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The 32 who ott end e d the reunion represented over 50% of the original cla ss and the number was mode up of 12 se rving officers o f the RCN and 20 civilians. They come from as for as Vancouver and Halifax. The occupations of the civilians included 3 doctors, 2 lawyers, a former, a major oil company president and a number of engineers and businessmen. Many on hour af life as a naval cadet was relived and many on event was recalled that did not seem too funny at the time . It was interesting to trace the activities of the closs over the post 15 years and it is worthy of note that all have prospered . During the weekend, the civilians challenged the sailors to a game of baseball which resulted in an official score of 5 to 4 in favour of the civilians. It is only fair to soy that shirts were used to mark the positions of the bases and nat infrequently were the bases moved to suit what was thought to be the capabilities of the batsmen! It is perhaps m ore truthful to report that the game ended in a draw. The highlight of the reunion was a mess dinner on the Saturday night presided over by our host and Senior Cadet of the closs, Mr. R. A. Wisener of Toronto. Many toasts were drunk ond speeches made in reply. There were many ather proofs that

the past 15 years have not dampened the spirit of the RCNC class of '46 and that there is a bond between us that will result in a continuation of these quinquennial

reunions until

death do us part.

CLASS OF '47 by N. W. BETHUNE ATKINSON Lt . Cmdr. D. W . Married with several children . Now XO of HMCs MICMAC, based in Halifax . BAYLY - Lt. Cmdr. I.M . Two children, working in Naval Headquarters. Home at 2012 Haig Drive, Ottawa, Ontario.

Lt . Cmdr.


J .CT.

working in Naval Headquarters. Ottawa, Ontario.






Home at 11 Wigan Drive,



now Vice-Presi-

dent and in charge of Merchandising, Marketing and Product Engineering for C & M Products Limited in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Lighting Fixture business . Still travelling coast ta coast with many recent reunions with old classmates all across Canada. Living at 199 Lord Seatan

DAY R. F. Three children, now doing store interiors and other de sig n work as independent consultant, mainly in retail shoe business. Living at 2 Talwood Crescent, Don

Mills (Toronto ), Ontario . DESCHAMPS ALBERT.

"Pop" is now the Vice-

President of Albert Deschamps Ltee ., general contractors in Montreal. His firm undertakes industrial and commercial construction and 'Pop" reports that they hope to obtain part of the contract for Montreal's new subway . "Pop" and his wife Michelle have one son and are expecting the second child in June . He is living in N . D.G . and is active in skiing, golf and tennis . He is also the secretary treasurer of the Montreal Branch of the Engineering Institute of Canada .

Montreal from Vancouver where he has been promoted to re sale products supervisor of the plastic division of C.I .L. When out west he sow Sam and Marg Toy and Bob and

ELLIS - Lt . Cmdr. T .H. Married , one daughter 5, 5.0 . (Communications) to Cancomflt . going as XO HMCS FORT ERIE, April 26th . Yogi Jenso n is CO. EMERSON - Lt . Cmdr . G. H路. Two children and working for HMCS sTADACONA, Halifax . FROST - H .L. Married with children and believed to

Marg Montgomery fairly frequently . George Currie is the godfather of John's third son Mark .

be heading Frost Steel Products in Hamilton . down further at time of writing .

In Vancouver, John and Naomi finally acquired a daughter to round out the family . John is naw looking for a house in Pointe Claire and is off on a business trip to England for three weeks at the beginning of May.

GRAHAM - J.P. John is on investment analyst with Greenshields I ncorporated in Montreal. He is also chai-rman of the Quebec District Education Committee of the Investment Dealers Association . John has two children, a boy and a

CARRUTHERS - K.D .B. Two children, now on architect with E.M . Pei Associates, port of the Webb and Knapp

girl, and enjoys skiing and golf . Home at 24 Summit Crescent, Westmount, P.Q. HAYES - T .D. Believed to be in Ottowa and influ-


Willowdale, (Toronto) Canada . John has recently returned to BRENCHLEY - J .A.

organization in New York . Has recently been directly involved in Montreal's tremendous Place Ville Marie develop-

ment . Home at Apt . 21, 222 Central Pork South, New York (City). CLARKE - Lt . Cmdr. J .Y. "Several" children . Now XO of HMCS NEW GLASCOW, based at Esquimalt . Now EnCOHRS - Lt. Cmdr . J . L. Two children . gineer Officer of HMCS COLUMBIA, based in Halifax . COSTAR-Lt. R.O. Married with children m and working On Stoff Command Technical Officer, Halifax. CREERY T .W .H. Now married and Washington correspondent for Southam Press.


Dr. G. R.


G.N .M .

ential in high places.

to be working


"Napier" is President of Urwick,

Currie Limited, Management consultants, in Montreal. His work takes him all over Canada, frequently to Toronto, and he has seen several members of the term during the post year . Recently the Wisharts visited the Curries in Montreal and George keeps in touch with John Brenchley, John

Fisher, Dr. Philip Banister, Bill Tetley, and hod dinner with Sam and Marg Toy in Vancouver. George and Daphne have three children, two girls and a boy. They recently returned from a skiing holiday in

Europe . living at 36 Franklin Avenue, Montreal 16, P.Q. DAVIS Lt . Cmdr. W .E. One very new son, and Secretory to Concomflt., Halifax, (The abbreviation is his).

Home at 5718 Iglis Street. Halifax, N .s.

Unable to pin

Unable to trace at time of writing.

HENLEY - Lt . Cmdr. A.T. Married, three children, serving in HMCS ASSINIBOINE as Squadron Navigato r of the 2nd Canadian Escort Squadron . HOPKINS - S.E. Lt . Cmdr. Married , three children (two boys, one girl), Seni o r Engineer of HMCS BONAVENTURE . HORN - J .A.N . Believed to be bock in paradise Kelowno , B. C .

N o up-to-date report .


Winnipeg at Chi Idren's Hospital and University of Manitoba, specializing as a physician on dIseases of children's hearts. Married with at least two children.





Lt. Cmdr. J .G.R.


Ferry, Quebec . KER - D.N .


One child.






7938 Laburnum Street. Vancouver, B.C

Presently in the accounting department of Canadian Pacific Airlines . He reports that his present job is that of being in charge of the company budget. D .N . recently married a Vancouver based Dane , but took the trouble to travel to Denmark for their wedding. He reports all visitors are welcome , as far a s any visiting firemen or term mates are concerned .

KER-Lt. Cmdr. 5.1. Two children. HMCS ATHABASKAN , base in Halifax. KING -



XO of

" 1 top people on the shoulder" is the

way that Knobby describes his work. He is with the Deportment of National Revenue and is engaged in corporation asse ssme nt work. Knobby still lives in St. Lambert

and has tw o children, a boy and a girl.

He ploys golf

regularly and ha s had recent contact with Pete Kn ox- Leet

and Hop Well s. P. Q.

Address: 326 Tudor Avenue


St. Lamber 71

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