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The Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce (RACC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to lead, promote and support the local business environment in the global economy and improve the quality of life for the Roxboro and Person County Community. The RACC serves and promotes: • Small business • Local industry • Roxboro and Person County in an effort to address, foster and promote positive economic growth The RACC provides a vision for the future of our community through various programs and daily activities.

Our Programs include: • Small Business Seminars • Brick Awards • Good Morning Coffee Hours • Personality Festival • Honor Card Program • Business After Hours • Business Expo & Home Show • Annual Banquet • Reality Store • Gift Certificate Program • Chamber Champion Award • Leadership Person County

• Small Business of the Year Award • Ribbon Cuttings • Safety Awards Banquet • Shrimp Fest

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Roxboro Guide Contents A Rural Community


Agriculture, a viable profession with 850 working farms.

PC Health Department


Provides a broad range of health services to the community.

Economic Development

Through Education Welcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Roxboro/Person County History. . . . . . . . 4 Person County Museum of History. . . . . . 6 A Rural Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Civic and Community Information . . . . . 11 Community Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Health Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Noteworthy Accomplishments . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Arts & Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Advertiser’s Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Recreation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Government . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Economic Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Faithfully Yours. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Membership Directory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 2009 In Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67

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Adult education, training and retraining for the workforces.

Arts in Person


The crown jewel of the arts program is the historic Kirby Theater.

Economic Development


We’ll do whatever it takes to make your business successful in our community.



outhern Hospitality

Roxboro Guide

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In your lifetime you might visit a hundred cities. Shouldn’t one of them make you think, “This is different”? Come experience the Roxboro difference where we don’t just talk about Southern Hospitality… we practice it. Being a good neighbor is tradition with us.

ries at the Kirby Civic Auditorium, explore educational offerings at our highly ranked Piedmont Community College, drive less than an hour and enjoy a sporting event and “big city amenities,” or enjoy a pleasant, conversation with our friendly people.

Enjoy the invigorating rays of sunshine that warm your inner soul. A light breeze can bring music to your ears – tilt your head a certain way, turn slightly, and listen to the cacophony of wildlife coming from our gently rolling hills and valleys speckled with lakes and streams.

Come see for yourself the leisurely lifestyle, the generous people, the refreshing affordability, the lovely climate, the beautiful countryside, the neighborly neighbors awaiting your arrival. Meet, Work, Play, Relax, Enjoy … live life to the fullest, you’re sure to be charmed by our small town “Person-ality”!!

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Roxboro/ Person County History

Bordering the counties of Durham, Orange, Granville and Caswell, and sharing a border with the state of Virginia, Person County is in the Northern Piedmont section of North Carolina. It is 30 miles north of Durham on U.S. Highway 501 and 150 miles from the Charlotte area. The county is more than 400 square miles in size and claims two small mountains – Mt. Tirzah and Hagar’s Mountain. While much of the Piedmont region is filled with narrow ridges and abrupt ditches and gullies, the structure of Roxboro and Person County is much gentler. Its watercourses have created numerous valleys with strong swells that translate into hearty-sized, flat plateaus. The main watercourses in Person County are the Hyco and Mayo lakes and the Tar and Flat rivers. Roxboro, with a current population of 9,000, is the largest town and the county seat of Person County, which has a population of more than 39,000. The community’s size provides a sense of small-town hospitality and a gentler

pace that embraces progressive goals and an intense community spirit. Person County’s primary transportation sources are two U.S. highways, 501 and 158, and three state highways, 157, 57 and 49. Access to Interstate 85 is just 30 miles away. Rail service has been in Person County since the late 1800’s. Norfolk Southern, the community’s only rail carrier provides daily switching service to Roxboro from South Boston. For air transportation, most residents use one of two nearby airports – Raleigh/Durham Airport (45 miles) and Greensboro (60 miles). For commercial and smaller plane traffic, corporations and flight hobbyists have access to Person County Executive Airport, which has a 6,000-foot paved and lighted runway.

6 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

HISTORY Person County was established in 1791, when neighboring Caswell County was divided into two equal squares. It was named after Revolutionary War General Thomas Person, a trustee at the University of North Carolina who gave generously to the college. Subsequently, a building – Person Hall – was later constructed in his honor on the UNC campus. Stephen Moore, also a Revolutionary War general, had a love of the community and its picturesque setting. While commanding troops in the area, he once rode to the top of a hill to survey the beauty of the land. He proclaimed Person County a “Lost Eden” and vowed to return one day to make it his home.


In 1793, he bought the property and built his home on the place he called “Mount Tirzah” (Mount Beautiful). His home remains today and is still owned by his descendants. J. A. Long is regarded as the founder of modern Roxboro. Investing heavily in major railroad companies, Long improved the region’s transport availability, which soon brought tobaccoprocessing plants and warehouses to the community. Long also founded Peoples Bank in 1891 and Roxboro Cotton Mill in 1899. His son, J. A. Long, Jr. shared his father’s inspiration and determination in bringing growth to Roxboro. Long, Jr., was instrumental in bringing the Baker Company – later known as the Collins & Aikman Corporation – to the community.

Roxboro is also home to several famous athletes, including current PGA Senior Jim Thorpe. Perhaps the community’s most famous athlete was Baseball Hall-of-Famer Enos Slaughter, who played in the Major Leagues from the 1930s-1950s. Slaughter was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985, and a statue capturing his slide into home plate during the 1946 World Series is displayed in front of Busch Stadium in St. Louis. He is also remembered for having played in five World Series and being on the winning team four times. Slaughter played for the St. Louis Cardinals, the New York Yankees and the Milwaukee Braves.

tours Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Group tours are available at other times. The museum phone number is 336-597-2884.

For more legends of the past, the Person County Museum of History, located at 309 Main Street, is open for

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Visitors to the Person County Museum of History are amazed when they see how impressive the campus is here in Roxboro. Although it is not a typical museum setting, there is such a wide variety of unique collections and buildings that there truly is something for everyone. Both residents and out of town visitors can see what a treasure this museum is and historians as well as casual visitors delight in the artifacts and information they find. While on a tour of the six-building museum campus, visitors are taken back to earlier eras. The tour begins with the main house, which was built in 1901 by former North Carolina Governor William Walton Kitchin, who governed from 1909-1913. There are rooms and exhibits dedicated to baseball great Enos Slaughter, military history of the area, textiles and mills, along with the Dorothy Brooks doll Gallery (housed in a building that was formerly the R. P. Brooks General Store) – a family’s

collection of various artifacts spanning many years. In addition to these wonderful exhibits, the museum campus is home to the oldest known school still standing in Person County and possibly even the state of North Carolina, the Van Hook Subscription School which started in 1810. Also on campus is the original office of Drs. John and William Merritt who were “buggy” doctors from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. This doctor’s office is completely equipped with its original pharmacy, medical instruments and supplies. The old Tobacco Pack Barn is where visitors to the museum can learn about early agriculture and how tobacco was processed for sale at market. The museum’s Docent guides will take you through the tour while telling you charming stories and interesting information about the many facets of Person County’s rich history: the old schools and sports memorabilia, early uptown Roxboro and its businesses, our

8 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

military heroes, the African-American history of Person County, the Sappony Indians of the High Plains community, memorabilia of Victorian lifestyles of the county, Person County’s link to the Titanic and much more. The past is indeed alive here! Tours of the Person County Museum are all guided tours and are catered to your individual interest, time constraints, etc. We give tours to both individuals and all sorts of groups – schools, churches, youth groups, senior citizens, just to name a few. Group tours must be scheduled ahead of time and so receive a group rate on admission. The museum’s operating hours are Wednesday through Friday from 10 am – 4 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm, with special weekend hours during the summer months and other times by appointment. You may contact the museum by calling 336-597-2884 or email us at for more information.

A Rural Community

A Rural Community


ith 211,579 acres of farmland and 55,539 acres of cropland in Person County, agriculture is still a viable profession with 850 working farms. Before the Civil War, Person County had many large plantations. Early farmers produced tobacco, cotton, corn, wheat, oats, fruits, vegetables, cattle, hogs and sheep. These products can still be found in Person County, however, many of the area’s largest plantations were dismantled as a part of the reconstruction following the war. Tobacco, still a leading producer, is beginning to decline with the influx of foreign tobaccos. Farmers have had to diversify to replace lost tobacco income. The five businesses highlighted here exemplify the diversity of agriculture in Person County including an entrance into the environmentally friendly green technology arena with Carolina Solar Energy.

The Rock Hill Farms The Rock Hill Farms, which includes Cross Creek Dairy Farm, occupies 1,200 acres. Six hundred acres are made up of pastureland and woodland and the other six hundred acres are used to grow tobacco, no-till corn, no-till soybeans and wheat. Father and son, Mickey and Scott Clayton, operators of Rock Hill Farms, currently manage about 240 dairy cows and 150 replacement heifers. Their milk is distributed to a five county area after processing. Following the tobacco program cuts in 1972, they decided to diversify into the dairy business which Scott manages today. In addition, they raise about 130 brood beef cattle and 125 stocker calves. They employ six full-time people and approximately 10 seasonal people. In 2004, Rock Hill Farms was selected as the North Carolina Conservation Farm Family of the Year. This prestigious award applauds them for taking care of their land with appropriate practices for soil and water.

J & B Herb and Plant Farms J & B Herb and Plant Farms, in business since 1994, is one of Person County’s best kept secrets. A mainly wholesale business with a customer base that spans four states, J & B Herb and Plant Farms is happy to receive retail customers on Saturdays during the growing season. With a variety of certified organic herbs and seasonal vegetable plants featuring many heirloom varieties, they are well stocked and ready for your spring and fall plantings. Visit J & B Herb and Plant Farms located at 620 Weldon Wrenn Road in Roxboro and check out their seventeen greenhouses.

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A Rural Community

Solar Park In the summer of 2009, Progress Energy Carolinas’ power generation mix in Person County became a little sunnier, as a 650-kilowatt (kW) solar array went online and began producing electricity. The photovoltaic solar energy system, located at the Person County Business and Industrial Center near Roxboro, is owned and operated by Carolina Solar Energy LLC. Progress Energy will purchase electricity from Carolina Solar Energy and will add it to the mix of resources used to meet the needs of 1.5 million households and businesses in the Carolinas. “Solar energy is a growing part of our company’s balanced strategy for meeting the needs of our customers. We are proud to support this innovative technology and continue our long partnership with Person County” said Lloyd Yates, CEO and President of Progress Energy Carolinas. Covering five acres and deploying 3,420 190-WATT PV solar panels, the Person County Solar Park is expected to generate 847,000 kilowatt-hours (847 megawatt-hours) per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 600 metric tons annually. This is the equivalent of removing more than 100 vehicles from the state’s roads.


©2009 Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc.

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A Rural Community

Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm is one of North Carolina’s largest bison ranches. Bison (commonly known as buffalo) freely roamed the Hyco bottoms in what is now Person County through the mid 1700’s but were hunted to extinction here by the latter part of that century. In the early 1800’s Jack Pleasant’s ancestors settled in the Bushy Fork community and began a 200 year relationship with the land. In 2001, Jack and Sandy Pleasant re-introduced buffalo into Person County. Today Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm’s tasty and nutritious buffalo meat is

sold not only to Personians, but is a staple for patrons of the Durham and Carrboro Farmer’s Markets. Civic and church groups, agricultural groups, and youth and senior citizen groups regularly tour Sunset Ridge to learn about bison behavior and to view North America’s largest land mammal up close. Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm is one of a growing number of Person County farms and ranches dedicated to improving the local food system by growing and marketing meats and produce directly to area consumers. Visit their web site:

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A Rural Community

Forestry The manufacturing of forest products has long been a major industry in the state of North Carolina, dating back to the naval stores industry of the pre-Revolutionary period. This is also true of Person County, with two major players in the forest products industry operating manufacturing facilities. As the population of our state has grown, and forest land is lost to development, it has become important to manage our forest to be as productive as possible. In 1981, Bernard & Dryman Consulting Forestry began to do this for the private landowners in our state. The North Carolina Extension Service defines a consulting forester as an individual that represents their client in all matters concerning the forest. Bernard & Dryman Consulting Forestry has done this, with a list of services that include management plan preparation, timber appraisal, timber marketing, and reforestation.

12 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Civic and Community Information

Civic Organizations American Cancer Society/Relay for Life . . . . . . . . . . . 800-227-2345 American Red Cross . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-2927 Animal Protection Society of Person County . . . . . . . . 597-5013 ARC of Person County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-5924 Art Guild of Person . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-1709 Autism Society of North Carolina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-2854 Bethel Hill Ruritan Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-6128 Blind and Visually Impaired Support Group . . . . . . . . 503-1153 Boy Scouts Troop 239 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-4462 Christian Help Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-6070 Daughters of the American Revolution . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-4068 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-1226 Disabled American Veterans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-5371 Elk’s BPO Lodge 2005 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-4931 Entrenous Social/Civic Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-7432 Exchange Group of Roxboro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-6835 Extension Community Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-1195 Flat River Antique Engine & Tractor Club . . . . . . . . . . . 364-2364 FOP Fraternal Order of Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-2072 Friends of the Person County Public Library . . . . . . . . 597-7881 High Plains Indians, Inc. for the Sappony . . . . . . . . . . 599-2344 Junior Order of U.A.M Longhurst Council 570 Knights of Columbus . . . . . . . . 599-2001 Long Memorial Music Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-1193 March of Dimes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800-849-2663 Mom Club of Roxboro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-7100 Order of Eastern Star, Fidelity Chapter Order of Eastern Star, Roxboro Chapter 207 . . . . . . 599-6446 Person County Arts Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-1709 Person County Child Care Resource & Referral . . . . . 599-1240 Person County Coalition for the $20 Fix . . . . . . . . . . . 597-4910 Person County Council on Aging & Senior Center . . . . 599-7484 Person County Diabetes Support Group . . . . . . . . . . . 599-9390 Person County Girl Scouts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-9822 Person County Habitat for Humanity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 592-3700 Person County Health Department . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-2204 Person County Historical Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-3134 Person County Kiwanis Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-8377 599-3131 or 599-3146 Person County Museum of History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-2884 Person County Naturalist Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 364-1924 Person County Needleworkers Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-7027 Person County Partnership for Children . . . . . . . . . . . 599-3773 Person County Pilots Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-1024 or 599-3141 ext. 249 Person County Pregnancy Support Center . . . . . . . . . 597-2811 Person County Saddle Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 322-0515 Person County United Way . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-5899 Person Lodge No. 113 AF&AM (Masonic Lodge) . . . . 599-6855 Person Memorial Hospital Auxiliary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503-5798 Roots & Wings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 322-5437 Roxboro Al-Anon - at Community Corrections Office and Long Memorial UMC Roxboro Civitan . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-4737 or 597-2954 Roxboro Area Merchants Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-8317 Roxboro Grays Camp #1932 Sons of Confederate Veterans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-6232 Roxboro Jaycees 555-5551 Roxboro Kiwanis Club, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-2191 Roxboro Lions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-2695 Roxboro Optimist Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-9861 Roxboro Moose Family Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-5293 Roxboro Rotary Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-4000 Roxboro Sertoma Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-6259 Roxboro Shrine Club Area . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 99-2371 Roxboro Women’s Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-1181 Rougemont Ruritan Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 364-2744

Safe Haven of Person County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-8699 Sigma NU Omega Chapter/ Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 597-3912 Sons of Confederate Veterans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 364-3160 Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2058 Volunteer Center of Person County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-5434 Winston-Salem State University Alumni Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-8178 Youth for Christ - Roxboro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 504-9327 Zion Christian Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503-0056

Restaurants and Catering Restaurants/Catering


BISTRO 1888 221 Main Street-So Boston VA Bojangles 505 North Madison Blvd. Burger King 231 South Madison Blvd. Clayton Catering 2009 Blalock Dairy Rd. Dalton’s Sports Bar & Grille 30 Court Street Domino’s Pizza 225 South Madison Blvd. Golden Corral 40 Weeks Drive Hog Heaven Bar-B-Q 2780 Durham Rd. Homestead Steak House 155 Frank Rd. Kentucky Fried Chicken 2180 Durham Road La Cocina Mexican Restaurant 241 South Madison Blvd. Mayflower Seafood 323 South Madison Blvd McDonald’s-Holler Enterprises 737 North Madison Blvd. Old Country Club Steak House 555 Community House Rd. Palace Pointe 5050 Durham Road Stuart’s Family Grill 104 South Madison Blvd. Sugar Shack 207 Oak Street The Perfect Venue 309 Long Avenue Timberland Motel 720 N. Madison Blvd. Tricia’s Espresso 43 Abbitt Street Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant 1049-H Durham Rd. Vesuvio’s 2 Pizza & Subs 35 Abbitt Street Wendy’s 735 North Madison Blvd. Zeko’s Italian 301 South Madison Blvd.

Phone No.

434-572-1888 336-597-9957 336-599-2000 336-599-5822 336-330-0009 336-597-8585 336-599-1780 336-598-0447 336-364-8506 336-599-2210 336-330-0300 336-503-1000 336-599-1766 336-599-8488 336-598-5050 336-597-2323 336-597-3334 336-597-1381 336-599-2144 336-330-0001 336-322-4300 336-597-5001 336-597-2488 336-599-2207

Person County Volunteer Fire Departments Allensville Vol. Fire Dept. 1344 Denny’s Store Road Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Fire Dept. 105 Court Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Ceffo Vol. Fire & Rescue 1291 Concord-Ceffo Road Roxboro, NC 27574

Timberlake Fire & Rescue 350 Ashley Avenue Timberlake, NC 27583

Hurdle Mills Vol. Fire Dept. 96 Union Grove Church Road Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

Triple Springs Vol. Fire Dept. 185 Olive Branch Road Roxboro, NC 27573

Moriah Vol. Fire Dept. 6005 Mt. Harmony Church Road Rougemont, NC 27572

Woodsdale Vol. Fire Dept. 1215 Shilo Church Road Roxboro, NC 27573

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Community Services

Council on Aging The Person County Council on Aging has been offering services to older Americans in Person County since 1978. A private, non-profit agency, guided by a committed Board of Directors, the Council on Aging operates a Senior Center at 121 Depot Street in Roxboro, NC. This “NC Center of Excellence” promotes independence and improved quality of life through group and individual activities, on site lunch, home delivered meals, fitness center/exercise programs featuring Gerofit and Silver Sneakers, In-Home Aide services, transportation, medication management, many educational programs, and Saturday night dances, basket weaving, art and dance classes, trips, special events and much more. The Council on Aging also houses a Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP). Persons and groups interested in holding classes, meetings and other events may use/rent space as policies and availability permit. Their hours of operation are 8:30 am–5:00 pm Monday–Friday. For more information about the Person County Council on Aging and the services it provides call: 336-599-7484 or visit their web site at

Youth for Christ Youth for Christ Roxboro (YFCR) is a part of the worldwide Youth for Christ movement. The Roxboro chapter began in 2001 and teaches the young people of our area that positive life choices begin with a relationship with Jesus Christ. In 2006 YFCR opened The Warehouse, a 20,000-sq-ft youth center located at 80 Danwin Lane. It provides a free, safe environment for Roxboro’s youth, with an indoor basketball court, fitness center, game room, computer lab, and a hang out area filled with pool, foosball, pin pong and air hockey tables. The center is open Friday and Saturday from 4-10. YFCR also offers small group meetings through Campus Life. More info can be found by calling the YFCR office at 336-503-9327 between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., Monday-Friday or by visiting their web site:

14 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Community Services

Person County Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Relay for Life Person County Relay for Life is one of Person County’s greatest events usually held the end of September at Person High School. Relay for Life is the signature fund raising event for the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life is a twenty-four hour event which symbolizes how cancer is a twenty-four hour a day battle. The event’s “survivor walk” honors cancer survivors who are applauded as they walk the track in celebration of their personal victory. Person County has over 500 survivors who are also honored each year with a Cancer Survivor’s Appreciation Dinner. Person County’s fund raising efforts have ranked in the top ten in the nation per capita based on population for the past several years. Person County has raised 3.2 million towards the fight against cancer! “That speaks volumes for our community,” states Mitenna

Need help? Want to give help? Dial 2-1-1 to get connected to community services in Person County. With one fast and easy phone call, our Information and Referral Specialists can put you on the right track. It’s free, it’s confidential and it’s available 24 hours a day. Call 2-1-1 for help with food, housing,

Allen-Bailey, co-chair. “It truly shows the love, genuine commitment and dedication our community has for our survivors and also our determination to find a cure for cancer. Our community has proven we will not stop until we find a cure.” In the luminary ceremony, candles are placed in bags that are purchased in honor, prayer or memory of a survivor. The luminary bags outline the track and the ceremony is held after dark to honor cancer survivors and to remember those who have lost their battle against cancer. This is a very touching and meaningful ceremony as you see family members lighting candles in memory and honor of their loved ones. Over 4,000 luminaries glow in tribute to those touched by cancer. For more information contact Gayle Peed, co-chair, at 336-599-3076 or visit

employment, health care, counseling and more. The purpose of 2-1-1 is to bring people and services together, to give people the tools they need to help solve common, everyday problems that many of us experience from time to time. 2-1-1 lines are staffed by specially trained information and referral spe-

cialists, who are skilled at locating and providing information about good resources to contact for help with a wide variety of problems and needs. They will work with each caller to decide on the best course of action for a particular problem, and then help to determine the best places to call as the first step in working towards a solution.

