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Self Esteem Get you Some!!! What Men Wish Women Knew About Men!!

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Chef Will gives us some scrumptious fare to tantalize our taste buds.

Meet our Cover Girl Roxxanne Hooten Vacation or Staycation =Relaxation Getaways on a budget

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Full figure fashion for the fabulous Fashionista in you

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Mending Broken Pieces

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Meet our Cover GirlRoxxanne Hooten

10 Self Esteem

Go Get You Some!!


Vacations or Staycations =Relaxation


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Hair Care


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What Men Want Women to Know

13 Mending Broken Pieces

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Roxanne Harris Enterprises 2

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read our 1st issue of What Every Fat Girl Wants the Magazine. We are so excited to share with you and welcome you as a part of our growing family. This has been an exciting year for us here at Roxanne Harris Enterprises. We have launched a new company, a jewelry line, published a new book and now the magazine. Whew! We have so much more in store for you in the upcoming seasons- an exercise DVD for you, featuring women that look like you. Plus size women are taking their rightful place in front of the camera and in the spotlight. Beauty comes in a variety of shapes colors and sizes. Embrace the beauty that is yours.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. This magazine is for You and about what concerns you. If you would like to be our next cover girl send your photo and contact info to Let us know. Look for us on Face book and Twitter. Once again we are excited to bring you this magazine every month. Subscribe so you automatically receive your copy. Also we are holding a subscription raffle. Your subscription enters your name in the monthly drawing to win a $15 Gift card. Thanks again and be blessed.


Meet Our Cover Girl Roxxanne Hooten Austin Texas

Roxxanne Hooten Born August 14, 1993 in Grand Forks, ND She has lived in Austin, TX since December of 1995 She has been dancing since the age of five. She is an accomplished artist, model, choreographer, and dancer. She was the first runner up in the Austin, TX Ms. Juneteeth pageant in 2008. She was the head dancer for the 2010 Austin All Star Band Drill Team She graduated from Austin's Lyndon Baines Johnson High. She has been accepted and will attend Prairie View A&M, Prairie View, and TX this fall double majoring in Kinesiology and Child Psychology. She would like to either work as an Athletic Trainer for a professional football team or for the FBI as a Forensic Child Psychologist.


Riverwalk. You may think you're in Italy as you saunter underneath arched bridges or indulge in a glass of wine at one of the many cafes and restaurants lining the river. Consider taking a narrated boat cruise; as of 2011, the cost is only $8.25 per adult. Check out the nearby La Villita area, the oldest neighborhood in San Antonio, which is now filled with art shops and galleries. Lastly visit at least one of the four missions that comprise the San Antonio National Historic Park: Nuestra Senora de la Purisima, San Francisco de la Espada, San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo or San Juan Capistrano.

Staycation or Vacations =Relaxation Stayacations - Texas South Padre Island Named one of America's best beaches by the Travel Channel, South Padre Island is a small resort town in southern Texas. Separated from the mainland by Laguna Madre, the island typically features milder temperatures than the rest of the state throughout much of the year. Travelers on a budget will appreciate its plethora of inexpensive accommodation options, from campgrounds with RV hookups to family motels and cottages, many of which are right on the shore. Collect brightly colored shells floating in from the Caribbean. Anglers can fish for trout, flounder, skipjack and more from piers and jetties. When you've tired of the beach, walk along the Laguna Madre Nature Trail to catch a glimpse of exotic birds and even alligators.

Vacations outside of Texas Bermuda Fabulous after 400 years! It's incredible that the gleaming island of Bermuda is celebrating its 400th anniversary 2 years ago. This beautiful island was first settled in 1609 by the survivors of a shipwrecked English vessel, The Sea Venture. Bermuda was the very first English colony and is the second oldest parliamentary democracy in the world. All I can say is „the years have been kind to Bermuda‟ – she is as sparkling and dazzling as ever. In case you haven't considered the pleasures of Bermuda in some time, here's a refresher about the charms that have captivated visitors for hundreds of years. This glorious landscape is 21 miles including quaint harbors and pink sand beaches. Shopping and dining is top priority with currency on par with the US dollar. ~Finding A Way 2 Your Purpose~ Rona Walton, Travel Designer Destynee Travel 512-524-3874/o 512-524-3875/f

San Antonio Surprise! There is no charge for admission to San Antonio's most famed site, the Alamo. Learn about Texan history inside the three 18thand 19th-century buildings and be

sure to stroll around the surrounding gardens. A short jaunt away from the Alamo is San Antonio's famed



Protect Your Hair While Swimming Chlorine and salt water can wreak havoc on our hair and lead to dryness, breakage and split ends. Taking special care while swimming is essential so you won‟t have to spend much of the fall season trying to “clean up” what swimming “messed up”. Before diving in, take precautions and wet hair and follow with a leave-in conditioner (preferably with sunscreen) to prevent hair from absorbing salt or chlorine. It would be wise to invest in a swim cap for extra protection. After your dip, follow up with a clarifying shampoo, moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. 5. Nourish Your Tresses From The Inside Out Most of all, drink plenty of water and pay close attention to your diet as your hair needs hydration and essential vitamins and minerals to help it stay healthy, strong, shiny and vibrant.

