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Horse Sales Are Not So Hard To Find Horse Sales Horse sales can be approached in different ways. There are regular sales, auctions, internet sale sites, and more. The first thing to do before attending a sale is to make sure you are knowledgeable enough to own a horse. You need to be prepared with a stall for your new horse or pony and know what it takes to properly take care of it. Today the internet is one of the fastest ways to locate anything from houses, to tools, to just information, and horses as well. There are some excellent magazines that offer sale ads too. The only problems with this is that these horses can be located anywhere. You might want to try to locate your horse closer to home for easier and cheaper transport. You could make a trip down to one of your town' local tack and feed stores. They usually have bulletin boards that include ads about horses for sale. Now and then your local newspaper will feature horses for sale. You can visit barns and talk with trainers, make inquiries at a vet service, and even farriers. However one of the very best ways to locate and buy your horse is utilizing a horse broker. They have great connections and access to horse owners and trainers. These contacts can help to locate your horse or pony a lot easier than if you tried doing it alone. Once you obtain several possibilities then all you do is make contact with these people and choose which ones you would like to go see in person. Make the trips to see the horses. Let your broker have some idea of what type of horse or pony you are looking for so there will be a much better chance of getting the horse you want. Buying a horse is not that hard once you know what channels to use to find the kind of horse you are looking for.