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Objective ž  Increase

communication with followers ž  Make it more personal, relatable ž  More awareness by linking social networking platforms ž  More awareness for their product, advertising themselves and their products (ex. App, LinkedIn, book, awards show)

Current Social Media Strategies

Current Social Media Strategies: ž  Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, USTREAM, RSS, YouTube ž  LinkedIn ž  Music mixer for iPhone & iPad Demographics: ž  Male/Female ž  Teen – adult ž  Minority based ethnicities

COMPLEX Magazine Only has Facebook & Twitter Links to ads

XXL Magazine

VIBE Twitter – Interaction, Listening & Responding with followers – not very active Facebook fan page – 22,000 likes – not very active

VIBE Lifestyle Network (3 mo. old) Twitter – followers: 677, following: 160

Strategies to gain more customers: Listen and respond – since they are not as responsive on their Twitter and Facebook pages, they could have people (interns) respond to Facebook/Twitter comments to keep the conversation going. Strategies for awareness: Ex. Vibe Mixer App for iPhone/ iPad

Goals ž  To

increase fan base ž  Bring back Vibe Awards Show by Summer 2012

Vibe Magazine  

Social Media Presentation