Shop Talk With Kendra Summer Hair Care While the summer months can bring vacationing, family time and water fun, it‟s also known to bring damaged, dry, over-processed hair. So what‟s a girl to do?? Well, Kendra Timmons of Blessings Beauty Center is here is here so have no fear! I‟m going to offer you some hair care tips to help your tresses during the heated summer season. Listen in… 1. CoverUp When out in the sun for an extended amount of time; protect your hair with a cap, hat or scarf from the sun‟s UV rays that can really affect your hair and color. Try dark sunglasses paired with a bright, patterned scarf, or opt for a classic wide-brimmed sun hat. Fashionable!!! 2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!! The heat during summer months is definitely enough to strip our hair of its natural oils. To keep hair at its best, limit your use of heated styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and hot rollers. Avoid products that contain alcohol and formaldehydes which can strip your hair of natural moisture. Seek out leave-in conditioners and leave-in moisturizers. When shampooing, choose a good moisturizing shampoo or sulfate free shampoo and always follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. Deep condition and hot oil weekly with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, olive oil or castor oil if your hair calls for it. 3. Give Your Hair A Summer’s Rest Summer is a great time to take a break from elaborate hairstyles that lose shape due to humidity and sweat. Opt for care-free and heatfree styles such as ponytails, twists, twist-outs, bantu knots and braidouts. Some, once dry and loosened will leave your hair with some really cute waves. You can also wear protective styling such as braids, cornrows or extensions to give hair a rest.

There you have it ladies!! Take it all in and PROTECT now, so u won‟t have to CORRECT later. Until next issue, Be Blessed! Kendra Timmons is a Master Stylist, salon owner, educator, and publisher who is on the cutting edge in the latest hair industry trends and styles. She is very passionate about educating women and girls on the importance of healthy hair care. Currently, Kendra is a notable hair care expert for the Miami, FL based Hype Global Media for a diversity of media and marketing focused radio infomercials and special guest features on select international radio programs. Kendra can also be seen as a featured stylist on the reality WE TV (Women's Entertainment TV) cable series, "Bridezilla". Her portfolio also includes owner and stylist of Blessings Beauty Center in Arlington, TX ( ), "Shop Talk with Kendra" a blog radio show, and Next Level Salon Strategies, a consultancy dedicated to helping beauty professionals take their business to the next level. Kendra can be contacted online at

Kendra Timmons Attn: Shop Talk


long as you allow him to keep putting you off, he will. Let him know that you love him and that you will no longer compromise having a legal and blessed marriage in the sight of God. If he's not willing to give you that then you will have to make the decision to stay or leave him and find someone who will fulfill your dream of marriage and children. But, before you talk to him, pray and seek God's will and understanding for your life.

Q)1 Dear Dr. Jan, I recently went back to work after taking a two month medical leave for stress related anxiety. Now that I'm back at work, I noticed that my colleages treat me differently. Everyone walks around on egg shells and I'm not asked to take on the same amount of work or responsibility as others. Moreover, I know that my supervisor has lost confidence in me that I can do my job efficiently. How can I let everyone know that I'm no longer ill and ready to work? Back in the Saddle

Q. 3) Dear Dr. Jan, I am what you call a people pleaser. I have a hard Time saying no to anyone; family, friends or even strangers. At times my inability to say no has caused me to have to go without some essentials. How can I turn people down without worrying so much about what others will think? I don't know why other's opinions of me matter so much. - Can't Say No

A1) Dear Back in the Saddle, It's unfortunate that your supervisor and coworkers do not value your decision to take time off when you know you needed it. However, I would guess that their main concern now is your health and well being. Help them by explaining to them that your time off gave you time to destress, rest and renew your mind and now your even more so ready to take on the responsibility of your job. Continue to work as unto God and not man. In time, they will see that you are more that able to handle the work. God bless you.

