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Helping Someone You Love To Quit Smoking Smoking causes all sorts of health problems not only to the smoker but to those who are around the smoke as well. It can be hard to convince someone you care about to stop smoking, but it is important that you keep trying. There are different things you can do to help get your loved one to put down the cigarettes and this article will help to give you some great ideas that just might work. Remember that it is just as difficult to stop smoking as it is to watch someone you love smoke.

The first step you want to take is to be completely honest with the smoker in your life about how you feel about them smoking. Help them to understand not only the harm that it is doing to their body, but the harm it is doing to those around them. Remind them that the smell is highly offensive and secondhand smoke can lead to lung cancer even in those who have never smoked. It may hurt your loved ones feelings to hear the negative impacts their smoking has on you, but it might be just what they need to hear to motivate them to quit once and for all.

Put reminders up around the house and in the car to remind your loved one that you do not want them to smoke. Placing a photograph of yourself or the damage smoking does on the lungs into their cigarette pack can be a reminder to them why quitting smoking is important. Placing notes in the ashtrays and in their car can also help your loved one to be reminded as to why they need to quit.

One of the things that smokers need more than anything when trying to quit smoking is support. Letting your loved one not only know that you would like them to stop smoking but that you will help them in any way that they need you to can make a world of difference in their success. Offer to accompany them to a support group or a doctor appointment. Get involved with their plan to quit and help your loved one celebrate as they reach goals along the way. Much like how an AA sponsor is there to help cravings for drugs or alcohol, you too can help your loved one by being there to help them through their cravings for a cigarette.

Quitting smoking is not an easy challenge to overcome and it is important that you can empathize with that. Keeping in mind what your loved one is experiencing can help to offer the sympathy that they need. There might be times when your loved one gives into a craving and has a cigarette but do not be too hard on them. Let them know that you understand and help them to discover what triggered the impulse to smoke and how to avoid it in the future.

It can be hard to watch someone you love smoke cigarettes and even harder to tell them that you want them to stop. It can help for you to be proactive in helping your loved one to finally stop smoking. Utilize the information you have learned from this article and you will be one step closer to helping your loved one kick their habit for good. Click Here For More Information

Helping Someone You Love To Quit Smoking  

It can be hard to watch someone you love smoke cigarettes and even harder to tell them that you