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Community Services

United Way’s mission is to mobilize the caring power of our community to help one another by making lasting improvements on health and human care issues. Living United means being part of that change. Person County United Way helps people from every part of our community work together on important human care issues. It is committed to making lasting improvements on those issues. It works to strengthen the every day support systems of community life – how individuals, families and neighborhoods work to support one another – and is prepared to assist people when those systems alone are not sufficient. The community is aided primarily through the funding of 16 Partner Agencies, which are independent, local, non-profit, organizations that deliver services and programs to area citizens. United Way believes that funding these organizations is the most efficient and effective way for resources to be channeled into the community, and we recognize that these agencies have the know-how to make donator dollars “stretch” to their greatest potential. The four Community IMPACT Areas United Way addresses in building a stronger, healthier community are: • Strengthening & Supporting Families- we acknowledge that families are the foundation on which strong neighborhoods and communities are built. • Meeting Basic Needs & Crisis Services- cares for individuals and families by providing food, shelter, clothing, basic medical care, and educational opportunities to form a social safety net of essential services in our community.

• Empowering Children & Youth to Succeed- children are better able to achieve success in both the classroom and in life when the following occur: they enter kindergarten ready to learn; they spend quality-learning time with their parents; they attend structured after-school programs; and they have positive goals for their future.

IMPACT in our community, all aspects of our finances are subject to an annual independent audit by a certified public accounting firm.

• Promoting Health & Wellness- by helping people change their lifestyles to move toward a state of optimal health in mind, body, and spirit, individuals will live healthy, independent lives.

You may think volunteering means picking up a paintbrush, planting trees, or working in a soup kitchen. But many nonprofits need professional services like writing a business plan, doing their books, developing a Web site, board governance or software training. Person County United Way offers you a variety of ways to get involved and make an IMPACT through our Volunteer Solutions.

Every year, the United Way IMPACT Councils, one for each IMPACT area, assesses the needs of our community and makes recommendations on funding and distribution to the Community Investment TEAM. Based on these annual recommendations, United Way develops initiatives, supports collaborations, funds programs, convenes experts, and fosters established and new community services. To ensure donator contributions make the maximum

Whether you are giving a monetary donation, advocating on behalf of an issue, or volunteering your time, you are joining a movement for a brighter future for all Personians. To learn more about strengthening your United Way partnership, please contact Jayne Bremer, Executive Director at Person County United Way at 599-5899 or via email at or visit our web site at www.pcunitedway. org

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Housing According to Amanda Garrett, Register of Deeds, approximately $80-85 Million in property sales transfer ownership annually in Person County. Real Estate in Person County continues to be pretty sound and helps to keep the economy running strong. More and more people are moving to our community due to progressive school systems, favorable tax rates and the quality of life. Housing options for residents of

Roxboro and Person County are many. From large and small estates to minifarms and typical neighborhoods, from luxurious lake homes to recreational getaways, you can find a house to meet your tastes and needs in Person County. Whether you prefer a home that is more than a century old or one that is brand new and contemporary, Roxboro real estate is available in many price ranges and has diversity in size, location and amenities.

From the well-established to the brand new neighborhoods in Roxboro, homes can be chosen in lower, middle and upper price ranges. Older homes are typically between $89,000 and $135,000, while in newer subdivisions, buyers will pay from $160,000 to $375,000 for a house- especially in the southern part of the county with closer proximity to Durham. Home prices in Person County can range anywhere between $50,000 for a “handyman special� up to $1,250,000 for a luxurious lake front property. Most new and existing houses have three bedrooms and two baths and are built in a mixture of brick, vinyl, fiber cement and wood construction. The area has many ranch-style houses, but most of the newer homes are contemporary in style. Larger homes with four or more bedrooms are also available in the more upscale neighborhoods and near Hyco and Mayo lakes. Rental fees for apartments and houses range from $475 to $900 per month. For those people thinking about long term care/retirement for themselves or a family member, Person County offers assisted living and retirement facilities and group homes. In addition phase 1 of a new 50 unit apartment complex, Cambridge Village, is being built with all the amenities to be followed by a 55 & over Senior Community.

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FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE OFFICE Residential * Commercial *Farms * Appraisals * Hyco & Mayo Lakes * Property Development 216 S. Main Street 336-597-5544 Hyco Lake Offices 9512 Semora Rd 336-597-5253 8427 Semora Rd 336-599-3640

Visit us on our website @


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Health Care

PC Emergency Services Person County Emergency Services provide the advanced life support ambulance service and emergency management for Person County. Our organization began operations in 1977 as an ambulance provider only and over the course of 30 years has evolved into a multi-functional organization to better serve our citizens. Our paramedics are on-duty 24 hours a day, staffing 3 ambulances and 1 quick response vehicle to respond to emergency and non emergency calls for service. Equipped with state of the art equipment, we are able to bring emergency department level care to your door within an average of 8 minutes after placing an emergency 911 call. Our 911 center utilizes Emergency Medical Dispatch trained personnel to answer calls and they are able to provide emergency care instructions to callers while awaiting local fire department first responders and EMS to arrive. Emergency management personnel are responsible for the planning, response, recovery and mitigation of natural and man-made emergencies such as weather events and chemical spills. For more information, please contact us at the following numbers: EMS: 336-599-3136

Emergency management: 336-597-4262

PC Health Department Serving area residents since the 1930’s, the Person County Health Department has 53 people on staff providing a broad range of health services. “Organized as one of 86 health departments in North Carolina, our services focus largely on disease prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles,” says Health Director, Janet Clayton. “We provide quality care to anyone who comes through our door – regardless of their ability to pay.” Personal health care services are provided in the areas of prenatal care, family planning, child-service coordination, maternity-care coordination, health education, health promotion, immunizations, communicable-disease control, and nutrition services like WIC, a supplemental feeding program for women and children. The Health Department also provides home health and hospice services as well as environmental health services such as septic and well evaluations and restaurant inspections. Person County Health Department’s main offices are at 355-A South Madison Boulevard, and its environmental health office is at 325 South Morgan Street. For more information, call 336-5972204 or visit their web site at

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Health Care

Person Memorial Hospital Person Memorial Hospital is a 110-bed community, not for profit hospital serving the people of Person County and surrounding communities. Quality Health Care with a Personal Touch is not just a slogan – it is what patients expect and receive at Person Memorial where health care continually is improved to meet the expectations of patients and medical staff. Person Memorial recently completed a major renovation/addition project involving the Specialty Clinics, Surgical Suites, Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit. Cardiac Rehab and Rehabilitation Services soon will receive new/updated quarters. The Specialty Clinic, offering the services of physicians from surrounding areas, provide health care not available on a full-time basis in Person County. They are located in a renovated wing of the hospital and resemble a private physician office. Clinic space is designed to provide for patient comfort, privacy and convenience. Services include Rheumatology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Hematology/Oncology and Neurology. Operating room services have shifted to less invasive and more outpatient oriented procedures over the past few years. To accommodate patients and to offer the best possible surgical experience, PMH offers fully digital suites. Digital operating rooms utilize a digital access system that offers surgeons immediate access to comprehensive patient data, including digital images, medical records and vital statistics. This data is displayed on flat screen monitors. All suites are equipped uniformly, facilitating OR scheduling and patient flow. Family members of surgical patients wait in a comfortable, convenient area and can discuss surgical outcomes in a private consultation room. Outpatient surgical patients have a private exit and pick-up area.

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Patients entering our new Emergency Department will be greeted first by a nurse who will quickly assess the patient’s needs and gather basic identifying information. The patient will be taken to a treatment room where the nurse and physician will further evaluate the patient’s condition and initiate a treatment plan. The Emergency Department, which hosts all private treatment rooms, has two areas for patient care. One area is for critical emergency care and the other for less critical emergencies that can expedite care of patients who can be treated and discharged within a short time. The Intensive Care Unit is designed to provide patient-centered care based on individual needs and preferences. Family involvement is encouraged through open visitation and participation in care decisions.

Health Care PMH Services include: Acute Inpatient and Outpatient Care Long-term Skilled Nursing Care 24-Hour Emergency Services Specialty Clinics Same Day Surgery Diagnostic Radiology – CT, Ultrasound, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Density Scans, Mammography, Echocardiography, X-Ray, Vascular Studies Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Laboratory – Blood & Body Fluid Testing, Blood Bank, Pathology Studies, Microbiology Testing Chemotherapy Pharmacy & Drug Information Services Dietary Assistance – Outpatient Diet Teaching, Special Meal Preparation, Open Cafeteria, On Site Catering Sleep Studies Outpatient Psychiatric Counseling Rehabilitation – Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies, Work Conditioning Program, Driving Evaluations, Physical Capacity Evaluations, Functional Assessments, Industrial Ergonomics Job Site Evaluations Respiratory “Breathing” Care – Asthma Care, Emergency Breathing Medication Therapy, Diagnostic Breathing Studies

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Health Care

Roxboro MedAccess Roxboro MedAccess is North Carolina’s first Certified Urgent Care Center, and is located in south Roxboro on Route 501. As a certified Urgent Care Center, defined by criteria established by the Urgent Care Association of America, MedAccess has on site Xray, limited lab and pharmacy, emergency equipment, and an emergency physician on duty at all times. MedAccess is open seven days a week. Urgent Care Centers are alternatives to traditional emergency departments. A certified Urgent Care Center has greater treatment capacity than a typical physician office, is open during more flexible hours, and can treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. MedAccess, like many Urgent Care Centers, has the ability to administer IV fluids and medications, repair lacerations, treat fractures, and attend to a wide variety of medical illnesses for adults and children. Patients with major emergencies are stabilized and sent by EMS to appropriate hospitals. Urgent Care Centers like MedAccess are private medical practices which typically have much lower fees and shorter waiting times than hospital emergency departments. Patients at MedAccess receive routine as well as emergent care in a rapid fashion in a friendly setting. In fact, since opening in December 2008, the average time for all patients “in and out, door to door” at MedAccess has been 58 minutes. Health care is expensive, and Urgent Care Centers are a convenient location in which to receive quality care at an affordable price. Urgent Care Centers are able to provide routine care when private physicians are not available, as well as urgent and limited emergent care when needed. No appointment is ever needed, and patients are seen on a ‘walk-in” basis, but may also call ahead or use on line “Zip Pass” to reserve a time fitting their schedule.

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PC Partnership for Children Supporting Early Care

Health care, good nutrition, strong parenting and quality early education impact a child’s readiness for success in school and in life. The “Ready Community” program provides the resources, services and support to ensure that young children are nurtured, challenged and engaged in high-quality learning opportunities starting at birth. With over 2,350 children under age 5 in Person County and 656 of them in the care of someone other than their mothers, working families depend on childcare programs to provide quality early care and education for their children while they work. Over the past 15 years, Person’s Partnership for Children has developed a comprehensive continuum of early childhood programs and initiatives to support young children and their caregivers. Person County Partnership for Children keeps its vision always at the forefront of its planning and program development to meet the state’s specific performance benchmarks in the areas of early childhood education, child health and family support. Knowing that the more exposure to high-quality learning opportunities that children have in the early years, the more prepared they are for success in school, the Partnership has worked with its partners to increase the percentage of children in high-quality 4 and 5 star child care placements from 32 percent to 67 percent. Recognizing that strong families can effectively support children in their development, the Partnership has also worked to bring evidence-based parent programming and understanding that improved access to health care and healthy eating helps children be ready to learn. The Partnership collaborates with multiple players in the County to overcome system issues and improve outcomes for children. As we look to the future, Person County Partnership will continue to be innovative and collaborative in order to have successful approaches to meet the needs of young children (birth to age 5) and their families in Person County.

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Roxboro Christian Academy Founded in 1976, the Roxboro Christian Academy (RCA) exists to partner with families by providing a quality, Christ–centered academic environment. Representing fifty-three area Churches and congregations, the school has a statement of faith, but is not affiliated with any specific religious denomination. Weekly chapel services, service opportunities, and a faculty which prays for and with students, support a biblically based curriculum. The school has about 125 students and offers classes for K-4 through 12th grade. A dedicated faculty and staff of seventeen, help to ensure the success of each student. RCA offers two courses of study: a career-oriented program and a NC college-prep program. RCA partners with Piedmont Community College and has graduates who continue their education in both public and private colleges and universities. RCA is a Member of the North Carolina Christian School Association. Through this organization, RCA students compete in athletic, academic, and fine art events, as well as participate in leadership training and student service projects. Band, Drama, Yearbook, Journalism, and Student Government contribute to community life.

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At RCA, each child is viewed as a unique creation of God. This belief allows the staff to teach the whole child in a positive nurturing environment. Third grade teacher Nena Morton comments, “We have a small student-toteacher ratio and a tremendous network for families who seek to instill Christian values in their children”. “RCA is designed to be a place of faith, learning, and community”, says RCA’s principal Wally Lindsey. Visit out web site:


Bethel Hill Charter School Continues the Success Bethel Hill Charter School received its charter in February of 2000 and opened six month later in August. As a public charter school authorized by the North Carolina State Board of Education, the school was challenged to be innovative. The Bethel Hill Charter School Board of Directors did extensive planning to make sure what was offered at the school was innovative and successful. Curriculum was the first challenge. After much research the Board decided on the Core Knowledge curriculum that was implemented across the United States. With the Core Knowledge curriculum the children would be exposed to a greater amount of content. They also decided to implement Saxon Phonics and Saxon Math curriculums, which are generally not found in the traditional public schools. The second challenge was to find the right delivery system. The Board decided small class size with quality teachers was most important. The school-established class size around 17 students per class and sought to hire highly qualified teachers. The Board also wanted the daily schedule to be set so at least three uninterrupted hours could be used for teaching reading and math. In our tenth year of operation the school continues to maintain small class size, has acquired top-notch teachers, and remained true to a schedule to facilitate quality learning. The success has been phenomenal. In every way possible to measure the success of a school, Bethel Hill Charter School has been successful. Academically the students out perform the rest of North Carolina students on the NC EOG test, and they score above the national average on the Stanford Achievement test, the NC Writing test, and the NC Science test. Looking at numbers, Bethel Hill Charter School has had full enrollment with a waiting list the last eight years. The Board has upgraded the facility and expanded the campus from twelve acres to fifty acres. More importantly the joy and satisfaction among faculty and staff, children, parents and community is impressive. Bethel Hill Charter School has been a success story and has become a viable option for parents who seek a quality public education for their children. The entire family of Bethel Hill Charter School continues seeking ways to innovate and achieve quality education.

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Roxboro Community School Library, A Gallery in Time Roxboro Community School Library, A Gallery in Time Roxboro Community School, Person County’s only middle and high charter school, offers students and the community a rare opportunity to experience history. Designed as an art and architectural timeline, the school’s library honors the rich history of Western Civilization, from ancient Greece through the modern era. Its architectural elements and ornamentation reflect the cultural influences of major historical periods, allowing students and visitors to walk through time. The library’s main entrance reflects ancient Greek culture with fluted Doric columns and soaring pediments that originated with the Greeks. The eight statues perched above the fluted columns are replicas of primary Greek Gods. On the north end of the library, the massive bookcase is designed in the Roman Tuscan order, while the magazine racks demonstrate how Romans stacked arches to build aqueducts and monumental structures. From the north end of the library to the south wall, 1000 years of history is represented in architectural details, and as you walk from north to south, each step represents 33 years. After passing through the Dark Ages, visitors are transported to medieval Europe. Crenellations on the top of the two main stacks evoke castles and knights, while the rose windows and clustered columns pay tribute to Europe’s grand cathedrals. In fact, a small cathedral is built into one of the stacks on the library’s south end.

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The magnificence of the Renaissance springs to life on the library’s south wall, where complex elements combine to create an elegant whole. The Corinthian order of the capitals is typical of the period, as are the dental and rope moldings. The arched frieze above the doorway contains statues of literary characters, also typical of the Renaissance period. Outside the library, the tour through time continues with representative art from major periods, from the Renaissance through Modern Art. The Roxboro Community School library was designed and constructed by Tim Bonafair, a designer and master craftsman who lives in Roxboro, North Carolina. The parent of an RCS student, he designed the library as a learning lab, with lessons to be shared across curriculums. Roxboro Community School, a North Carolina Public Charter School, is entering its fourth year of operation in Roxboro, North Carolina. The school is housed in a historic renovated cotton mill, first opened in 1900. For the 2009 – 2010 school year, RCS is serving grades 6 through 12 with 540 students enrolled. As a college preparatory school, RCS offers a teacher-student ratio of 18 to 1. The curriculum includes standard college preparatory courses, Advanced Placement courses, North Carolina On-Line courses and North Carolina Community College course opportunities.


Innovation in People and Technology More than 5,100 students call Person County Schools their “home away from home.” The members of the Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Larry Cartner oversee the public school system, which consists of two preschools, seven elementary schools (grades kindergarten though five), two middle schools (grades six through eight), one high school (grades nine through 12), and one alternative program. All elementary and middle schools are state accredited, and Person High School is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. “Innovation in people and technology mark our continuing progress in Person County Schools” says Superintendent Cartner. “Eighty-nine percent of our children are on or above grade level in both reading and math in grades three through eight.” The system has a competency-based curriculum that emphasizes basic-skill mastery and access to enrichment opportunities. Exceptional children are served according to state and federal guidelines, with the goal of providing free, appropriate education for all handicapped and gifted students in the system.

field, softball, baseball, football, basketball, and cheerleading. At the middle school level, students may participate in a wide variety of intramural and interscholastic sports. Music and art instruction are provided at each elementary and secondary school by certified music and art teachers. Certified band instructors teach band at each of the secondary schools. For additional information, visit Person County Schools online at www.person. or call 336-599-2191.

