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Using the Right Bird Food to Attract Birds to Your Garden If you are like most individuals, you love seeing your yard full of bright and colorful birds in spring and summer. You do everything you can to attract them, including placing a bird bath in your yard, planting various kinds of flowers, and even hanging bird feeders outside your windows. It can be difficult though, to attract birds to your yard and garden, if you don't know what types of bird food each likes. If you are searching for some answers, you have come to the right place. The following is a list of several of the different types of feed available on the market and the types of birds eat feed attracts. Birds and the Types of Feed They Love Sunflower Seeds- When it comes to bird cuisine, you can't go wrong with Black Oil sunflowers seeds. Many of your feathered friends, including cardinals, nuthatches, grosbeaks, finches, and chickadees will be attracted to this type of food. The oil content in the seeds is high, providing the birds with the energy they need, and the shells of the Black Oil sunflower seed are much easier to open for smaller birds than other types of sunflower seeds. Thistle- Also known as the niger or nyger seed, this is the best seed for attracting finches and songbirds. These seeds also contain a high amount of oil, giving the birds energy and nutrition they need to live. Milet- Two kinds of millet are available for birds: white and red. Many birds will prefer white to red millet, but either kind will attract ground-feeding feathered creatures like juncos, sparrows, doves, and European starlings. Milo- Also known as sorghum seeds, this type of food is large, round, and red and is often used as filler in bird seed mixes you find commercially. While many birds will eat this type of bird feed, they will often only do so if no other food is available. This food may also attract birds you don't want in your garden, such as grackles, starlings, and cowbirds. Corn- Whole kernel corn that has been dried is a treat for turkeys, pheasants, jays, pigeons, quail, and doves. If you want to feed smaller birds, like sparrows, finches, and blackbirds, consider purchasing cracked corn, as it is easier for these birds to eat. If you want to see more birds flying around your garden, make sure you are providing them with the feed they enjoy and will be attracted to.


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