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From the Editors Perspective One of my favorite Christmas shows is How the Grinch Stole

Modern society is the Grinch who is trying to steal Christmas.

Christmas. It focuses on a Grinch who does not have a heart

Modern society does not care to know the real reason for the

for anything good. He lives with a group of people who are just

season. It looks down on the Who's because of their beliefs

his opposite-The Who’s. The Who's love everything good and

and practices. It wants to destroy what is real and pure and

pure and happy. So this puts them in conflict. Even though


they live in the same area there lives are so different. The

Who’s down in Whoville celebrate Christmas with joy and love

But the Who’s, the followers of Christ remember and celebrate

. This angers the Grinch to the point of action. He attempts to

the real meaning of Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ. The

cause the who’s pain by removing what he thought was

coming of pure LOVE to this world. Yes you can argue all the

Christmas. But his plan failed because he learned that

logistics of the date, the history of how it came to be. But

Christmas was not boxes and gifts Not food and decorations.

what you can not argue or depose is the fact the celebration

But Christmas was celebrated from the inside out. It was

and the acknowledgement of Christ coming is the heart of the

remembering what the real gift is. LOVE. Once he was able to

matter. The honor and glory is in the celebration. No matter

see love in action up close and personal , his heart was

how modern society tries to make Christmas into a capitalistic

changed . Once his heart was changed his actions were

celebration of money ,there is a group of Who’s shouting

changed ,his perspective was also.

remember whose birthday this is. Remember that Christ is the

reason for the season. And if the Who’s continue to celebrate This cartoon makes me think of modern society. How slowly

the true meaning of Christmas others will see that it is not

modern society is trying to take Christ out of Christmas. How

about ribbons and boxes and bows. But about LOVE

society just wants to make an excuse to buy and buy and buy. They have even gone so far as to begin to call it XMAS.

Have a Merry CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!

Roxanne Harris


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Sassy Scribe AKA Sandra Harris resides in Pasadena, Maryland. Romantic Times Award Winning Novelist , offers her thoughts, ideas, and opinions, on love, life, and relationships. Janice Alston resides in High Point ,NC. She contributes articles for the Poetry and Prose pages. Pastor Nannie German Sr. Pastor of Spirit and In Truth Ministries in NJ .

Contributing Writers Steve Harris is an Asst Pastor. He lives in Hurst, Texas with his wife Roxanne He contributes the what men wish women knew column.

Kendra Timmons is a Master Stylist, salon owner, educator, and publisher who is on the cutting edge in the latest hair industry trends and styles. She resides in Arlington, Texas

CJ Kervin contributes articles for the Movie Madness column . She resides in Mansfield ,Texas .

Rona Walton owns Destynee Travels. She is an avid traveler and resides in Austin, Texas.

Sara Hughes studied electrical engineering at Purdue University. She is a bank manager in Ft Wayne, Indiana. She writes the sport column. Send Questions ,Comments,

Suggestions to

Lorene Collier Percy is a certified life coach and credit counselor. She is a published author and resides in DFW. 4

Meet Armekia Williams •26 • Engaged •I have two loving daughters •From Dekalb Texas •My hobbies are spending time with my family, having game night with my kids and going on road trips •I’m a stay at home mom • Model/Actress Becoming a plus size model has been something that I've always wanted to do ever since I was a little girl. My goal is to become a well none model/actress also that I can aspire other plus size models and actresses. I would like to give thanks to Tara Banks because she helps the world to look at plus size models such as myself in a whole different way. She emphasizes you that you do not have to be a size 1 to set the runway on fire you can be a plus size model as well.


Holiday Dinner: On twinkling Ledoux Street, the seven-table hideaway Byzantium will offer its new winter menu-with dishes

Planning to visit Grandma's for Christmas? Traveling over the

like shrimp ceviche and grilled pork scaloppini with apple,

holidays can be notoriously busy, expensive and stressful, but

cabbage, and mustard-seed compote-beginning at 5 p.m. on

the news isn't all bad. There are still deals to be found, provided

Christmas Day. Advance reservations are a must.

you shop carefully and plan ahead. Check out the top

Stocking Stuffers: For locally produced, mostly silver jewelry,

3 holiday places and find some joy in your travels.

head to Mesa's Edge, just off the plaza. Also, don't forget to

stop by Kimosabe for cowboy and American Indian and Spanish Taos, NM

colonial folk art collectibles.

