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0-20 mins

A. Give each student a copy of the Principles of Just War (if you can please number them like in any order) E.g. 1. Proper Authority 2. Last Resort 3. Probability of Success. B. Review the principles and have the students give examples


C. Give the students a copy of George HW Bush’ speech in 1991 OR watch the video (both are here ) D. Have the students read the speech and mark the sentences or expressions that support the Theory of Just War and link them (by number, if you numbered them) to the corresponding expression.

30-45 E. Break the students into groups of three and have them compare, discuss and (possibly) modify their results. Then have the groups pick the three that they think most support the just war theory and the three that they think provide the weakest argument. Have the groups report back their strongest and weakest propaganda and as a class discuss/ debate their findings. 45-65


Then, CHOOSE ONE of the following: (1, 2 or 3) 1. Have the students vote, based in the arguments provided , if said war was just. Then have them vote as to whether or not they think the war in questions was actually just in practice? • Do they think the people listening to the speech at the time found the speaker’s argument convincing? • How do you think that the speaker’s opponent (in the country about to be invaded) might justify this war? 2. Have the students list the just war principles that the speaker did not use? And discuss why they think that might be? 3. Discuss religion and just war via the text: • What role does religion play? • Does the speaker refer to religion in the speech? • Discuss whether religion provides a basis for arguing just cause (E.g. is it okay to go to war when our religious beliefs are threatened) using? And in what ways do “right intention”, “proper authority” etc. change meaning with a religious lens Wrap Up by soliciting any questions the students might have; link to whatever homework there is for that night/ week.

just war workshop  

a workshop of 15-90 y.o. on the princples of just war

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