At the high school level, students are offered a variety of courses with access to both traditional college-bound and vocation-oriented curricula. Foreign-exchange programs with France and Germany give high school students the opportunity to extend their learning experience. “To graduate, students must earn 29 out of 32 possible credits (one of the highest graduation requirements in North Carolina), and must successfully give a two-to-five-minute speech before a panel,” noted Dr. Cartner. High school students also have the opportunity to participate in a community college co-op. Students take classes there and can earn university-level credits. Person High athletes compete at the highest level in North Carolina. Organized sports at the high school level include tennis, soccer, cross-country, volleyball, wrestling, track and

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For nearly four decades, Piedmont Community College (PCC) has been providing educational opportunities to the 55,000 residents of Person and Caswell counties. Chartered in 1970, PCC celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2010! PCC has experienced phenomenal growth over the past decade—more than 100%, advancing its ranking to 29th in size among the 58 colleges in the NC Community College System. PCC serves the adult citizens of Person and Caswell counties as the primary provider of adult education, training and retraining for the workforce, an especially important task in current economic times. Services include basic skills and literacy education, occupational and pre-baccalaureate training. The College supports economic development through services to and in partnership with business and industry and in collaboration with the University of North Carolina System and private colleges and universities. PCC also provides services which improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. PCC’s Person County Campus, the main campus, is located at 1715 College Dr., Roxboro, near Northern Middle School. The Caswell County Campus is located at 331 Piedmont Dr., off N.C. 62 in Yanceyville. Dr. Walter C. Bartlett became the College’s fourth President in August 2009. Mr. Ron Booker is Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

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people for entry level jobs in North Carolina’s growing biotechnology industry.

Students may choose from more than 35 programs of study leading to degrees, diplomas or certificates including University Transfer programs, Fine Arts, Technical and Occupational programs, and programs in Business, Human Services, and Health and Science. Among its more unique programs are Film and Video Production Technology, Digital Effects and Animation Technology and Gunsmithing. PCC provides training for today’s jobs, such as Electrical Power Production Technology program, leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree, to prepare graduates to work in power production, including those available in three local power generating facilities in Person County. Its Biotechnology and Laboratory Technology programs and weekend BioWork course train

The College consistently ranks near the top among community colleges in the state in the number of students enrolling in Distance Learning classes, offered on the Internet, the N.C. Information Highway, videos, television, DVDs, or a combination of one of these methods and traditional face-to-face classes. PCC offers a large variety of Continuing Education classes and services to businesses, industries, and the community through training for new and expanding industries. It also offers classes and assistance for displaced workers; specialized training for Fire, Rescue/ EMS and Law Enforcement workers; adult literacy services; and English as a Second Language classes. PCC is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award associate degrees, diplomas and certificates. For more information, visit the College website at or call (336) 599-1181.

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Honor Card Program Excellence in Person County is noticed - even at the middle and high school levels. Students who have perfect attendance and/or who excel in their academic endeavors, receive a special “Honor Card” that provides exclusive discounts at nearly 30 businesses. The Honor Card program is coordinated by the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce and its members who choose to participate in providing student discounts. The purpose is to encourage students and to provide a tangible reward for a job well done. Honor Cards are mailed out after each nine-week grading period.

Reality Store Program Several hundred eighth grade students at Northern Middle School, Southern Middle School, Roxboro Community School and the Home Schooled Children of Person County, experience a “reality check” each spring when they attend the Reality Store, sponsored by the Education Development Committee of the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce. Students learn about the cost of housing, net pay, child care, insurance, transportation, clothing, grooming, food expenses and many other life skills. This is done in an interactive setting where students are given an occupation and salary and have to determine how they are going to utilize their income to provide for a family. This is an excellent exercise which is very well received by the students! The Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce will continue to offer this on an annual basis.

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Noteworthy Accomplishments

Small Business of the Year Awards This prestigious award, sponsored by the Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship Center of Piedmont Community College and the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce was presented to Furniture Mart of Roxboro for 2007 and Donald W. Wilson, CPA P.A. for 2008 at the Chamber’s annual banquet. To be eligible, a business must have been in operation for three years, have no more than 50 employees, practice proper business ethics, demonstrate excellence, and make a contribution to the community.

Small Business of the Year—2007 Furniture Mart of Roxboro The Inside Scoop on Our 2007 Small Business of the Year Recipient…

• Regionally and Nationally respected in his industry • Family-owned and operated business • Has 8 full time employees • Has been in business for 34 years • Donates services/money for the Christian Help Center, Santa’s Helpers and many others • Spearheaded the building of a first class Santa House for Christmas 2007

• He is the President of the Roxboro Area Merchants Association and has been for many years • With the help of his staff, he is responsible for seeing that the Christmas decorations are put up on the boulevard every year • He can be seen at Orange County Speedway supporting his son, Brian, and broadcasting on the radio from the races

Small Business of the Year—2008 Donald W. Wilson, CPA P.A. The Inside Scoop on Our 2008 Small Business of the Year Recipient…

• 20 plus years in business • 5 full-time, 3 part-time, some seasonal employees • Consistently provides outstanding service to its client base • Customer service is a priority • Excellent business ethics and above average treatment of employees • Community involvement that is long-standing, continuous and noteworthy

• Serves on Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees • Chairman of Finance Committee of Board of Trustees • Member of the President’s Club of Piedmont Community College Foundation • Treasurer of the Bethel Hill Charter School Board of Directors • Treasurer of Person County Home Builders • Supports many different organizations through donations • Behind the scenes, donates his time and expertise in the community wherever he can be of assistance

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Noteworthy Accomplishments

Person County Recycling Center The Person County Recycling Center (PCRC) is Person County’s means of safeguarding the environment while generating revenue, creating and preserving jobs and providing opportunities for people with disabilities. Materials accepted and processed at PCRC are sold to industries and reused in goods consumed across the region with revenue coming right back into Person County. Recycling is made easy at PCRC where employees readily accept commingled materials at the convenient drive-thru area. The center welcomes all recycling customers from the individual to the large business. The staff will also assist with assessing what materials are recyclable and provide onsite education to anyone starting a recycling program. Tours are available to individuals and groups as well. PCRC is located at 741 Martin Street in Roxboro and is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Drop off receptacles are available when attendants are not on duty. PCRC is operated by Person Industries, a local government community rehabilitation program.

North Carolina Main Street Program Awards

Merritt Commons

Merritt Commons and the Main Street Pavilion located on its grounds are truly an excellent resource for the citizens of Roxboro and Person County. Funded primarily through the private donations of Roxboro citizens and businesses, it stands as a testament to the community spirit that still exists here today. Once completed in 2007, the property and pavilion was donated to the citizens of Roxboro and is now maintained by the City of Roxboro and managed by Roxboro Development Group. Merritt Commons and the Main Street Pavilion are open for use by any business, nonprofit, government agency, or private citizen free of charge. The pavilion and the surrounding city owned parking lot provide great space for functions of all kinds, and this area currently serves as the home for the popular Alive After 5 concert series every summer. The generosity of the many citizens and businesses that made this project possible, combined with the impact this great space has on the area, earned the Main Street Pavilion at Merritt Commons as a shining example of the small town community the prestigious award of “Best Outdoor Space Improvement” from spirit that continues to define both Roxboro and the North Carolina Main Street Program in 2009. This space serves Person County.

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Noteworthy Accomplishments

Clash of the Carts Started in 2008, the annual Roxboro “Clash of the Carts” has quickly become a hometown favorite. Hosted by the Roxboro Development Group in April every year, the competition invites teams of amateur engineers, mechanics, performing artists, general goofballs, and others to create outrageous human powered soapbox carts to race against the clock in a two block downhill sprint to the finish line. The race is held in the streets in uptown Roxboro going down Lamar Street from Gordon Street through Reams Avenue. The race is not all about speed and professional soapbox carts are seriously frowned upon (e.g. disqualified). Rather, Clash of the Carts welcomes participants with the most outrageous, humorous, ostentatious, crazy, unorthodox, and downright foolish entries. Teams with a great sense of humor and an ability to entertain the judges and spectators earn extra points. This unique event has attracted statewide attention, winning the highly competitive “Best Downtown Special Event” award from the North Carolina Main Street Program in 2009. This is fun for all ages, and we look forward to seeing YOU in 2010!

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Arts & Entertainment

The Arts in Person The Kirby Gallery at 213 North Main Street directly adjoins the Theater and is an outlet for local and regional artists to display and sell their creations. With rotating exhibits, art lovers can view a dynamic range of art disciplines. The Gallery is also used to teach private voice, guitar and piano lessons, and boasts a roster of capable instructors, many of whom hold advanced degrees.

You don’t have to spend much time in Person County to realize the importance of the arts to the community. From a sensational Performing Arts Series presented in a historic theater to provocative art exhibits hung in an intimate gallery, the Person County Recreation Arts and Parks and Person County Arts Council have teamed to provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy performing and visual arts. “The arts are thriving in our community,” says Doug Newell, executive director of the Person County Arts Council. Each year the Arts Council sponsors a Performing Arts Series that brings a wide variety of outstanding entertainment. Patrons have been enchanted by the great classical music of The Chamber Orchestra Kremlin from Moscow,

the jazz tunes of Branford Marsalis, the country bluegrass of Rhonda Vincent, and community theatre productions of On Golden Pond, Fiddler on the Roof and The Sound of Music. “There is always something for everyone in our Performing Arts Series,” says Newell. “Support for the arts is reaching new heights with the growth of our patron base from both inside and outside the county.” The crown jewel of the arts program is the historic Kirby Theater, located on Main Street in uptown Roxboro. Once a thriving movie palace, the Kirby is now a Person County government property and is the primary venue for much of the county’s arts programming. With seating for over 850 concert-goers and a grand interior with tremendous hand-painted murals, the Kirby dazzles patrons before the curtain goes up. Businesses will find the Kirby Theater an excellent alternative traditional conference space. Equipped with stateof-the-art lighting, sound and projection systems, the Kirby is well-suited to allow speakers and PowerPoint presentations for large corporate groups or small business gatherings.

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Arts in Education is an outreach program that has been embraced in Person County. The program has taken The North Carolina Symphony, dynamic story telling, in-school residencies, and jazz sounds of Frank Kimbrough directly to Person County students, engendering new generations of arts supporters. The Arts Council’s main mission is to promote and expose all students to as many art disciplines as possible. “We are a small community with BIG ideas,” says Newell. “Come to Person County and help us grow the arts in the good soil of Person County.” For more information, go to

Arts & Entertainment

Person County Art Guild The Art Guild of Person County became a reality in 1995 after a handful of determined artists and patrons began working together to exchange ideas about ways to promote art in the Roxboro community. From its inception, members used some of their own funds and resources along with grants to purchase the appropriate tools and resources and to fund projects to carry out the mission of promoting the arts in Person County. There are many components that make up a successful Art Guild offering a variety of artwork done in pottery, wood, sculpture, oil painting, acrylics, water color, pencil, photography, and computer art. This diversity exists in the Art Guild of Person County. The Guild partners with Piedmont Community College, area schools, the United Way and anyone else interested to present

art demonstrations, to educate interested people on a particular specialty, and to display their craft. An annual contest for members and non-members finds many local and regional artisans competing for “Best in Show� in four categories. The Art Guild meets September through May at the Kirby Gallery in Uptown Roxboro on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Membership is $25 for individuals and $40 for families. The Art Guild of Person County is a non-profit organization. Practicing artists, patrons and corporate sponsors are always welcome. For additional information visit, email or contact the Kirby Gallery at 336-597-1709.

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Arts & Entertainment

Personality Festival The annual community “Personality Festival” presented by the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce, City of Roxboro, Person County Government and Progress Energy, provides colorful sights and sounds of people having a great time! With mechanical rides, huge inflatables, numerous food vendors serving up your favorite festival fare, craft and awareness booths, business and industry booths, a variety of musical entertainment, dance troupes and martial arts demonstrations and a street dance and beverage garden, there’s something here for “kids of all ages.” This two-day festival attracts 15,000-20,000 visitors from local and surrounding counties. Numerous businesses generously help sponsor this event and a myriad of volunteers help to carry out this 30 year tradition!

The Personality Festival occurs the weekend before Labor Day every year and is a “must-do” for a fun-filled family event that contributes to the quality of life we all enjoy so much!

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Arts & Entertainment

Over 300 people attended the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce first Shrimp Fest held in June of 2009. With a fabulous menu of all-you-can-eat and drink, shrimp, cole slaw and baked beans plus soft drinks, beer, wine and open bar, and entertainment by a well-known band, this event open to guests 21 years of age and older, promises to be a very popular annual event. Stay tuned for our second Shrimp Fest 2010!! Visit our web site at or call 336-599-8333!

Alive After Fives The Main Street Pavilion at Merritt Commons is the setting for Alive After Five events which bring the public to uptown Roxboro to enjoy an evening of entertainment. From the popular bands playing a variety of music, to the wooden dance floor, to the quality performers such as Jim Quick and Coastline and even an Elvis impressionist, Roxboro’s Alive After Fives are quickly becoming an area favorite. These events have been brought to Roxboro by the Roxboro Development Group and the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Advertiser’s Index ADULT CARE/ SENIOR LIVING Cambridge Village Page 16 5660 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27574 (866) 213-2484 fax ( 336) 598-4698 We invite you and your family to give us a call or visit to learn more about Cambridge Village of Roxboro, a retirement community coming soon!! Our independent living residents will enjoy maintenance free, affordable luxury with no buy-in fees, a beautiful clubhouse, wellness center, and more. Healthcare options will be available, including our existing assisted living. Call and schedule an appointment today, 1-866-213-2484! Generations Adult Day Services Page 12 202 North Main Street P. O. Box 721 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-0930 fax (336) 599-0254 Generations provides a safe and loving environment and activities that promote selfesteem and dignity. Our goal is to assist adults and provide relief for the family from their constant provider roles.

ARTS Kirby Theater and Gallery Page 32 213 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-1709 Fill your cultural bucket with an exciting performing arts series in the beautiful Kirby Theater, attend a monthly art exhibit by local and regional artists, take private music lessons, and more . . . we have something for everyone!

CONCRETE Chandler Concrete Co., Inc. Page 48 121 Burch Avenue P. O. Box 1732 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-8343 fax (336-599-8106 A network of over 30 facilities and 200 trucks plus 50 years of service and quality to cover central North Carolina through eastern Tennessee and Roanoke Valley, VA.


DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL/ CHILD DEVELOPMENT Generations Child Care Center Page 23 615 Professional Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-5437 fax (336) 330-0313 Care is provided from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday for children ages one year to five years. Facility offers secured card-key entry and video monitoring of classrooms.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Person County Economic Development Commission Page 47 304 South Morgan Street. Room 209 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-1752 fax (336)597-2371 The primary role of the Person County Economic Development Commission is to expand the commercial, industrial and small business sectors of Person County by providing a “one-stop shop” to handle your business needs in a most expedient manner. Roxboro Development Group Page 48 105 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-1908 Fax (336) 599-0189 For the good of Person County, RDG is to plan and implement the continued revitalization of Roxboro. This involves encouraging community involvement and working with the NC Main Street Program to stimulate economic development within the context of historic preservation.


Piedmont Community College Truck Driving Program Page 27 1715 College Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-1818 Fax (336) 597-3817 Piedmont Community College and Sage offers CDL Class A truck driver training. This is a #1 rated training program with one-on-one range/ road training instructor. Roxboro Community School Page23 115 Lake Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-0020 fax (336) 597-3152 As a North Carolina Public Charter School, Roxboro Community School’s mission is to achieve and maintain educational excellence by providing a small, inviting and nurturing school that focuses on grades seven through twelve. We value and respect each member of our school family, thus enabling everyone to become effective productive citizens. We provide an environment that will direct our students to focus on relevant and rigorous learning that will continue after high school.

EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES ADECCO Page 48 23 Reams Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-5314 fax (336) 599-5329 Adecco Total HR Solutions • Temporary and Full-Time Staffing • Professional Staffing • HR Outsourcing • Training • Consulting • Career Services • EOE


Person County Schools Page Back Cover 304 South Morgan Street, Room 25 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-2191 fax (336) 599-2194

Bo’s Hydraulics Page 16 1138 Huell Matthews Highway South Boston, VA 24592 (434) 575-7506 fax: (434) 572-8957

The Person County School System has a commitment to excellence as it stresses the intellectual, personal, social and physical development of all students. It all looks better in Person.

Bo’s has a full machine shop & hydraulic shop, industrial supplies, hose & fittings shop to customize factory hoses, equipment sales & rentals for industrial, commercial & homeowner. Hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri 7:00 am-12:00 pm Sat

MWP Contractors, LLC Page 48 1026 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-3587 fax (336) 597-3459

Piedmont Community College Page 28 1715 College Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-1181 fax (336) 597-3817

Mechanical-Welding-Piping Fabrication-Machine Shop Services Equipment Setting-Concrete Services Crane Service-Steel Building Dealers

Piedmont Community College, serving Person and Caswell counties, provides diverse educational opportunities in a learner-centered environment and serves as a catalyst for economic development through workforce training.

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FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS BB&T Home Mortgage Page 15 500 North Madison Boulevard P. O. Box 787 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 598-7539 Fax (336) 599-5523 Local Service. Local lenders. The benefit of having a local mortgage. Whether it’s to answer a question or explore changing needs, you’ll have someone you can trust, right here in your community. When you’re considering buying, building or refinancing a home, the person to call is Crystal Cole at BB&T Home Mortgage.

Roxboro Savings Bank, SSB Page 16 313 South Main Street P. O. Box 489 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-2137 fax (336) 597-5037 5420 Durham Road (336) 599-1096 Person County’s only locally based bank, providing full service to customers for over 80 years. Convenient locations on Main Street and in Timberlake. Drive Thru Hours: Main Office: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday - Friday Timberlake Commons: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Thursday and Friday

FLOORING Carpet One Floor & Home Page15 500 A Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-1339 fax (336)-599-0734 Carpet One Floor & Home will take care of all your flooring needs. We carry hardwood, carpeting, laminates, vinyl, cork and ceramic tile from the most trusted flooring manufacturers in the world. We also carry cabinets, countertops, granite and we do backsplashes. We understand that selecting for your home or office can be an overwhelming undertaking. The professionals at Carpet One are here to assist you with the greatest variety in materials and styles. We are extremely competitive, courteous and knowledgeable.

FUNERAL/CREMATION SERVICES Brooks & White Funeral Home, Inc. Page 56 907 Durham Road P. O. Box 1135 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-3171 Fax (336) 599-2089 Family-oriented business having served Person County for over 95 years.

GOVERNMENT City of Roxboro Page 46 105 South Lamar Street P. O. Box 128 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-3116 fax (336) 599-3774 Welcome to the City of Roxboro, where progress is our business. A great place to start a business or raise a family. We invite you to experience life in Roxboro.

HEALTH CARE Person Family Medical & Dental Page: 20 702 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-9271 Person Family Medical and Dental Centers is a non-profit medical and dental center that provides quality and affordable care for everyone. (Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and a reduced

Advertiser’s Index rate accepted). Hours Roxboro Office Mon-Fri. 8-6 336-599-9271 Caswell County Dental Office Hours Mon-Thurs 8-5 336-694-5472 Person Memorial Hospital Page19 615 Ridge Road Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-2121 fax (336) 503-5765 Person Memorial Hospital - where the old-fashioned traditions of caring, kindness, and compassion join with modern facilities, equipment and technology to provide you the best possible care. Roxboro Med Access Page 19 3762 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 330-0400 Fax: (336) 330-0031 Roxboro Med Access is an Urgent Care Center complete with small lab and radiology facility. Hours of operation are Sunday 12-4, MondayThursday 8-7, Friday 8-4 & Saturday 9-4. Walk Ins welcome or call for an appointment.

HOUSING The Oaks/Pine Ridge Page 15 1574 Red Oak Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-4048 Tax Credit/ USDA Rural Development Property. Call for more information.

INTERNET/ COMPUTER SERVICES Electronic Solutions, Inc. Page 50 201 North Main Street P. O. Box 937 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-2433 Fax ( 336) 597-9800 ESI is your only local internet and computer services supplier. We can handle all of your repairs and new equipment. We offer broadband DSL and wireless.