Why Go: This remote village on a high desert plain is especially magical at Christmas, thanks to its rich mix of cultural traditions. Not to miss: historic Ledoux Street all lit up with luminaries (paper lanterns); the ceremonial reenactments of Mary and Joseph's search for shelter, called posadas; and the dramatic

American Indian Christmas Eve celebration that takes over the main square in Taos Pueblo. An extra bonus, you can ski all day long on Christmas Day at Taos Ski Resort, 18 miles away.

Where to Stay: Near the town square, El Monte Sagrado Living

Resort and Spa features objects from around the world in its spare, elegant rooms. Book a room with a fireplace to up the cozy factor. Doubles starting at $309.


Key West, FL

fronds. Despite its moniker, local department store Fast Buck Freddie's stocks tasteful and whimsical house wares and clothing.

Why Go: Good cheer and warm temperatures are typically Key West's winning attributes, and Christmas is no exception. The

trimmed palm trees, done-up historic inns (tours Dec. 11, 12, 18, and 19), and four festooned blocks of boats along the historic waterfront (the "Bright Before Christmas") only amplify the town's merriment.

Where to Stay: Just off Duval Street, the boutique Marquesa Hotel is an oasis of chill: three (3) historic buildings and one "new" sharing a leafy courtyard with two pools. On Christmas morning, a buffet breakfast is served poolside. Doubles starting at $345.

Holiday Dinner: This is housed in a 1906 Victorian manse, Nine One Five's holiday menu mixes tapas (bacon-wrapped dates; duck liver pâté) with entrées such as Soul Mama seafood soup and mushroom risotto. Open Christmas Day 6-9 p.m. Tempts the palate.

Stocking Stuffers: Besame Mucho is your best bet for awesome gifts like perfume or hand woven shopping bags made from palm


Chicago, IL Why Go: The Windy City embraces yuletide cheer to the max,

Stocking Stuffers: The Chicago Architecture Foundation Shop is a must for Chicago-centric fare like Frank Lloyd Wright note

with a million holiday lights along Magnificent Mile;

cards, Lego sets of iconic buildings, or a round Chicago-sewer

Christkindlmarket, a huge outdoor German crafts market with


beer and fare like sausages to stoke your fire; a towering handmade Christmas tree; and Navy Pier's Winter Wonder Fest, a holiday-themed amusement park and indoor skating rink.

Where to Stay: Peppy, tropical-themed Hotel Monaco Chicago is

a Kimpton boutique hotel with verve and a sense of humor. Its wild combo of lime and plum is eye-popping, and there's a free social hour with wine and nibbles from 5 to 6 p.m. daily. Guess what, it's in The Loop. Doubles starting at $129.

Holiday Dinner: Cozy wine-driven eatery the Cellar at Bin 36 is serving its creative, locally sourced menu ($110) from 5 p.m. on Christmas Day. Starter highlights like semolina-crusted soft-shell crab and Apple wood smoked bacon sausage are followed by the likes of a star-anise duck-leg confit with crispy potato Rösti, grilled Angus New York strip steak with truffled celery purée,

~Finding A Way 2 Your Purpose~

Rona Walton, Travel Designer Destynee Travel

and wild-mushroom and Gruyère cannelloni. Expert wine pairings are, of course, de rigueur.


Have you ever wondered what motivates a fat girl to stay positive in a

"pro skinny girl society"? My book

“What Every Fat Girl Wants “will answer

those questions once and for all. You will

laugh and you might cry but you will hear the truth from a fat girl’s perspective.

Available at , , and the Dock bookshop in Ft worth Texas . Available in print and as an eBook. Makes a great Christmas gift . 9

Hooked On Jesus I wake up every morning with Jesus on my mind.

His love is unconditional, one of a kind. I am hooked on Jesus I and I won't give him up. He is the only one who can fill my cup. The first time I tried him was oh so sweet, I knew I had to be with him more than once a week. When I lay down to sleep at night, I know he is near, sure everything is alright.

If I am afraid, or unsure of what my life will be, I sit down at my saviors feet, knowing that all my needs he will surely meet.

