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How many bales of hay did your field produce?

Across seven states, Royal-Grow customers are seeing superior results on their hay fields and pastures. Not only are the fields producing more hay, but the hay is testing to have higher TDN and energy levels. This packet includes fertilizing tips and customer results.

Fertilizing is easy and affordable with RoyalGrow liquid fertilizers and soil conditioners! This packet was created to inform you about the results that our customers are seeing on their hay fields and pastures. If you would like to start seeing results like this, please call one of our representatives at 1-888-292-5760 or email us at

Application tips: •

For best results, apply Royal-Grow in the evening. Avoid applying in periods of heavy dew or immediately following a heavy rain. Best results are achieved when applied to a dry plant leaf.

Follow our Pasture Pride Program and apply 32-64 oz./acre of a NPK products, 32 oz./acre of Liquid Velvet Premium Plus and 16 oz./acre of Ultra Sweet. This program targets the soil and plant, resulting in maximum plant growth.

We recommend applying Royal-Grow every 45 days. First application should be in the spring when new growth is at least 1-3 inches tall. Second application should be 45 days from the first application or after cutting. Third application should be in the fall to replace depleted nutrients and prepare for winter dormancy. The fall application should be applied 30 days prior to the first frost. This application will improve spring green up and help you produce higher quality winter forage.

Conduct a soil test prior to selecting a fertilizer program. If unable to conduct a soil test, we recommend implementing a balanced nutrient approach.

**Each crop year is different, as is each field. Results will vary depending on soil conditions, rainfall, temperatures, crop type, application rate and timing.**

Hay field and pasture results Side by side study of wheat grass A professional applicator applied 1 gal/acre of Supreme Plant Food 32-0-0 on half of a wheat grass hay field and 9 gal/acre of ammoniacal 32-0-0 on the other half. Following application, he noted that the area treated with Royal-Grow did not burn his wheat, when the traditional did. Upon harvesting the hay, the Royal-Grow plot produced 7 more 4x5 bales per acre. A tissue analysis conducted by McNess Feeds, showed that the Royal-Grow treated bales were higher quality. The bales tested higher in TDN and energy levels.

Side by side study of Rye Grass This comparison was conducted on a rye grass field in Rose, Okla. The customer was skeptical at first, but he is now switching his entire fertilizer program over to Royal-Grow. Royal-Grow out performed the traditional fertilizer on all fronts. The Royal-Grow test plot produced 620 lbs more per acre. A tissue analysis showed that the bales treated with RoyalGrow produced a higher quality feed, that tested higher in protein, tdn and net energy. Picture 1 was treated with 200 lbs. per acre of traditional 19-19-19. Picture 2 was treated with 64 oz. per acre of All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20. Both pictures were taken on the same day.



This is a 2 acre goat trap that was fertilized with 64 oz. per acre of All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20. 28 goats are in the goat trap and they can’t keep up with the growth. The owner said that they have never seen growth like this.

Hay field and pasture results Bermuda grass results from September 2012 This Bermuda grass field was fertilized in September 2012 with the Supreme Plant Food 32-0-0. The fertilizer was applied at 64 ounces per acre. After application, the field received a one-time rain of 4 inches. It was dormant due to the drought, and it was grazed down to less than 3 inches. Temperatures ranged from 50째 to 60째 nights and 70째 to 80째 days. In 20 days, the Bermuda grass grew 10 inches. It produced two bales to the acre (5x6 bales weighing 1,800 pounds). The grass continued to grow until the first frost. It grew another 4 inches after cutting.

Taken before cutting.

Taken the day before cutting. This 2-yearold girl is approximately 33 in. tall.

Taken the day before application. It was grazed down to less than 3 in.

Texas Tuff Bermuda grass results In Texas, a customer fertilized a field of Texas Tuff Bermuda grass. It only took 45 days from planting to the first hay cutting.The field analysis can be viewed on the results section of our website. An overview of the study is below:

Feed analysis results

Crude protein % Acid detergent fiber, %ADF Total digestible nutrients, %TDN Digestible energy, Mcal/lb

As received 10.0 4.1 93.0 1.86

100% Dry matter 10.5 4.3 97.4 1.95

Customers in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas are also stating that the products are helping minimize the grasshopper population in the fields. A dairy in Maud, Texas fertilized their grazing pasture with Royal-Grow. They have noticed that the cows prefer the pasture that is fertilized over the hay.

Contact us for more information about our products and our results. 1-888-292-5760

Royal-Grow Hay and Pasture Results  

Across seven states, Royal-Grow customers are seeing superior results on their hay fields and pastures. This packet highlights a handful of...

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