JEWELERS Green’s Jewelers, Inc. Page 23 101 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-8381 On Premises: • Jewelry Repair • Jewelry Design • Graduate Gemologist

MARKETING AND WEB DESIGN Roxboro Media, Inc. Page Inside Backcover P. O. Box 212 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 322-5535 Roxboro Media a graphic design firm which specializes in: • Web site design and hosting • Print collateral - brochures, magazines, and ads • Logo design • Posters, banners, and a whole lot more . . . Please visit our site at To get started call us a 336-322-5535 or email us at

MASSAGE THERAPY McIntyre Massage & Bodywork Page 20 105 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-9931 McIntyre Massage and Bodywork is now open in the Business Development Center next to Green’s Jewelers with three licensed massage therapists to serve you, each with a unique style to fit our client’s differing needs. Please call our office for information or visit our web site at for more information or to schedule your appointment. Complimentary chair massages are provided for first time visitors to our office: Gift Certificates are now available for all services and packages.

MEDIA The Courier=Times Page 52 109 Clayton Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-0162 fax (336) 597-2773 The Courier=Times is the award-winning community newspaper of Roxboro and Person County covering Public Safety, Local Government, Education, Local Sports, and Lifestyle, and providing advertising for businesses and consumers.

MILITARY Force Protection Industries, Inc. Page 51 4550 Halifax Road Roxboro, NC 27574 (336) 597-2381 Fax (336) 599-3461 Force Protection, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of ballistic-and blast-protected vehicles, which have been used to support armed forces and security personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and other hot spots around the globe.

PHARMACY Community Pharmacy Services Page 19 719 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-9293 fax (336) 599-4741 • Specializing in the Compounding of Extemporaneous Pharmaceutical Products • Complete OTC Line • Natural Products- Vitamins • Herbals-Gift Section • Convenient Drive-Up Window

PHOTOGRAPHY Paul Liggitt Photography Page Inside Back Cover 569 Renewal Lane Leasburg, NC 27291 (336) 322-1167 Paul Liggitt Photography has over 28 years of experience and service creating still and video communications for corporations, advertising, and private clients. He operates a studio but readily admits that most of the time he takes his show on the road. Paul Liggitt Photography can provide photography for events, brochures, or product catalogs as well as produce corporate training videos and documentaries. Call for a custom quote at 336-322-1167 or visit the web site at

PRINTING & OFFICE SUPPLY Taylor Printing & Office Supply Page Inside Back Cover 115 Clayton Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573 (335) 599-2146 Fax (336) 597-9311 All types of printing - office products office furniture - marking devices advertising specialties. Large enough to serve you, yet small enough to care.

PUBLIC BROADCASTING WRXO-AM,WKRX-FM, and Channel 10 TV Page 52 2070 Hurdle Mills Road Roxboro, NC 27574 (336) 599-0266

RESTAURANTS La Cocina Mexican Restaurant, Inc. Page 13 241 South Madison Boulevard Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 330-0300 fax (336) 330-0344 Family owned and operated in Person County for five years. Presently we have 6 locations in North Carolina catering to Authentic Mexican Cuisine.

THRIFT STORE Eplus Thrift, Inc. Page 13 108 South Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-3438 Largest inventory in area. Open 9-5 daily, closed Wednesdays and Sundays Gently used clothing, collectibles, furniture and housewares. Inventory Arrives Daily!

TOURISM Person County Tourism Development Authority Page 40 309 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-2689 fax (336) 597-2710

Roxboro’s Local Radio and Television stations and Direct Mail Company serving Roxboro for over 60 years featuring an advertising combo of Radio, TV, and Direct Mail advertising.

The Person County TDA promotes the area to visitors through brochures, the media (print, radio & TV) and through the sponsorship of festivals, concerts and special events. Visitor information is available through our office as well as suggested itineraries for discovering the area within a 30-mile radius.



Prudential Pointer Real Estate Page 16 216 South Main Street P. O. Box 796 Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-5544 fax (336) 597-3355

CenturyLink Page 50 14111 Capital Blvd Wake Forest, NC 27587 (888)723-8010

Prudential Pointer & Associates is the resource for: • Residential properties • Commercial properties • Lots and Farm properties • Hyco & Mayo Lakefront properties • Member: Triangle Multiple Listing Service Whether it’s a house, storefront, or lots and land, we can assist you with your real estate needs.

Progress Energy of North Carolina Page 8 602 Raleigh Road Henderson, NC 27536 (800) 452-2777

West & Woodall-Town, Lake & Country Properties, Inc. Page 16 8377 Semora Road Semora, NC 27343 (336) 322-5800 fax (919) 287-2880

CenturyTel and EMBARQ are now CenturyLink your local phone, internet and Dish network provider.

Progress Energy headquartered in Raleigh, NC serves two fast-growing areas of the country, and the company is pursuing a balanced approach to meeting the future energy needs of the region. That balance includes increased energy efficiency programs, investments in renewable energy technologies and a state-of-the-art electricity system. For more information about Progress Energy, visit the company’s Web site at

West & Woodall is a real estate company that specializes in town, lake and country properties around Roxboro & Person County. Since Person County offers unique living with large lakes, farm tracts and properties in town, we have separate agents for each area. Don’t just get stuck with an agent, get a specialist.

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“What’s there to do here?” It’s a question the Person County Tourism Development Authority office likes to hear because it gives us the golden opportunity to tell all the great things that there are to do in Person County.

You can stay busy – or you can find a special reason for relaxing – here in Roxboro/Person County.

Promotion of activities, such as festivals and special events, is a main priority of the Tourism Authority. Our lakes, Hyco and Mayo, offer many boating and fishing activities as well as tournaments, and have walking/hiking trails and bird blinds for the outdoor enthusiast. Bring your own tent or RV or rent one of the many cabins and homes that are available on the lakes. A community house at Hyco Lake makes it a perfect place for groups to gather all year round. With the addition of a stage area, Hyco Lake lends itself to be a great venue for music events. Mayo Lake has a new Environmental Education and Community Center geared toward hands on educational programs while the Amphitheatre provides a great setting for outdoor concerts and watching movies under the stars during the summer season. Our area offers a variety of music venues – whether you like classical sounds, jazz, rock, country or bluegrass. The Main Street Pavilion at the Merritt Commons facility in the historic section of Uptown Roxboro provides an amphitheatre venue for spring/summer concerts, as well as being one of the entertainment focal points during the annual PERSONALITY FESTIVAL. The Kirby Theatre offers live stage performances as well as concerts. You can even find dancing available at the “night” clubs uptown. There are a variety of restaurants in the area serving all types of cuisine. Now, you may not find the chain restaurants you have ‘back home’, but that is the fun of eating out in Roxboro/Person County. Sample the flavor of the area! When you need to walk off that good meal, the shoppers will find just the right kind of specialty ladies boutiques, antique shops and unique gift shops along the Boulevard and the uptown area. You don’t have to be from Person County to find a memory as you leisurely tour the Person County Museum of History. With 6 buildings on the campus to tour and investigate, you will be thoroughly entertained for more than a couple of

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hours. For the young – and young at heart – Palace Pointe Complex continues to be a big draw for all families. You can see a movie (choice of 8 screens), bowl, play pool, roller skate, be amazed and entertained in the video/arcade gallery and enjoy dinner at the diner. You can even have your own party in one of the many special party rooms. Person County is also known for its wine that is being produced at the Rock of Ages Winery & Vineyard in the Hurdle Mills community. Touring the winery or just sipping a glass while you sit outside and soak up the fragrance of the area, is just the right way to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Visit with us at our newly renovated web site: Do a GPS hunt, leave a message on our Facebook or through Twitter to let friends know about the good time you had while in the area. Before you know it, you’ll be saying, “IT IS BETTER IN PERSON”!

Person County Recreation, Arts and Parks Department Person County is filled with opportunities for all ages. From an active Recreation, Arts and Parks Department to leisure-time activities at Hyco Lake and Mayo Lake, residents and visitors alike find plenty to keep them busy. Visit the Person County Museum of History or another of the many historic sites. Shop at one of several unique specialty stores. Take in a live show at the Kirby Civic Auditorium, also known as the Kirby Theater. Participate in one of the local festivals. Stroll the streets. Watch the sun set. Visit with friends and neighbors. Whether you are 7 or 70, Person County Recreation, Arts and Parks Department has activities available for you. Program areas include athletics, cultural and performing arts, community trips and events, summer camps and dog obedience classes. Seasonally, Easter egg hunts and firework displays are held, as well as 5K walking and running events in the spring and fall. Person County residents-children and adults alike-can choose to participate in soccer, skiing, tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, softball or bocce ball. There are instructional clinics for many of the sports programs. The Recreation, Arts and Parks Department’s Special Olympics program has received state and regional recognition for its quality.

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Mayo Park

Mayo Park, one of Person County’s premier outdoor recreation parks, can be found just eight miles north of Roxboro off highway 49 on Neal’s Store Road. This 120 acre park takes pride in its family-oriented atmosphere and clean, well maintained facilities. Currently, Mayo Park offers RV campsites, primitive tent sites, cabins, and tent sites with electricity, all of which are accessible by car or Mayo Park’s well maintained system of trails. You can even travel from your campsite to other areas of the park by canoe or kayak and take advantage of Mayo Park’s two canoe and kayak launch areas. Each Mayo Park campsite and cabin is also within walking distance of hot showers and restrooms. Additionally, Mayo Park offers picnic shelters that may be reserved for special events. For larger events, Mayo Park also offers an amphitheatre that is situated in the kind of rustic setting that makes Mayo Lake famous. Mayo Park is known for great camping, but what sets it apart from other campgrounds is its outdoor oriented programming. Mayo Park Rangers plan special events throughout the season that are fun for participants and spectators alike. During the cooler months, Mayo Park Rangers do plan trips outside of the park, but the events held in the park during the warmer months are what Mayo Park is really known for. One event, the Mayo Park Canoe and Kayak Race, has gained special notoriety for its competitive yet community-oriented spirit. Families, businesses, and individuals form teams to see who can paddle the challenging two and a half mile course the fastest. The winner gains a year of bragging rights among Mayo Park’s tight knit community of paddlers, and they always return the next year, with a few new faces, to prove their endurance and skill. If a more relaxed atmosphere is what you’re looking for, you can catch a movie or concert at the amphitheatre, or participate in one of Mayo Park’s leisurely paced nature hikes. With the forthcoming completion of Mayo Park’s new Environmental Education and Community Center, Mayo Park Rangers will expand their programming to include hands on educational opportunities for both youth and adults. Mayo Park’s EECC will include a large reception hall, a warming kitchen, exhibits, an information library and research station, and balconies and porches for wildlife viewing. Near the EECC will be a new playground, two picnic shelters, an ADA accessible fishing pier, and a new restroom facility. The EECC and adjacent facilities are convenient to the Mayo Park boat landing, and surrounded by the rustic ambiance Mayo Park is known for. Whether you’re looking for quality fishing, camping, or just a place to relax, Mayo Park is the place for you. For more information about Mayo Park, or to see a full list of Mayo Park programs, visit our web site at

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Person County Lakes Hyco Lake is a 3,750-acre lake with a 65-acre park that provides camping, picnicking, boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing and tennis opportunities. Situated on Highway 57 just 10 miles west of Roxboro, Hyco Lake also has a community building with bath and kitchen facilities available for meetings and get-togethers. For more information or a map, call Person-Caswell Lake Authority at 336-599-4343.

Mayo Lake, with its 85 miles of shoreline, includes more than 2,800 acres of water surrounded by 120 acres of park. The main park entrance is north of Roxboro off Highway 49 on Neal’s Store Road (State Rd. 1515). Activities available include camping, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, fishing, walking/hiking trails with self-guided tours, and rental cabins for overnight. The addition of an amphitheatre has added another entertainment venue to the mix.

Person County Public Parks Listing Allensville Park- Two ball fields, walking track, playground Bethel Hill Park- Baseball/softball field, playground, gym, walking track Bushy Fork Park - Two baseball/ softball fields, picnic shelter, playground, gym, walking track Earl Bradsher School Park - Soccer field Helena Park - Baseball/softball field, playground, walking track, gym Huck Sansbury Recreation Complex - Lighted Walking track, gym, athletic field, playground, tennis courts, Bocce courts, picnic shelter, Annex Building

Hurdle Mills Park - Softball/baseball field, walking track, picnic shelter, playground Longhurst Park- baseball field, picnic shelter, volleyball court, playground Mayo Park- Picnic shelters, bathrooms and shower facilities, hiking trails, playground, horseshoes, canoe/kayak boat launch access, camping (tent, RV sites and cabins). Enjoy an outdoor concert while visiting Person County at the Mayo Amphitheatre. Mt.Tirzah Park- Baseball/softball field, volleyball court, walking track, picnic shelter, playground Olive Hill Park- Softball/baseball field, walking track, horseshoes, volleyball, playground, picnic shelter, gym

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Pointe The Way To Fun Located just south of Roxboro and known as a unique, regional destination “entertainment mall”, Palace Pointe Entertainment Center features indoor attractions such as an 8-screen multiplex theatre with stadium seating, 20-lane state-of-the-art bowling center, billiards room, wooden floor roller skating rink, arcade, restaurant with bar, and party and banquet rooms. Offering fun for all ages, Palace Pointe is open every day of the year and attracts regional guests from the Raleigh-Durham area to Southside Virginia. “There is always fair weather with blue skies here”, says Jeff Fitzgerald, one of Palace Pointe’s managers. Palace Pointe’s impressive main lobby is named “Town Square” as it gives guests the feeling of strolling down main street of a small downtown area, complete with a fountain, trees and storefronts leading to the different entertainment activities within the 92,000 square foot facility. Visit our web site for additional information:

Mayo Lake Cyclysm

Start Your Engines!

Mayo Lake Cyclysm – This Fall Festival is presented annually by the Kiwanis Club of Person County and the Person County Recreation Arts and Parks Department. The Bicycle Tour will take cyclists on a scenic journey through rural Person County ending at the Mayo Park Amphitheatre. Cyclists will pass through gently rolling farmlands and witness beautiful autumn views of Mayo Lake. If you enjoy the challenges of cycling, the Mayo Lake Cyclysm is one event you’ll want to be sure to participate in!

Several days each week, crowds gather and engines roar at Roxboro Motorsports Dragway, located at 1452 Thomas Store Road in Timberlake. The IHRA-sanctioned track includes a one-eighth-mile concrete and asphalt track, threeeighths of a mile of paved shutdown, and about 500 feet of grass run-a-way. The family-friendly facility also has picnic tables, a fenced-in playground, and a game room.

After the Bicycle Tour, enjoy a day in the great outdoors at the Mayo Park Fall Festival with fun for the entire family.

• 5K Race in the Park Trail Run • Canoe/Kayak Tour of Mayo Lake • Canoe/Kayak Rentals • Horseshoe Tournament • Food Vendors • Music at Mayo Park Amphitheatre

Visit our web site for additional information:

44 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Race days vary, so check dates and times by calling 336599-7459 or 336-364-3724 or visit their online calendar at

Gotta Golf? If hitting the links is your passion, Roxboro Country Club Golf Course is a beautiful place to be. Roxboro Country Club is a traditional 18-hole golf course where players can either walk or use carts. It also has a driving range and a short-game practice area. For reservations or rates call 336-599-2332.


The City of Roxboro

The city of Roxboro was incorporated in 1855 and has grown to a town of approximately 9,000 residents living within the city limits. Its prime geographic location being in close proximity to the Triangle and the Triad, makes it an attractive area for newcomers. This safe, quiet rural community boasts excellent police and fire personnel who work jointly with county law enforcement agencies to preserve a low crime rate and maintain the rural, small-town charm. With two city reservoirs, Roxboro has a tremendous amount of water and waste water treatment capacity available for both residential and commercial growth. Roxboro operates under a City Council headed up by the Mayor, and a City Manager who handles the day-to-day operation of the city. With Roxboro being the only municipality, the communication and decision making flows quickly with only two government entities working together as compared to layers of bureaucracy found in larger cities. The primary services provided by the City of Roxboro are water, sewer, solid waste, code enforcement, sanitation, fire and police protection, street maintenance and planning and zoning.

Roxboro City Council has successfully managed to keep the tax rate of 61.4 cents per $100.00 of assessed valuation from increasing for 7 years, which makes Roxboro an attractive place to own a home. City Council continues to focus on and update the goals established in the City Strategic Operating Plan of 2006. With the North Carolina Business Climate being chosen Number 1 in the United States, according to Site Selection Magazine in November 2009, we invite you to put Roxboro on your list of places to visit, do business, and stay a day, a week or a lifetime.



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The Faces of the City Jon Barlow City Manager

Tom Brown Mayor

Todd Boycher Chief of Police

Kenneth Torain Fire Chief

46 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce


Person County Person County Government is lead by five elected County Commissioners with day-to-day administration executed through an appointed County Manager. The primary services provided by Person County Government are health and human services; public safety-including the Sheriff’s Office and Jail as well as Emergency Medical Services and 911 Communications; funding of public education; elections; building and environmental health inspections; parks and recreation; library; airport; tax administration; register of deeds; recycling; and information technology including GIS. The City of Roxboro and Person County partner to provide services whenever possible. This avoids duplication and allows government to be more efficient and effective. Some examples of their cooperation include a joint building inspections department making a one-stop-shop for both the city and county. Emergency communications as well as Information Technology are other shared services between the city and county. The City Fire Department partners with the County Volunteer Fire Depart-

ments through an interlocal agreement as well. Both Governments are committed to economic development, public safety and solid waste management. The partnership extends beyond government services as each entity provides funding to community nonprofit organizations that are providing much needed services to our residents. This is a community that works together to support one another.



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Government/Economic Development

The Faces of the County Amanda Garrett Register of Deeds

Johnny Lunsford Chairman, County Commissioners

Heidi York County Manager

Dewey Jones Sheriff

Johnny Gentry Fire Marshall

Economic Development

With North Carolina remaining the state with the “Top Business Climate” for 2009 according to Site Selection magazine, it continues a tradition of excellence having received this award for five consecutive years. Person County, known for its “Person-ality,” will do whatever it takes to make your business successful in our community. With a work ethic second to none, you’ll find a friendly handshake and cooperative spirit among our people and willingness to share our southern hospitality with you!

48 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

We are a 20 x 20 square mile county with one incorporated city in the middle. Because, Roxboro is the only city in the County, we have a distinct advantage in that our city and county governments work expeditiously to accommodate brand new recruits as well as local expansions. Nothing is too big or to small- we can handle it all! We also work cooperatively within our Kerr-Tar Region providing support for technological and bio tech companies that are expanding in the surrounding communities. In addition, we have a great working relationship with the Department of Commerce and the Research Triangle Regional Partnership. Our convenient, “one-stop shop”, enables us to handle business through the proper channels in a most expedi-

Economic Development ent manner. Working together magnifies the impact and value of individual ideas and efforts. With excellent training opportunities, a pro-business climate, low taxes, and a great deal of flexibility which allows us to draw from the business community to pull in exactly the right experienced people to support your project, the possibilities are endless. The key players in our economic development team are the Person County Economic Development Commission, headed up by renowned economic developer and Chairman, Jim Stovall, the Roxboro Development Group with Executive Director, Paul Murray, and the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO, Marcia O’Neil. With world class universities and medical facilities in our backyard, close proximity to college and professional sporting events, an abundance

of shopping and cultural opportunities, easy access to the eastern seaboard and ports, and a “can-do” attitude, Roxboro/Person County offers you the easy pace that takes you exactly where you want to be. If you think this sounds tempting, add to this two beautiful, recreational lakes and the serenity a rural area affords you, and you’ve got it all!

credits and more. Go ahead, put our feet to the fire…let our economic development team work for YOU! PERSON COUNTY

We will do whatever it takes to make your company or business successful in Roxboro and Person County. Put us on your agenda of places to experience. People want to live here. Our loyal workforce touts a strong work ethic. We have a great quality of life. Why wouldn’t you want to bring your business here? We offer help with site location, energy efficient building design, labor recruitment, testing and training, tax

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 49

Economic Development

From Person County Skies The Person County Executive Airport, owned by the county and operated by Red Mountain Aviation, serves private and charter aircraft. One 6,000 ft. asphalt runway in excellent condition accommodates crafts up to 68,000 lb dual wheel of the aircraft. Hangars and tie down parking are available as well as one corporate hangar. There is a full service pilot lounge, wifi and fuel availability 24 hours a day. The terminal is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ample parking is provided.