I am Hooked On Jesus and no one else will do, He can turn my gray days and gray skies Blue. Thinking back when some me a mess, Jesus said, no my child, you I call you Blessed. Yes I am Hooked On Jesus in mighty big way

He turns my midnight hour into a bright and sunny day. I don't need a twelve step program or

rehabilitation He is my salvation and leads me in the walk of sanctification.

am Hooked on Jesus, he is a habit I have no desire to quit.

When I think of his unconditional love for me, I am soon searching for yet another dip. A dip into the healing water that he washes me in He is better to me than mother, father sister, brother or friend. You see, Jesus took my sins and died for me, so that one day My life I would be able to live, truly free.

There was a time when once a week was all that I thought I neededBut before very long I found myself pleading

Jesus don't leave me, I need you every day and every night. Living without you is a futile plight. I am Hooked On Jesus, nothing nor anyone else will do He died for me and he died for you…. Get Hooked On Jesus, He will Never Leave You

Nor Forsake you He will take your broken heart shattered dreams and he will remake you… ©Evangelist

Janice O. Alston


Ingredients •1/2 (16 ounce) package Regular Flavor Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage,


cooked, crumbled and drained

•4 eggs, lightly beaten •2 tablespoons milk or water •1/4 cup and 2 tablespoons shredded Cheddar, mozzarella or provolone cheese •1/2 teaspoon salt

•1/8 teaspoon black pepper •1-1/2 teaspoons olive oil or butter •1/4 cup thinly sliced green onion

•1/4 cup diced sweet red pepper (optional) •1/2 cup thinly sliced mushrooms or yellow squash (optional) •1/2 cup frozen Southern-style hash brown potatoes or diced, pre-baked red potatoes (optional) •2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese (optional) •Preheat oven to 350 F. In a large mixing bowl, combine eggs, milk or water, cheese, salt and pepper; set aside. Heat olive oil or butter in a large skillet; sauté onions and any optional vegetables desired until vegetables are tender. Add vegetables and

sausage to egg mixture; stir well. •Place 6 foil baking cups into cupcake pan. Distribute sausage and egg mixture evenly into baking cups. Bake for 22 minutes or until eggs are set. Remove from oven.

Sprinkle with Parmesan if desired.


Recipe from all

•Time Saving Tip: One package of 9.6 oz fully cooked Jimmy Dean® Hearty Sausage Crumbles may be substituted for one 16 oz. roll of fresh breakfast sausage in most dishes.


A Strategic Guide to Job Hunting During the Holidays Job hunting is always tough but the holiday season can require an even more strategic approach. These are some basic principles and concrete steps to take for making the most of the special opportunities that exist at this time of year.

Take a long-term perspective. It's common for job searches to take longer than usual these days. Set incremental goals so you can acknowledge the progress while you're waiting for a job offer.

Basic Principles for Holiday Job Hunting

Welcome the reduced competition. By continuing your job search towards the end of the year, you distinguish yourself from all those who may be tempted to take a hiatus. You might find that fewer applicants are coming forward for the openings that interest you.

Recognize that people's schedules may be more irregular than usual. During the holiday season it's important to keep in mind that people may be out of the office more. Avoid becoming anxious just because your phone calls or emails fail to get returned promptly.

Holiday Job Hunting Strategies

Be gentle with yourself. For all the joy, the holidays can be an emotionally intense period under the best of circumstances. Take it easy on yourself when you're trying to cope with the financial and psychological impact of being unemployed.

Network more. It's a great season for networking. Accept party invitations. Talk with more new people. A good lead can come from unexpected sources. Volunteer work is another way to meet new people and try out new experiences.

Nourish your spirits. Devote some regular time to activities that help you feel better. It will make it easier to project a positive attitude that improves your chances for a getting a job offer. Get plenty of physical exercise to help stay energized.

Reestablish old connections. Send out cards and make some phone calls. Sending holiday greetings gives you a ready-made reason to get in touch without putting people off by asking about job prospects directly.

Consider a temporary position. Many companies hire temporary help this time of year. It could be a great way to pick up some extra cash and expand your skills.


•Learn new skills. You may also want to focus on mastering some new skills. Public libraries often offer free computer courses or workshops with experts who can assist you with your plans to start a small business of your own.

•Encourage gifts that will help your job search. If people ask you what you want for Christmas, volunteer that you appreciate anything to help with your job search. It could be something like a gift certificate for a store that specializes in office wear. Devote more time to research. If things slow down, use this extra time wisely. Go online or visit the library to research potential employers and industry trends.

