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Centre for Conservation of African Resources: Animals, Communities and Land use

13/8/2013 Mr Brett MacDonald Flame of Africa PO Box 368 Kasane, Botswana RE: Letter of appreciation for your support of community and conservation projects in Chobe District Dear Mr MacDonald, As you know our program of work here in Kasane is heavily focused on assisting communities in particular the vulnerable sectors of society that might be more affected by environmental change. In particular, our work has been focused on understanding the impacts of poor water quality on health of people in Chobe District. We were unable, however, to continue our work due to the difficulties of obtaining boat support for water assessment activities. Had it not been for your interest and commitment to assisting the communities of Chobe, this work would have had to stop. With the provision of a guide and a boat to our community health project, we have been able to continue this critical work. I would like to take the opportunity of formally thanking you for this continued support. Although there are many tourism operations and facilities in Chobe, few of these entities ever give back to our communities and the environment. You have though and remain deeply committed to helping people in the area in which you do business. This is deeply commendable and I hope others will follow your lead in giving back to our people and District. Again, thank you and we look forward to your help with our important community work in the future. Sincerely,

Kathleen Alexander PhD DVM President CARACAL Associate Professor/Virginia Tech P. O. Box 570, Kasane, Botswana Phone (267) 625-2392; Fax (267) 625-1479 Cell (267) 71676376 Email:, Website:

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