Roxboro Development Group The Roxboro Development Group (RDG) is a nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers who are interested in improving the Roxboro and Person County community. For the good of Person County, the mission of RDG is to plan and implement the continued revitalization of Uptown Roxboro utilizing the North Carolina Main Street Program to stimulate economic development within the context of historic preservation. Roxboro Development Group is very active in building partnerships to create a consistent revitalization program, promoting uptown as a compelling place for shoppers, investors and visitors through events like the popular “Alive After Fives” and the annual “Clash of the Carts”, enhancing the visual quality of uptown through awarding Façade Grant dollars to businesses to improve their storefronts and by partnering with the local schools to

385 Montgomery Drive Timberlake, NC 27583 336-364-1111

bring “Arts on Main” to window displays uptown. RDG has been the very proud recipient of three highly competitive North Carolina Main Street Awards: Best Outdoor Space Improvement for the Main Street Pavilion at Merritt Commons, Best Downtown Special Event for “Clash of the Carts”, and Best Adaptive Use Project for Roxboro Community School. Roxboro Development Group is proud to have served Roxboro and Person County for over 15 years and will continue to work hard to improve our uptown for generations to come. Visit our web site at

50 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

PROTECTING THE LIVES OF OUR SOLDIERS IN COMBAT IS CRITICAL That’s why, at Force Protection, we are in the survivability solutions business. In addition to vehicles, we provide the operators and maintainers of the vehicles the training that they will need to survive in the field. Troops come to Roxboro to develop on and off road driving skills at our Training and Capabilities Center here in Roxboro. Force Protection is proud to be a part of the Roxboro community. For more information about Force Protection and its survivability solutions, visit:

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 51



The Courier=Times, the community’s local newspaper, has been providing news and information to Person County since 1881. Brinn Clayton, third generation owner and publisher, and his staff members regularly invest their time on projects that benefit the community.

We Bring Roxboro & Person County HOME BEST NEWS SOURCE • City and County Government • Local Sports Coverage • Person County Education • Weddings, Engagements & Births • Arts & Entertainment • Church News

BEST ADVERTISING SOURCE • Real Estate • Two Grocery Outlets • Two Pharmacies • Extensive Classified Section • All The Services You Need • All The Products You Need


With a commitment to excellence, the newspaper staff has the responsibility to present issues with a goal of finding solutions. They are also encouraged to play an active role in the community.

Roxboro Broadcasting

WRXO and WKRX features a variety of programming each week that satisfies a broad cross section of their listening audience. One of the most popular segments is a daily buy, swap, sell program called “The Want Ads of the Air”. They pride themselves in providing programming that their customers request.

The Courier=Times

Serving Roxboro and Person County Since 1881 Voice 336.599.0162 Fax 336.597.2773 109 Clayton Avenue • P.O. Box 311 • Roxboro, NC 27573

WRXO AM radio station has been the radio voice of Roxboro for sixty-two years. WKRX, FM radio and Channel 10 TV have been in existence since the early 1990’s. Locally owned and operated by David Bradsher, these stations have received numerous media coverage awards.

52 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Faithfully Faithfully Yours… yours… Spiritual life is an important aspect of Person County. Churches of nearly every denomination can be found here. Congregational life takes on meaning beyond Sunday morning services as churches are an integral part of life in the county, with social functions and outreach ministries that involve thousands of people on a weekly basis. Allen’s Chapel AME Church Donald Lowe, Pastor PO Box 3333 Roxboro, NC 27573 145 Allen Church Rd. 336-599-7548 Allensville UMC Stewart A. Crank, Pastor 80 Dirgie Mine Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-2820 Antioch Baptist Church Dr. David M. Chambers, Pastor 677 Antioch Church Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-597-3755 Azsa Church of the Apostolic Church Melvin Bullock, Pastor 135 S. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-598-5980 Bailey’s AME Church Rev. Theadora Moss 5016 Woodsdale Rd. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-7548 Berry’s Grove Baptist Church Craig Willingham, Pastor 9628 Berry Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-8158 Bethany Baptist Church Mat Rummage, Pastor 245 Bethany Church Road Rougemont, NC 27572 same as mailing address 336-364-3606 Bethel Hill Baptist Church Jason Evans, Pastor 201 Old 501 Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-4814 Beulah Baptist Association, Inc. Danny Glover, Pastor PO Box 1175 Roxboro, NC 27573 230 South Morgan Street 336-599-6117

Bibleway Church of Our Lord James Graves 161 Cleveland Ln Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-597-3874 Brookland UMC Brent Livingood, Pastor 87 Brookland Church Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-597-3448 Brooksdale UMC Brent Livingood , Pastor PO Box 1052 Roxboro, NC 27573 265 Old Durham Rd. 336-597-9755 Calvary Independent Baptist Church John Prichard, Pastor 10312 Durham Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-7405 Calvary Baptist Church Thomas Puryear, Jr. Pastor 2663 High Plains Road Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-599-4766 Ca-Val Baptist Church Toby Stone, Pastor 1885 Main St. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-7798 Grace Ca-Vel United Methodist Church Ross Thompson, Pastor 1701 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-6488 Cedar Grove Baptist Church Jessie Timberlake, Pastor PO Box 1650 Roxboro, NC 27573 1851 Cedar Grove Church Rd. 336-597-5088 Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Larry S. Wilson, Pastor 2645 Cunningham Road Semora, NC 27343 same as mailing address 336-234-7295

Christian Apostolic Holiness Church Mary Black, Pastor 5445 McGhees Mill Rd. Semora, NC 27343 same as mailing address 336-599-2714 Church of God J. Harold Palmer, Parsonage P.O. Box 1046 Roxboro, NC 27573 1415 N. Main St.-Parsonage 336-599-6862 Church of God in Christ Pastor 2160 Flat Woods Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-7726 Church of God in Jesus Christ Gladys Campbell, Pastor 915 Allie Clay Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-7853 Cleggs Chapel Baptist Church Louis Cash, Pastor PO Box 627 Timberlake, NC 27583 2545 Surl Mt. Tirzah Rd. 336-364-8207 Clement Baptist Church Lewis Wall, Pastor 8480 Burlington Road Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 same as mailing address 336-599-7032 Community Baptist Church Randy Howard, Pastor 2954 Morton Pulliam Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-330-0237 Concord United UMC Bill Boykins, Pastor 70 Concord Church Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-6262 Cornerstone Community Church Rev. Wallace C. Blackwell II PO Box 1912 Roxboro, NC 27573 701 S. Main St. 336-599-4388

Crossroads Baptist Church Jason Holt, Pastor 2728 Hurdle Mills Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-0197 East Rock Community Church Rev. Tim Bowes, Pastor 308 Front Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-597-3722 East Roxboro Church of God Billy Edwards, Pastor Post Office Box 999 Roxboro, NC 27573 1020 Reuben Allen Road 336-504-4053 Ebenezar Primitive Baptist Church Sam Whittington, Pastor John Pleasant Rd. Leasburg, NC 27291 same as mailing address Elijah Grove Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Alfred M. Faulkner 11469 Virgilina Road Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-597-2970 Ephesus Baptist Church Leonard Watlington, Pastor 1894 Ephesus Church Road Semora, NC 27343 same as mailing address 336-599-1090 Faith Bahai Pastor Henrick 2548 John Brewer Rd. Leasburg, NC 27291 same as mailing address 336-597-4687 Faith Christian Church Ted Poole, Pastor PO Box 1097 Roxboro, NC 27573 1725 Semora Rd. 336-597-4820 Faith Independent Baptist Church Ron Pruitt, Pastor 500 Lucy Garrett Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-2150

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 53

Faithfully yours… Faith Temple Holy Church Elder Clyde H. Winstead Pastor PO Box 1847 Roxboro, NC 27573 344 Broad Street 336-599-8311 Favoured Ministries R. & T. Lester, Pastor 505 N. Main St. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address not available First Baptist Church Kenneth Stokes, Pastor 14 South Main Circle Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-2913 First Pentecostal Matthew Wilmoth, Pastor 707 N. Main St. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address not available Friendship Freewill Baptist Church Chase Chambers, Parsonage 3757 Hester’s Store Rd. Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-599-4443 Full Assurance Faith Fellowship Church Joseph & Geraldine Ivey, Pastors 131 Wrenon Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-9371 Gateway Baptist Church Ken Childers, Pastor 2370 Chambers Loop Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-3426 Grace/Ca-Vel UMC Ross Thompson, Parsonage 313 Church Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-8183 Greater Cleggs Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Louis E. Cash, Pastor Post Office Box 304 Timberlake, NC 27583 2601 Surl-Mt. Tirzah Road 336-364-8207

Greater Covenant Church of Jesus Christ Deborah B. Street, Pastor Post Office Box 1680 Roxboro, NC 27573 334 Industrial Drive 336-322-5378 Greater Deliverance Tabernacle Willie Parker, Pastor Post Office Box 1132 Roxboro, NC 27573 199 Flat River Church Rd. 336-599-4363 Helena United Methodist Church Jack Snyder, Pastor 290 Helena Moriah Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-9255 Hester’s Grove Baptist Church Joe Clayton, Pastor 590 Wheeler’s Church Road Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 same as mailing address 336-599-4429 High View Baptist Church Tommy Faust, Pastor 1444 High View Road Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-599-8822 Holy Temple of Jesus Christ Church Tee Nolar Johnson, Pastor 3843 Antioch Church Rd. Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-599-9870 Hyco Zion Baptist Church Stanley Kearney, Pastor PO Box 1652 Roxboro, NC 27573 996 Concord Church Rd. 336-599-8097 Jones Chapel Baptist Church Ronald R. Booker, Pastor PO Box 1712 Roxboro, NC 27573 780 Barnette-Tingon Rd. 336-599-6689 Lamberth Memorial Baptist Church Gerald Thomas, Pastor 1026 Long’s Store Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-4372

54 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Last Day Revival Center Herbert Thomas, Jr., Pastor US. 158 West Semora, NC 27343 same as mailing address not available Lawson Chapel Baptist Church Langston D. Logan Sr.,Rev. 200 Lawson Chapel Church Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-1770 Lattisville Grove Baptist Church George Crews III, Pastor 1701 Jimmy Ed. Road Hurdle Mill, NC 27541 same as mailing address 919-732-0994 Lea’s Chapel UMC James G. Jones Jr., Pastor 6415 Leasburg Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-597-4257 Leasburg United Methodist Church Steve Hall, Pastor 7550 US Highway 158 East Leasburg, NC 27291 12682 NC 119 N 336-599-4854 Lighthouse Chapel Herman Chambers, Pastor 1170 Jimmy Ed Rd. Timberlake, NC 27583 Pastor1056 Chambers Loop Cir. 336-364-2714 Little Rock Tabernacle A.M.E. Zion Maurice Little, Pastor 711 Leasburg Rd. Lot 35 Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-597-4389 Long Memorial UMC T.R. Miller, Pastor PO Box 310 Roxboro, NC 27573 226 N. Main St. 336-599-1193 Longhurst United UMC Church John Howle, Pastor 291 Providence Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-6812

McGhee’s Mill Baptist Church Frank Reaves, Pastor 9000 McGhee’s Mill Road Semora, NC 27343 same as mailing address 336-599-5280 Mill Creek Baptist Church Brian Hager, Pastor 1562 Mill Creek Road Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-599-2840 Mill Hill Baptist Church Frederick K. Wilson, Pastor PO Box 816 Roxboro, NC 27573 1635 Mill Hill Rd. 336-599-6553 Montwood Baptist Church Carroll Brackett, Pastor 4416 Boston Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-1823 Mt Bethel Baptist Church Johnny Wilson, Pastor P.O. Box 1007 Roxboro, NC 27573 418 Mt. Bethel Church Road 336-597-2749 Mt. Gideon Apostolic Church of God Dennis Palmer, Pastor P O Box 465 Roxboro, NC 27573 1000 Hazel Lawson Road 336-598-4726 Mt. Harmony Baptist Church G. Barry Chambers, Pastor 1655 Mt. Harmony Church Road Rougemont, NC 27572 same as mailing address 336-364-7721 Mt. Road Baptist Church James Fortner, Pastor 115 Joy Lane Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-5843 Mt. Tirzah United UMC Dustin Sprouse, Pastor 4585 Surl-Mt. Tirzah Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-1132 Mt Zion United UMC. Church Edgar De Jesus, Pastor 135 Clay Long Road Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 same as mailing address 336-364-2746

Faithfully Yours… yours… MT Road Baptist Church James Fortner, Pastor 115 Joy Lane Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-599-5843 New Bethel Methodist Church Douglas Wagner, Pastor Cor. Hwy 57 & New Bethel Ch.Rd. Rougemont, NC 27572 same as mailing address 919-245-0015 New Ephesus Baptist Church Gerald K. Franklin, Pastor 375 Ephesus Church Road Semora, NC 27343 same as mailing address 336-234-8676 New Hope Baptist Church (USA) John La Watlington, Pastor New Hope Baptist Church Road Leasburg, NC 27291 same as mailing address 336-597-9548 New Hope Person Church W.L. Richardson, Pastor PO Box 698 Timberlake, NC 27583 1261 Tom Oakley Rd. 336-364-2990 New Life Church Ronald Brooks, Pastor PO Box 141 Roxboro, NC 27573 936 Old Durham Road. 336-322-4000 New Life Independent Baptist Church Mike Whit , Pastor 6413 Burlington Road Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 same as mailing address 336-599-9777 New St. James Baptist Church Lloyd Oliver, Jr., Pastor 4130 Pixley-Prichard Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-8289 New Mt. Zion Baptist Church Dorwin Howard, Pastor P O Box 1551 Roxboro, NC 27573 305 Walker St. 336-599-5724 North Roxboro Baptist Church Ben Durand, Pastor PO Box 3067 Roxboro, NC 27573 Ofc. N. Main St. 336-599-9831

Oak Grove UMC Diane La Blanc, Pastor 5021 Semora Rd Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-597-5042 Obie’s Chapel United Holy Church Thomas Headen, Pastor 2344 Guess Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-1682 Old Lea Bethel Baptist Church Alan Bottoms, Pastor 3825 Semora Road Leasburg, NC 27291 same as mailing address 336-597-2074 Old Mt. Zion Baptist Church Clyde A. Glass, Pastor PO Box 1729 Roxboro, NC 27573 1111 Oak Grove Mt Zion Rd. 336-599-8072 Olive Branch Baptist Church Victor Blackwell, Pastor 7343 Dirgie Mine Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-2565 Olive Grove Baptist Church Brud Perry, Pastor 95 Kelly Brewer Road Leasburg, NC 27291 same as mailing address 336-599-5321 Olive Hill Baptist Church Westley Richmond, Pastor Post Office Box 234 Leasburg, NC 27291 643 Olive Hill Church Rd. 336-599-9312 Pathway To Life Church David Blackwell, Pastor 314 Depot Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-0499 Prospect Hill Baptist Church George Harris, Jr. Pastor c/o M. Jones 505 Jones Paylor Rd Roxboro, NC 2757 30l Bethel Hill School Road 336-597-2680 Providence Baptist Church Dennis Mc Donald, Pastor 1319 Virgilina Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-6111

Prepatory Temple of Jesus Christ Wayne Bass, Pastor 902 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-9451 Reformation Christian Church Peter Baker, Pastor 623 South Morgan Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-1265 Quinn’s Chapel AME Church Benjamin Clay, Pastor 824 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-0652 Red Mountain Baptist Church David Pryor, Pastor 1322 Red Mountain Rd. Rougemont, NC 27572 same as mailing address 919-477-3657 New Red MT Missionary Baptist Church Pastor 1401 Red Mountain Rd. Rougemont, NC 27572 same as mailing address 919-477-2000 Rock Grove Baptist Church Martin Hall, Pastor 3190 Allensville Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-3497 Roxboro Baptist Church DuPre Sanders, Pastor PO Box 348 Roxboro, NC 27573 202 S. Main Street 336-599-9248 Roxboro Bible Church Randy Stoner, Pastor 1152 Dolly Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-597-2104 Roxboro Congregation of Jehova’s Witness Pastor 5411 S. Boston Rd. Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-597-2181

Roxboro Church of Christ Tony Williams, Pastor 2567 Burlington Road Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-599-2556 Roxboro Church of God J. Harold Palmer, Pastor 1415 Main St. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-598-2519 Roxboro Presbyterian Church Edward W. Donnell, Pastor PO Box 419 Roxboro, NC 27573 319 North Larmar Street 336-599-1564 Saint James Baptist Church Haywood Smith, Pastor PO Box 71 Leasburg, NC 27291 1065 Soloman Lea Road 336-599-1741 Salem United Methodist Church William Budzinski, Pastor 933 Salem Church Road Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 same as mailing address 336-599-5012 Shady Hill Baptist Church James A. Richmond, Pastor 1500 Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-7454 Siloam Baptist Church Wayne Johnson, Pastor 4688 Mt. Harmony Church Road Rougemont, NC 27572 same as mailing address 36-364-2691 Somerset Baptist Church Troy Rust, Pastor 1835 Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-5345 St. James Baptist Church Haywood Smith, Pastor 1064 Solomon Lea Rd. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-1741 St. Marks Episcopal Church Harmon L. Smith, Pastor Post Office Box 1071 Roxboro, NC 27573 422 North Main Street 336-597-2171

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 55

Faithfully yours… St. Mary and Edward Catholic Church Father William Rodriques 615 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-4122 St. Paul Apostle Church of Christ in God Dennis Jefferson, Pastor 707 N. Main St. Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address not available St. Paul United Holy Church Louis Simmons, Pastor 1010 St. Paul Church Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-597-3850 Surl Primitive Baptist Church David Menter, Pastor c/o Dorothy Clayton 215 Charlie Moore Rd. Timberlake, NC 27583 Temple of Deliverance in Christ Jesus Pastor Post Office Box 1684 Roxboro, NC 27573 1583 Willow Oak Dr. 336-330-0263 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Wesley Stone, President 126 Lochridge Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-9929 The House of Prayer Holiness Church Johnny Davis, Pastor 6333 Burlington Road Roxboro NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-8505 Theresa Baptist Church Herbert Brown, Pastor 3919 Chub Lake Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-0635 Timberlake Baptist Church Hal Dickerson, Pastor 3035 Surl-Mt. Tirzah Road Timberlake, NC 27583 same as mailing address 336-364-8389 Trinity Worship Center Full Gospel Reginald Harris, Pastor 906 Durham Road-Innkeeper Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address

Triple Springs Baptist Church Buddy Hall, Pastor PO Box 1293 Roxboro, NC 27573 51 Hal Melton Rd. 336-597-3936 Union Grove Baptist Church Rufus Johnson, Pastor PO Box 195 Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 3081 Union Grove Church Rd. 336-364 2403 Vernon Hill Baptist Church Ollie Ellison, Pastor 80 Vernon Hill Church Road Roxboro, NC 27574 same as mailing address 336-597-4433 Victory Baptist Church Fred Lowery, Pastor Post Office Box 3192 Roxboro, NC 27573 1321 Griles Street 336-599-1550 Warren’s Grove UMC Philip Chryst, Pastor 1511 Wesleyan Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-592-3400 Westwood Baptist Church Gerald Hodges, Pastor PO Box 183 Roxboro, NC 27573 970 Leasburg Rd. 336-599-1982 Word of Life Christian Center David Blackwell, Pastor 110 Depot Street Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-322-0488 Young’s Chapel Baptist Church Dr. C. E. Thompson, Jr., Pastor 284 Young’s Chapel Road Roxboro, NC 27573 same as mailing address 336-599-3887 Zion Christian Center Danny & Teresa Johnson, Pastors PO Box 3510 Roxboro, NC 27573 2850 Virgilina Rd. 336-503-0056 Zion Level Baptist Church Willie Glenn, Pastor PO Box 3425 Roxboro, NC 27573 1780 Zion Church Road Semora, NC 27343 336-234-8151