•Update your resume. This may also be a good time to review your written materials like resumes and cover letters. Look for ways to tweak your content to highlight your strong points and the contribution you could make to a potential employer.

•Make plans for the year ahead. Keep your hopes up by planning for the year ahead. Set monthly goals for your job search. Make contingency plans so you'll feel more secure. Visualize finding the career opportunity that you seek.

It may feel especially unpleasant to be unemployed during the holidays when the rest of the world seems to be celebrating. Be kind to yourself to manage your emotions and relieve stress while you play an active role in building a better career future.

Lorene Collier Purcy



He is the McDreamy of the Twilight world, I adore everything about his character, strong, passionate, secretive, and a protector most of all. In the movie we

Welcome to My Movie Critiques, what can I say

get a summary of everything that has been happening on

this has been an illustrious movie filled holiday

the T.V. series and then some.

season and boy do I have some hot have to go see's

Bella and Edward take it to the next level and

for you. On today's hot list are The Twilight Saga-Break

really step into their

of Dawn Part I, Immortals and Jack and Jill. I must start

roles as a couple.

with my favorite and you already know it was The

Well I can't

Twilight Saga-Break of Dawn Part I. No wonder it was

give away the

sold out at my favorite spot I like to go to in Arlington,


it was as the New York Times would say beyond

so GO SEE IT !!!!!!!!!.

spectacular. The superstar cast just goes on and on

. First up is Kristin Stewart her role as Bella was exciting, charismatic and very alluring, she embodies the role of innocent school girl turned dark princess, I was enamored with her openness and ability to portray such a vulnerable yet courageous character. As magnificent as she is I am head over heals for the number one lead actor in my book Robert Pattinson.


Next on the list is the Immortals. The leading eye

Last but definitely not least

candy in this film is a muy guapo new actor making his debut

was Jack and Jill with one of

on the big screen Henry Cavill. OMG this guy is pretty yes I

my most favorite characters

said pretty. I was enthralled by his acting ability, I think I have found my new husband lol!!! I really enjoyed the dramatic

playing himself as well as his

twin sister. All I can say is

scenes, the sheer thrill of barbaric fierceness, and the passion hilarious to the fullest. Jack shown by his character for his people. This film reminds me a little of 300 but it is so much better. It was not sold out which was good but you still have to see this film.

(Adam Sandler) is already funny but him times two, I almost fell out my seat. He plays a family man which

he is so awesome at, and a horribly annoying twin sister Jill also (Sandler) who cannot find a man until

she is discovered by who of all people Scarface himself, Al Pacino who also stars In the movie. The premise is that Adam Sandler as the boy twin needs help with getting his career off the ground and Subsequently uses his sisters relationship with Al Pacino). I won't spoil the movie so you just have to see for your self. These have been my movie critiques of the week.

CJ Kirven


Shop Talk

With Kendra Give Your Hair a Break… From The Inside Out

When I consult clients about their lifestyle and hair maintenance routine to try and get to the bottom of

some of the hair issues they are experiencing, I come to find out that many of them are simply stressed out.

When we are stressed, we feel tension in our necks, arms, backs and can at times feel achy all over. When our necks and shoulders are tense and constricted, the blood capillaries contract, which causes the blood and oxygen supply to the scalp to get sluggish. Inevitably, our hair and scalp becomes stressed too. Signs of this are a tight, dry, flaky scalp, dull hair and eventually hair loss. Let’s go into a New Year taking care of our bodies, our skin, our hair and our scalp. Here are some tips to help you to ‘give your hair a break’ for

•Hydrate yourself. A flaky scalp can sometimes be due

to dehydration. Keep this in mind if you are a heavy alcohol drinker. Be conscience to get those 8 large

glasses of water in daily as well as practice some relaxation techniques and unwinding in a hot bubble

bath to unwind.



•Give yourself regularly scalp massages. This will help to relieve tension and increase oxygen and

•Supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals.

blood flow to the scalp to help nourish the root and

B complex, antioxidants, selenium and zinc are great

follicle. Another way to increase blood flow is to lay

to start with. Don’t overdose. Take the

flat on your back across your bed with your head

recommended daily amount. The local pharmacy or

hanging off the side of the bed for a few minutes.

a vitamin shoppe will carry an all-in-one hair and

Just another option but I prefer the first idea.

skin supplement vitamin. Also don’t rule out

•Get some rest. Beauty comes from within.

consulting with your personal physician to start a

Tiredness along with stress can wreak havoc on your

plan and vitamin regimen that’s right for you.


