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A/a*? FOOTBALL "NAVY is THE TEAM to beat..." Sportscasters and coaches the nation over heralded us as the football team of the year, weeks before the season started. All Head Coach Oscar Hagberg, fresh from Pacific submarine duty, had to do was mold his plentiful material into about three teams. Since we already had been handed all the honors, we trotted onto the field for our first game completely confident of the outcome. However, the pink clouds on our football horizon quickly turned into stormy thunderheads and poured rain on our hopes as well as our field as North Carolina Pre-Flight out-muddled us. We met our Waterloo in the first encounter.


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THE COACHES: First row: Thompson, Woerner, Foster, Siegel. Back row: Swartz, Powell, Head Coach Hagberg, Miller, Molesworth

Coach Hagberg Comdr. Baumberger

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1911 FOOTBALL SQUAD. First row: Walton, Bramlett, Gilliam, Whitmire, Deramee, Chase, Baker, Hansen, Sullivan, Barron, Jenkins, Duden. Second row: Comdr. Hagberg, Head Coach, Shofner, Radick, Larkin, Lord, Dwyer, Bandish, B. Martin, J. Martin, Guy, Finos, Pettit, Ellsworth, Boyd. Third row: Coppedge, Steves, Mac Phillips, Dale, Smith, Ambrogi, Kelley, Whittle, Fitzwilson, Smith, deGanahl. Fourth row: W 7 augh, LaLande, Lawrence, Riser, Turner, Griffiths, Carnahan, Owen, Barksdale, Scott, Hill, Markel. Fifth row: Snyder, Hamberg, Moore, S-chenk, Earley, McKnight, Bartos, Sorenson, Ambromitis, Siddons

Manager Paul The best team in the nation, the

In our next encounter we actually looked like the champions we were supposed to be. The third try found us squeezing past Duke by a narrow margin. The fourth battle was a heart-breaker; outplayed, outgained, but not outscored, Georgia Tech pulled the rabbit from the hat

Jenkins rips off 16 yards

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FOURTEEN THOUSAND rain soaked and shivering spectators showed up in Thompson stadium to watch the debut of the much-vaunted Navy team. However, the bad weather failed to stop the spectacular passing of North Carolina's Otto Graham, and the Pre-Flighters hit pay dirt once in each of the three final periods. Bobby Jenkins restored the faith in our team when he regained control of a once-fumbled ball in the third period and literally fought his way down to the 9, after which plunging Joe Sullivan carried it over. Otto Graham was Navy's nemesis on this day, and he provided the final blow with a fieldrun lateral combination that brought his team their final

Vic Finos, '46 back

Capt. Ben Chase, '46 guard

Bill Barren, '47 back Johnny Baker, '46 center


Joe Sullivan, '46 back

Jack Martin, '46 center

55; Petui State THOMPSON STADIUM had its last game of the season, and a capacity crowd saw the vengeful Navy team trounce the Nittany Lions. We were out for a self -vindicating score that would be plenty lop-sided, and in no quarter did the Blue and Gold fail to chalk up more points. Exciting moments were plentiful— Jim Pettit's 73 yard run for one of our early scores. Vic Finos came through with a fine job on the conversions, making a total of seven out of the eight possible. Avers of Penn gave the crowd a thrill when he sprinted for 73 yards after gathering in a Navy fumble. In this game, the Navy team began to look more like the outfit that the sports-writers had played up in pre-season dope as the most promising in the nation.

Bobby Jenkins, '47 AII-American back



John Dale, '46 guard

Clyde Scott provided the impetus for our only scoring drive that came in the second quarter. It was an inexorable 57 yard march from the place where Hal first took Carver's punt, and Charley Guy rang up the points with an 18 yard sprint after gathering in Hamberg's pass. Vic Finos came through in great style with a 25 yard-line conversion, after the Navy team had been set back by a fumble. Five times the Devils threatened inside our 25, but the constant pressure of the Tar line spelled finis to every scoring attempt.

Eddie Lord, '46 guard Hamberg shoots a quick one to Guy

Gail Gilliam, '46 tackle

Ellsworth breaks loose for six points

"Smackover" Scott picks up 3 yards through center



Dick Duden, '47 back

OCTOBER ÂŁ!ST SAW THE Midshipmen gathered around their radios to listen to one of the most exciting struggles of the season. For 60 minutes of fast ball where anything could and did happen, they listened to a game that saw the lead change hands five times. Bob Jenkins grabbed the opening kick-off and galloped 83 yards for the first score. In the second quarter, the versatile Jackets came back to a 7-6 lead. After half time, a determined Navy team came on the field to build up a 13-7 margin of safety. However, an unfortunate pass interference gave Tech the ball on the 12 and again they took the lead. Leon Bramlett's behind-the-goal-line tackle then gave us two points and a slight margin, but this was not the end. Tech's Allen Bowen made good a field goal, and the game ended in a heart-breaking defeat for Navy, despite a Jenkins-and-Scott inspired drive for 71 yards that was ended two yards short of the goal.

'46 Luck Bag Football  

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'46 Luck Bag Football  

Pages excerpted from Navy Year Book