56 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Membership Directory APPAREL-MEN


Phone: 919-929-1607 Fogleman’s Mens Shop Fax: 919-754-3268 Carl Bowes Carrboro, NC 27510 Phone: 336-599-2733 Fax: 336-599-2733 111 N Main Street Gerry O’Neil Roxboro, NC 27573 Phone: 336-599-7093 Roxboro, NC 27574-6461 APPLIANCE WIRELESS DEALER Guy Guidry Phone: 919-419-3587 Ronnie’s Appliances Fax: 919-419-3528 Ronnie Bowes Durham, NC 27707 Phone: 336-599-7933 Fax: 336-599-2283 2406 Durham Road Helen Slaughter Roxboro, NC 27573 Phone: 336-599-0455 Fax: 336-330-0333 Roxboro, NC 27574 ARCHITECT

H & R Block

Chris Wilson Phone: 336-599-7355 Fax: 336-599-8839 1011 North Madison Boulevard Roxboro, NC 27573 ADULT DAY SERVICES

Generations ~ Adult Day Services

Vicki Smith Phone: 336-599-0930 or 8870 Fax: 336-599-0254 P.O. Box 721 Roxboro,NC 27573 ADVERTISING-YELLOW PAGES

Dewberry & Davis

Darren Conner Phone: 434-797-4497 Fax: 434-797-4341 P.O. Box 1509 Danville, VA 24543 ASSISTED LIVING

Tarheel Publishing Company

Lynn Brown Phone: 888-716-7690 Fax: 919-553-9230 120 North Tech Drive #102 Clayton, NC 27520 APARTMENTS

The Oaks Apartments Krista Zimmer Phone: 336-599-4048 Fax: 336-599-3609 1574 Red Oak Drive Roxboro, NC 27573

Barden Ridge Apartments

Ellie Kinnaird

Teri Moorefield Phone: 336-322-0806 Fax: 336-322-3421 12 Barden Place Roxboro, NC 27573 APPAREL Greater Looks II Dwight Poole Phone: 336-330-0461 Fax: 336-330-0462 117 South Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 APPAREL-LADIES Russell’s Ltd. Zalene N. Burnette Phone: 336-599-1561 Fax: 336-599-1561 225 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Cambridge Hills Assisted Living

Carole Oliver-Boxell Phone: 336-598-4697 Fax: 336-598-4698 5660 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27574 ASSOCIATE Alex Mihajlov Phone: 1-800-223-9470 Fax: 919-782-4959 Raleigh, NC 27622 alexander.mihajlov@agedwards. com

Amanda Garrett

Phone: 336-597-1733 Roxboro, NC 27573

David Whitt

Phone: 336-504-1745 Fax: 336-599-2584 Roxboro, NC 27573

Deborah L. Barker

Phone: (336) 503-5201 Fax: (336) 597-0568 Roxboro, NC 27573

Dewey Jones

Phone: 336-364-3213 Timberlake,NC 27583

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 57

Henry Daniel

Phone: 336-599-0309 Fax: 336-599-0309 Roxboro, NC 27573

James Allen

Phone: 336-599-5741 Roxboro, NC 27573

Jim Crawford

Phone: 252-492-0185 Fax: 252-492-3383 Henderson, NC 27536

Dr.Jim Owen

Phone: 336-597-5979 Roxboro, NC 27573 Jon Bass Phone: 336-597-2277 Fax: 336-597-2277 279 Knolls of Mayo Road Roxboro, NC 27574

Juli Cooney

Phone: 919-274-6830 Roxboro, NC 27574

Kay Y. Blackard

Phone: 336-364-8248 Timberlake, NC 27583

Leigh Woodall

Phone: 336-597-8850 Roxboro, NC 27573

Leonard Gauldin

Phone: 336-932-3854 Pelham, NC 27311

Margaret Bradsher

Phone: 336-599-0202 Roxboro, NC 27573

Mark Galloway

Phone: 336-597-0567 Fax: 336-597-2401 Roxboro, NC 27573

Maxine Galloway

Phone: 336-599-8377 Fax: 336-599-0283 Roxboro, NC 27573

Michael Stacey

Phone: 336-599-8377 Fax: 336-599-0283 Roxboro, NC 27573 Mike Gentry Phone: 336-597-0567 Fax: 694-6799 Pelham, NC 27311-0094 Rickey Chambers Phone: 336-599-2950 Roxboro, NC 27574 Samuel Winstead Phone: 336-599-0951 Leasburg, NC 27291 Steve Joyner Cell Phone: 336-592-3568 Roxboro, NC 27573

Stephen Edwin Knott

Phone: 336-599-8224 Roxboro, NC 27573

T.R. Brady

T.R. Brady Phone: 336-599-8198 Fax: 336-599-8198 Roxboro, NC 27573

W. A. (Winkie) Wilkins

Phone: 336-599-7336 Roxboro, NC 27573

W. Osmond Smith, III Phone: 336-694-7208 Fax: 336-694-6799 Yanceyville, NC 27379

Wayne & Lianne Martin

Phone: 336-597-4681 Fax: 800-348-2629 Roxboro,NC 27573

Membership Directory


Bradsher & Perkins PLLC Wallace Bradsher 29 Abbitt Street Phone: 599-9755 Fax: 599-9855 Roxboro, NC 27573

Thomas L. Fitzgerald Attorney at Law Tom Fitzgerald 22 Court St; Suite 200 Phone: 336-599-2567 Fax: 336-599-5782 Roxboro, NC 27573

Grissom & Holloman, P.C. Robin Gentry 203 N. Main St, Suite 216 Phone: 336-598-4448 Fax: 336-599-8530 PO Box 890 Roxboro, NC 27573

Alan S. Hicks, P.A. Alan S. Hicks Phone: 336-599-4032 Fax: 336-599-3656 205 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Hubbard & Cates Charlie Hubbard 36 Court St. Phone: 336-597-2251 Fax: 336-597-3042 P.O. Box 679 Roxboro, NC 27573

George W. Jackson, P. A. Suzy Posig Phone: 599-0211 Fax: 599-2672 Roxboro, NC 27573

Ronnie P. King

300 S Main St. Phone: 336-599-2115 Fax: 336-599-0103 Roxboro, NC 27573

James W. Tolin

112 S Main St. Phone: 336-599-0241 Fax: 336-599-0242 Roxboro, NC 27573


ATL, Inc.

Fred Barwick Phone: 336-597-9918 Fax: 336-597-3458 415 Ridge Road Roxboro, NC 27573 AUTO REPAIRS/ SALES

Auto Pros

Keith Burnette Phone: 336-322-3230 Fax: 336-597-3730 455 Semora Road Roxboro, NC 27573 AUTO SERVICE CONTRACTS

1st Choice MBC

Ronnie E. Thomas Phone: 336-597-3333 Fax: 336-597-2040 PO Box 58 Roxboro, NC 27573 AUTOMOBILE REPAIR

Bowes & Cecil Collision & Paint Center Donald Bowes Phone: 336-597-4431 Fax: 336-597-3811 P.O. Box 1836 Roxboro, NC 27574 AUTOMOBILES DEALER-NEW/ USED

Tar Heel Chevrolet Olds Company, Inc.

R.G. Stovall Phone: 336-599-2101 Fax: 336-597-9577 P.O. Box 1157 Roxboro, NC 27573 AUTOMOTIVE AFTER MARKET PARTS

Strutmasters, LLC

Joe Weinberger

Matt Lofton Phone: 336-597-2397 Fax: 336-597-8838 P.O. Box 3010 Roxboro,NC 27573 BAIL BONDSMAN

Julie B. Willaford

A-1 Bail Bonds

Phone: 336-599-4959 Fax: 336-599-2239 Roxboro, NC 27573 203 N. Main St. Phone: 336-421-4033 Fax: 336-421-4001 PO Box 1174 Roxboro, NC 27573

Lawrie Ira Phone: 336-597-2211 Fax: 336-594-4711 123 S. Morgan Street Roxboro, NC 27573

58 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce



Doug Weaver Phone: 336-599-3173 Fax: 336-599-5523 P.O. Box 787 Roxboro, NC 27573 Fidelity Bank Derek Green Phone: 336-599-9281 Fax: 336-599-9468 P.O. Box 208 Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Savings Bank, SSB Jane Long Phone: 336-599-2137 Fax: 336-599-0518;5037 P.O. Box 489 Roxboro, NC 27573

State Employees’ Credit Union Melanie Powley Phone: 336-599-6900 Fax: 336-599-2798 P.O. Box 171 Roxboro, NC 27573

SunTrust Bank

Kim Fox Phone: 336-599-3146 Fax: 336-597-8175 P.O. Box 1087 Roxboro, NC 27573

Union Bank & Trust Company

Shady Terrell Phone: 336-322-1165 Fax: 336-322-1166 1066-C Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573

Vision Financial Credit Union

Lisa Boyd Phone: 336-597-4727 Fax: 336-597-4727 PO Box 1356 Roxboro, NC 27573


Tracy Harris Phone: 336-597-6343 Fax: 336-597-6339 P.O. Box 1136 Roxboro, NC 27573 BANQUET/CATERING FACILITY

The Perfect Venue

Amy Henderson Phone: 336-597-1381 309 Long Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573


Sport Shop, Ltd.

Jimmy Dallas Phone: 336-599-0135 Fax: 336-597-8622 P.O. Box 1123 Roxboro, NC 27573 BUFFALO RANCH

Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm Jack Pleasant Phone: 336-583-6666 Fax: 336-597-4467 465 Yarborough Road Roxboro, NC 27574 BUILDER

Southern Modular Design

Bettie Yarboro Phone: 336-599-4700 Fax: 336-599-4711 P.O. Box 783 Roxboro, NC 27573 BUILDING CONTRACTOR

Legacy Building Company, LLC Cecil Barker Phone: 336-597-3208 Fax: 336-597-3218 PO Box 1133 Roxboro, NC 27573 CAR WASH

Carolina Pride Car Wash

Dale Reynolds Phone: 336-597-5112 Fax: 336-597-5113 P.O. Box 488 Roxboro, NC 27573 CARPENTRY & HANDY MAN

W.B. Enterprises

William Bocik Phone: 336-503-2457 49 Ransome Slaughter Roxboro, NC 27574 CATALOG SALES

Home & Garden Party Kenneth Montgomery Phone: 336-599-3206 503 Clayton Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573

Membership Directory Art Guild of Person County


Patty Boyette Phone: 336-597-1709 Fax: 336-597-1732 213 N. Main St. Roxboro, NC 27574

Clayton Catering

Pete Clayton Phone: 336-599-5822 2009 Blalock Dairy Rd. Roxboro, NC 27574 CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT

Christian Help Center Mary Stanfield Phone: 336-599-6070 Fax: 336-599-6070 P.O. Box 1882 Roxboro, NC 27573

Thomas, Knight, Trent, King and Company Dan Craig Phone: 336-599-0168 Fax: 336-599-0062 141 Semora Rd. Roxboro, NC 27573

Flat River Antique Engine and Tractor Club Joyce Walker Phone: 336-364-2364 Fax: 336-597-2850 Timberlake, NC 27583

Donald W. Wilson CPA PA Donald Wilson Phone: 336-599-0244 Fax: 336-599-7323 P.O. Box 1114 Roxboro, NC 27573 CHILD CARE CENTER

March of Dimes

Jessica Funck Phone: 1-800-849-2663 Fax: 919-781-2317 6504 Falls of Neuse Raleigh, NC 27615

Generations ~Child Care Center

Person County Council on Aging

Melissa Sheets Phone: 336-597-KIDS Fax: 336-599-7220 P.O. Box 1 Roxboro, NC 27573 CHIROPRACTIC

Sandra Hicks Phone: 336-599-7484 Fax: 336-599-3014 P.O. Box 764 Roxboro, NC 27573

Person County Historical Sullivan Chiropractic Clinic Society Dr. Gary J. Sullivan Phone: 336-599-6771 Fax: 336-599-6494 P.O. Box 1091 Roxboro, NC 27573 CHURCH/MINISTRY

Favoured Ministries

Thelma Lester Phone: 919-323-0552 505 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS

American Red Cross, Person County Chapter Pat Lee Phone: 336-597-2927 Fax: 336-599-3985 P.O. Box 1793 Roxboro, NC 27573

Animal Protection Society of Person County Cathy Williams Phone: 336-597-5013 P.O. Box 291 Roxboro, NC 27573

Eileen Mikat Phone: 336-597-3134 P.O. Box 887 Roxboro, NC 27573

Person County Partnership for Children Judy Batten Phone: 336-599-3773 Fax: 336-599-3999 P.O. Box 1791 Roxboro, NC 27573

Person County United Way, Inc. Jayne Bremer Phone: 336-599-5899 Fax: 336-599-5899 PO Box 854 Roxboro, NC 27573

roots & wings - Person County, Inc. Judi Hummel Phone: 336-322-5437 Fax: 336-322-5439 1200 N.Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Area Merchants Association


Larry Cole Phone: 336-599-8317 Fax: 336-599-0156 P.O. Box 170 Roxboro, NC 27573

Ana’s Cleaning Services

Pecolia Beatty Phone: 336-599-8616 Fax: 336-599-8622 P.O. Box 996 Roxboro, NC 27573

Complete Home Cleaning Service

Roxboro Housing Authority

Roxboro Jaycees

Brian Crews Phone: 336-597-5094 PO Box 473 Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Kiwanis Club, Inc. Leon Hamlin Phone: 336-599-6143 480 Tanglewood Circle Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Lions Club

Phil Hille Phone: 336-504-1110 Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro Optimist Club Frank Evans Phone: 336-599-9861 Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro Rotary Club David Bradsher Phone: 336-597-4000 Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro Women’s Club Diane Phillips Phone: 336-597-4692 233 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Sons of Confederate Veterans Raymond Winstead Phone: 336-599-5155 206 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Youth for Christ- Roxboro Tim Bowes Phone: 336-503-9327 Fax: 336-599-8662 80 Danwin Lane Roxboro, NC 27573;

Zion Christian Academy Danny & Teresa Johnson Phone: 336-503-0056 Fax: 336-503-8630 2850 Virgilina Road Roxboro, NC 27574

Ana Guerreao Phone: 336-322-1729 Fax: 336-322-1729 152 Christy’s Way Roxboro, NC 27574

Arthur & Ronna Broadwell Phone: 336-592-5336 Fax: 336-592-5337 523 Reams Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573 COMPUTER BASED SERVICES

Electronic Solutions Randy King Phone: 336-597-2433 Fax: 336-597-9800 P.O. Box 937 Roxboro, NC 27573 CONCRETE

Chandler Concrete Company, Inc.

Michael Owen Phone: 336-599-8343 Fax: 336-599-8106 P.O. Box 1732 Roxboro, NC 27573 CONSTRUCTION

J.E. Burton Construction Brian Burton Phone: 434-572-2918 Fax: 434-572-8033 P.O. Box 564 South Boston, VA 24592

Robert H. Moore Construction

Diane Moore Phone: 336-599-8013 Fax: 336-599-8013 949 Flat River Church Road Roxboro, NC 27574 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS

Carolina Sunrock LLC

Sherry Lloyd Phone: 919-747-6360 Fax: 919-747-6305 200 Horizon Drive Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27615 CONSULTANT

Inspiration Systems, Inc. Richard Morreale Phone: 336-499-6677 Fax: 4840 Solomon Lea Road Leasburg, NC 27291

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 59


Piedmont Maintenance Service Stan Crews Phone: 336-599-1930 Fax: 336-599-0093 P.O. Box 830 Roxboro, NC 27573 CONTRACTOR-GENERAL

Clayton Contractors Ricky D. Woolbert Phone: 336-599-5964 Fax: 336-599-6414 711-A N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Donald Wesley Masonary, Inc.

Donald Wesley Phone: 336-364-3343 722 Blackard Road Roxboro, NC 27574

Jeff Oliver Construction Company Jeff Oliver Phone: 336-599-2537 Fax: 336-599-2537 P.O. Box 414 Roxboro, NC 27573

Jimmy Lewis & Sons, Inc. Jimmy Lewis Phone: 336-599-9890 Fax: 336-599-1806 3068 Chub Lake Rd. Roxboro, NC 27574

MWP Contractors, LLC

Linda Mangum Phone: 597-3587 Fax: 597-3459 1026 N Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 CONVENIENCE STORE/GRILL

Boulevard Kwik Pik

Jai U. Kim Phone: 336-599-2222 1100 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Country Club Convenience Mary Warren Phone: 336-599-6511 2941 Chub Lake Road Roxboro, NC 27574 Mayo Marina, LLC Donald & Sheila Long Phone: 336-597-9077 Fax: 336-597-2775 8731 Virgilina Road Roxboro, NC 27574

O’Ryan’s Quick Stop


Southern Office Machines Lisa Tuck Phone: 434-792-7422 Fax: 434-799-0842 523 Loyal Street Danville, VA 24541 CREDIT CARD PROCESSING

Heartland Payment Systems

Carlos Nieto Phone: 919-450-5370 888-424-7177 1 Water Store Court Durham, NC 27705 CRIME STOPPERS

Person County Crime Stoppers, Inc.

Carolyn Reagan Phone: 336-234-8977 Fax: 336-597-9513 P.O. Box 3115 Roxboro, NC 27573 CUSTOM CABINETS

Taylors Workshop, Inc. Liz Taylor Phone: 336-599-8983 Fax: 336-599-8983 1538 Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 DENTIST

Dr. Thomas Alexander

Barbara Alexander Phone: 336-599-4145 415 S. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Bayliff Family Dentistry Jay Bayliff Phone: 336-599-6641 Fax: 336-599-7182 441 South Morgan Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Dr. Johnny Bradsher Phone: 336-599-5431 Fax: 336-597-3536 Roxboro, NC 27573

Dr. W. Jeffrey Noblett DDS, PA W. Jeffrey Noblett Phone: 336-599-2689 P.O. Box 1085 Roxboro, NC 27573

Billy Chandler Phone: 336-599-0150 Fax: 336-599-0150 401 N. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573

60 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce


Dr. Andrew Collins, DMD PA Andrew Collins Phone: 336-599-3848 Fax: 336-599-2953 P.O. Box 1237 Roxboro, NC 27573 DEPARTMENT STORE

Peebles Department Store

Maribeth Osborne Phone: 336-599-8371 732 N. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573 Super Wal-Mart Rodney Nance Phone: 336-597-2909 Fax: 336-597-2303 1049 Durham Road, Suite A Roxboro, NC 27573 DEVELOPER


Gordon Carver, Jr. Phone: 336-599-2189 Fax: 336-599-7483 P.O. Box 560 Roxboro, NC 27573 DOG TRAINING & PROBLEM SOVING

Havenstar Dog Training

Heidi Schultz Phone: 336-264-6245 167 Victoria Lane Roxboro, NC 27574 DRIVER INSTRUCTION SCHOOL

All Around Driving School Inc.