•Take Fish Oil Supplements or add oily fish to your

•Healthy food brings about healthy hair. You can

diets to encourage the flow of sebum thus adding

use every product on the shelves at your local

much flexibility to the hair.

beauty supply, but the only real solution comes

•Essential oils can also benefit the hair and scalp.

from within. A poor diet leads to an impoverished

Tea tress and eucalyptus have antiseptic properties

scalp. If you know you’re not eating a balanced

which can be very soothing to a dry, tight scalp; and

diet, you need to supplement.

lavender is very relaxing.

Kendra Timmons 17

Bra Recycling! You can donate your bras (Any condition) to Bosom Buddies follow these simple steps: 1. Find gently used and unused bras that you are no longer wearing and put them in an envelope or box. 2. Mail your bras to: 3317 S. Higley Rd., Ste 114-441 Gilbert, AZ 85297


GUMDROP CANDY TREE Are you looking for a fun and easy centerpiece for your holiday table? The Mamas have created a whimsical Gumdrop Tree, just from finding a couple of things at the dollar store! Supplies: •Styrofoam cone


•Glue (we started with craft glue but ended up using a hot glue gun)

For our size tree, we used about 2 small bags. We wanted the multi-colored gumdrops but you can also find bags of just red and

green right now. Starting at the base of the tree, hot glue and place the gumdrops around the bottom. Work in rows around to

the top of the tree. For the top - we just used additional gumdrops but you could get creative, add a small star topper or whatever embellishments you have handy! We displayed on a decorative charger (again - found at the dollar store!) and you have the perfect centerpiece for your holiday meal...and for only about $4 dollars! REPRINTED FROM HOMEMADE MAMAS BLOG



Q: Dear Sassy,

OR find a shoe repairman in your area, and have them add a V

I am a woman of size, and I hate this time of year! I have a hard

stretch to the inside of the boot.

time finding boots that fit my calf. Can you help by sharing some

Of course, item #3 is extreme, but in some cases you get the

insight on how to shop for a wide calf boot that aren’t old

boot 90%of the way up your calf, then boom, it gets stuck, this is

fashioned and grannyesque?

where the V comes in handy. It’s an extra piece of material that,

Fatted Calf, Baltimore

if done right, will not take away from the design of the boot, and


in some instances enhance it, because you will have the right fit

Dear Fatted Calf,

for your calf.

Every Fat Girl Wants a pair of boots that fit! You are not alone,

So after much research [nee trolling] the internet, here are some

because I am one of them! It’s almost as if you dread this

sights that sells sexy high heeled boots for the plus size woman.

season, because of the ‘fat calf’ issue.

Happy Shopping!

I am not quite sure, but it appears that some designers tend to

Saundra aka SassyScribe

think that fat girls don’t want to wear high heeled boots, because the average boot shaft circumference is 12” to 15”, but some, need a larger calf, up to 18” or in some cases 20” in calf/shaft width.

As frustrating as it is, there are boots available that are not only


sexy, but the average height of the heel ranges from 3 ¾” up to 5”, in stiletto, blocked, and wedge styled boots. But before you get started, there are a few simple steps to follow: Measure your calf at the ‘fattest’ point and that is the shaft/calf

Follow Sassy Scribe on her blog at

size of the boot you will need.

Research the internet to find the best boot for you.

Twitter @sassyscribe 20

Men, recall your FIRST time you held that bundle of joy close

to you? She was so precious so beautiful and you just wanted to hold her and keep her safe forever. You were her protector her knight that would lay his life down for his precious daughter. Remember how you ran to her crib each time you heard her cry, how you rocked her to sleep on your

knees. Now that lovely bundle of joy is now walking, talking and going to kindergarten, she looks so grown up getting on the bus as she waves and say “bye bye daddy” and as the bus pulled of you began to think about her future. As reality sets in you realize you cannot protect her from the

world you pray “LORD PLEASE protect my baby”. Men we cannot allow our daughter to be devoured up by the streets we need to tell them we love them we need to tell them how sweet they are, so here is a brief partial