A. 3) Dear Can't Say No, All of us want to please someone sometimes. However, it can become a problem if you try to please all of the people all of the time. If you define yourself by what someone else think you will always come up short. Having a strong sense of who you are in Christ is the foundation to personal power and strength. Assert yourself; knowing that you have the right to say no without the guilt and worry of what other's might think. If you don't already, begin to read his word so that you will know what he says about your character, person and spirit. Remember that it's not what man thinks of you, but what God thinks of you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Q2) I have been dating my boyfriend for the past 10 years. Each time I try to bring up the subject of marriage he says, "We’ll get married when the time is right". I'm not getting any younger, and I would like to have children some day. Should I move on or wait until the man I love is ready to totally commit to me? - Tic Toc

Dr. Jan Ft Worth Texas Attn: Dr. Jan

A. 2) Dear Tic Toc, You did not say whether or not you and your boyfriend live together or not. If so, you all are doing everything married people do without the benefit and blessing of a legal marriage. Your boyfriend has everything he wants from the relationship without any of the responsibility of marriage. You've heard the saying that "men will do as much as you let them get away with"? Well, as 7

should fit as smoothly as your undaroos, panties for those under the age of 40. If you don't know how to get the perfect fit then go to a store like Catherine's. Have your breast measured to get the correct size. Try on a few to find your perfect fit and style and purchase the best one for you! And ladies we don't have to go for the granny white anymore. Buy some color!

Ladies, it's S-U-M-M-E-R. Hot, sultry, and in some places down right scorching. And we all know what that means. More skin showing from head to toe.

And if you really cannot afford the store price, write down the brand, style and size, then go home, find the bra for less on line and ordered it.

We all want to get our 'sexy on' but remember we have a little more than the skinny women. So, I'd like to give a little advice about the prerequisites to this shedding process.

Some online suggestions: Hipsandcurves for the sexy siren in you; Women Within for those still learning there sexy side.

Letâ€&#x;s start with the proper care of the girls during this season. You know the buxom area. If you want to go strapless, wear halters, or spaghetti straps, then you'll need a good strapless bra. There is nothing worse than

You will be amazed at how well your fashion fits when the breast are properly arranged. And how much better your back will feel with the correct fit and support.

seeing a full figured, fat girl, wearing a tub dress with little support or no support. Not cute. Not cute at all.

Enjoy you for you!! Olivia Williams Austin Texas Attn: Fashionista

Sexy does not mean letting the girls hang out or hang down. If you are over a barely B which we are, if for no other reason than our back fat, and you can't walk into Wal-Mart or Target and buy off the rack, then you are going to have to spend a little do ray me. cheddar, dinero. Ladies, the girls are worth the extra money. They need to be pampered and supported.

This means making sure that your bra covers all areas, back front and side, without pinching. There is a difference between pushing up and too small. As my mother once told me, you don't want to look like you have a third boob. And you don't want the bra too loose. Your bra


Tantalize Your Tastebuds W/Chef Fleming Grilled Chicken Breast with Red Pepper Butter yield:4 servings

method: Grilling

Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless Salt and Pepper Garlic Chopped vegetable Oil Red pepper Butter

2 TT 1tsp 1tbsp 2oz

Red Pepper Butter Puree 8 oz of peeled roasted red peppers until liquid then add to butter

Cut the Breast in two or butterfly them season the breast with the salt,pepper,garlic coat the breast on all sides with the vegetable oil Heat and prepare the grill Grill the breast until done turn them during cooking to get the cross hatch marking Remove from the grill and place on a plate for service place a 1/2 oz of red pepper butter on top of each breast put in warm place so butter can melt This is a great recipe for the summer season. Calories per serving 240 total fat 14gms saturated fat 6g cholesterol 95mg total carbohydrates 1gm protein 28gm vitamin A 10% vitamin C 15% Cooking questions? Ask Chef Fleming! Chef Fleming Euless Texas Attn: Chef Flemming


make you the most fascinating creation. He has a lot of other things He could do if he wanted to make junk.

Self Esteem, Get You Some!!

You are an essential element to life her on earth. You are unique. No duplications anywhere. Nobody can do it like you.

Self Esteem is how you view or feel about yourself. You can no longer allow others to dictate to you what is and what is not beautiful. We are all beautiful. We as women come in so many sizes shapes and hues. Beauty is found in variety of expressions.

Now there is a necessary balance between self esteem and vanity. You are not the only one that is wonderful, fantastic and beautiful. God made a variety of beauties to look at. Each one is special in her own way for, her own purpose.

When you look in the mirror learn how to affirm your own gorgeous face. I look beautiful, I am fantastic. I will have a purposeful and prosperous day.

Let‟s not go too far. A healthy dose is all you need.

Speak to yourself and learn how to boost your own ego and self esteem. If you don‟t speak life in to you –who will?

