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Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

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Hope Control Opportunity

A warm Recovery page


2 A warm welcome to your

Recovery Education Centre from the Director: Julie Repper

4 Recovery Values What is recovery all about?

7 What is the Recovery Education Centre?

8 Who is the Recovery

Education Centre for?

9 What does the Recovery Education Centre do?

10 Where is the Recovery Education Centre?

11 Frequently Asked Questions 14 Student Union 15 Thank you


Welcome to our new and developing Recovery Education Centre. If you are reading this, I hope that you are considering taking a course to develop your skills and understanding... to take you closer to achieving your goals and ambitions... to enable you to look after yourself and support others... to discover who you can be and learn the skills or understanding to do what only you can do. All of the courses provided in the Centre are designed to contribute towards wellbeing and Recovery.

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People who share experiences of mental health challenges teach on courses – intending to inspire HOPE and embody Recovery. Courses are designed to help you to develop skills, understanding and CONTROL of your challenges. They are all about putting you in the driving seat of your life: helping you to identify your goals and ambitions and giving you the confidence, skills and support to access OPPORTUNITIES.

would like to suggest a course or offer to contribute, please get in touch with me. I very much look forward to developing our Centre together.

This is just the beginning‌ there are plans and hopes to develop more and more courses. If you

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Student Handbook


a journey n o ll a e r a e “W of recovery”


Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

Recovery Values bout? What is recovery all a We are all on a journey of recovery. Going through difficult emotional times is part of being human. Some of us will go to hospital, receive a diagnosis and take medication. This can change our lives in many ways and recovering from this experience can sometimes seem overwhelming. Travelling from diagnosis and treatment towards a life that we feel is meaningful and satisfying can take a lot of courage and, like all journeys, can be easier in the company of others who can truly understand and support.

know ourselves best, and in the long run it is up to us to take care of ourselves and manage our ups and downs. Hope is the heart of recovery, we can’t live without our hearts and we need hope to move us forward. Hope is knowing that positive change is possible and that just because things can sometimes feel a bit stuck, it does not mean that this is a permanent state.

Recovery from mental illness is a learning curve - we have good days, which we celebrate, and bad days, which we can learn from. Over time we become an expert on our experiences. Recovery involves two sorts of experts, the professional and you. Professionals can guide us during tough times. We all

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Control comes from realising that you are the expert, having learnt from your experiences, knowing what helps you and who encourages you. Opportunity to explore our strengths and talents, to work with those who care about us and to meet new people, contribute to our wellness and the wider community. None of us can do this by ourselves but this is what makes us uniquely human.


Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

What is the Recovery Education Centre? The Recovery Education Centre hopes to support people in recognising and making the most of talents and resources in becoming experts in self care - in dealing with the mental health challenges people experience, and to do the things people want to do in life. The Centre aims to: • Provide a base for recovery resources • Promote an educational and coaching model in supporting people to become experts in self care on their recovery journey • To break down barriers between ‘us’ and ‘them’ by offering training sessions run for and by people with experience of mental health challenges and people with experience by profession The Recovery Education Centre also has a library of many and varied recovery resources including books, DVDs, leaflets and internet access. All courses and use of the resource library are currently free of charge. Student Handbook


very Who is the Reco or? f e r t n e C n io t a c Edu We can all learn from each other so all of the courses provided in the Centre are open to you if you are an adult and: •You have personal experience of mental health challenges •You care about people with mental health challenges •You are a member of staff in mental health services There are no formal “entry requirements” but people do need to book on a course to attend – using the course booking form found with the


Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

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course information. People do not need to commit to attending a set number of opportunities – people can book for as many or as few as is right for them.

The Recovery Education Centre wants everyone to feel that there is something that will be helpful and interesting, so courses run at various levels and for different time periods. All courses build on people’s existing strengths and are designed to meet people’s individual goals.

overy c e R e h t s e o d t Wha o? d e r t n e C n io t a c Edu The Recovery Education Centre offers courses, seminars and workshops on a range of recovery focused topics and provides a library resource of information for people to use.

Courses are offered through workshops, short courses or whole term opportunities – across week days with the hope of offering opportunities in the evenings and at weekends.

Courses offer opportunities to discover understanding of mental health challenges, the journey of recovery and the hope that taking more control can bring.

The Centre’s courses are offered over three terms each lasting around 12 weeks.

