. Berkley, C. Wardle, F. Parkinson , R. Green .


PIPE BAND L to R: P. Ritchie, G. Marinoff, K. Walpole,

J. Atkins, H. Kenny, R. Hearn, S. Craig , P. Aubin, M. Sharon, J. Randall. Absent: P. Chalmers.

Undoubtedly the most debonnaire and expolsive group at Royal Roads this year was the Pipe Band. Guest performances were made at several oppportune occasions such as the feature presentation on the ViceComm's lawn in torrential rain at three o'clock in the morning, followed by an equally well received display in Nixon Block and the unrecountable expedition to the Medieval Inn. The cast included Solo Artist Dick Hearn, John Randall and his disintegrating bagpipes, Chris Chiarot the Italian Scotsman, Diamond Jim Atkins, Scott Craig the human toilet, Bagdrive Kenny, and their illustrious leader or otherwise Mr. Rude America, Paul Ritchie. Next year the circus moves to Kingston with the exception of " Junior Minstrel " Craig who will remain behind to carryon the glorious traditions established this year.


HONOURS SLATE WING HEADQUARTERS Fourth Row : DCBM E. Esdale, DCBM D. Muir, TriEd B. Beavis , LOG Ed D. Purcell , DCWA D. Knight. Third Row: CWIMSO S. Paget, VCWPMC K. Symonds , CSL B. Terhart, CWSO W. Fredin . Second Row : CBM C. (Doc) Savage, CSL P. Blais, DCWC J. Leroux , CWA M. Overton . First Row : CWTO D. Brown , CSL M. Kandal, CWPMC K. Ehrenfellner. Front : CWC J. Reid .


Rear: K. Yamashita, C. Ritchie, G. Knight, D. Stewart, A. Cumyn, J. Toomey, P. Aubin, N. Maclaine, J. Atkins, D. Hoyle. Middle : D. Roberts, J. Randall , D. Coulter, S. Woods, M. Adamson, E. Gallagher, T. Berkley, C. Chorny, S. Shard, H. Davidson, D. Brown. Front: R. Hearn, J. Lowe, S. Appleton, D. Brown, P. Blais, W. Bokovay, B. Beavis, R. Slemko, H. Kenny. Absent : R. MacDonald, J. Obrien .

Rear: L. Michel, M. Legoff, C. Kolmel, R. Coppicus, P. Conway, W. Pigden, E. Giraldeau, R. Neville, S. Maddison , M. Clark, D. Downing . Middle : G . Vassbotn , R. Atwood, B. Bailey, M. Batkiewicz, F. Parkinson, L. Rogers, A. Wu, B. Lewis, S. Cox, D. Hawkins. Front: B. Campbell , P. Skuriat, P. McDougall, D. Keddy, W. Fredin, K. Ehrenfellner, H. Weiler, R. Walker, C. Chairot, T. Ross.


Rear: C. Gagnon, S. Kooistra, S. Craig, M. BeaudeHe, C. Daley, C. Wykurz, J. Muir, C. Roth, F. Reid, A. ScoH, G. Marinoff. Middle : K. Walpole, J. Nisbet, A. Paulus, B. Anderson, D. Rich, T. Justice, S. France, S. Fejes, R. Maclennan, D. Ashbourne, S. GalieHi, C. King . Front: W. Grant, E. Esdale, S. Kerr, C. Hadfield, S. Paget, J. Reid , J. leroux, D. Knight, P. Brinkhurst, J. Collin , D. Daly, R. Ross . Absent : W. Waddell, B. MacDonell.

Rear: V. Farmer, D. Smith, C. VanHam, B . Robson , D. Knight, R. Daust, R. Kosierb. Middle: J. Jakubow, P. Ohrt, D. Walters, S. Sibbald, M. Pearson, R. Green , F. Bigelow, S. Maly. Front: T. Gijzen, M. Heuser, M. laplante, D. Taylor, M. Kandal , D. Harris, P. Gardner, K. Johnston , J. Byatt, G . Gushue, S. Coveney. Absent: L. Mack, P. Zrymiak.


Rear: P. Ritchie, R. MacLellan, I. Glenn, S. Newton, P. Sugden, R. Fawcett, S. Dominico, C . Wattie, R, Leroux , M. Mansfield , J. Cross. Middle : D. Hirter, D. Woywitka, T. Elderfield , M . Sharon , J. McNally, P. Cachia, G . Poulin , D. Robinson, T. Joness . Front : M . Zeithammel, S. Jodoin , J. Agostinho, J. Oliphant, R. Corradini, J. Perron, B. Terhart, K. Whitney, J. R. Bernier, M. Hooper, D. Purcell , S . Wheller, P. Jarvis .

Rear : F. Moger, P. Chalmers , P. Munso , R. McBride, G . MacLean , D. Rector, W. Groten , D. Himmelman, K. Mech . Middle : K. Tyler, D . Smith, K. Jones , A. Wass, D. Masters, M. Traynor, B. Thirnbeck, C. Wardel , J. Carr. Front: l. Ferguson , R. Wuerth, S. Strauss, K. Symonds, C. Savage, M. Overton, P. Pelletier, l. Aitken , D . Muir, G. Pratt. Absent: J. Cade, R. Clark.


LOG STAFF 1979-80 Editor: D. Purcell Business Manager: T. Justice Layout: K. Tyler P. Conway J. Nisbet S. Jodoin Photography: Mr. Len Watling G. Pratt M. Traynor D. Rich C. Wardle General Aid: S. Jodoin J. Oliphant J. Obrien S. Galletti K. Mech There were many other people who helped in the production of this book through small but important ways. My thanks go out to them as well. We have had an increase in Cadet input to the "LOG" over previous issues and the result is a more accurate portrayal of events as they occurred during the year. With this in mind, the book will end with two pages showing us as we really were.

Derek Purcell


. .


... I


. , ~


.. '





1980 Log Royal Roads Military College  

This 1969 yearbook, known as The Log, commemorates the events at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, BC, Canada. A hardcopy of this ye...

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