Becky Oha Phone: 336-330-0500 Fax: 336-330-0900 201 North Main Street Suite 106 Roxboro, NC 27573 DRY CLEANER Joe’s Drycleaners Joe O’Briant Phone: 336-599-6042 336-599-7859 214 S. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573 Nuway Cleaners Bayard Crumpton Phone: 336-599-3455 Fax: 336-599-3455 726 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573


J.E.S. Properties Jim Stovall Phone: 336-599-8256 Fax: 336-597-9258 P.O. Box 1386 Roxboro, NC 27573 Person Co.Economic Development Commission Phone: 336-597-1752 Fax: 336-597-2371 P.O. Box 1581 Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Development Group

Paul Murray Phone: 336-599-0918 Fax: 336-599-0189 105 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 EDUCATION

Bethel Hill Charter School John Betterton Phone: 336-599-2823 Fax: 336-599-9299 401 Bethel Hill School Road Roxboro, NC 27574

Person County Schools Board Of Education

Dr. Larry W. Cartner Phone: 336-599-2191 ext. 153 Fax: 336-599-2194 304 S. Morgan Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Piedmont Community College

Dr. Walter C. Bartlett Phone: 336-599-1181 Fax: 336-597-3817/mail onl President Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Christian Academy Wallace Cowan Phone: 336-599-0208 Fax: 336-599-0209 P.O. Box 1357 Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Community School Walter Finnigan Phone: 336-597-0020 Fax: 336-597-3152 115 Lake Drive Roxboro, NC 27573

Membership Directory


Rick Allen Electric Contractors



Camp Chemical Tim Gilliam 336-597-2214 Fax: 336-597-2877 P.O. Box 521 Roxboro, NC 27573

Crewser Entertainment

Rick Allen Phone: 336-599-0589 Fax: 336-599-1242 P.O. Box 262 Roxboro, NC 27573

Tommy Lawrence Electrical Contractors

Brian S. Crews, Owner Phone: 336-597-5094 4261 Chub Lake Road Roxboro, NC 27574 EQUIPMENT RENTAL

ADECCO Personnel Services

Bo Thomason Phone: 434-575-7506 Fax: 434-572-8957 1138 Huell Matthews Highway South Boston, VA 24592 EQUIPMENT/RENTAL/SALES & SERVICE

Tommy Lawrence Phone: 336-599-4771 Fax: 336-599-7114 P.O. Box 641 Roxboro, NC 27573 EMPLOYMENT AGENCY

Bo’s Hydraulics Inc.

Theresa Geyer Phone: 336-599-5314 Fax: 336-599-5329 23 Reams Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573

Toshiba Business Solutions Todd Cobb 919-380-6804 Fax: 919-380-6811 215 South Port Drive Morrisville, NC 27560 EXCAVATING/GRADING

Ameristaff Employment & Staffing Solution David Craddock Phone: 434-575-0027 276-632-1408 P.O. Box 5271 Martinsville, VA 24115

H.F. Martin Trucking Gravel & Sand Henry Martin 336-599-3858 Fax: 336-599-3858 456 High Plains Road Roxboro, NC 27573


Lois Pauluzzi Phone: 919-693-6150 Fax: 919-693-3185 112 Broad Street Oxford, NC 27565 ENGINEER/SURVEYOR

L.J. Martin & Sons, Inc. Jerry W. Weathers 336-599-7459 Fax: 336-599-0620 222 Kiser Martin Road Timberlake, NC 27583

Summit Consulting Engineers, PLLC

Ernie Wood Phone: 336-599-3900 Fax: 336-599-7226 314 A North Madison Blvd Roxboro, NC 27573 ENGINEERING


Quality Equipment, LLC

Talbert & Bright, Inc.

Steve Bright Phone: 252-763-5350 Fax: 252-762-6281 4810 Shelley Dr Wilmington, NC 28405 ENTERTAINMENT

Palace Pointe

Hunt Fitzgerald Phone: 336-598-5050 ext 100 Fax: 336-598-5840 P.O. Box 1359 Roxboro, NC 27573

Barry Foushee 336-599-0238 Fax: 336-597-3903 2601 Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573

Southern States Corp., Inc.

Donald Bowes 336-599-2185 Fax: 336-503-9005 1112 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Carolina-Virginia Agri Supply

Jack Hester 336-599-3314 P.O. Box 737 Roxboro, NC 27573 FINANCING

Carolina Farm Credit

Amber Bowes Phone: 336-599-0141 Fax: 336-599-9661 P.O. Box 1216 Roxboro NC 27573 FITNESS


Christine Edwards Phone: 336-322-3718 Fax: 336-322-3718 366 Thunder Road Rougemont, NC 27572

Total Fitness Center Inc.


Bernard & Dryman Consulting Forestry, Inc William Dryman Phone: 336-364-9203 Fax: 336-364-9204 P.O. Box 344 Timberlake, NC 27583 FOUNDATION Superior Walls John Cobb Phone: 919-691-2262 3570 South Main Str Salisbury, NC 28147 FRAMING

Creative Crafts & Framing

Debbie Carver Phone: 336-599-4166 221 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 FUNERAL HOME

Brooks & White Funeral Home

Laurie W. Wrenn Phone: 336-599-3171 Fax: 336-599-2089 P.O. Box 1135 Roxboro, NC 27573

Brad or Jamie Wesley Phone: 336-599-5033 Fax: 336-599-5543 87 Semora Road Cunningham & Nelson Roxboro, NC 27573 Funeral Home James R. Nelson, Jr. Phone: 336-599-4075 FLORIST /GIFT SHOP Fax: 336-599-2107 608 S. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Homestead Florist/ Genene’s Floral Design Randy & Debbie Cash Phone: 336-597-2281 FURNITURE SALES Fax: 336-597-2962 801 Durham Road Furniture Mart of Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro, Inc. Larry Cole Roxboro Homestead Phone: 336-599-8317 Florist, Inc. Fax: 336-599-0156 Randy & Debbie Cash P.O. Box 170 Phone: 336-599-3177 Roxboro, NC 27573 Fax: 336-599-3178 801 Durham Road Schewel Furniture Dave Nyquist The Village Gallery Florist Phone: 336-599-0281 & Gift Shop Fax: 336-599-3033 Ray Moore P. O. Box 920 Phone: 336-597-5300 Roxboro, NC 27573 2800 Durham Road Roxboro NC 27573 FURNITURE SUPPLIER Patterson Total Hospitality Brenda Patterson Phone: 336-597-3100 Fax: 919-287-2356 214 Granite Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 brenda@pattersontotalhospitality. com

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 61

Membership Directory


Clayton & Hurdle Disposal Service, Inc.

T.G. Brooks Company, Inc.

Brenda Hurdle Phone: 336-599-5832 Fax: 336-599-9712 P.O. Box 100 Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

First Piedmont Corporation Carabae Hasson Phone: 336-599-1459 Fax: 434-432-0278 P.O. Drawer 1069 Chatham, VA 24531

Roy T. Brooks Phone: 336-364-2428 Fax: 336-364-3016 P.O. Box 56 Timberlake, NC 27583 GOLF COURSE

Roxboro Country Club Phone: 336-599-2332 Fax: 336-599-4846 260 Clubhouse Road Roxboro, NC 27574

Trustworthy & Affordable Garbage

Linda Harris Phone: 919-836-2338 Fax: 919-836-2320 PO Box 100257 Columbia, SC 29202-3257

Brenda Gentry Phone: 336-599-3189 Fax: 336-599-3641 P.O. Box 818 Roxboro, NC 27573 Eanes Oil Company Marvin Eanes Phone: 336-599-8383 Fax: 336-597-8955 435 Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 eanesoilco8383@charterinternet. com GEN CONTR./REAL EST/LAND DEVELOPMENT Willis Parker Phone: 336-364-7663 Fax: 336-364-4815 325 Onnie Burton Road Rougemont, NC 27572

All-Pro Heating & Air

Dennis Bowen Phone: 919-575-9438 Fax: 919-575-9438 1652 Saratoga Street Creedmoor, NC 27522

Neville Heating & Air Conditioning

U. S. Army Recruiting

PSNC Energy

Willis Parker Construction & Realty, Inc.

Kennon Brown Phone: 336-599-6054 Fax: 336-599-9892 P. O. Box 448 Roxboro, NC 27573 HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING

City of Roxboro

John Barlow Phone: 336-599-3116 Fax: 336-599-3774 P. O. Box 128 Roxboro, NC 27573 GARDEN CENTER Rolling Hills Garden Center Person County Heidi York Ray Moore Phone: 336-597-1720 Phone: 336-599-0385 Fax: 336-599-1609 Fax: 336-599-9320 304 S. Morgan Street 2760 Rolling Hills Road Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro, NC 27573 GOVERNMENTT/MILITARY GAS COMPANY-NATURAL

Snipes Brothers Oil Company



Kay Phillips Phone: 336-598-0408 Fax: 336-597-9486 243 Lantern Trail Hurdle Mills, NC 27541


HAULING & GRADING Matt’s Trucking Matt Solomon Phone: 336-597-5654 Fax: 336-597-8727 711 Leasburg Road #87 Roxboro, NC 27573 HEALTHY LIVING TECHNOLOGIES


Phillip Fontes Phone: 919-490-6671 Fax: 919-493-4216 3400 Westgate Drive Durham, NC 27707 GROCERY

Food Lion LLC

Jeff Shelton Phone: 336-599-9236 Fax: 336-599-6194 PO Box 1330 Salisbury, NC 28145 HARDWARE

Talbert Building Supply

Jeff Norman Phone: 336-599-1135 Fax: 336-599-7337 P.O. Box 349 Roxboro, NC 27573 jnorman@talbertbuildingsupply. com HARDWARE/LUMBER/ BUILDING SUPPLY

Bullock Lumber Company William Bullock Phone: 336-599-2173 Fax: 36-599-2174 P.O. Box 129 Roxboro, NC 27573

62 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Jay Neville Phone: 336-599-0416 Fax: 336-598-0416 725 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Regan & Son Heating & Air

Rassie Regan Phone: 336-599-7996 Fax: 336-503-8732 P.O. Box 624 Roxboro, NC 27573

Doug Whitt’s Heating & Air Doug Whitt Phone: 336-599-8484 Fax: 336-599-0433 P.O. Box 1032 Roxboro, NC 27573 HOME IMPROVEMENT

Lowes Companies, Inc.

Jamie Smith Phone: 336-330-2100 Roxboro 330-2101 2044 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573

Sherwin-Williams, Co. Gary Vickers Phone: 336-599-9227 Fax: 336-503-0205 207 W. Morehead Street Roxboro, NC 27573


Luis’ Renovations

Luis Marin Phone: 336-599-0514 Fax: 336-599-0514 1035 Bethel Hill School Road Roxboro, NC 27574 HOSPITAL

Person Memorial Hospital

Jamie Guin Phone: 336-599-2121 Fax: 336-503-5765 615 Ridge Road Roxboro, NC 27573 HUNTING AND FISHING SUPPLY

Roxboro Trading Post, Inc. Ted Peters 336-322-4100 Phone: 336-322-4104 101 A Virgilina Road Roxboro, NC 27573 INSURANCE

Allstate Insurance Company

M. Neal Bowes Phone: 336-599-4000 Fax: 336-599-9200 306A S. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573

Bruce Moore Agency

Bruce Moore Phone: 336-597-3005 Fax: 336-597-3006 PO Box 1736 Roxboro, NC 27573 Carver Agency, Inc. Gordon Carver, Jr. Phone: 336-599-2189 Fax: 336-599-7483 P.O. Box 560 Roxboro, NC 27573

Dunevant Insurance, Inc. Ronald F. Dunevant, Jr. Phone: 336-599-6773 Fax: 336-599-4432 904 North Madison Blvd. Suite F Roxboro, NC 27573

Huff’s Insurance & Realty, Inc. Gerald Huff Phone: 336-599-7982 Fax: 336-597-4816 P.O. Box 418 Roxboro, NC 27573

McKee’s Insurance Agency Rick McKee Phone: 336-599-5142 Fax: 336-597-3570 P.O. Box 1196 Roxboro, NC 27573

Person County Farm Bureau Andrea Oakley Phone: 336-599-8377 Fax: 336-599-0283 P.O. Box 1550 Roxboro, NC 27573

Person To Person Insurance Debra Powell Phone: 336-598-0594 1-336-217-8230 105 N. Main Street, Suite 101 Roxboro, NC 27573;nikki@esinc.n et

Piedmont Security Insurance Agency, Inc. John W. Dickerson Phone: 336-599-4600 Fax: 336-599-4611 717 Durham Rd. Roxboro, NC 27573

State Farm Insurance Lisa W Echevarria Fax: 336-597-5000 PO Box 1224 Roxboro, NC 27573

State Farm Insurance

Frank Foster Phone: 336-599-2700 Fax: 336-597-4313 345 S. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573

State Farm Insurance

Triangle North Paul Odland Phone: 919-490-0108 Fax: 919-403-9269 6350 Quadrangle Drive, Suite 140 Chapel Hill, NC 27517 The Turner Agency John M Turner Phone: 336-592-0611 Fax: 336-458-9361 PO Box 980 Roxboro, NC 27573

Thompson-Allen, Inc.

Phillip Allen Phone: 336-599-2175 Fax: 336-599-6932 P.O. Box 100 Roxboro, NC 27573 Walker Insurance Robby W. Jones Phone: 336-599-1751 Fax: 336-599-5288 P.O. Box 1035 Roxboro, NC 27573


Brian C. Parker

Brian Parker Phone: 336-599-9383 Fax: 336-599-9110 201 South Madison Blvd Roxboro, NC 27573

Edward Jones InvestmentsRon Bremer Ron Bremer Fax: Phone: 336-597-3600 1-888-755-4968 104 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Horner Financial Services

Billy & Chad Horner Phone: 336-599-9502 Fax: 336-599-7505 315 Semora Road Roxboro, NC 27573 JEWELRY/BRIDAL GIFT SALES

The Brass Eagle

Susan Berryhill Phone: 336-599-0813 Fax: 336-599-2906 P.O. Box 1297 Roxboro, NC 27573

Green’s Jewelers, Inc.

Ashley Green Miller Phone: 336-599-8381 Fax: 336-599-8382 101 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 LANDSCAPING/LAWN CARE

Membership Directory LIBRARY

Person County Public Library

Vicki Solomon Phone: 336-597-7881 Fax: 336-597-5081 319 S. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 LICENSE PLATE AGENCY NORTH CAROLINA

License Plate Agency

Nancy P. Long Phone: 336-597-4809 Fax: 336-597-9369 P.O. Box 1524 Roxboro, NC 27573 LOCKSMITH SERVICE

Absolute Security & Lock, Inc. Scott Spencer Phone: 336-322-4598 Fax: 336-322-3489 1023 B North Main Str Roxboro, NC 27573


Oakley’s Machine Shop, Inc.

Charlie R. Oakley Phone: 336-599-6105 Fax: 336-597-5682 126 W. Gordon Street Roxboro, NC 27573 MANUFACTURING

Rolled Products Cultra and Associates Land Aleris Giesela Unger Planners Phone: 336-503-1411 Danny Cultra Phone: 336-597-5977 Fax: 336-597-5977 211 Barnette Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573 LAWN CARE & HOME IMPROVEMENT R & C Home Care Inc. Carol Truby Phone: 336-583-9331 440 Moss Creek Drive Roxboro, NC 27574 Coleman Lawncare Stacey Coleman Phone: 434-753-1496 Fax: 434-753-1976 1072 Coleman Drive Alton, VA 24520


Mike Golden Phone: 336-599-1000 Fax: 336-597-8680 1000 N. Park Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 GKN Driveline Melanie Grant Phone: 336-364-6326 Fax: 336-364-6309 6400 Durham Road Timberlake, NC 27583

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

Teresa Burnette Phone: 336-599-8080 Fax: 336-599-4399 Roxboro, NC 27574

Loxcreen Company, Inc. Phone: 336-599-2961 Fax: 336-597-9022 PO Box 29 Roxboro, NC 27573

Person Industries

Wanda Rogers Phone: 336-599-7571 Fax: 336-597-2834 601 N. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573

U.S. Flue Cured Tobacco Growers, Inc.

Steve Daniel Phone: 919-645-6040 Fax: 336-599-3217 250 Crown Blvd Timberlake, NC 27583

P & A Industrial Fabrications LLC

Eaton Corporation

Jack Adams Phone: 336-503-1796 Fax; 336-597-7750 PO Box Roxboro, NC 27573

Epcor USA of North Carolina, LLC

Shara Bunker Phone: 336-330-9000ext 9002 336-330-9019 555 N. Park Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 MARKET/PRODUCE

Fax: 336-503-1429 P.O. Box 61 Roxboro, NC 27573 Jenny Rimmer Phone: 336-599-1141 Fax: 336-503-6562 2564 Durham RD Roxboro, NC 27573

Terry McDaniel Phone: 336-597-4798 x 33 Fax: 336-599-0717 P.O. Box 1153 Roxboro, NC 27573

Force Protection Industries, Inc.

Phone: 336-597-2381 Fax: 336-599-3461 9801 Highway 78 Building1 Ladson, SC 29456

Spuntech Industries, Inc.

Back 2 Basics Market Ruby Gochie 307-299-8187 2767 Pixley Pritchard Road Timberlake, NC 27583

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 63

Membership Directory MARKETING

Blank Page Solutions, Inc.

Person Home Health, Inc

Janna Smith 336-228-9030 336-228-9030 PO Box 1334 Graham, NC 27253 MARKETING & WEB DESIGN

G & F Marketing

Arch Bradsher Phone: 919-846-0802 Fax: 919-845-8247 8309 Apple Orchard Way Raleigh, NC 27615

Roxboro Media, Inc.