Across four programmes, courses offer variety in content, length and learning. •Understanding experience of mental health issues, treatment and options •Rebuilding your life with mental health issues and challenges •Developing skills •Getting involved

Summer Term: 3 May 2011 24 June 2011 Autumn Term: 3 October 2011 16 December 2011 Spring Term: 16 January 2012 16 March 2012

Student Handbook


covery Where is the Re e? Education Centr The Recovery Education Centre has a base at “Amity” 702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 3FW. 702 Mansfield Road is next to Woodthorpe Park. It is close to Sherwood Shopping Centre where there is plenty of parking; and is on the main bus route.

Some of the courses will be offered within the friendly and welcoming base at “Amity”… as the Recovery Education Centre develops more courses, some will be offered from other community venues. On booking a course you will always be advised where the course runs from so you can make the choice about what is right for you. See the “Courses” booklet for opportunities currently on offer. The library, available for people to use, is also at 702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 3FW.


Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

Frequently Asked Questions By now we’re sure you must be thinking that this Recovery Education Centre sounds pretty interesting. However, you might be burning with questions that you’ll need an answer to before you decide to come along. We’ve tried to answer a few of them below…

Q: I don’t like reading or writing, can I still come?

A: Of course! There are courses for everybody and lots of ways to join in like talking, listening or ‘just being present’. The last thing we want is for people to feel uncomfortable on our courses so we will do our best to help in any way you need.

Q: Who will I be learning with?

A: Each course will have a maximum of about 10 people and they all will be on the courses for similar reasons. They may share the same hopes and worries as everybody else. s +A Qf re ea Mo verl o

Student Handbook


Q: I hated school, how is this different?

A: We were made to go to school, coming to the Recovery Education Centre is completely your choice. You are an equal, not a pupil. We hope you’ll enjoy it but if you don’t want to stay you can leave at any time.

Q: What happens if I can’t come every time? A: That’s fine, life happens, boilers break, the bus doesn’t turn up or you need some time out. Just come along again when you feel ready and let us know if you need any extra support.


Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

Q: How many courses can I do? A: As many as you like but you’ve got all the time in the world, maybe try one or two to begin with and take it from there.

Q: What will it cost me? A: All the courses are free to book. The only thing you’ll be paying for is transport.

Q: Is there food available? A: Sorry, we don’t sell food in the building but feel free to bring a packed lunch or buy food from the nearby shops. You can buy tea and coffee from the Centre.

Q: I can’t manage stairs can I still come? A: Of course, the Centre is accessible and if you think you might welcome some help just let us know.

Q: What happens when I finish a course? A: It’s up to you! Take another or take a break and enjoy everything our student union plans to offer.

Q: What’s in it for me? A: So much! Where do we start?

different. The courses will be interesting and useful. You’re in control of your learning, do as much or as little as you feel able to. Make new friends and enjoy the student union! The union plans to offer lots of different social groups, you can join or start your own. If your friends and family want to get involved they’ll be welcome.

Q: How can I get involved? A: Finish flicking through this handbook and fill out the short booking form.

It’s new, it’s exciting and

Q: I’ve still got a thousand more questions to ask... What should I do? A: Don’t worry, we love questions. If you have use of the internet then you can email questions to recoveryeducationcentre@ and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Alternatively if you’re in the area drop in to the Centre on Mansfield Road, we’d love to meet you.

Student Handbook


Student Union We are developing a Student Union for the Recovery Education Centre. If you would like to join the student union or find out more please contact Liz Walker by email or phone/text 07917 232919. We really look forward to hearing from you.


Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

Thank you A big thanks goes to everyone who has helped to develop the Recovery Education Centre – and everyone who continues to help us on this exciting journey. Special thanks go to the artists who have kindly given permission to use their work in this handbook and the course details accompanying it.

For more details about the art work (including how to buy original works) please contact Penny Coulson at

Student Handbook


A final reminder You can book courses by completing a booking form (see details of courses published separately) and sending it to: Julie Swann Social Inclusion and Wellbeing Team The Ivy Suite Adult Mental Health Highbury Hospital Highbury Road Nottingham NG6 9DR Email your booking request to: Phone Julie Swann on 0115 956 0802 where she or a colleague will take your details. Drop in to 702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 3FW and pick up a form to fill in and leave with the reception.

We look forward to welcoming you

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NHS Trust

Positive about mental health and learning disability

Nottingham Recovery Education Centre. Student Handbook  

2011 Student Handbook

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