Mirror on the wall. Help me to be the best me of them all. Roxanne Harris Hurst Texas Attn: Editor

Many times we wait for those closest to us to encourage us and keep us lifted up. Don‟t look to others to be your rocket launcher. Launch your own rocket and watch it soar. Self esteem is essential in order that you for you to be victorious in this life. You will be defeated and devoid of personality unless you go after and develop some real self esteem.

Know your own value and your own worth. Don‟t base it on what a man or a woman says. What does the Word of God say about you.

God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God says that you are more precious than Rubies. Measure yourself against something that does not, will not or cannot change.

Do you honestly believe that God would take care and concern to fashion you in His likeness and not


believing in our African American men. T. D. Jakes bring this film close to home with his warm and inviting presence. Who can forget Loretta Devine she always takes the audience to a whole new level with her remarkable acting abilities. This movie was funny and heart warming it taught me to hold on to traditions while incorporating something new.

Last but definitely not least Mr. Popper‟s Penguins I am such a

On today‟s list is the Green Lantern an extraordinarily wonderful movie. This movie was full of character, intrigue, and well planned graphics. I was captivated as well as entertained because of the simplicity yet complex plot and setting of the movie. Ryan Reynolds was hilarious and he expressed the true nature of a father‟s legacy. He is a very talented actor and I look forward to seeing him in new movies to come.

huge Jim Carrey Fan from Ace Ventura to his latest I am always in for a treat when he is being filmed, he says what you are thinking but won‟t say and he allows himself to become different people to get the job done. I strive to entertain people around me the way he does. He was his original elf in this film funny, charming, witty, and charismatic. This movie was enlightening, powerful, and taught us the power of family and forgiveness something we should all put at the forefront of our minds. Overall I loved this film. I give all three of these movies a 5 Diamond rating.


CJ Mansfield Texas Attn:movie mania

Next up is Jumping the Broom what can I say about such a traditional setting in the South with superstar characters Angela Bassett is good in anything as any character, and she did not fail us in this movie, she always captivates the audience and draws you in as though you are part of the movie. An up and coming actress Paula Patton is making her way to the top with her charm and whit as the girl next door. Laz Alonso an extremely attractive actor has stolen my heart

and motivated me to keep 11


Let‟s take a quiz readers, please take this with your special one. 1. My man knows the difference between intimacy and intimate. Yes or No

What Men Wish Women Knew

2. I know the real reason my man does not hug or kiss in public.

About Men

Yes or No


3. My man and I can sit in the same room in different areas and still have intimacy.

Ladies as we begin a journey down “what men wished women knew about men Avenue”. We begin our journey with Intimacy- say it slow

Yes or No

for us fellas in –ti- mi-cy-(in to me) .Ladies as

4. I understand small talk from my man and how it helps my man relate better to me.

men grew from teens to men most of us sought to add notches on our love belt. We never






Yes or No

remember men are very visual and sometime

This test is best done when two parties take the test together and share there answers.

we lead with the wrong head. Most men do not hug or kiss in public, why is that? The answer I just don‟t do it is unacceptable , but as soon as

Next month –comments on Intimacy from men.

we get home we are ready to go at it-men do not understand how intimacy should play a

Rev. Steve Harris Chosen Generation Fellowship Hurst Texas Attn: What men wish

part in the bedroom and how it heightens the actions






intimate are not the same thing-look them up with your man, it‟s time to train our sons and daughters in this area.


refreshing victory through our lord and savior Jesus Christ. So the next time it seems like

Mending Broken Pieces

You‟re taking a step backward remembers you‟re really gone forward. When everything has come to a standstill and it seems like nothing is going your way remember it‟s only a test. Lessons are to be learned if you don‟t learn, you‟ll continue to repeat the class.

Setbacks are set up for come back.

Always know that you‟re in a win situation

We as a people sometimes believe that

when you have Jesus.

setbacks often come from bad choices we make in our lives. But the truth is setbacks Are for growth. We buy shoes that fit to tight


so we have to go back and get a bigger size,


through that experience we should learn not to go through something but grow through something‟s. Set ups are temporary test to

Prophet David Brooks Ft Worth Texas Chosen Generation Fellowship Broken Pieces Outreach Ministries Attn: Broken Pieces

see how you will react under pressure you can always tell the strength of the test from the weight it bears, how much can you take and not break? Philippians 4:11 the apostle Paul tells the church about temporary set ups he says” Not that I speak in respect of want,


for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, there with to be content.

The word state is just a temporary conditions but never let your condition determine who you are always be content in the test and trails you face each day. Comebacks are the manifested results of everything you‟ve been through, nobody could go through what you went through the way you went through and came out the way you did. But you!!! Yes comebacks are a 13

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