checklist of areas we need to train our daughters In before they leave

Independence: Our daughters need to learn independence and they need to learn it correctly from us. We must teach them the how/the why of being independent and becoming able to support and handle her own affairs whether you have a husband or not. Patience: Teaching our daughters patience will help them in several important ways such as choosing the correct soul mate and selecting the right career path. Money Management: Most men are not the best when it comes to money. Teaching our daughters good money management skills can save her from making money mistakes or following a man with no money management skills .Women are nurturing and protectors having money management abilities will guard her families’ future. Ability to say NO: Short and sweet to the point our daughters have to be able to say no-AND MEAN NO and not change her mind under pressure. Daddy: They need to know daddy is just a phone call away with good recommendations to whatever they need answers to. Men this is where your listening skill will need to be sharp. Sometimes questions will only be bounced off you-. Your trust and honesty of being daddy will help her with her growth. This ends part one, look for part two in the January Issue .

Steve Harris

the nest. 21

Defensive End (DE) – They are lined up on the outside Are you ready for some football? A Monday Night bash on ESPN…Oh, Wait! Hank William’s Jr and ESPN are no longer teamed up to bring that awesome song to us. Now that you are able to tell your husband that

a Tight End doesn’t mean the player’s pants on are on too tight, let’s learn about the defensive positions. As

with the offense, teams can line up their 11 players in different spots (called formations) on the field, but for

the purpose of this article, I will do the most basic. Defensive Tackle (DT) – aka Defensive Guard, or if one

of the tackles is lined up nose to nose with the center on the offense, the DT may be referred to as the nose tackle. They are lined up in the center of the defensive line. Their job is to rush the passer or to stop running plays, where the running back is trying

of the Tackles. Their job is to get to the quarterback before he can attempt a pass or to stop the runner

when the running back tries to run on the outside of the line.

Linebackers are just that. They back up the line. They are quite multi-functional; depending on the play, they may help with stopping the runner, attacking the quarterback, or even help stop a wide receiver. Middle Linebacker (MLB)– is often the primary play caller on the defense and can usually sniff out an offensive play because of the way the offense is lined up. They are lined up behind the front four, in the middle. These players helps stop the run up the

middle, and to help stop pass plays that go down the middle of the field.

to go through the middle of the line of defensive players. Rushing the passer means they are trying to distract or block the passer from making his throw.


Outside Linebacker (OLB) – there are many

I was really hoping to be able to get special teams

variations of this position, too. They line up on either

positions in this article, but alas, I have run out of

side of the MLB and help stop the running back and

room. Stay tuned for the next article which will be

tight ends on passing plays. On running plays, they

special teams and we will also define some terms

often attack the quarterback

that you may often hear around football. Then,

Defensive backs, commonly called the secondary.

starting in January, we will move on to the basketball

You may hear the terms “nickel back” and “dime


back”; these are when there are extra defensive

backs, and less defensive lineman on the field. Cornerback (CB) – they typically cover the wide

receivers and try to stop a pass from happening or if the receiver does catch the ball, it is their job to

tackle the receiver. They typically line up across from wide receivers. Safety (S) – they help cover the wide receivers on really long passes (also known as the deep ball). They are lined up the farthest away from the line of scrimmage and are usually the last line of defense.

Sara Hughes

Avid Bears Fan 23

When you're a plus size woman, people like to say "yeah, she's cute in the face", as if being full figured is such a disgrace. Honey, I'm cute in the face, and I'm thick in the waist. I look good whether I'm in cotton, leather, or lace. I'm

beautiful, vibrant and above all, smart! And there's more to me than weight I also have a heart. Yes my clothes might be a bigger size, that just means you have access to a bigger prize. We all are not self-conscious about our

weight and we never have a problem getting a date. So don't think your small frame gives you more pull, I'm a hot sexy curvy woman with a figure that's full!!! 24

