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design & utilise.

Start-up. Start small, aim big.

Start small. Earning £10/hour, (£18,200/year) Minus tax, £15,330/year 35 hours a week, no weekends. 2 weeks paid leave. Annually.

Aim Big. Typeface Design. ÂŁ7,500 per custom font family. ÂŁ200 per font licensing. 4 custom fonts per year, 4 licensed fonts.

Aim Big. Sign Painting & Interiors. ÂŁ100 per hour. Design time range: Min 5 hours, max 30 hours.

Average Finances. Total earnings £49,020/annum. Total rent £3,360/annum. Total wages £30,660/annum. Average profit £15,000/annum. Invest towards business growth.

Location - Netil House. Network of Creatives, event space, cafĂŠ, transport links, free fruit delivered once a week.

Location - Netil House. Start small. ÂŁ280/month. Aim big. ÂŁ4,100/month.

Aiming Big. Employment: 3 designers, 3 letterers. 1 coder, 1 copywriter. Outsourcing specialists. Outsourced solicitor. Accountant.

Target Clients. Large Corporations & businesses.

Target Clients. Chain restaurants & cafĂŠs.

Vision. Making a change. "There's always a need for new typefaces" - Joseph Hoefler. Bembo, 1496.


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