Jackie Thompson Phone: (336) 322-5535 Fax: (336) 322-5535 PO Box 212 Roxboro, NC 27573 MARTIAL ARTS

Fuller’s Taekwondo Center Earl L. Fuller Phone: 336-597-5425 Fax: 336-597-5425 341 South Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573

Thompson’s Martial Arts Center

Anthony Thompson/Damaris Figueroa Phone: 336-598-7111 Fax: 336-421-4019 200 North Madison Blvd Roxboro, NC 27573 MASONARY CONTRACTOR

Cleve Wagstaff Stone Masonry LLC

Cleve Wagstaff Phone: 336-599-8060 Fax: 336-597-5757 309 Wagstaff-Carver Rd. Roxboro, NC 27574 MASSAGE THERAPY

McIntyre Massage & Bodywork

Brian McIntyre Phone: 336-599-9931 105 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 MEDICAL

Regional Cancer Care

Kim Weisgal Phone: 919-829-4462 Fax: 919-829-4487 4000 Westchase Boulevard #300 Raleigh, NC 27607


Timberland Motel Raman D. Patel Phone: 336-599-2144 Fax: 336-597-4638 720 N. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573 MUSEUM

Sharon Buckholder Phone: 336-597-3050 Fax: 336-597-4703 P.O. Box 1084 Roxboro, NC 27573 mona.armstrong@triadgroupinc. com Person County Museum of History MEDICAL PRACTICE April Krause Phone: 336-597-2884 Roxboro Family Medicine & Fax: 336-597-2710 P.O. Box 1792 Immediate Care Roxboro, NC 27573 Lisa Riley Phone: 336-598-5480 Fax: 336-598-5482 PO Box 239 NEWSPAPER Roxboro, NC 27573 Courier=Times, The Brinn Clayton Phone: 336-599-0162 MEDICAL SERVICE Fax: 336-597-2773 P.O. Box 311 Person County EMS Roxboro, NC 27573 Michael Day Phone: 336-599-3137 Fax: 336-599-1017 216 W. Barden Street NON-PROFIT Roxboro, NC 27573 High Plains Indians, Inc. for the Sappony Chief Otis Martin Person County Health Dept. Phone: 336-599-2344 Janet Clayton Fax: 336-599-2344 Phone: 336-597-2204x.2241 P. O. Box 3265 Fax: 336-597-4804 Roxboro, NC 27573 355A South Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573 Person County Arts Council Doug Newell MEDICAL, DENTAL, PHARMACY Phone: 336-597-1709 Fax: 336-597-1732 213 N. Main Street Piedmont Health Roxboro, NC 27573 Services, Inc. Betty Melanson Phone: 336-562-3311 Fax: 919-933-9201 Person County Habitat for 299 LLoyd Street Humanity Carrboro, NC 27510 Al Hancock Phone: 336-597-2206 Fax: 336-599-0955 MOTEL P.O. Box 52 Roxboro, NC 27573 Americas Best Value Inn Raman D. Patel Phone: 336-599-9276 OPTOMETRICS-OD Fax: 336-597-4638 1006 N. Madison Blvd. Patty Vision Center Roxboro, NC 27573 Dr. Jennifer Powell Phone: 336-599-0246 Hampton Inn-Roxboro 336-597-3356 Darlene Ryland P.O. Box 1538 Phone: 336-599-8800 Roxboro, NC 27573 Fax: 336-599-8700 drpowell@familyeyecaregroup. 920 Durham Road com Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro Family Vision Miriam J. Lavelle-Sams Innkeeper-Roxboro, Inc. Phone: 336-599-0138 David Hawker Fax: 336-599-0080 Phone: 336-599-3800 917 Ridge Road Fax: 336-599-3800 Roxboro, NC 27573 906 Durham Road roxborofamilyvision@embarqmail. Roxboro, NC 27573 com

64 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce


B&D Cleaning & Painting Billie Wilbanks Phone: 336-597-8547 321 Beaver Creek Pkwy Roxboro, NC 27574 PARTY & EVENT RENTALS

Grand Occasion Party Rentals

Mark Allen Phone: 336-599-4773 Fax: 336-599-2852 969 Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 grandoccasionpartyrentals@ PAVING & CONCRETE CONTRACTOR

Adams Construction Company

Scott Thompson Phone: 434-791-4480 Fax: 434-799-5581 225 Gypsum Road Danville, VA 24541 PET SHOP

Finley’s Pet Shop & Grooming

Carolyn Hicks Phone: 336-322-3047 Fax: 336-322-3047 737 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 PHARMACY

Cole’s Pharmacy

Al Cole Phone: 336-599-2171 Fax: 336-599-2804 P.O. Box 740 Roxboro, NC 27573

Community Pharmacy Services Bob Morgan Phone: 336-599-9293 Fax: 336-599-4741 719 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Thomas & Oakley Drug Store

Ronnie Chandler Phone: 336-599-3712 Fax: 336-599-3432 P.O. Box 799 Roxboro, NC 27573


Paul Liggitt Photography & Video Paul Liggitt Phone: 336-322-1167 Fax: 336-322-1167 P. O. Box 278 Leasburg, NC 27291 paul

MacBeth Photography

MacBeth Ahrens Phone: 336-597-8040 Fax: 336-597-8611 750 Noah Davis Rd. Roxboro, NC 27574 macbeth@macbethphotography. com

Mickey’s Creative Photography

Mickey Chambers Phone: 336-364-8165 Fax: 336-364-8165 1319 Chambers Loop Rd. Timberlake,NC 27583 srchambers@embarqmail. com PHYSICIAN/MEDICAL

Dr. Thomas Antalik Tom Antalik Phone: 336-597-5462 Fax: 336-597-9428 P.O. Box 1891 Roxboro, NC 27573

Cardiovascular Care of North Carolina L. Allen Kindman Phone: 336-599-1077 Fax: 336-599-1794 P.O. Box 61050 Durham, NC 27715

Duke Otolaryngology of Person County Sheila Ryan Phone: 336-597-9200 Fax: 336-597-9202 783 C Doctor’s Court Roxboro, NC 27573

North Carolina Eye & Ear Katie Bowen Phone: 336-597-2826 Fax: 336-597-2626 911-A Ridge Rd. Roxboro, NC 27573

Person Surgical Associates, P.A. Rhonda Clark Phone: 3336-599-2787 Fax: 336-599-4046 783B Doctors Court Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Medical Associates

Steve/Thomas Long Phone: 3336-599-3212 Fax: 336-599-3009 P.O. Box 1058 Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro MedPeds Joan Hodges Phone: 3336-598-0002 Fax: 336-599-2159 PO Box 1236 Roxboro, NC 27573

Triangle Orthopedics

Peter Gilmer Phone: 3336-599-4079 Fax: 919-281-0371 Pam 665 Carver Drive Roxboro, NC 27573 PIZZA DELIVERY

Domino’s Pizza

Randy Easter Phone: 3336-597-8585 Fax: 919-361-3030 5508 Middleon Rd. Durham, NC 27713 PLUMBING, HEATING & AIR

J.T. Bradsher & Company, Inc.

Wilda Reaves Phone: 336-599-6861 Fax: 336-597-4702 P.O. Box 1010 Roxboro, NC 27573 PRECAST CONCRETE & PORTA JOHNS

Premium Tanks & Stone, Inc.


Taylor Printing & Office Supply

Ray Wilkins Phone: 336-599-2146 Fax: 336-597-9311 P.O. Box 681 Roxboro, NC 27573 PRINTING & PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS

Performance Graphics

Bryan Westmoreland Phone: 336-599-5503 Fax: 336-597-2900 P.O. Box 1212 Roxboro, NC 27573

Proforma Print Source

Michael Baucom Phone: 919-383-2070 Fax: 919-882-9339 1408 Christian Avenue Suite 33 Durham, NC 27705

Promotional Creations

Tommy Clayton Phone: 336-583-7052 Fax:336-599-5883 302 Reams Avenue Roxboro, NC 27573

Signature Marketing

Cathey Teater Phone: 336-364-5047 336-364-7464 269 River Gorge Run Rougemont, NC 27572 PRIVATE DUTY HOMECARE

Annointed Hands Caring

Dora Giles Phone: 3919-358-7521 713 Dickens Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Professional Steam Cleaning

Extreme Steam, Inc. Marc Reid Phone: 336-503-9794 274 Duck Pointe Drive Roxboro, NC 27574 PUBLIC BROADCASTING

Kippy Blanks Phone: 336-597-2005 North State Medical Center Fax: 336-597-3215 Dr. Patrick Godwin PO Box 1037 Phone: 3336-599-9257 Roxboro, NC 27573 Fax:336-599-1593 609 Professional Drive WRXO, WKRX-FM and Roxboro, NC 27573 Channel 10 PRE-OWNED AUTO SALES jtalley@med/ David Bradsher Phone: 336-599-0266 R & D Auto Sales Person Family Medical & Fax:336-599-9411 Jeremy Clayton Dental Center, Inc. Roxboro, NC 27573 Phone: 336-597-4388 Tina Williams Fax: 336-599-4388 Phone: 3336-599-9271 ext. 100 1071 Leasburg Road 336-599-0347 Roxboro, NC 27573 P.O. Box 350 Roxboro, NC 27573

Membership Directory PUBLISHER

Community Link.

Bonnie Ebbers Phone: 800-455-5600 866-898-8307 P.O. Box 306 Pinckneyville, IL 62274

Righter Publishing Company Inc

Gene Alston Phone: 336-503-8881 Fax: 336-597-8881 Timberlake, NC 27583 RACING

Roxboro Motorsports Dragway

Jerry Martin Phone: 336-364-3724 Fax: 336-599-0620 Timberlake, NC 27583 acarpenter@roxboromotorsports. com REHABILITATION COUNSELING

Roxboro Vocational Rehabilitation Office

Linda Pace Phone: 252-492-3141 10 Medical Court Henderson, NC 27536 REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT

Coldwell Banker

HPW/Teresa Vilaro Teresa Vilaro Phone: 336-504-9582 Fax: 919-313-8703 Roxboro, NC 27574

Fonville Morisey/ The Alliance Group Brad Wesley Phone: 336-599-3298 Fax: 336-599-4002 87 Semora Road Roxboro, NC 27573

Phillips Holding of Roxboro Dan Phillips Phone: 336-504-2954 Fax: 336-322-4299 464 Shady Oak Road Roxboro, NC 27574

Prudential Pointer & Associates RE C.R. Pointer Phone: 336-597-5544 Fax: 336-597-3355 P.O. Box 796 Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 65

Membership Directory Real Estate Associates/ Ron Perkins

Ron Perkins Phone: 919-384-5658 Fax: 919-493-8533 PO Box 52328 Durham, NC 27717-2328

RE/MAX Premier Realty Wayne Ross Phone: 336-597-8000 Fax: 336-597-3000 PO Box 1388 Roxboro, NC 27573

Jack Reynolds & Associates

Lacy Winstead Phone: 336-599-3500 Fax: 336-599-0961 314 N. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573

Ruffin Woody & Associates W. Ruffin Woody, Jr. Phone: 336-599-8338 Fax: 336-599-7447 P.O. Box 381 Roxboro, NC 27573

West & Woodall Town, Lake & Country Properties


Kevin Puryear Properties

Randy Cash Phone: 336-364-8506 Fax: 336-364-4585 P.O. Box 89 Timberlake, NC 27583

Burt Walker Phone: 336-597-2488 888-962-1119 3211 Shannon Road Durham, NC 27707 Zeko’s Italian Aiman Abdelrahmen Phone: 336-599-2207 301 S. Madison Blvd. Roxboro NC 27573 RETAIL

Homestead Steak House

Kevin & JoAnn Puryear Phone: 336-599-2226 Fax: 336-599-0989 P. O. Box 1117 Roxboro, NC 27573 Kentucky Fried Chicken Sherry Pettiford Phone: 336-599-2210 RESIDENTIAL GUTTER SYSTEMS Fax: 434-836-1244 P.O. Box 1203 Roxboro, NC 27573 Russell Gutter Company, Inc. Gary C. Russell La Cocina Mexican Phone: 919-471-0505 Restaurant, Inc. 2405 Red Mountain Road Armando Villalpando Rougemont, NC 27572 Phone: 336-330-0300 Fax: 336-330-0344 241 S. Madison Blvd REST HOME Roxboro, NC 27573

Maple Heights Assisted Living Kenneth Ramsey Phone: 336-599-1255 Fax: 336-599-1850 2251 Sallies Lane Winston Salem, NC 27106 RESTAURANT


Barbara Cage Kirk West Phone: 434-572-1888 Phone: 336-322-5800 Fax: 434-572-1898 Fax: 919-287-2880 P. O. Box 982 8377 Semora Road South Boston, VA 24592 Semora, NC 27353 Bojangles REAL ESTATE Tommy Haddcock ADVERTISING Phone: 919-859-1131 Fax: 919-859-9361 Real Est. Book of Durham/ Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27606 Chapel Hill The Cynthia Lowdermilk Burger King Phone: 336-558-5240 Pamela Crowder PO Box 1107 Phone: 336-599-2000 Kernersville, NC 27285 Fax: 336-599-2059 231 S. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573 RECREATION/ENTERTAINMENT 4 Cry’n Out Loud Dalton’s Sports Bar & Grille Entertainment Brian Pulliam Michael Thaxton Phone: 336-330-0009 Phone: 336-598-7597 1160 Shelton Road 318 John Brewer Road Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxboro, NC 27573 Golden Corral Brad Rogers Uptown Night Club Phone: 336-599-1780 David Reed Fax: 336-598-0114 Phone: 336-504-0952 40 Weeks Drive 108 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Roxbor, NC 27573 Hog Heaven Bar-B-Q Mark Johnson Phone: 336-598-0447 Cell 919-608-0527 2780 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573

66 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Mayflower Seafood

Mike Tsambounieris Phone: 336-503-1000 323 South Madison Blvd Roxboro, NC 27573 mayflowerrox@embarqmailcom

McDonald’s-Holler Enterprises Meg Holler Phone: 336-599-1766 336-598-4481 P.O. Box 1520 Roxboro, NC 27573

Old Country Club Steak House

Edwin T. Long, Jr. Phone: 336-599-8488 Fax: 336-599-0384 P.O. Box 766 Roxboro, NC 27573

Stuart’s Family Grill Jessica Isaacs Phone: 336-597-2323 336-597-3089 P.O. Box 90547 Raleigh, NC 27675 Sugar Shack Larry Schukraft Phone: 336-597-3334 207 Oak Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Tricia’s Espresso

Tricia Davis Phone: 336-330-0001 43 Abbitt Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant

Luigi Schiano Phone: 336-322-4300 1049-H Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573


Footwear Plus

Mike Chambers Phone: 336-597-8075 Fax: 336-597-3895 2744 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 RETAIL AUTO PARTS

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Mike Rudd Phone: 336-322-3719 322 South Madison Blvd Roxboro, NC 27573 RETAIL CARPET

Carpet One Floor & Home

Brian Horner Phone: (336) 599-1339 (336) 599-0734 500 A Old Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 carpetone-roxboro@embarqmail. com RETAIL MATTRESS AND FURNITURE

America’s Mattress

Larry Cole Phone: 336-599-4567 336-599-4567 PO Box 170 Roxboro, NC 27573 RETAIL-BOUTIQUE

Madison Marketplace

Stephanie Gray Phone: 336-597-3900 336-597-3900 219 B S. Madison Blvd Roxboro, NC 27573

Membership Directory R & S Sporting Goods Center


Kendrick Sanitation and Portable Toilets

Nathan Hargis Phone: 919-226-1527 919-382-8793 PO Box 2627 Durham, NC 27715

Bill Dallas Phone: 336-597-9753 Fax: 336-597-9754 P.O. Box 827 Roxboro, NC 27573 SIGNS/T-SHIRT & PRINTING

Randall Thompson Phone: 336-599-3990 Fax: 336-504-3346 P O Box 769 Roxboro, NC 27573 TIRE DEALER

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Roxboro

Jeff Fitzgerald Phone: 336-599-2166 Fax: 336-599-0955 P.O. Box 1359 Roxboro, NC 27573 STRESS MANAGEMENT

Right at Home

Bootery Ltd., The

C & T Enterprises Logging, Inc.

Jill O. Strickland Phone: 336-599-0106 Fax: 336-597-5788 901 Ridge Road Roxboro, NC 27573 SOFT DRINK DISTRIBUTOR


Mark Litchfield Phone: 336-599-2041 628 S. Morgan Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Neb King, Inc. Chip King Phone: 336-599-7031 336-597-9513 1026 N. Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 SHOES-RETAIL

Durham Coca-Cola


SECURITY / HOME THEATER SYSTEMS Secure America of NC Troy Patterson Phone: 336-330-0763 336-330-0765 P. O.Box 360 Timberlake, NC 27583 Sentry Watch, Inc. Bruce Wrenn Phone: 336-597-2182 336-597-5770 P.O. Box 10362 Greensboro, NC 27404

Litchfield Service Station

Roxboro Nursing Center

Jamie Mitchell Phone: 919-562-2515 14111 Capital Blvd Wake Forest, NC 27587 jamie.mitchell@centurylink. com THRIFT SHOP Eplus Thrift, Inc. David Stevens Phone: 336-599-3438 108 South Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 TIMBER RESOURCES & LOGGING

Beauticontrol Ind Consultant-

Merilyn Newell Phone: 336-597-5211 308 S Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 TANNING SALON

Endless Summer Tanning

Dyan Suitt Phone: 336-599-1983 336-599-0706 1009 N. Madison Blvd. NC 27573 Roxboro, TELECOMUNICATION

Atcom Business Telecom Solutions

Dan Redman Phone: 919-314-1148 Fax: 919-314-1010 Redman Dan Research Triangle Park, NC M & M Screen Printing, Inc. 27709 Jane Mangum Phone: 336-364-7411 Fax: 336-364-7416 7693 Helena- Moriah Road Rougemont, NC 27572

Alton Thomas Tire Sales Alton Thomas Phone: 336-599-1222 Fax: 336-599-9253 300 S. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573

Tires Unlimited, Inc. Steve Lamberth Phone: 336-599-8341 336-597-5751 P.O. Box 1359 Roxboro, NC 27573 TOURISM



Wayne Roberts Phone: 336-599-0248 Fax: 336-503-8752 515 S. Morgan Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Chad Kendrick Phone: 599-9736 599-9736 4444 Gordonton Rd Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

Tori Reid Phone: 919-241-5292 919-241-4323 105 W. Corbin Street Suite 203 Hillsborough, NC 27278 SERVICE STATION


Fleig Leasing, Inc.

G.C. Fleig Phone: 336-599-6624 Fax: 336-599-0247 1270 Burlington Road Roxboro, NC 27573 TURF GRASS

Carver Brothers Turf

Bobby Carver Phone: 336-503-7185 610 Jasper Clayton Road Roxboro, NC 27574 URGENT CARE CENTER/MEDICAL Roxboro Med Access D.M. Phillips MD Phone: 330-0400 Fax: 330-0031 P. O. Box 1811 Roxboro, NC 27573


Carolina Solar Energy, LLC Richard Harkrader Phone: 919-682-6822 Fax: 919-321-1351 400 West Main Street Durham, NC 27701 gtdudzik@

Piedmont Electric Membership Corp.

John Lunsford Phone: 919-241-1176 Fax: 919-241-1119 P.O. Box 1327 Roxboro, NC 27573 Progress Energy Person County Tourism Tanya Evans Development Authority Phone: 252-438-1900 Margaret McMann Fax: 252-438-1970 Phone: 336-597-2689 602 Raleigh Road Fax: 336-597-2710 Henderson, NC 27536 309 North Main Street Roxboro, NC 27573 personcountytda@personcounty. com VETERINARIAN TREE SERVICE Roxboro Animal Hospital Aric Sabins Dixon Farm & Tree Service, Phone: 336-599-8303 Fax: 336-599-8982 Inc. 520 Burlington Road Warren Dixon Roxboro, NC 27573 Phone: 336-599-6459 Fax: 336-599-7420 Woodsdale Animal Hospital 8290 Leasburg Road Claudia Berryhill Leasburg, NC 27291 Phone: 336-599-0611 Fax: 336-599-7201 430 S. Morgan Street Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 67


Randy Russell Phone: 919-801-2691 2203 Red Mountain Road Rougemont, NC 27572 WASTE MANAGEMENT

Lawrence Denny Phone: 336-597-2275 Fax: 336-597-5200 P.O. Box 1057 Roxboro, NC 27573 WINERY/VINEYARD

Greg Duhon Phone: 336-364-3699 Fax: 336-364-4799 9650 Oxford Road Rougemont, NC 27572

Boyd Crane Phone: 919-682-4527 Fax: 919-682-4727 711 East Greer Street Durham, NC 27701

Rock Of Ages Winery and Vineyard, Inc. Kevin Moore Phone: 336-364-7625 Fax: 336-364-7624 1890 Charlie Long Road Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

68 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce


One-Stop Cellular

Hercules Sales, Inc.

Upper Piedmont Environmental, Inc.

Machine & Welding Supply

Evans Well Drilling

Sam Evans Phone: 694-9811 4408 Shady Grove Road Providence, NC 27315 WHOLESALE DIST. - CABINETS

Russell Siding and Windows



Stacey Rogers Phone: 336-322-3707 Fax: 336-322-3709 1024 Height Trail Halifax, VA 24558 Wireless Xpress John L. Benton Phone: 336-599-1434 Fax: 336-599-0598 808 N. Madison Blvd. Roxboro, NC 27573 WRECKER SERVICE

Dusty’s Wrecker Service, Inc. Dusty Clayton Phone: 336-364-7000 6914 Moores Mill Road Rougemont, NC 27572 dustywrecker@embarqmail.c

2009 In Review

2009 In Review

Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce 69

2009 In Review

2009 In Review

70 Roxboro Guide - Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the content of our “second” Community Resource & Business Guide. Without authors of articles and businesses willing to advertise, this publication would not be possible. Thanks also to Jeanne Bogue and Stephanie Bowen who contribute to this effort in more ways than I can count. With our mantra, “Shop Local”, I am delighted to report that the photography, graphic design and printing are all done locally, enabling us to keep the advertising dollars in Roxboro and Person County. I hope you all are as happy with the results as I am. Sincerely,

Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce Business Guide  

A comprehensive business guide

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