Strawberry Foot Scrub With winter season in full swing, your feet may need a little attention to stay ready for spring. We have used strawberries to make facials in the past. They are loaded with alpha hydroxy acids - great for exfoliating dry, rough skin. So we played around with a few recipes and came up with this soothing (and delicious!) foot treatment. What You Need: •3-4 small strawberries •2 tablespoons of olive oil •2 tablespoons of brown sugar •large bowl of water •an old towel First, puree the strawberries and olive oil. Wait to add the brown sugar until you are about to put the scrub on your feet or it will dissolve to soon. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes to start softening the skin. Spread your towel out in the kitchen or bathroom. It can get a little sticky! Have another bowl of water ready for rinsing your feet. Stir in the brown sugar and massage the mixture the mixture all over your feet. Let the scrub sit for 15 - 20 minutes. Then rinse well. Your feet will look and feel wonderful REPRINTED FROM HOMEMADE MAMAS BLOG . 25

Merry Christmas to all! This is the time when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! This year has gone so fast! This is the time of the year when those who are able, shop for the perfect gift for others. Decorate the tree. Some travel to visit their love ones, near and far. I usually planned to bake a ham, make oxtails rice & gravy, macaroni & cheese, collard greens, potato salad, sweet potato pies, cake, banana pudding, and stay right at home or g o over my sister's. Yes my sister and I do cook a lot of food! We are both two blessed full size women too....... :) Well while we are planning to do all these things. I want to just encourage everyone to do something that's very important. Sure we should enjoy Christmas, but let us make sure that we make some room for Jesus! Jesus is the reason for the season! Remember Him! JESUS do we have room for JESUS?

And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. LUKE 13:1 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in manger because there was no room for them in the inn. LUKE 2:7 Do you have room for Jesus in your home? In your heart? Do you have room for Him in all your planning and

presents? Make room for him to stay every day. Let Jesus in! Make room for him in your heart,

minds and motives! Jesus the son of God! Our Lord and Savior! So .......while we are lighting the

tree and throwing down.....eating great food with our family and friends! Worship the Lord! Joy to the world!

Jesus Is The Gift! Hallelujah! Glory to God! Let us give Jesus a present! Give him praise and

worship! He is worthy of the praise! Have a Blessed Christmas everyone! God bless you

Pastor Nannie German

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WHICH CARDS TO USE?? CREDIT OR DEBIT •Make monthly payments; you can either make the The fall in the economy has changed America’s way of

minimum monthly payment, which is set forth by the

spending. We, the consumer, have went from a

credit card company, or you can make a payment that

“Charge It” attitude to a “Save it” attitude. Just a few

fits your budget (as long as it is at least the minimum

years ago, credit cards were the preferred plastic

monthly payment.

choice. Now, debit cards are the preferred way to pay;

A debit card is buy now, pay now. The funds are

80% of consumers have a debit card and 78% of

withdrawn from the consumer’s checking account ,

consumers have a credit card.

when should you be using your credit card to make


purchases rather than your debit card?

What exactly is the difference between a credit card

•On-line purchases –

and debit card?

Fraud protection – in the even the card

A credit card is buy now, pay later. A credit card

number is stolen and used for fraudulent

holder will receive a monthly statement showing their

purposes, the money is on the credit card; not

purchases and the total dollar amount she racked up

taken directly from a checking account, where it

in that monthly period. She will have two options to

could be days before the funds are returned to

pay back the credit card company.

the account. That could result in lower

•Pay the total amount in full; you will avoid paying

balances, making it impossible to pay your

interest on the money that was borrowed from the

normal monthly bills. (checking account) within

credit card company

just a couple of days.


Satisfaction – if something arrives damaged or doesn’t arrive at all, the card holder is not liable.

Things such as groceries, gas, ATM’s, in-store

Again, while the details are being resolved, the

purchases, and fast food establishments are some

funds in your account aren’t being held.

examples of those kinds of purchases.

•Telephone purchases SAME reasons as above •Hotels

Signature vs PIN on debit card transactions 1. Typically when using your PIN, the purchase is deducted from your account within 24 hours.

Often times the hotel will “hold” excess funds

Whereas, a signature based transaction can take 2-3

in case there are telephone, room service, or bar

days to clear your account.


2. When signing for your purchase, the card

•Big Purchases

information only passes through one network; PIN

Fraud protection and satisfaction stated

based transactions may go through several networks.


The next time you pull out your plastic, stop and think

Ability to make monthly payments, for those

which card will offer the most protection, the best

things that you don’t have the cash for

payment method for you, and how much you’ve got

It is best to use your debit card for those “cash-n-carry

available to be spent.

purchases” where the card doesn’t leave your sight

and you aren’t giving your card number out either to

Sarah Hughes

the computer or a telephone representative.


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